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Biwi Ya Phir

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  • September 29, 2015

Hi! Im Kamendra, male, age 42 from Mumbai. My work for MNC and my hobbies including body building, listening to music & browsing net. Ive been the biggest fan of DESIPAPA stories and have contributed some in the past. This story may hurt people who have deep sentiment towards relationship. I strongly dont advice them to read this story. This is true story of me enjoying the beautiful body of my daughter to say Ive literally eaten her several times. Ive chewed her nipples & licked her vagina, just like a kid eating tasty ice cream.. Read on to know what happened & how it happened???????

Actually as Ive mentioned Ive been a great fan of this site. I & my wife used to regularly read the stories and enjoy them. We just used to have lot of fun, by reading all those wonderful sexy stories. We always wondered if there was any truth in incest stories or are they just a fantasy. Though we used to read them, we never believed in them practical. About 18 months my wife expired in an accident, leaving me and our daughter Sanjana alone in this bad bad earth. I grieved a lot and lot for her it was just impossible for me to leave without her. I also tried attempting suicide, but was of no use. I just couldnt. After all we were married for 20 long years. Okay, that is immaterial now.

My daughter Sanjana is about 21 years and has won a local beauty contest. She is extremely conscious about her beauty and spends almost 3-4 hours a day in maintaining her figure. I was really proud of her. She was good at studies also and was no where less than a princess. I used to get n number of prank calls & blank calls at my house and also lot of nameless letters for her. But we just used to ignore those or just threaten callers in extreme cases. I understand that it is quite common for any parent which such an incredible asset around.

It all began like this. as Ive mentioned, after the death of my wife life was very very difficult to move. I started browsing too much of net.. went here and there. Started going to temples and stuff like that. But for no use. All this changed in a couple of days.

This thought is still fresh in my mind. I generally get up around 8 or 8:30 in the morning. But, on that day I woke up early in the morning, I wanted to go out somewhere. So, I rushed into bathroom.. oops. Sanjana was having her bath & for the first time in my life I saw my daughter in her Birthday dress. I was shocked. She was rubbing soap against her breast. She saw me and immediately screamed. Within no time I was out of bathroom and I started shouting on her. I shouted, paagal ladki cant u lock the door from inside?? She said, No papa, I forgot, more over u generally sleep upto 8. So, I was just a bit lazy. Sorry. Then I shouted again, be careful. Then it went almost normal for the rest of the day. I went to my office, park in the evening etc. But, that figure of Sanjana rubbing her boobs was again & again coming in front of my eyes. I thought is was pap I did lot of things to forget but was just not able too.

Here is where Desipapa the beautiful website came to my help. I started reading lot of incest stories where brother-sister, sister-brother, mother-son, son-mother relationships I explored. I remember in one story, mother saying after all my son is part of my husband. This struck me after all Sanjana is part of my wife. The thought around a desire to have a mate with my daughter. That is about the incident/accident of enjoying her body. Its just the beginning. Just read on.

After about 1 month of seeing my daughter I sketched out a plan.. a plan of giving her sleeping piles. Every night I used to give a glass of milk to my daughter, she used to study up to 11-12 in the night. That day, I put 1 or 2 sleeping tablets in her milk and gave it to her. My hand of trembling while I was taking the milk for her. She did notice that and asked, papa, kya hua?? I said nothing, it is just weakness. Ill be alright. I gave her milk and said good night to her. At about 12:30am I went to her room to peep in. I saw her in her pink maxy sleeping flat on bed. Her breast was raising and falling for her deep breathing. The boobs where just straight and pulling my manhood to caress them. Her lips dipped in lipstick where red and tempting me to kiss her. Her eyes where closed. Her moon white body was just laying there for me and only for me. Her I was unable to resist any more.

Im a passionate lover. My wife always used to say this. She used to say, Darling, the way u take care of me.. I can never think of another man. We used to have sex atleast thrice a week. But, I was a sought of flirt, I used to go about having sex where ever I used to go. I used to get hi-funda pros to satisfy me. You know sex is in my name itself. Kamendra :- ) But I know my wife, though she loved me.. may have had sex with others. Thatz why she was able to compare but Ive never caught her red handed. Now lets come back.

I lifted Sanju from her bed and carried her to my bedroom. My hand was almost burning for the heat of her young sexy body. I put her on bed and rolled her. I quickly and quietly undressed myself and became fully nude.

I was about to open the lift sanjanas maxy. She opened her eyes, and said Dad??????? I was SHOCKED, ASHAMED & AMAZED. Oh my God! I said and immediately came down and put on my hand around and got hold of my shirt and tried to close my shame she got up full fresh and she started to stair me. She had anger on her face. She asked, Papa, How could u? I was red with shame. My head was down, I was nude in front of my daughter. I said, Sorry, beta. I tried not to, but was unable to. Im sorry, sorry. Suddenly a smile came in her face. She said, Papa, I know u were a flirt, and would remain so. Mama, used to tell me everything about u. I knew u were a sex maniac, and what u did today was expected. I was shocked, I said What? what do u mean by expected? trying to look for my pant. She replied calmly, Daddy, I know u used to have sex with mom regularly. I used to listen to your mourns almost every night. The day when u saw me nude, I was certainly shocked, but after that I seriously became alert. I was watching every moment of yours. I went thru our computer and saw all those incest stories which u went thru. This gave me even more warning. I had stopped drinking the milk which u used to give everyday. I just used to throw them away. But, I should tell u, something more. I asked, What else? (By this time, I had dressed up again) She said, I love your body. & I used to mastrubate in my room, when u & mom where having sex here. This shocked me again. I was not able to bear the shocks given by Sanju. First seeing her nude, she opening the eyes when I was about to undress her, then this. My tool sprang at once, inside my pant and there was a tremendous bulge down. Sanju did notice it. She said, Papa, Ill help you to cool down. She slowly came near m e, sat on her knees and directly at once she held my tool (outside pant) and gave it a light press and winked at me. Wow said my heart. She kissed the bulge and that sent shock waves through out my body. She pulled down my pant, and the bulge had now become a straight rod. With her snow white hand, she shagged and milked it. I was in seventh heaven. Slowly I removed my shirt also, and sat on the bed. She was just lolly popping my dick and my balls. She said, papa, I always wanted to touch your 9 dick, today is a lucky day for me, Im not only touching it, but also tasting it. Um um um um um um um um um um, usch usch usch usch usch, um um uum uuum uuuuum uuuuum uuum I was doing nothing, but just keeping my hands on her head and just swindling with he long hair. She gave me a blow job for about 10 mins. I said, come on, sweet heart, let me help undress u. She said, Okay dad.

At this stage, I felt some what irritated. I asked to not to call me dad for some time and rather abuse me. She obeyed. Okay harami, chodley tere beti ko. I loved abusive language, me & my wife used lot of abusive language while having sex. That arouses me & Sanju knew about it.

I said, Randi, kya lagthi hai thu.. bap se he chudwana chatihai fuck u bitch.. u are damn sexy. She said, beti kiske hu?? I slowly, unzipped her pink maxy and she was in pink bra & pink panty.. What a structure she has. I felt as the luckiest man in the world. I said, before making u nude, I want to drink all the juice in your lips.She said, jab maxy uttara to dheri kiss bath ke jo chaho karo bass mujhe pura pura mazza do. I pushed her on bed and kissed her, muched her, licked her lips, bit her tougue and her lips also, there were only sounds like um um uum uuummm uuummm uuuuuummmmm uuuummmmmm.. unknowingly or should I say knowingly I started caressing her boobs, it were so firm and so hard Id never such good experience. I just massaged her boobs like anything she also started deep moans. Chod mujhe, chod muje, kammu chod mujhe. Jaldi se chodna. Sanju was her self pressing her boobs against my hands and chest. I removed her pink colur bra only to cover them with my mouth. I milked her boobs like baby drinking milk from mother. She suddenly became my mother Q harami, ma ka doodh pirahahe kya? Le, soor se peena ummm umm ummm ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha and me, I was just sucking her left boob and pressing the right with my hand she was trying to get my dick which was stuck on her panty. But, she only could manage to caress my buttocks. I held her tight and she used to moan, I let her loose she used to moan.. she also wanted to taste my nipples. Im guy yaar, how can u I said. She said, Ill lick them and she started licking my nipples. What it was such a dream come true, when her tongue went around my nipple again and again. My dick had began to vibrate by now. She said, harami kammu, aab tu ise iske mazil tak lekhe ja., put this fucker into me, sala bahut bada hai I opend her panties (I really loved the aroma) but her vagina as small. I asked kyu sanju, tu abhi virgin hai kya? She replied, papa, Im partly virgin.. what that means is, guys have used my boobs.. but Ive never given my vagina to anyone. This made me even more happy, coz Im going to fuck a virgin. I didnt want to make her mom of a kid so Id got condom. I wore and started to give a finger fuck first. She screamed and it was just becoming louder with every second finger which entered her. Slowly I also inserted my dick and sent it thru her vagina she was screaming, enjoying and telling, chod, haram zade, chod apne beti ko biwi ki tara chod fuck me u mother fucker fuck me like u fucked your fucken wife. Yesss yessssssss yesssssss haaaa haaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaa ha ha ha ha haa aaaaaha aaaaaaaaah aaaaaaah aaha ha ha ha ha hahhh aa hahhha hahaha hahhhhahahh aha.. What a fuck it was.. we both enjoyed to the limits. I made her turn around to doggy position, she felt uncomfortable, but she knew that was to take her & me for heaven.. She co-operated very well with me. There was more fun to come she gave me a blow job again and we then went to 69. I was French fucking her with my tongue and she was blowing my dick I also rubbed my dick between my tight boobs and during this wonderful exercise, I cum a number of times & each time she drank it like a very tasty juice.

We slept in each others arms for that whole night and next day had bath together I cleaned her and she cleaned me.. we had another round of flying fuck in bathroom.. and both got separated only to join that night again and this continues even now. We are no more father-daughter. Now she is MY BETI, MY BIWI.

She gave me her breast like mom, she took care of me like a wife and kept me satisfied for life.

I want to get her married, and she has promised to help me in my sex life even after that, ofcourse secretly. Anyone who want to share their feelings & comment on this story, feel free to mail me on [all names have been changed for confidentiality

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