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  • desipapa
  • September 10, 2015

This is my experience that I had with a bisexual guy and his wife 7 yrs back. I am originally from Coimbatore, now in Chennai 6ft tall 2inch tall average built guy, this happened when i completed my  12 th i was a virgin and i went to my cousins house in Bangalore. They lived in an apartment. My cousin and his wife were working in the evening i used to play shutle with my anni (bhabie).an aunty used to join us for playing. we became good friends. She was sexy fleshy mature women i went to her house. I got introduced to her hubby.he was around 45 plump,a little bald and with french beard .their daughter was in the US. She was nearly 38 years old.

But she had got a mortal beauty and was pretty and comely woman. She was married  She has extra tall and vigorous body. Her whitish color with black eyes were enough to men made crazy but not very big well shaped firm breast and a round fleshy ass. Her skin was much fair. we were playing shuttle in the morning.she bent down to  take the cork i could see her clevage,she saw me see it , but she dint react then. then we went to her house, she asked me wat i saw ,i coudnt answer i gave a dry blush, she said she knew wat i was doin and she asked me whether i want to see more i smiled, she said to come in the afternoon aftr my cousin and his wife had gone for work.she asked me whether it was my fst tim i said yes .i dint believe my luck i was eager to lose my viginity , my fst fuk.. at 12 o clok i went to her hse,immediately after closing the door i hugged her tightly .My  hand was moving on her breast and I was rubbing, caressing and even crushing her tits. She asked me be patient(I dint know her hubby was tere) but I was astonished and was not listening her. I was nearly tearing  her qamiz, tried to pulled out it from her body to see her those amazing breast whish was my only staring part of her body when ever I saw her. She stopped me and said that it will be tear.suddenly i saw her hubby in the next room(he was in his briefs which was lik a thong) i was shoked.she said not to worry bcause even  he was to join in a 3sme.she said to go ahead .

She herself pulled it out and there was no bra under her qamiz. She has really a nice white milky breast on which her brownish nipples made them so grace full and highly sexy.we went to their bed room. she kissed both of us i was suking her breast lik a mad ass and she released his penis from his underwear. i was confused and i was shy as a man with his  erect cock was just near me.she started strokin it. she asked me to undress. i undressed til my briefs. i on  one hand wanted her but was confused abt a guy there with his huge cock in front of me.she made me nude and started stroking my cock. he said me to shag his cok.i dint know wat to do.i stood tere numb not knowing wat to do  she took my hand and put it on his hug dik and said hare baba just casual na and moved my hands over’his heart was beating lik a sledge hammer, she was simultaneously shaggin me it was all goin on at once.and i was still strokin his dick i was on my knees and she started sucking me and i wass in heaven. she took my balls and and put in er mouth it was a strange feeling but it was ecstasy.he caught my prick and and shaged it while she was sukin my balls and ass hole.i was confused but also I was having pleasure for fst time i dint know wat do.he also started sukin me he became vigorous he took over and he pressed my ass and started biting my ass, she was suking me mean time. He spread my ass and started likin my ass hole i was abt to come  and she swallowed the cum. he kissed her and took a bit from her mouth.  ten she started sukin his cock. I took one from that gorgeous tit in my mouth with out wasting a movement. I kissed licked and at last sucked it nipples. I was busy with her tits one by one while she has hold and rubbing my prick very gentle and expertly simultaneously sukin him. Her belly was fat and has little deep waves which were not looking bad but it made her tummy more sexy ..

My hands were moving on her belly and navel, as it was too sexy ten wen i touched her pussy, he asked me to suk him . i dint know fully abt homosex and  he let his wife get fuked only to get at me. he said if i wanted her i had to suk she came to me and said hare babu just 5 mins, it ll get over soon she kissed me and took me near his cock , she said me to close my eyes. he rammed his in my mouth and i started to suk his cok.she also joined in and started sukin  simultaneously 5 mins later he came on us.he put his semen on our mouths and bodies. he said u wanted he na now lik her body free of cum.she smiled at me at kissed me. our tounges were in each others mouth and her mouth was full of cum.slowly i kissed her neck and was likin her boobs free of his sperms.he then pulled me towards him.she said its my time na,ke he begged 10 mins.ten he kissed my ass.i dint know wat was going on it was a strange feelin and was liking my asshole .he insere his younge in my hole.ten he proceeded towards my balls.he took a full ball in his mouth and started sukin. i never expected anythin that was happening. i dint know these kinda things existed.he then sat opposite to me,he said dont worry and put his hands on my cock and he put my hand on his cock he started strokin my cok  and with the other hand moved my hands  over his rod. he then asked his wife to bring rasagulaand tat he had bought.he poured all the jeera over our cocks ,her body and our private parts, she started to suk my lik my body and he asked me to lik his private parts,he pushed my head towards his dik i started to lik the sugary hairy base of his dick. she dint waste any time she started to suck me. she wasgoing vigourously and she was taking it deep. i was in heaven. he pushed his his dick deeper in my mouth. i was nearly choked as he rammed his big cock nearly into my throat..he asked to increase my pace of sukin his dick.

She was goin all out , she concentrated on the under part of my cok were it was  the sensitive most ,he in the meann time was pressing my ass and was playin with his fingers on my ass hole and near my cock.he sensing i was goin to cum took my cok in his mouth and suked deep and hard. i cummed all my sperms on his body and mouth   he took some of the sperms and put it his on his tool and asked me to suck him. by now i got used and took him deep.she in the mean time was liking my ass and was biting my body.he was about to cum and said (bega bega) faster faster.i caught his ass  for support and started sukin hard. he sprayed in my mouth and body. i swallowed a bit of it now he said u go ahead and fuk her she said with a naughty smile, you are a grown man. Prove it to me today she laughed and said. .she saw my cock and said with smiling it is just what I have thought off. She took in her soft hand and started rubbing it with love. . We  sat on sofa so her thighs were closed thus I tried to open them but she became crazy and was not allowing me to open it. I started kissing he and suking her tits. She opened her legs her self after a while and a clean shaved white but a grand pussy was in front of me. I kissed and suck yours but you didnt mine she caressed her cunt and I bent over her pussy I kissed and licked it. Then i started fingerin her pussy she said i was to insert my cok in her pussy only wen she says so .. untill then i was to suk her pussy she explained me how to do intercourse and how to satisfy women and I should try to hold more time without ejaculation to satisfy the women and all. I was surprised with all those information at tat time.

She told me to fondle and caress the women a lot and do a lot of oral sex to arouse her and I was really amazed with all these. i  was likin her vagina as she asked me to do. all the while her hubby was watching us stroking his cock. She sat in my leap she holds my cock and put it on her pussy hole and rubs it with her clitoris and then she said me am ready, she sat on my cock and took my whole cock in her cunt hole. As it was my first chance that my cock went in any pussy hole so I felt it like my cock slept deep in hot pot. initially I had some trouble when my skin on the tip of my penis stretched and pained a little. She encouraged me and I got slowly wild and fast She was jumping on my dick up and down and she was enjoying this and was screaming with joy. Her breast were bouncing up and down of her every jump so I took them in my hand to rub them. I started sucking them like a baby.  ten she asked me to shift to the bed and she pulled out my cock from her pussy we started to go to her bed as she was going before me and I saw first rime her ass which was really big wide and soft as I touched it I give my hard like cock between her curves of her ass cheek and we went to the bed where she laid in the bed on her back and asked to sit between her legs and I did . She opened her legs wide and held my dick in front of her pussy and said me to push it a head. I pushed my hard rod in her soft big pussy and my whole dick went in one stroke in pussy.

She held me tightly and said tenderly .  I Love you, fuck me, and fuck me hard. I became slave of your cock. Tear it if you can it ..she was kissing me hard. She said me fuck me like that insert your cock fast and when you come out from my pussy than slowly. I followed her instructions. I inserting my dick in fast and coming out slowly, which was really too enjoy able. She was now screaming and moaning and I was sucking and biting her tits nipples. We started to increase our speed and I rammed her fast now, she was to have an orgasm. Our bodies entangled tightl and we both  came.i had caused an orgasm to a woman. she said now ur a grown up guy after 10 mins he came and said we both will fuk her,and he was readdy to come from back . She was also enjoying it much more .she bit her lips and held the bedpost and was arching her hips to my thrusts.. She turned over and bent on her knees upping her ass like doggy. She told me her ass will be very tight so please lubricate my ass hole and also your cock. please if you have some salvia in your mouth apply it on your ass hole.

She applied her salvia on her left-hands fingers and applied it on her ass hole.she asked me to lik her ass hole she spread it for mei put my tounge in and spitted my saliva.ten he inserted his in her her ass. she was in deep pain, and esctasy, he was now ramming into her,now he asked me to enter her pussy, it was difficult to enter as he was rammin from behind, i came by her side of legs and entered hr pussynow we both were ramming and he would thrust and I would thrust we were going lika see sawafter 5mins of see sawing.we were all in peak of our sexual feelings and had one big orgasm.

She later said tat she was sorry .she said he usually bought guys but in my case wen she asked him whether she could bring me to fuk, he said he also wanted to join as he liked me it seems. I said dont worry, I seemed to lik it. we had one more session next day and after two years wen they came to chennai im looking here for cpls who want 3 sme,group sex or females .cpls were guy is bisexual are welcome ,cpls who are straight , plz do contact I  will be straight with u. I lookin forward for another 3 sme.please mail to iam awiting ur   mails.ready to travel to other cities. single guys not wanted as I hav my own 

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