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Birthday Sex From My Sisters

  • desipapa
  • October 12, 2015

Hello all Desipapa readers. I am Sidharth from Bangalore and I am going to narrate a true story of me and my hot sister with whom I accidentally happened to have sex with.

So let me first introduce myself I am sporty guy my age is 21 and I have a good size athletic body and my dick is thick and 6’1 inch. So now not wasting anymore time let’s start to story.

This happened a couple of years back on my 19th birthday till the day this incident or accident however you picture it to be, happened I had not even a single sexual intention on my cousins.

Talking about my cousins they are my father’s elder brother’s daughters, they a siblings apparently. They live in Kerala. From where the open hearted beauties come from. The elder cousin is smriti was 26 who looks chubby, fair, big breasts of the size 32d, short long black wet hair and younger pooja was 23 when I was 19 years old. Back then she was a bit thin, fair, and 5″6′ and I met them after a really long break. So I was quite excited to meet them both.

After a warm welcome hug for both of them. I heard mom saying they will stay here in my house in bangalore till my birthday. I was literally happy hearing that. We spoke all the time we could and shared what all we missed from each other all these years. We watched movies together. Shopped together. Days went and I had my birthday.

On my birthday my family planned a surprise party in the evening. Unfortunately I went out with my friend for a couple of beers and bowling.

After the fun I came home to see everyone waiting for me. Later that day party was over we 3 were in the room upstairs talking chatting and I was tired so I just laid back after the long talk while my parents were downstairs talking to their friends.

After half an hour my mom came upstairs and she broke the talks while we were chatting and asked us to come to a grocery shop which is a bit far I refused as I was a bit tired and laid back again as I would be alone she asked my cousins to stay back with my and watch some movie or something. And she informed she would come back a couple of hours later just because she had to dropped her friend at her home on the way back from shop.

After a couple of minutes later we three of us. Met with a playful argument and ended up in pillow fighting on each other. While I was supporting the pooja cousin I held smriti hard and asked pooja to hit her. After a few couple of seconds I realised I was holding her breasts. My both the hand full of smriti’s breasts I went nervous. And smriti didn’t seem to bat a eye about my move. I didn’t take my hand of because I didn’t know what to do. Pooja saw this and started laughing. I was dumbstruck. Smriti started laughing too.

Later after a long laugh smriti held me and kissed my cheeks while pooja pinched and petted me. Just because I was their little. Brother I guess. I was totally confused and had no idea how to react. I gathered my courage to talk. I asked them

Me: why would you laugh don’t you bother me touching u.. Ur… Umm.. There?

Smriti: haha… No after all you are my baby brother.

Me: I am not a baby anymore am 19 now..

Pooja: haa haa really? (with a grin)

Me: yea.. Stop laughing I should have touch u.. You wouldn’t have been laughing then

Pooja: I bet I would still laugh at you baby boy

Me: no you won’t be

Pooja: yes I would be laughing touch my tits now if you want

(hearing that I could feel the blood rushing over my spine)

Me: excuse me?

Pooja: c’mon man you are 19. And..

Pooja got my hands and placed it over her top wear on her breasts. I was shocked to realize she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath. I felt the heat from my body. I lost my conscious. I started to feel her nipple. And press her tits gently while smriti watched us. I suddenly realized my cock was rock hard throbbing in my pants while I let out a precum.

Smriti saw my tented sweat pant and moved a hands slowly over my thighs towards the cock. While biting right corner of her lip. While I resisted she whispered it’s time to show your sisters you are not a baby anymore siddu and kissed my ears. While pooja drove my hand underneath her top. Smriti started to stroke my cock over the pant. I slowly took pooja’s top upwards unveiling her petite tits with dark hard nipples. Pooja geld my head and pulled it towards her nipples. I was so badly tempted to lick to dark chocolates. While my tongue’s tip touched her nipple’s tip she let out a sexy long moan.

Smriti got into my pants and removed them and my hard cock jumped out with a 6inch length. I could say with her facial reaction she was bit assumed with the size of my cock. Smriti started to stroke my cock as I licked her sister’s nipples we three got so horny on each other.

In no time smriti took my cock in her mouth and started to give me a blowjob. Oh my god I can’t tell you how wonderful feeling it is to let my cock in and out of wet slobbering mouth. She was rubbing my tubbing and making eye contact with me while she was taking my cock deep. I managed to take of pooja top and pj and started kissing her all over. In no time they both switched and pooja started to blow my cock she quite licked my balls most of the time.

I started to smooch smriti and remove her dress. Sooner we 3 became fully nude. Smriti has a voluptuous structure with her big soft spongy boobs hanging while I was laying down and pooja was blowing me. I managed to suck her boobs for 15 minutes approx and she sat on my face to make my lick her pussy. While I slid my tongue into her pussy she held my hair and pressed her curvy but over my face and let out a moan saying “yeaa siddu lick your sister’s pussy”

Pooja got my cock throbbing wet and she sat on me and slid my cock into her soft wet pussy and started pumping my cock.

I was able to see both the sisters smooching through the mirror.

Later I fucked smriti in missionary position while pooja sat on the cot’s head I was licking her pussy while fucking smriti simultaneously.

Pooja later sat on smriti to lick her pussy while we both smooched each other. I started to fuck smriti hardest possible and I was about to cum and so was they both and the moan got louder I took my cock out and started to stroke as the sister knelt before me I ejaculate a huge load of cum on both of their faces and tits. They both licked my cock clean without even wasting a drop of my come. And started to lick the cum on each other’s face and tits what a show it was. I smooched both of them and we got dressed to act as if nothing happened.

I haven’t seen them more often since then. I recently went to Kerala and to smriti’s home on a flying visit pooja was also there knowing I was bouta come there. She (smriti) is married and has a kid now while her husband was away. We three had a quickie fore play and I managed to get a blowjob from both of them.. 😉

Thank you so much ISS fans read my story and make sure you give a feedback I would love to chat with aunties and bhabhis mail me at the above given e mail id. Thank you everyone!

Birthday Sex From My Sisters

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