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Birthday Gift

  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015

Hello everybody this is Kumar from Raipur, chattisgarh India. I am 25 yrs, 5ft 6 inches male with a good physique, little hairy body & a very strong sex drive & I have a 8 inches rock hard cock to please & satisfy any female craving for sex. I had never imagined that there were so many unsatisfied ladies & girls in my town. I like ladies with big boobs and big butts.

I m regulare reader of the desipapa sex stories so I diseased to put my one of the best experience to all of u frnds. This is about 3 months ago happened. First I tell u abt me , I m live here alone on rent, my parents live in another city , as I m here for my further studies . it started six months ago , I every month go for my monthly  recharge so I keeps all the schemes that r benefit  me more. Then there was a man who is in hurry for some thing I don’t know, but I suggest him for an recharge by E recharge and he impressed with me for the recharge schemes and the Erecharge tech. So he was in hurry and got out . one day he again meet me and ask for the good computer technician, because his computer has some problem, I told him I can solve some problem . because I m a Computer Science student, and have a good practical knowledge. So we go to his home and I solved ok his computer, there I meet his wife “lata” , he intro to me ,she is 29 nice figure I will discribe u later.

Then when ever he was out of station , he make a call to his wife and some time she can’t understand how to do wat her husband said to her, then many times he call me to her home to talk her husband wat he was saying, so I understand and tell lata wat to do, her husband became a good frnd with me. He goes out of station four days a week , so some time he wanna to spend his evening with me.One day I observed that some times lata looks at me with a sweet smile , at the time of serving us tea or coffee, but I don’t mind. I thought this is because I had an feeling of sex with her. Because I had sex with my classmate once before. But some time I also give here some sign that I m looking at her , but I had a fear in my heart, one day when she was serving us tea and some snacks, she tell her husband that there is call from his office, and after he goes ,she gave me a clear sign for from her side, she put her paallu down in front of me , and shows her deep vally between her boobs, at that time I feel to much erotic. And my dick started going hard. then I go to my my room and masterbasted two times .

The day comes that I was waiting for , it was 3 pm and she called me that her husband call her and she can’t understand wat to do, I say her I m coming soon. When I reached her home she stands on the wall and just looking at me , I asked her when again his call will come , she not say any thing to me just a single word, she just looking at me , then I say her I m going now I had some work, then she immtly replied, that can u come at night , I asked her why , then she told me that her husband is out of station for three days continuously, and she is alone here. I say why not.

I reached her home at abt 8 pm night , when ring the bell she immly  opened the door for me , I saw her in red saree and she is looking like a sexy Indian model , I say  her looking nice, but she replyed not sexy , I feared for a while listing this , and I say yaa sexy,when I entered the gest room I saw there is an cake on the table, I asked her today is ur birthday, she replied yes, I excuses her that I m srry I don’t know that , she say it’s ok dear, then she ask me to cut the cake, I say ok proced , she cut the cake and I wish her, and I think I have to move one step forward to her, after listing “sexy” word from her, when I m near to her for wish I gave her a kiss on her chick. She replied with a smile . and take small pic of cake she put on my mouth , but after that she fingered my mouth with her finger as she wanna my cock in her mouth, then she ask me for her gift, I say her I will sure bring tommorow, but she wanna now she say, then I replied that I can’t bring with me , I don’t know before that today id ur birthday, she came near to me and say in my ears slowly that she wanna my cock in her pussy , then wat my cock started to become full and hard, and wat I wanna from her she already wanna from me. Then I kissed there om her jusicy lips, and I stared pressed her boobs, then she removed her saree in front of me and now she was on the bra and panty only, I pushed her on the wall and started kissing her neck , stomach , her nice belly, when I m kissing her bellys she removed my t-shirt , and we both went to her bed room , there I ly down her on the bed and started her kissing her lips, she also response good and enjoying this, then I remove my pant , then I remove her red bra her boobs where to sexy in size and shape , they r pure white that I can waite any more and started sucking her boobs , and I make them to hard that shae stared moning on that ahahahahhhhhhhhhhhhh , when I m bitting on her boobs buttons her hands r trying to remove my jocky , but she can’t remove it , because my tool is full hard and full in length now. So she pull my cock by side and started rubbing it. And she asked me that  now she can’t wait , plz put my hard red cock in her pussy.

But wat I do , I wanna her more hot, so I first stop her kissing her boobs and slowly I remove her red panty, the wat I say , I saw her pink little hairy pussy, now I m also going more hot, but I waannna to give her full pleasure , so first I separate her legs and put my hands on her thais and first I kiss on her pussy and then I started sucking her left lip of her pussy and then right and again left this is for 5 min. at that time her momonig sound is to erotic for me uuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh more more achhaaa lag rahaaaa hai kumar, then her pussy become more wet and then I started fingering her pussy, then I spread her pussy lips and started her pussy fucking through my toungh   , and she like more than befor that first she was rubbing my heard hairs with her hands and now she is pulling them saying uhuhuhuhuhhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooo Then she cum on my mouth , and most of her juice I drank it, then I wait for a second and make her knee down on the floor and I set on the bed and I had not tell her wat to do to make her hot again , she came near to me on her knees and started sucking my hard cock, after some time I also come in her mouth and I try to remove my cock from her mouth but not, all my cum juice she drank and say me thnx for that, then wat, I spered her legs and her pussy lips also , I shake my lund up and down and I slowly pull my pennice in , half first and I do her slowly that she is feeling nice and enjoying much, I started in and out slowly and softly after some time she ask me to pull in my full penice in her and I did , she feel some pain but I saw that she is enjoying it , me too enjoying this to much dear , after some time she ask me to do her a fast ride , I started slowly increasing my speed and she say coommmmonnnn more fast and her nice momoing sound making me more hard and fast, then I make her back and again pull my pennic in her pussy , but this time from back , in dogggi style , she say me wow do it soon ,this goes at 12 mints, and after that she say that full my pussy with us jussci cum and I expoled all my in her pussy , she replyed , I can feel ur cum in me, thanx kumar , and after that we got many chances to repeat this , and we did but every time there is some nice styles I do , and she really like that ,  SO HOW U LIKE DEAR MY FIRST SEX EXPERINCE MAIL ME UR FEELINGS if any unsatisfy women wanna to meet me personally or wanna to share her some thing in real , u can mail me on my id

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