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  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015

Hi Friend , my name is Biwash, I’m from Kathmandu.. I’m 22 Years old, my height is 5.5” and weight is 53 kg. I am a Diploma student of management. Friends I am going to telling u  my real sex story with my girl friend. It’s my first sex in my life. When I join college in 11 I have friendship with one girl. She is looking soo sexy …… Her height is small about 4.11” . but she is fat and her face is like a doll means she is so white. Her dress makes her so sexy also . All the boys are following her becoz of her beauty…. Think that I am also following her too. One day when we went to have a tea on the canteen. I proposed her . Her name is Bhawana . I told her that Bhawana I Love you. She replied that stop Biwash I don’t look like that we are friends. “Don’t talk about this” . WE are a good friends it may damage our friendship…….. our friendship is going on. When we graded to 11 to 12 ON the valentine day I again  Proposed her. I dail a phone to her and I proposed again. “ she replied I love u too. Now  my love affair is started.

One day we went to see movie named “Raj”. I have heared about the film and it was a super hit movie. I have take her too. When the film is finished I saw that her face was totally red she was angry and said me that what kind of  stuff movie was shown by me . She goes from her with angry. To manage her it takes 5 days.

One day she said me that she is going to America after 3 Months. I was surprised, she said that I am going to America for studying bachelor degree. Don’t worry I will be ur’s I don’t escaped with Americans. I will not be others.

We and our friend organized a picnic to Nagarkot. This place was too cold and the  season was winter. I saw my sweet heart Bhawana she is totally looking soo………… sexy that I have never seen. Her dress is totally black and white face makes her soo……………… beautiful. She is looking like a “Pari” . Her dress is totally black . Her thigh was seeing very beautiful becoz of her tight pants of black jeans. Black T-Shirts with black Jacket. She is totally wearing a black with matches her. Yah, My girlfriend is looking too sexy……………..

After having a meal, we went with our girl friend to different places  to different sided. My friends and we went alone & alone with our  Girl friend. I have put my hand on her soldiers. And she had put her hands on my back. We talk about our life and about her. Talking about our life we began to talk about sex also.Now on that time Rain began to fall  Jungle and winter season it wah makes us see freezing  and we are feeling to cold too………..

After 5 minutes we found a house having a roof only we went there . There is a long table lying on it. I cat ched her hands. She is feeling too cold .  She is screaming and On her mouth water drops is falling .  I rubbed  her hands I take my hand back of  his head and gave her a kiss.

She said “Stop”.

I tightly graped her. And gave a long kiss to her. And make her free from me.

She sat on the table. With catching my hand. I also sat on the table. Once again I put my hand on her back of neck and I catch her hair. And brings her head near me. I add my lips on her sexy lips. And have a tongue kiss for five minutes. I slightly moved my hand to his body. I put my hand on her “boobs” from the outside of the clothses. It’s amaizing I feel that I have been on heaven. It’s too hard I pressed and catched and pumped it slowly. Then I put off her jacket and her T shirts. Her boobs was closing with the Bra. I put off the Bra also. Now she is naked on the top. Her boobs was too hard I catched and pumped slowly. I catch with one hand and have a suck on her boobs. I catch her nipple with teeth.

She Screames. Ahh Slowly I moved my hand to her Pants I open her button and zippers. And rubed my hand on her pussy . She screamed  Ahhh BiwashAhhhhhhhhh I put off her pants and panties and began to take off my clothes. I am also naked , We two are naked.

She stand up . I saw her She is looking as a doll. She is soo beauty…. Looking as a doll . She is nude she has no hair on her pussy. I have heared that 13 years girls have hair on her pussy but she doesn’t have she is 20 yrs.

Her face is on the down she was not facing me. I catched her hand and kissing her and take to the table and make a sleep. I reach down and starting to licking her pussy. She screams Ahhh Now my dick is being hard I put my dick on her hand . She started to sucking it.  She put it on her mouth. She is using it as a ice cream. At that time I am catching her boobs. I cross her leg and graped her arms  and put my body to her body. It’s hot…………………. It’s tooooooooooo Hot……………………..

I catched her boobs with one hand . I slightly put my lips on her mouth and have a tongue kiss. She is screaming ………………. Ahhhh I catch my dick and Put it on Her Pussy and Pushed hardly.

She screamed AHhh ddddddddddddd I graped her wrist and pussed slowly and slowly………………… She screamed Biwash Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Move Fast…………….

I move fastly The table is also moving with me.,…..She is screaming It’s now the final density my power is going on………..I fall my power on her pussy…………… Suit……… suit……..

Now we feel tired and have a dressed.This kind of sex we have been for 2 months. Now she have been to America. She have send me one letter that she have got married with one American. . Biwash don’t wait for me I am ur friend only. Married with others ok. Bye.Friend This is my first story That I have on my real life. If I wrote this story in nepali language it will be large and everybody cant understand so I write it on my poor English language where there is many mistakes . Maintain and read it ok.If u want to have a friendship with me or have a relationship with me. U can mail me on or every girls and woman can contact me. I make u or satisfy u fully and have a journey of the nature

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