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Biwi Ke Saath Bahot Sex Kiya

  • desipapa
  • October 3, 2015

My dear Desi papa fans, I am writing my fucking experience with my younger sister KUNI. The first fucking I had with her when she was 20 and I was 22 years. Since than we are husband and wife during night and brother & sister during day for last 25 years. Of course the fucking (CHUDAI) we use to have during day time also. Let me explain , Our father & mother expired when I was only 18 & my sister Kuni was 16.

Because of our financial problem I joined with one private co as a Clark at Bhubaneswer and got my sister married when she was only 17 years. But her husband (My brother-in-law) divorced her and left INDIA. So there was no alternative for her. She came back to me, & we stayed together. We were staying in a small house. One day while I was reading a sexy story before going to bed I was playing with my erected panes (masturbating) suddenly she came to my room and saw my erected panes. Immediately she went out as if she has not noticed any thing. I was assaimed and stopped masturbating. Since she left the room I waited for some time and started playing with that hot rod again to cool it down. While playing with my penis ( in oriya we say banda) I found she was gazes through the door opening to know what I was doing. She was married and was having sex for one year before she was divorced .

She knew what I was doing so I did not stop masturbating; rather I wanted her to see my 8’ long land Cumming out through my palm and getting in side the palm till I discharged. I steel found she was peeping through the door. With out making any notice I went to the bedroom and slept. We are having one bedroom but two beds. But her peeping prompted me to fuck my sister, witch I have never thought before. Next day morning during breakfast she asked, Bhaya why are you not getting married, Shell I find out a bhabi. I told Kuni unless I get you married again how could I marry. She told Bhaya it is very difficult to get a boy for a divorced girl, better you get marry and enjoy your life. Since she was married she knew every thing of enjoyment, but I kept smiling and told no I have to think of your feature first. That day I found she has shown her big breasts to me while changing her sari.

While she was sitting on the floor knowingly lifted her sari so that I can see her pussy. While my eyes were on her pussy she told Bhaya you should get married and enjoy your life. Now I could know what she wants. She is hot & this prompted to see my sister as a sexy girl. I told Kuni we steel live together and enjoy our life with out any botherations. That day in the mid of the night while I was deep asleep Kuni wake me up & told Bhaya I am having pain on my back, can you help & massage. I woke up and went to her bed; I asked where is the pain? She told both on the back & chest. I could understand what she wants, I was also waiting for such a hint, and I started massaging on her back and immediately put my hand on her breast .O! what a big size it was 38 & I have never tried to hold them before. To my surprise she did not utter a single ward even after I hold her breasts. I started pressing both the breasts with my both hands. As she did not object any thing I opened her blouse and started sucking her one breast and holding the other nipple. Since there was no objection I put my hand on her pussy and started massaging. Slowly I entered my hand below the sari and touched the vagina .I wanted to put my finger in side, O! it was really hot and wet. I asked could I take out the sari. She did not say any thing. I got the full courage and took out the sari, saya and blouse. I also opened the bra hook and lifted the bra .

I climbed over her took one breast in my mouth other in my hand, sleeping on her. MY land was fully erected and was searching the hole between her legs. Though this was my first experience Kuni knows the game. She just widened the legs and allowed my rod (BANDA) to go in side her pussy (in Oriya we say BIA).Now I cold not control my self I took the whole land out of her pussy and with a full jerk I put the whole penis in side her hole. She just said AHH! I asked , KAYA DARDA HUA shell I take it out. Then also she did not utter any thing. I kissed on her chick & started fucking her with full speed and many time taking the penis (land) total out and fucking hard. She was silence and her eyes were closed. After about 8/10 minutes of fucking I found her vagina was totally wet and I also came in side her. I was total tied and went to sleep. I found she has wiped her vagina with the help of her saya and slept naked. I slept fully naked on her back holding her big bobs. I woke up after on hour and found my land again in 90 degree position. I wanted to put my hot rod in side her vagina from behind. While I was finding out the way she woke up & widened the legs allowed my pennies to slide in side. O! what a pleaser. I gave jerks and fucked from behind.

After few jerks I found Kuni started moving her buttocks to and fro, fucking her self. I asked shell I come on you ? She did not attar a ward but gave to and fro jerks. I also with out talking fucked from behind for about 15 minutes holding her big balls and discharged in side. I was tired and I got up late next morning, she came with bed tea & smiled at me. I told Kuni can you give little more milk, saying yes she brought some more milk. I told no not that milk, this milk, saying so I cot hold of her big breasts and kissed on the blouse.

She laughed, I asked Kuni I have discharger in side, will there not be any problem of pregnancy. She smiled and told no to day is 6th day of manse .don’t worry I will tell you when to use condom and when to fuck with out. You are NO one BHAIN CHOOD. I opened the blouse and cot hold of the breast and asked her to put the milk in the tee. She told no in the night again. Since than I fuck her daily for last 20 years and we live like husband & wife. Now she talks all nasty things while fucking, during day time also she likes to be fucked, takes my penis in mouth & at times gets her self fucked by others. I WANT NEW PUSSY TO FUCK . Friends if you are from BHUBANESWER and wants to contact me and can give address or phone nos of call girls please e_mail at

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