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Bindu The Sexy Neighbor

  • desipapa
  • August 31, 2015

Dear friends, I am again,your favorite sex writer Riya.This story is of my friend,a real life incident. I narrate it in his words. Bindu, my lovely neighbour called me for sex on my last afternoon in Mumbai. It was as simple as that. This happened when I used to stay as a paying guest in the posh Napien Sea Road area of Mumbai. I was posted to Mumbai for three months just after I joined my firm after college. I was a horny young man and was always thinking about sex. I had had some delightful experiences in my teenage years, mostly with older women whom I adored. In Mumbai, the work pressure was so much that I had to work weekends as well, which hardly left any time to even think about sex. The only sex I got was a quick desperate shag every day before I fell asleep. I was looking forward to the end of my assignment so that I ould visit my loving aunt Vimal in Pune on my way back, to make up for all the draught of these three months. Bindu was a gorgeous forty-year-old woman, who lived in the adjoining flat. She was a rich socialite, with interest in cinema and theatre and she had already acted in one or two art movies where her small vampish roles were well appreciated, mostly due to the skimpy attires she wore. Her dance in the film “Chain” and her swimming pool scene with the evergreen hero had made her a sex symbol ten years back.

Her husband was a businessman and was mostly absent from home, away on his business trips, leaving his sexy wife alone. We used to meet frequently in lifts and sometimes in the nearby shopping malls and had started exchanging cheerful Hi’s and Hello’s. I started calling her ‘Didi’ meaning “Elder Sister” in our short meetings and she seemed to like it. Gradually I had started looking at her with more than usual interest, unable to ignore the sheer sexy aura that she radiated. She too seemed to be aware of my lusty stares but did not seem to mind and in fact seemed to go out of the way to give me opportunities to have a clearer look at her. She did this by pretending to smoothen her sari, removing the pallav momentarily to straighten it but in effect giving me a clear view of her massive soft bosom. She was a voluptuous woman; there was nothing delicate or small about her. She was as tall as me, must have weighed about seventy-five kilos, had a very fair and silken complexion and large wide hips. Combined with a well endowed bust line and relatively smaller waist, whose soft flesh had a tendency to bulge out below her blouse, her sultry come-hither look made her extremely desirable to me. Unfortunately by the time the relationship could advance to more intimate terms, my assignment ended and I had to leave town in a hurry. On my last afternoon, I started packing up to catch the night train. While returning from a quick shopping trip downstairs, I came out of the lift and saw her standing casually near her open door. I said farewell, telling her that I would be going home that night. She decided immediately not to waste any more time, took my hand and quickly dragged me to her flat, locked the door and kissed me hard, leaving me speechless and excited with her aggression. We were alone in her big flat and she made her intentions pretty clear through her eyes as I followed her into the bedroom.

There was just a fleck of grey in her soft shoulder length hair, and this symbol of the age difference between us was a very sensuous fact to me. I had generally seen her with full make-up including a dark red lipstick and her fresh face without any makeup somehow looked even more attractive. She was wearing a yellow sari and blouse and matching pink rubber slippers. She had just bathed and her hair, skin and clothes were moist. I pulled her in my arms and kissed her on the lips. She responded by thrusting her soft tongue in my mouth as my hand kneaded her soft breast. I was rock hard by now and she felt it through my trousers. She quickly undressed me. When I was naked, she stared with delight at the seven-inch cock with its big purple head, and caressed it with her soft palms. As I moaned with pleasure, she dropped down to her knees, took it in her moist red mouth and sucked determinedly. She was so good at cock sucking, with her tongue rubbing the glans like a file that I came immediately. She swallowed the thick semen greedily and did not let a single drop escape. She also swallowed my jumping cock deep into her throat and lovingly chewed it delicately till I had emptied my stock of hot cream. She got up and led me to the sofa. She told me that what she had done was only to take the edge off my appetite and the real fun would start now. We had a full afternoon to ourselves and would be able to have a good lusty romp. As I relaxed on the sofa, with my fist lovingly stroking my cock, a bachelor’s favourite pastime, she quickly removed the sari and the blouse. Now she was clad only in dark yellow bra and panties. Her soft big breasts were bulging out of the D cups of the lovely lacy bra and the tight strap was deeply embedded into the flesh.

She unhooked it and the big pendulous boobs sprang into the view. They were sagging a little with their weight and the dark black aureoles were as wide as small saucers. The nipples were fat and big as lemons. She also stepped out of her lace panties and the sight of the thick black bush between her white massive thighs was enough to cause my cock to stand up fully, quivering with lust. Bindu Didi invitingly took one of her breasts in her palm and held it up to me as an offering, while her other hand crept between her legs and disappeared inside the dark lush jungle there. Her hand moved up and down in a rhythm and she started moaning. I pulled her to me and fastened my mouth on a fat leathery nipple, which I chewed and sucked. She whimpered as my hand crushed her boob like a ripe mango being mashed to extract the juice. As she clutched me with both arms, my other hand tangled in her pubic hair and my finger suddenly entered a hot wet hole. I pulled out the finger and sniffed it. It had a wonderful musky odour and I licked it. It was heavenly and I just wanted to eat, chew and munch her flesh and drink all her bodily fluids. She was as eager as me and fell back on the sofa invitingly. Obviously, this was not going to be a simple fucking session, as her wants seemed to be different. I asked her as to how I should serve her, my goddess of the moment. ” Bindu Didi, apni is devi maa ki mein kaise pooja karoon?” She said that she could always get fucked but from me, she wanted lusty sucking and buggering. “Mere pyare bhaiya, chudane ke liye mere paas bahut gulam hain. Tum to aaj mujhe bus khoob chooso aur meri gaand maaro”. She sank back on the cushion on her massive buttocks, and opened her thighs wide in a lusty invitation to help myself to the heavenly feast.

The plump soft flesh of her underbelly with its cover of dense black hair looked like a mound of cheesecake, covered with dark chocolate toppings. I dropped to my knees and decided to first look at the delectable spectacle to my hearts content before I started to eat. The soft black hair was parted in the middle and the deep gash of the cunt was visible in all its glory. The two large pink labia had opened up like a mouth and were glistening wetly with juice. The vaginal opening was pulsing with life and as it opened and closed, the deep red passage was fleetingly visible. As I watched, drops of viscous juice came out of the pulsing mouth. She must have been creaming for a long time as some liquid had also run down on her thighs. The clitoris was like a red cherry, about the same size as a large grape and throbbing with a life of its own, just above the opening and at the junction of the nether lips. I could not control myself, and swooped down on this gourmet meal. I decided to first go after the juice already trickling from her cunt, which was a bonus, without any effort on my part. I ran my tongue over the smooth sticky thighs and licked them clean. Once they were thoroughly licked up, I moved to the labia and scooped up the juice with my lips. Finally I moved to the vagina and thrust my tongue inside. I felt as if I had dipped my tongue in a pot full of hot honey. The liquid was literally boiling out of the cunt and all it needed was a simple, sucking motion, to get mouthfuls of tasty tangy juice. It tasted salty and was thick like honey. It was also extremely slippery like melted butter. I opened my lips, took both of her labia in my mouth and started sucking as if sucking a ripe mango. I was rewarded with copious amounts of nectar. Within five minutes, I had drunk at least half a cupful of the sticky viscous liquid. All this while, I could hear her sighing and moaning with pleasure.

When I glanced up, she was in the process of kneading her own boobs, while bending down and sucking on one of her nipples. She had almost continuous orgasms while I was sucking her. After some time, as she appeared to become satiated, the juice started turning off. This won’t do-I told myself and released the labia from my mouth. I inched up just a little and gave a loving lick to the red clit. It had a soft silky feel. She jerked as if touched with a live wire. I gave another lick and then another. Soon, I was filing her clit with the flat of my tongue. Her body started shaking with spasms and the juice started flowing again. I went back to my mango sucking exercise. Juices dried up again and again I went to the clit. This continued for well over half an hour but I had not had my fill of the juice yet. Also though my cock was throbbing, it had not yet become unbearable. Finally she sank back with a contented sigh and closed her eyes. When simple clit licking did not draw any response from her, I decided on more rough measures. I took the whole clit in my mouth, gently ran my teeth over it and sucked at it. She suddenly became alive again and screamed with shock, unable to bear the sensation on her oversensitive clitoris. As the feelings soaked in, she caught my hair and tried to pull my face away from her cunt, but I had caught the bud in my lips and was sucking madly on it like a lozenge. She arched her back, and suddenly pulled my face into her crotch, crushing my lips on her cunt. Her thighs wrapped around my head like a vice and she started bucking her hips, all the while holding my mouth on her pussy.

She settled into a smooth masturbatory rhythm, squealing all the while with pleasure as orgasm after orgasm shook her. In between, she would launch into a scissoring action with her thighs, rolling my head like a ball within the vice like grip of her thighs. I let her go on for a long time, because I wanted as much juice out of her as possible. She masturbated relentlessly for almost twenty minutes, like a woman possessed. With a last lunge, she climaxed for the last time and suddenly went limp, completely drained. As her thighs relaxed and her hands fell-off my hair, I released the love bud of her clit from my mouth, gave it a last soft bite, and moved back to her vagina. Literally a glassful of juice seemed to have flown on to her thighs and it took me a long time to properly lick it up. Then I moved in again to my mango sucking, her cunt lips firmly held in my mouth. As I sucked, it was as if a tap was opened in her womb, which fed a continuous trickle of cunt juice to me. I must have sucked her for more than fifteen minutes and then she became completely dry, dropping off into a coma like state, a faint fulfilled smile on her face. No amount of clit licking seemed to revive her. When I stood up finally, I found that Bindu Didi had fainted and was in a deep slumber. She looked to be out for the time being. My stomach was full with her juice and my cock was horribly stiff with desire. If I wanted, I could have fucked her while she was unconscious but some how it did not appeal to me. Also I had set my heart on fucking her luscious massive buttocks, both to obey her wish and to satisfy my pet habit. I decided to revive her first so that she could enjoy the buggering fully. I did this by taking her in my arms, kissing her softly and playing with her boobs. I also caressed her big buttocks, my finger slowly entering the crease teasingly. When she sighed with pleasure and opened her eyes, I turned her over and buried my face between the soft mounds of her hips. I licked at the rectum and sucked the flesh around her sphincter till her pink bud of an anus opened up invitingly, allowing me to push my tongue in and taste the cheesy anal passage.

I could not control my lust anymore and sat up. I clambered over her hips, caught my cock with one hand and placed the engorged knob first on the drooling cunt to lubricate it and then on the arsehole. With my other hand, I put two fingers on each side of the anus and spread the cheeks apart with all my strength, while simultaneously forcing the knob into her arse. As I pushed hard, the white fleshy cheeks slowly parted and the fiery red knob entered smoothly into the tight but smooth hole. She gasped with a mix of pain and pleasure. The sphincter tightened in an instinctive effort to keep the intruder out which increased the lovely pressure on my knob to its maximum. When the arsehole was stretched to its limit with the knob’s largest bulge just at the entrance, I paused and savoured the feeling of the arsehole desperately trying to shrink to its normal size and squeezing my glans with a sweet pressure. This only resulted in making my cock throb and swell even more and distended the anus further. I peered down at my shaft. The sight was a feast for gods. The white soft buttocks were spread and the red hole between them looked like a rubber band stretched to its breaking limit. It appeared as if another millimetre increase in the knob size would tear the flesh. In sadistic glee, my cock gave another throb and promptly became longer and thicker, drawing a gasp of pain from her. Of course the anal ring did not tear; my lovely neighbour obviously was in the habit of fingering her anus which had made it pliable. I grabbed her firmly and with one hand crushed her soft boobs, while the other hand went to her cunt and started to tickle her clitoris. She started squealing delightedly as waves of pleasure shook her body. She started having an orgasm then and there. I pushed my finger deep in her oozing vagina and masturbated her methodically. After she had had a few delicious releases, and had overcome the dull ache in her arse, I removed my finger and licked it. It tasted like honey and nectar mixed together.

I wiped her pussy and the thighs repeatedly with my finger and scooped up the juice to my hungry mouth till all the precious juice had been disposed off. It was time to proceed with the main event that is of buggering her arse thoroughly. I decided to finish the job standing. I lifted her to her feet and led her to the wall; She had difficulty walking, as the movement of the buttocks had an effect of rolling the glans in her sphincter, causing her discomfort and some pain. “Bhaiya, gaand mein dard hota hai” she said. On her request, I bent down, lifted her by her knees and carried her to the wall, while she hung on to my neck with her arms. There I set her down and pushed her against the cold smooth surface. She was in seventh heaven and eagerly awaited the pounding that her posterior was about to receive. She kept telling me to do justice to her buttocks for at least an hour. ” Bhaiya, jara apni Didi ki gaand mun lagaa ke ghanta bhar jorsay marna”. Bindu Didi was now standing facing the wall, with her breasts crushed against its hard surface and the stomach firmly leaning against the tiles to take the pressure that was coming. Her legs were spread to ease the pressure in her anus. I made her bring them together, to increase the pressure, telling her that she would enjoy it more. ” Didi, janghen sataa ke rakho to gaand marwane mein jyada maza ayega”. She grunted her approval. With one hand, I caught one of her bulging mammaries and started crushing it. With the other hand I caught the shaft of my cock and leaned forward, forcing the shaft into her buttocks with my hand as well as my weight. There was no need for gentleness now, I had a burning need to enter her and bugger madly. She sobbed with lust mixed with considerable pain as the glans slid past the sphincter and the anal ring collapsed suddenly around the smaller shaft. The knob now acted as a battering ram and continued to slide up her intestinal passage, inch by inch.

The soft flesh parted and clutched eagerly at my cock. It felt like a smooth moist spongy hot tube. The last inch went in and I was up to the hilt. A last step was all that was left to complete the penetration. I withdrew slightly, causing her to relax the anus momentarily with gratitude. This opened up her hole in a pucker, completely relaxing its hold on my cock. I immediately thrust in again up to the hilt causing an airtight seal around the base of the cock. She was quiescent now, and stood trembling, a wave of pleasure shooting through her veins. I started a slow fractional in-out motion, which was just sufficient to move the knob inside her intestine. She sighed with approval as the knob massaged her innards. I could carry this out for only a few minutes before my self- restraint broke and I started buggering her lustily. This time my strokes were powerful and long, I would withdraw my cock for a few inches, and plunge it in again up to the hilt. The force slammed her crotch repeatedly against the wall. After suffering this assault for ten minutes, Bindu Didi said “Mere Raja Bhaiya, mujhe ab litakay mujh per chadh jao” She wanted to lie down as she was tired and also wanted to feel my full weight on her back as I buggered her. I lifted her up by her knees, carried her to the bed and laid her down. She settled with a sigh of contentment as I lay down on top of her and put my arms around her. I caught both soft boobs in my palms and crushed them methodically while my fingers pinched the tough leathery nipples. I started buggering her steadily, hunching away over her buttocks. Or as they say in Hindi “hachak hachak ke Didi ki gaand marne lagaa” The strokes slowly became longer as I became mad with lust. All I wanted now was release from this heavenly sensation that was so pleasurable that it was like an unbearable pain.

The last few strokes were full length hammering into her anus; I would withdraw till the knob was visible and almost came out of the hole, and then shove it back again up to the root of my pubic hair; all this at a frequency of once per second-in-out-in-out-in-out. She encouraged me by mouthing filthy words and asking me as to what kept me from splitting her arse in two and entering my full body in her entrails. “phaad de Didi ki gaand, ghus ja gaand mein”. I suddenly exploded with a scream, the orgasm was like a flash of lightning from heaven and I froze at the deepest point of my stroke. The cock pulsed like a pump and sprayed the hot semen deep inside her innards, directly into her stomach. While I basked in the joy of the explosion, I kneaded the heavy knockers on her chest like dough while her intestine absorbed the geyser of hot semen from my cock. After the eruption subsided, the cock felt sore but wonderfully satiated. I saw the clock and noted with pleasure that I had succeeded in buggering her continuously for more than one hour as per her wish. I released her breasts, sat up and slowly withdrew my cock from her anus. The cock was soft now and came out easily, albeit reluctantly. It was wet with a mixture of the semen and her arse juice. As I gave a final tug, it plopped out with a gentle sound. The white flesh of the buttocks had turned red with the hammering it had received. The anal ring was fiery red, and looked like a crushed rose. I turned her around. Her eyes were closed and there was a satisfied smile on her lips. She was almost unconscious with the overload that her sensory system had gone through. I kissed her lips and sucked her tongue after pulling it into my mouth. Then I turned her back on her stomach and clambered over her hips. My face was close to Didi’s soft swollen arse. I licked the flesh, kneaded it with my hands and slowly moved towards the crushed flower that was her anus. It smelled wonderful, a heady mixture of sweat, arse juice, cheesy anal smell and my own semen.

I extended my tongue and licked the orifice. It tasted like spicy liquid cheese. I continued licking and as the juice disappeared, delved deeper by prying open the hole gently and inserting the tongue. Soon, I was licking ferociously, driving my tongue deeper and deeper into the well between the hills. I opened the orifice further and drove in my tongue completely. I stayed like that for a while; and found that my cock had hardened again. I thought she deserved another nice arsefuck and proceeded to do it. I prised open her arsehole, this time without much problem as it had already been banged into softness, and just smoothly inserted the whole cock, ignoring her soft moan and half hearted protests. After this I just lay down on her, buried my face in her silken hair, kissed her on the nape of her neck, caught her breasts in my palms, and crushed them, all the while buggering her steadily. She lay breathing deeply, enjoying the feel of my cock in her gut and soon I had another satisfying orgasm. I withdrew and collapsed on the bed, panting hard. Bindu Didi had recovered by this time and her cunt must have been creaming again as she fingered herself sensuously, reclining on the bed with her head propped up on her arm. I beckoned her to come close and pointed towards the wet coated penis. She got the hint and without any hesitation, took it into her mouth and licked it clean, playfully biting in the process and drawing a moan of protest from me as I felt the sharp teeth on my sensitive flesh. She stopped only when the limp tube started becoming tumescent again. I was thirsty with all the action and wanted to get up for a drink of water but she stopped me, saying that she would fetch it for me. She asked me to lie down on the floor. A wicked grin came into her eyes as she said that I must be really thirsty and she would like to give me a very special invigorating drink.

I misunderstood what she meant but my throat was parched and so I obeyed her without a question. I expected her to fetch me a glass of juice or cola but she said that she had the drink right inside her and it would not take any time as she would avoid going to the bathroom. I also started becoming aroused when I realised her dirty lusty perverted intentions. Excited with the imaged that flowed through my mind, I lay down on the floor as commanded and watched her luscious plump body with admiration as she climbed out of the bed. Her naked body was a lovely sight and her heavy pendulous breasts bobbed as she walked to me. Her abdomen looked a little swollen and when I commented on it, she laughed and said that it was due to pressure of my drink. “Choot mein sherbet jyada bhar gaya hai”. Her words left no doubt in my mind as to what she would give me for my thirst. She stood over me, straddling my face, looking down at me quizzically. I could see her luscious cunt above my face. It seemed to have recovered from the severe sucking it had undergone and the love bud was swollen again. She prized open her cunt with two fingers and prepared to sit down on my face. “Remember-not a single drop to be lost now” – she told me. “mere bhaiya, is amrut ki ek boond bhi nahi girana”. I responded by opening my mouth wide and waited like a supplicant, trembling with desire. She squatted down, her cunt directly over my mouth. But getting sucked was not on her mind, not yet anyway. What she did as I had expected, was even more dirty and delicious. She positioned her urethra over my mouth and started pissing purposefully. A long thick stream of steaming hot piss shot out and plunged between my lips. I started to gulp it down, without closing my mouth, just by exercising my throat muscles, as she did not pause even once to give me an opportunity to hold a mouthful and relish it for some time.

The taste was salty and tangy and extremely erotic. I drank her hot piss greedily and she continued pissing without a pause for about five minutes. The whole exercise resulted in my drinking up about two full coke bottles worth of her urine. She had obviously not been to the toilet for a long time. I ended up drinking up the entire lot and not a single drop fell out. She kept asking me whether I liked her piss. “mera moot peene mein maza aya?” I nodded my head in affirmation. Once she was done, she sighed contentedly and sat down on my mouth to reward me by letting me suck up some cunt juice. “choot ka paani to pee liya, ab bur ka shahad chato”. She ground her crotch on my mouth and nose, enveloping me in her dense soft bush with its wonderful womanly scent and humped my open mouth with a hunching rhythm. I sucked the wet flesh happily for a long time as her viscous honey dripped into my throat. I was aroused now and wanted to fuck her luscious vagina. She sensed what I wanted and quickened her pace to get off to a couple of delicious orgasms. Then she rested and told me that I could fuck her after I had had my meal, which I deserved after such hard work. After her idea of a drink for me, her offer of food was intriguing and I waited with bated breath to see whether she would squat on my mouth again. But she got up abruptly and went around the room searching for something. I watched full of desire as her plump naked form walked around the room, swaying her buttocks and bouncing her boobs. Soon Bindu Didi found what she was looking for. She shuffled and returned, a sexy slap, slap sound accompanying her. I thought that she had brought me a sandwich but she fooled me again with her perverted sense of what I should eat. I glanced at her feet and was thrilled to see her wearing a pair of very sexy rubber bathroom slippers. The soles and straps were extremely thin and the flats slapped delectably against her soft pink soles, when she walked. The slippers were pink in colour, well worn and used up and looked extremely inviting, especially to someone like me with a huge foot fetish. She came and stood near me, her feet playfully nudging my mouth.

She did not need to tell me what she was planning to do. I licked at her slippers with a deep worshipping feeling. She sighed with satisfaction at my reaction and said that I should eat my meal slowly and properly, with due respect. “ab mera bhaiya bade pyaar se meri chappal khayega”. She again straddled me, and caught my rock hard cock in her hands. Guiding the swollen glans to her dripping cunt, she guided it in and then slowly sank on it, quickly gobbling up the complete length. My cock felt as if it was entering a sopping wet hot velvet cylinder. I started bouncing my hips impatiently to fuck her from below. As Didi came to rest on my stomach, she lifted her feet, and placed them on my face driving my head firmly down on the floor. The delicious rubbery small filled my nostrils as I opened my mouth and licked the soles of her slippers. She wriggled her feet to position the slippers right on my mouth. Then she quickly inserted both slipper toes in my lips, and pressed hard to shove them in my mouth. From such a close distance, I could see that they were slightly soiled and dirty with her daily use, making them even more desirable. As the soft rubber filled my mouth, I sucked and chewed at it, savouring the salty taste, unable to even comprehend my luck in meeting a woman who shared and exceeded my taboo expectations in foot fetish. I looked at her and in my enchanted state, Bindu Didi seemed to me like a goddess of lust, bestowing her blessings on her devotee in the form of her priceless slippers. She stared at the spectacle of her slippers projecting from my lips and bit her lips in pure lust and pressed down harder to stuff more rubber in my mouth.

It was a fantasy come true for us and her joy was boundless. After that it was a steady process of the slippers going inch by inch in my mouth while she applied pressure relentlessly with her feet. Even when I started gagging a little, she did not falter but watched like a hawk as she forced me to swallow more by grinding the heels into my lips. Soon the complete pair was stuffed in my mouth and the enormous pressure of the compressed rubber slippers felt as if my cheeks would burst. These were relatively small dainty slippers and when I tried to imagine the effect on my mouth if she used her usual high heel solid home slippers, my penis almost burst with perverse joy. She looked at me struggling with the gag in my mouth and told me that only way to escape was to swallow my meal and as soon as that was done, she would fuck me to orgasm. “Ab poori chappal khane ke baad hi tujhe chutkara milega aur uske baad hi mein chudaoongi”. I started chewing the soles, the straps and the heels and the rubber juice mixed with the sweat of her feet ran down my throat. I bit off pieces of rubber, chewed them to a pulp and swallowed them eagerly. Meanwhile she also started to rise up and down and fucked me steadily while keeping my mouth firmly closed with her soft pink heels grounding hard on my lips. The site of her wet hair swinging around her head and the sight of the bouncing hanging boobs acted as a catalyst as I madly chewed and gulped. It took me more than half an hour before I had swallowed the last bit of her slippers. As soon as she was satisfied that I had indeed eaten my meal, she relaxed her hold on me. I immediately sat up, threw her back on the floor, folded her in two by bending her legs till her own feet were around her neck and mounted her, fucking crazily with my monstrously swollen cock. She lay quiescent with a satiated look as I kissed and sucked her lips, feet, soles and toes.

In between I would bend down and chew on her nipples. My cock pounded her vagina as I finally cried and wept and came with a shattering climax, ejaculating deep in her vagina and almost fainted with the sensory overload. It was already late evening and we both got up after that and dressed, feeling a deep sense of satiation and fulfilment. In my case, it was supplemented by a plesantly full feeling in the stomach and I told her that I would skip dinner on the train. She kissed me good bye passionately and asked me why I had not made the first move a month back. I apologised profusely and bent down, touching her feet in a traditional Indian mark of respect of a younger brother towards his elder sister. She blessed me and then laughingly told me that if I came to Mumbai again, I must stay at her place at least for a fortnight to do justice to her plans. I was in a hurry now to catch the train and hence could not really ask her the details. As I ran, she promised to write to me. I have just received a letter from Bindu Didi and she has informed me that she has bought a dozen pairs of some lovely rubber slippers of all types and colours and wears all of them for a day each, twenty four hours a day. According to her, they would take care of my fortnight, at the rate of one pair a day. However, she has cautioned me that half of them have a solid heel but I should not expect any mercy on that account, as it still has to be a pair at a time. She also apologised for not feeding me properly during our romp and has told me that she will have a hot steaming “Natural” meal ready for me every morning for breakfast. The meal will be prepared in the same oven, which produced the special drink for me. These cryptic comments, innocuous to a casual reader have already made me horny as hell and I am immediately requesting my firm to send me on another long assignment to Mumbai. Write ur comments and experiences to RIYUSCARIA@HOTMAIL.COM

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