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Birth Day Present From Aunty

  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

Helloo to all desipapa story readers. i have read so many stories on this site. After reading so much stories. i have decided to narrate u abt my first sex with my aunt.

Firstly, I would like to tell u abt me. i am 19 years old boy living in gujarat. this all happened with my aunty who is very sexy. at the age of time I first time licked my own semen. I liked her very much. I used to giver eyes on her big boobs. She had caught me many times but didn”t tell me any thing. This all happened on my 18 th birthday She had come to place. She wished me happy birthday and gave me hard hug. I understood what was in her mind. While giving me hug, she told me that she would give me wonderful birthday present if manage to go to her home late night.

After finishing the party, I told my parents that I am going to aunt”s place as uncle had gone out. I reached her home at 11:45 in the night. She welcomed me and gave me french kiss. I too responded her. Soon she took me to the bedroom. Where she started xxx vcd on the t.v. In the first scene of movie a man raped a womal badly. On seeint this scene both of us got hot. Soon we started kissing each other. I was kissing her on her body. Soon I inserted my hand in her blouse. She was not wearing bra so it was very easy for me to fondle her boobs. While I was moving hands o her nipples, she told me that she is too hot wants me inside her. Soon we removed each others cloth. I was shocked to see her naked in front of me. She had very big boobs. I started to sycker nipple and with other hand I was fondling her boobs. I sucked her nipples for 10 minutes and drank all the milk. I did same thing with her other boob.

Then I went to her cunt, and started to finger it. She was moaning in rhythem ………..hhhhhuuuuuuu. Then I started to suck her cunt. Her cunt was clean sheaven. I was making her hot slowly, so which I can drink more juice which was about to come out of his chut. Soon she had a orgasm and I drank all the juice.

Now it was her turn to suck my 6.7″ long dick. Woooooooow she was sucking my dick very nicely. Son she increased her spped of sucking my dick and I came in her mouth.

Now we were ready for next plan. I laid her on bed and climbed on her. I inserted my dick in her chut and she moaned. I starte3d to give jerks in her chut. she was moaning Ah Please….

slowly but who was goint to listen. After 3 to 4 hard strokes I was inside her, now she was enjoying very much. Soon I increased my spped of fucking her. She too responded me. Both of us came together. We took rest for 10 minutes and started our sex game again . Tjis time I fucked her in 69 position .

Then it was a turn to fuck her in dogy style. I told her my proposal first she refused but later she aggreed. I caught her in my hands and inserted my dick in her gand.

Her gan was very tight. So I gave big jerks in her gand. She was moaning noooooooo noooooo aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh But I told her that it would pain for little, then she will like it. Once when I was . in side her gand, she too enjoyed it very much. I was giving nice and wonderful jerks in her gand and at the other hand I was fondling her boobs. After 8 minutes I came in her gand. At that time I fucked her 3 times more. Then we sleep nude in each others arm Early morning she wake me up and told me to take bath. I asked her whether she had taken bath or not. she told me that she would take bath with me .

In the bathroom I fucked her two times in the bathroom Then we came out of bathroom and dressed ourselves. After tha incident I fucked her for 7 time and I also fucked her friends for 4 times. I have fucked them for 5 times. But now iI am in search of good sex partner.because both these ladies have left my town as their got tranferes in different cities.

ANY GALS BHABHIES AUNTIES SISTERS WIVES AROUND GUJARAT AND IF THEY R IN TERESTED IN SEX WITH ME CAN CONTACT ME ON I assure u that I will try to give u satisfaction as u demand. I am writing story for the first time, plz send me ur reviews.

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