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Birthday Present

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

Hello readers, sagar here from Mumbai. 25 years old not so good looking guy but an average slim guy. The incident which I’m going to post has happen recently in June 2010. I’m writing this incident after taking permission of my partner.

I know you guys are more interested in that incident so here how it goes. I’m not that good in narrating so please bear with me. Her name is Sheetal. She is my friend since I was in school from 7 std or so. She is fair with average looks, slim with proper curves. We both are good friends and use to share lot of things when either of us had a bad day in school, college or with parents. I never looked at her other than a good friend. Everyone in our friend circle would link us to eachother but we didn’t mind that as we knew we were just good friends. And one day she droped a bombshell on me and our friends by introducing to her boyfriend. His name was Vicky.

Everything was going fine when one day she called me to her place. Her home was hardly 15 minutes walk from my home. She sounded very sad when she called me and said to visit her immediately. It was afternoon time and luckily I taken off from my work, so I went there. Her dad is working in USA & visit’s them once in 3 months & her mom also works. That time we both were alone at her place. As I arrived she hugged me & started crying. I thought again she had a fight with her bf Vicky. I asked here so you both fought again. She replied yes and this time it was the last time as she had brooked up with him. So I asked her what happened, she said he was cheating on her and he was caught with another gal. I tried to convince her that she might be just a friend as we both are good friends. Then she said that she had a proof of them in a relation. That time I just thought of hitting Vicky. But she was very hurt and I never saw her like this before. I gave her some water made her calm down. At evening when her mom came I left her house. Her mom was cool about us meeting alone as she knew me very well.

At same night she called me and was again crying about what happen in her life. I tried to calm her down and told her to take rest. Have a nice sleep will meet you tomorrow after my office. After lots of convincing she kept her phone around 2 am. Cause of that I was late to office. That evening as promised I met her at her place, her mom was at home. I told her to join me for a coffee. She was denied me, I forced her that I’m going home to change and will pick you up in 30 minutes or so. After lot of nakhra we both went to coffee shop. From that day onwards we became very close to each other. I dropped her home around 9.30 pm. She hugged me and thanked me for coffee. I was happy that slowly she was moving on. Since that day we started talking every night, forwarding messages were doubled than earlier & she was moving on & was normal like before.

So on one fine Sunday we planned for a movie & we went for a movie. It was a bit shocking for me that she sat with holding my hand & she never did that earlier. I didn’t took it seriously & I was enjoying her company as I always do. From that day onwards I say some change in her. She use to msg me even for my lunch and all, taking care of me as I’m her bf. Whenever we met she use to hug me or hold my hand and walk. After some days sex msg’s were starting to exchange & then we use to talk about it on phone at night. I also never knew when this all started but we were in limit. One day she made a plan to go out on a ride in her car just me and her. I just jokingly said what’s your plan ha. She laughed and said nothing just wanna enjoy your company. So wee decided on Sunday we will go on a ride. She said okay no problem. So on Sunday she arrived to my home with her car calling me out & as usual I was late as I love sleeping. She came in my room woke me up. After a long lecture we both left towards lonaval for a drive. The weather was pleasant and we were chit chatting the normal stuff. She was looking beautiful in her jeans and tank top. Suddenly a romantic song started and we both were silent. Looked at each other and don’t know what happened our lips were locked. I didn’t knew what happen. I was feeling like I was flying. Suddenly I heard horns form other cars and was in my senses again and told her to drive. I was feeling nervous and was not looking at her. We both were silent. You wont believe the whole express way she was just driving and I was looking out of the window. When we reached pune we went in a coffee shop. I was still feeling odd. It was the first time kissing a gal.

She broke the silence by saying what happen why are you acting like this. She said it was an accident forget it. I was thinking in my mind I should tell her all this but she is telling me. We had coffee and we left from there. She asked me to drive as she was not much interested in driving as she was feeling tired. While I was driving she rested her head on my shoulder with her eyes closed. Suddenly she started talking. She said thanks for all what you have done for me. You stood by me whenever I needed, you are the best person in my life. I said stop it we are friends & friends are there to help. She kissed my cheek and again slept on my shoulder. The whole journey went like that. When I parked her car at her home she said this Wednesday is your birthday and I want you to take off from your work and spend the day with me. I don’t know but my head started working what she will do, why she want a whole day. Then before leaving she said that she want to talk about something on that day. While going back to my home only one thing was going in my mind “ Is she gonna propose me ” That night she was just talking about that kiss and said it was an accident but I liked it.

Finally that day came I took a day off. She had already booked two tickets for a movie. She was looking gorgeous that day. She hugged me and wished me. She bought her car and we left for the movie. She was holding my hand all the time. As movie started she leaned her head on my shoulder and took my hand and wrapped around her. My hand was on her flat belly and my manhood was trying to come out of my jeans by trhe feel of her flat tummy. Suddenly there came a romantic scene and I didn’t knew when I locked my lips with her with my eyes closed. I was in heaven again. And I didn’t knew when my hands were on her boobs. She put her one hand inside my shirt and started caressing my hairy chest and I was pressing her boobs. It went on for longtime and suddenly we stopped. I was a bit nervous and so was sheetal. She was breathing heavily and holded my hand tightly. I was worried I asked what happened. She said nothing. After that nothing interesting happened. We came back to her home after movie and there she bought a cake for me and a card. I cut the cake and fed her & then she started playing by applying the cake on my face instead of feeding my the cake. So I too started applying cake on her face. We were running in her home every where and we reached her bedroom I grabbed her and we lost our balance and both fell on her bed. I was on top of her.

We looked into each other’s eyes and started kissing again. Kissing madly. I was feeling her warm body underneath mine. Here boobs were crushed on my chest. Turning me on.

We both were very hot, kissing like there’s no tomorrow. Suddenly she removed my shirt & started caressing my back. I was so turned on that my dick was begging to get out from my jeans. It was poking her tummy. We both broke that kiss and came back to our senses. But this time I needed more. I was burning like hell. We both were standing she gave back my shirt. I threw it away and hugged her and started kissing her again. She was also responding. I moved my hands through her hair then on her back and slowly moving down on her ass. I grabbed her ass and was massaging her ass. As she gave out a moan.

I turned her around and hugged her from back with my dick between her ass crack and my hands on her flat tummy. I was licking and kissing her neck & she was breathing heavy and giving out soft moan. Then I grabbed her boobs and started pressing both her boobs. We were standing in front of the mirror so I was seeing her facial reactions and it was turning me on. With this pleasure of licking her neck and pressing her boobs she moved her head back a bit and again I started kissing her lips. She was gone wild as she was sucking my lips.

Slowly I removed her t-shirt and her bra. Actually she helped me removing her bra. I saw her boobs which were looking so sexy as I never saw them in real. I saw them only in clips or in xxx movies. I made her lay on her bed, came on top of her grabbed her left erect pink nipple & started rubbing it between my two fingers & was bussy suckin her right nipple. She was moaning loudly now. She was moving her head from one side to other. And I was doing the same thing with other nipple after sometime. She was just moaning and pressing my head more towards her boobs. Now I grabbed both her boobs, I was pressing them and licking them one by one. I removed her jeans & now she was just in her red panties she was looking like an angel. Her panty was wet. I removed her wet panty and saw the most beautiful thing in my life. Clean shaved pussy all weet with juices. I just went crazy by looking at it, I just parted her legs and started licking her weet pussy. She grabbed my hair and was moaning loudly and saying yes yes yes yes ahhhhhhhhh.l it was making me mad. While sucking her pussy I grabbed both her boobs and started pressing them. She was in heaven. Suddenly she crossed her legs around my neck and pushed me towards her pussy. She started shivering and gave out a loud ahhhhhhhhhhh. She was cumming and I was tasting her juices. Hummm it was heaven. It was my turn to get naked as I wanted to fuck her. As soon as I was naked she grabbed my dick and brought it near her pussy. She guided me towards her heaven and I started pumping it. Her pussy was wet and so was my dick with my pre cum. Her pussy was a bit tight but I was in heaven. I was feeling her hot pussy walls on my dick. As I started fucking her she started moaning again & matching my each stroke by moving her hips. I again kissed her lips while fucking her. She wrapped her legs around my ass. The fucking went on for sometime as she started shivering again and I came to know that she was cumming. I experienced a load which was trying to push my dick out. I was also about to cum. I moved my dick out and cummed on her belly. And slept on her. She kissed my and thanked me. We laid there for 15 minutes. She said I wanted this from you. I said her thank you for this wonderful gift. She winked and said anythime.

After that we both head for a shower and there again we caressed each other. Didn’t had sex there as my dick was swollen as it was my first time. After that I went home & at night as usual she called me. She thanked me again & so did i. then I came to know that this was not her first time. It was fine for me & then came a bomb from her side. She reminded me that she wanted to talk about something. I said go on & she said that next month she will be permanently shifting to USA with her dad. I was disappointed to hear that & she was sad too. But she promised me that she will make up for the mood which she spoiled. I knew what that would be but was sad that I was going to loose her.

Anyways guys this was my first encounter of sex with sheetal. We also had some more time with each other on her bed. If you like this story then plz comment on it, mail me on loveboyssagarr(at) . if I get a positive response I’ll write my next incident. I hope you like this one. Guys and gals don’t hesitate to mail me, I’ll be waiting for you reply.

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