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Birthday Fuck

  • desipapa
  • September 9, 2015

Hi! I am a regular reader of Desipapa. It’s a very nice site and everyday I get at least to story to get myself horny. I am a good-looking guy of 36 ears old, a bit short…. Just 5.7 a bit shy to start with but very easy going it happened last year in the month of June. I was my cousins 21st birthday. Her name is Rekha. She lives with her mother and her elder sister Pushpa, her brother is studying in Pune and her father is working on a ship.

They live in a very big house. Her mother is cousin sister of my mother both sisters are very good looking. Rekha is a little bit reserved type. Pushpa and myself are very good friends. Rekha invited my for her 21st birthday party at her house. So I dressed up for the party and went to her house. It was around 9pm I reached her house.. The party was already on. I congratulated Rekha on her day and joined to party. Rekha was looking gorgeous. She was wearing a very short red coloured dress with a deep neck. I’ve never seen Rekha dressed up to very sexy. It was 9.30 now and we all gathered round the cake. After Rekha cut the cake one of her friends suggested that we dance a bit so we put on the CD player and started dancing to some foot tapping music. After 4 fast songs a romantic song called “Actor” by MLTR started playing … now we all started looking out for partners.

There were around 12 pretty girls (including Rekha and Pushpa) and just 5 boys. Rekha came running to me and said that she wanted to dance with me. “It would be my pleasure” and we started dancing. The air was getting very romantic now. We now decided that we will only play slow number and dance to them. For the next song everybody changed their partner except me and Rekha. One of the boys went and put off the tube lights …now only the small coloured lights were on. It was looking very beautiful now. We started dancing. I slowly pulled Rekha against me…and our bodies were touching each other now. I felt her body very warm. Rekha did not say anything and this encouraged me. I slowly moved my hand from her waist to her butts pressing them against my hard stick. Rekha was enjoying this, as I whispered in her ears “Rekha you look gorgeous tonight, I’ve never seen you looking like this.

Your dress is very beautiful and very sexy” she said thank you and gave me a very pretty smile. I should add before this, that we all had a couple of drinks and were a bit high. After Rekha I danced with Pusapa and one of their friends. We have our dinner at around 11pm by the time we finished eating it was 1am, so my aunty told me to stay back. I called up home and said I’m staying back. We went to bed around 2pm, still high on the alcohol we had consumed. I went to sleep in her brother’s room which was next to Rekha’s and Pushpa’s room. I was alone in the room. I was not getting any sleep… I was thinking about the dance with Rekha After about half an hour I heard a knock on my door. I put on the light on opened the door. It was Pushpa outside, in her night dress. I could make out that she was wearing nothing inside. She asked me whether I was comfortable in there. I said that its bit lonely alone but its okay. Then she surprised me by saying, ” Feel free to join us if you are feeling lonely, mom is fast asleep in her room… we’ll wake you up before mom gets up …you can come back here”. I knew that they wanted to get naughty. I asked her whether she was sure about this. Pushpa just put off the light grabbed my hand and took me to her room and immediately latched her room.

The lights were off but I saw Rekha on her computer. She said hi and continued what she was doing. I went closer to Rekha, she was chatting with a guy. Now Pushpa came closer to me and said “Can you dance with me the way you were dancing with Rekha” I held Pushpa in my arms are started dancing without any music. Pushpa was very hot. I could feel her big breasts against my chest. She brought her face closer to mine. Automatically our mouths met each other. WE started French kissing. I was ressing her butts …I found them very soft.. Well let me tell you about Pushpa and Rekha’s looks. Pushpa is 5.5 tall, black hair till her shoulders, 38-28-36 size and around 50 to 55 kegs ( I’m not sure) and very very sexy,Rekha is 5.6 tall, black long hair, 32-26-34 and around 50 kegs. Both white in complexion. I got I right leg in between and started rubbing her pussy.We were really going wild. Suddenly my sight went on Rekha, she was watching us… I ignored her and continued with Pushpa. Now, Pushpa grabbed my shorts and pulled it down. I was just in my underwear and T-shirt. She pulled off the T-shirt too. I unhooked Pushpa dress from the back and it just came down.

Pushpa was completely naked. She had the most beautiful pair of breasts and the tits were red and hard. Now, Rekha interrupted… she came to us and said she also wanted her share. To this Pushpa said to me “Now you will have to handle two girl power”. Pushpa undressed Rekha…..I just couldn’t believe what was happening. Rekha was very beautiful… She was wearing black panties. Pushpa started sucking Rekha’s breasts. We went to the bed now. Rekha lay on the bed. Pushpa made me stand on the bed and removed my underwear… My 7.5 long dick popped out hard. Rekha was seeing a real penis for the first time. She said to Pushpa, ” wait, let me have it first….. I’ve never touched a real penis in my life.” She held my dick with her hands and started licking it I was going crazy. I laid on the bed now…and Rekha was giving me a very good blow job. Pushpa sat on my face and I started sucking Pushpa’s hot and wet pussy. I was about to cum so I told Rekha to stop for a moment. Rekha was a virgin. Pushpa said, ” you have to fuck my sister and break her virginity today”. Rekha was bit scared but was ready for it. Rekha lay on the bed. I removed Rekha’s panty…her pussy was covered with thick hair. I opened her legs then her pussy lips… wow. her pussy was pink and wet, I inserted my finger slowed as she gave a soft ahhhhhhhhhhhh…..I finger fucked her for half minute. She was very aroused now”

How long will I have to wait for you, come-on honey fuck me nnnnnoooooooowwww” I took my penis and touched her pussy and slowly started jerking …after 7-8 soft jerk I pushed it very hard and my whole penis was inside… Rekha screamed……ahhhhhhhhhhhh… hurt her… and it pained me too. I had sex before but never with a virgin Rekha was really very tight. After sometime it was moving very smoothly….Pushpa was sitting on Rekha’s face who was sucking her cunt and Pushpa was squeezing and massaging Rekha breasts. It went on for around 10 mins. Now Rekha started moaning a bit louder, started jerking and started scratching my back …I knew she was Cumming now… I was also about to cum. I told Rekha that I’m Cumming. Pushpa told me to take it out. Rekha was done….. She had a orgasm. I took out my penis and off my honey went fly in all over Rekha body. Pushpa immediately grabbed my penis and cleaned it off with her tongue. What a feeling it was. Rekha was completely exhausted… it was paining her. I applied all the semen all over her body. We started playing with each other and after 15 minutes I was hard again.

This time it was Pushpa’s turn. It was getting late so we didn’t wanted to waste more time. Pushpa wanted me to fuck her ass. I have never tried that before neither did na. Pushpa was on her four now. She applied some hair jelly on her asshole. I tried to enter her. The asshole was very tight. Rekha now was sitting on the bed and watching us. She was too tired to do it again. After some pushing I entered into Pushpa’s ass. It was very painful. It hurt Pushpa a lot. It hurt me too; first it was a virgin pussy and now a tight ass. I slowly increased my pace my balls were dashing her soft ass cheeks. Pushpa was moaning with pain and pleasure. I saw Rekha fingering herself. After about 10 minutes of assfucking I was feeling to ejaculate. I withdrew my penis. Pushpa said that she wanted to ride me, so I laid myself down on the bed. Pushpa sat on my tool with legs across my body. Slowly she inserted my penis into her vagina. It went sliding in… Pushpa was very slippery. Without wasting any time she started to ride me up and down. Her breasts very dangling from up and down and left and right. It was a great sight. Rekha now came close to me and started French kissing me.

I started finger fucking Rekha who was moaning with pleasure. We took small pauses in between to stop Cumming. After 15 minutes Pushpa said that she was Cumming as she released her juices with a big jerk. Immediately I unloaded my balls into her vagina….and soon Rekha had her second orgasm. We were completely exhausted. It was already 4.45 in the morning. I put on my clothes and went to the other room. When I woke up it was around 10.30am. I had bath got fresh, aunty served me breakfast. After half and hour both the sisters came to the table to have breakfast. We exchanged smiles we were just the 3 of us at the table now. Pushpa said to me that she was never satisfied the way she wanted to be until last night. We all had enjoyed to the maximum. Rekha was still having the pain. I left their house at noon. Now whenever aunty is not there, we have sex. But we make it a point to always make is threesome. I’m not a good writer but the experience I had that night is much more that what I could express in words. Hope you have enjoyed my experience. My address is

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