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Bharti Nari Kay Mazay Liay

  • desipapa
  • September 14, 2015

I am 38 years old, married for 20 years now. I have an 18-year-old daughter. My husband is a 44-year-old General manager in a private firm in Kolkata. I too work in a bank as a clerk just to pass time, as I do not like to stay at home. Due to regular aerobics at the gym I have a good body. I have a 34C bust, a 28 waist and a perfectly round 36 ass.

My husband says that men stare at my ass anywhere I go. It does make a big curve when viewed sideways. Also the biggest asset I have that distinguishes me from most Indian women is my height. I stand at 5.7″. I have dark brown, long hair coming all the way up to my hips, which are always tied up in traditional Indian style. I have a very fair skin making make-up unnecessary for me, though I do put on some lipstick. The incident I want to narrate happened about 4 years back. We had moved to Kolkata only some 6 months back from the firm’s Bombay office. Our house was a good 20-25 minutes from our offices. Being new in the city, my husband always used to send the car along with the driver to drop and receive me from my office. Being an inspection officer my husband used to travel a lot within West Bengal. During those days I used to travel by auto-rickshaw. My daughter, who was 14 then, went to school with her friend in her car. It was Christmas Eve. My daughter, Kim, had gone to Bombay to my brother’s place as her school was closed. My husband had to go to Shiliguri for an inspection.

So I had to travel by auto-rickshaw. It was around closing time in the office when I got the news that the auto-rickshaw union had gone on a sudden strike. So I enquired about the bus number with a peon and went to the bus stop. Unfortunately for me my only friend in the office, Radha Sen was on a leave. So I had to travel alone to my house in a bus. Being used to the BEST buses in Bombay I found the buses here too dirty and too bad to travel in. I had never traveled by a bus in Kolkata. As I waited for the bus, I had to leave 5 buses, as they were packed to the hilt. But due to that it was almost 5:30 and I was at the bus stop for more than an hour. It was getting dark and cold. So I decided to get into the next bus, no matter what the crowd was. As it turned out the next bus was really more crowded than a few I had left. There were men hanging off the door. I was the only one to get into the bus. Looking at me the men in the doorway got down to let me in. I saw a few of them checking me out. As I got into the bus with great difficulty I felt a few bodies brush against mine. I accidentally brushed against the crotch of an elderly man standing near the door. As I lost my balance slightly, my hand got caught a bit in his kurta.` What am I doing!’ I said to myself, as I mumbled a sorry to the person. As I walked ahead, I felt a few hands brush against my thighs and ass. Luckily for me, a couple of ladies accommodated me between them. The bus was in a very bad condition. There were only a couple of lights at the two doors, and the bus was running at a snail’s pace. The speed at which the bus was running, I knew the usual 20-minute journey would take me 30-35 minutes at least. As I tried to look around in the bus, it seemed as if we were the only three women in the overcrowded bus. As I rested my hip on a seat handle to my right, I accidentally rested on a hand. So I stood upright again and looked down to apologize to the person. As it was getting dark I could not see his face clearly. But the person looked at me in the eye and grinned widely. It was clear that he enjoyed the feel of my ass. Even as I was looking at him, he nudged his partner and whispered something in his ears. The other person too looked at me and then both seemed to look at my breasts under the sari. I tried to turn away slightly, but could not do so.

Just at that time, the woman standing behind me got down at the next stop. The lady in front was a young girl of about 20-22. The dress she wore indicated that she was from a lower middle class background. She was at least 5-3 inches shorter than me and very skinny. As I turned around to see who was now standing behind me, it was the same man whom I had brushed accidentally at the door. As the bus ran slowly, I felt a hand on my ass. It was definitely the same guys’ wrist on my ass. `I did it accidentally, so can he’, I thought. But as time passed, the wrist stayed there, and if anything pressed against my ass-cheek. I looked back with some difficulty at the same person. He looked back at me plainly as if nothing was going on. ` I’ll have to bear this for some time’, I said to myself. But with no further resistance from me, the hand turned around and now his palms were on my ass. Staying that way for some time, the hand started moving slowly all over my ass-cheeks. I gripped the vertical bar firmly, my left hand held my purse tightly. Soon the person had both his hands squeezing and massaging my rear. I looked around with the hope that someone would stop my harassment. But as I looked to my left, one person was asleep and another was wearing the dark glasses worn by blind men. So I presumed that he was blind. As I turned my head right, the two men were still staring at my exposed belly and blouse-covered boobs intently.

Just then, the person started tracing my panty with his fingers. This made me close my eyes, as I remembered my husband. This made the two sitting horny men looking at me to see what was happening to me. The little hope I had disappeared when the two men looked at the hands running along my panty-lines, and started giggling. ` God help me!’ I screamed in my head. But
deep down I knew I was trapped. I knew most men in the bus would be the same as the ones sitting beside me to my right. So I slowly nudged at the girl standing in front of me. She turned around with some difficulty. I looked at her in the eyes. My eyes were moist looking at her. I turned my eyes pointing towards the man behind me. She got the message I wanted her to know.

But to my shock, she turned around and even moved forward slightly, distancing herself from me. I knew she did not want to get involved in this. As I was wearing a chiffon sari, he cold easily grip my panty elastic over my ass cheeks with 3 fingers of each hand. I cursed myself for wearing a bikini panty that day. Because of this, as he pulled my panty elastic upwards, it caused the small fabric to bunch up in my ass-crack. Now I was as good as naked under my petticoat for his hands. He frenetically massaged my bare ass for some time. Just then I almost gasped with shock as the man put his bare hands on my bare waist from both sides. My grip on the handle tightened as his palms started running over my flat belly. Very soon he was circling my belly button. I kept as much a straight face as possible. My heart skipped a beat when he ran his fingers along the waistline of my sari. ` Please don’t do that, the whole sari would come off if he tries to enter my petticoat’, I pleaded silently. Thankfully he too changed his mind. But soon I knew he was headed for the place every Indian man dies for.

Very soon his hands were palming my breasts. As he squeezed and mauled my boobs, I felt a third hand on my right thigh. I looked down. To my shock, it was the man sitting on my right. He had his hand running up and down my thigh and the other hand seemed to be moving rhythmically. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I realized it was his erect dick in his hand. Indeed he and his partner were masturbating looking at me. Soon the hands on my breasts moved away slightly. But they came back again searching for my nipples over the blouse. As his thumb and first two fingers started pinching my nipples, making them hard and taut. He pinched my nipples so hard that I had to bite my lips to stop from screaming. Tears rolled on my cheeks due to the pain. The bastard tried to outrage me further by trying to slip the sari off my shoulders. But thankfully, I had the sari pinned to my shoulder. At the same time, the shagging man put his hand below my knee and started to pull up my sari. `Why couldn’t I wear a dress today’ I cursed myself. Luckily the way I was standing, he could expose my legs only up to my knees. But my happiness was short lived, as I did not realize that although he could not pull up my sari, his hands definitely could. The man behind me grabbed me by my waist and pulled me back.

This made me lose my balance as I lost the grip of the handle I was holding. As my entire weight fell on him, I felt his erection on my ass. He seemed really hard. He was about the same height as me. He now smelled my hair with deep breaths. He caught my long hair and swung it forward. By now the sitting person had his hand under the sari on my bare inner thigh. His hand
moved upwards, reaching centimeters from my crotch. He stuck up his middle finger and brushed my slit over the panty. This made me weak in my knees and I also lost my grip on my purse, making it fall to the floor. He started caressing my cunt over the panty. He even tugged my underwear into my cunt, moving his finger around slightly. My body started to respond to his
touch, as my cunt stared to get wet. But then the hand withdrew. The hand then caught hold of my hand. So I looked to find what he wanted from my hand. My fingers were now touching his swollen cock head, as his other hand frantically shagged it. Before I could realize what was happening, he released his load on my fingers. He then guided my hand to my face. He wanted me to lick it. But I turned away, making him wipe his sticky semen on my cheeks. I tried to wipe it with my shoulders. At this time I was a couple of stops away from my house. So I decided to get out of this by getting down a stop early and walk home from there.

So I shrugged off the two men and rushed to the back door, and got down on the next stop. It was 10 minutes walk to my house from there. But the sight of the ticket checker greeted me. The sight of this man reminded me that I forgot to pick up my purse in the bus and my ticket was in my purse. ” Where is your ticket madam?” he asked in Bengali. I replied in English saying I lost it in the bus. Even as he was listening, his eyes were traveling all over my body. I read his name batch. It had Mr. R.A.Singh written on it. I asked him whether he spoke any Hindi. As he nodded I explained it to him that it was due to the heavy rush, but he did not take my reason and asked why then did I get down one stop early. This question left me silent. He asked me for the fine. I reminded him that I did not have the purse and offered to pay him taking him to the house, which was only 10 minutes away. He thought for some time, and looked at his watch. It was about 6:30 p.m. and was totally dark and really cold. He said he couldn’t do that and would have to take me to the nearby police station, and that someone from the house had to come and pay for me. But I explained to him that I was alone at my house and also new in the city and so did not know too many people too well. He got lost in thought for some time. Then he looked at me and said then I would have to stay in the lock-up till someone paid for me. I pleaded him to come to my house and collect the fine. He thought for some time, looked around sneakily and then agreed to my offer. He called a guy from the driver’s cabin and him to do the job and said that he will meet them in the depot after collecting the fine. So we started to walk. In the way we had to pass through a long lane that had a land under dispute on one side and the backside of a big college campus on the other. This road was a parallel road to a main road and so was only used by a few private cars.

We were walking side by side. I kept thinking about the money I lost in the purse and also that the perverts had my identity card. As I kept walking thinking about the incident, I saw with the corner of my eye that the TC was glancing at me lustfully. This made my heart beat very fast. Also the road was lonely. Seeing no car in the lane, he grabbed my hand andsaid, ” I’ll give you an offer. Lets go to the station or you do as I say. I don’t want to waste my energy in fighting you. It’s your choice baby.” I looked at the time. It was 6:45 p.m. ` There will be many people around the building’, I thought, ` watching me with this man, they will ask me awkward questions. What if the cops drop me in their car? They may even talk things’. ” Come on bitch, I cannot wait forever”, he said harshly, bringing me out of my thoughts. I looked ahead and behind on the road. There wasn’t a soul present. I looked down to the ground and nodded shyly. He immediately grabbed me and started walking briskly. ” Where are you taking me?” I asked. He seemed to ignore me and continued to walk. As we reached a small opening in the wall of the empty plot, he pointed me to enter the dark plot. As I was entering the narrow opening, I felt his hands on my ass. Once inside the plot, I looked around. It was totally empty, with about 2 feet of grass covering. There were no lights inside the plot. The only light was that from the streetlights. The plot was fairly large. About 200 meters long and more than 300-400 meters deep from the street. He pulled me towards the center of the plot, and then left my hand. As I rubbed my hand to relieve the soreness, he removed his own shirt and vest. He had a really hairy chest. ” I don’t want to hear a single word from you. Do you understand?” I nodded. He signaled me to get down on my knees in front of him. So I positioned myself inches from his zipper. He then proceeded to slip down his trousers. He wore the traditional Indian underwear. His dick was really standing in the loose underwear. He untied the knot of the thread and let it drop to his ankles. He was not really long. Maybe 6 inches.

He caught my hair and pulled my head towards it. So I opened my mouth and let it enter my oral cavity. As he kept running his hand through my long tied up hair, I kept sucking on his tool, holding it at the base with my hands. I was feeling really cold. When he put his hand on my shoulder, he found the safety pin holding onto my chiffon sari. He removed if promptly. After about 5 minutes of sucking, he stopped me. He took me to a corner of the plot. He was only in his shoes and socks. I was carrying his clothes. As we reached a corner, he pushed me to the wall. Then he pulled off my sari from my shoulders. My blouse always has a tantalizing neckline, ending just at the start of my cleavage (this is the way my husband likes it). He looked really desperate. He stared at my breasts for some time, as they heaved up and down due to my heavy breathing. He suddenly put three fingers of each hand on the blouse and ripped it open. I always wore black bras. He pulled my blouse down to my elbows. This caused my hands to be restricted in their movement. He launched himself on my boobs, squeezing and cupping them wildly. He especially liked to push my boobs inwards and then lick my cleavage. He even bit my nipples over the bra. For a moment he moved back and then put his hands inside my bra-cups and scooped the tits out, pushing the bra sideways.

Thus now, my boobs were exposed to him, thought the bra straps were in the same place. He again launched his mouth on my tits, making them wet with his saliva. As he continued his mauling of my breasts, I looked towards the street to see another crowded bus pass by. His face blocked my sight, as he stopped his sucking. He smiled, and then smooched my lips roughly. He forcefully opened my lips with his tongue and rolled it all around. I’m sure he tasted himself inside my mouth. At the same time, his hands roamed down to my stomach and then to my waistline. He inserted two fingers into my petticoat and undid the knot holding it onto my waist. As he released the knot, my sari and petticoat dropped in a heap to the ground. He then asked me to lie down on the grass. I was feeling really cold on the wet grass. He saw my shivering body and said, ” You need my heat”. Then he positioned between my spread legs. He simply pulled the panty away from my cunt lips and dug his cock into my body.
This was the first time I had another penis inside my other than my husband’s. This made me really sad and I started to weep. This almost seemed to excite him, as his pumping increased speed. He let out a loud grunt as his semen released into my cunt. I did not experience a climax. As I lay on the grass exhausted, he dressed up and said, ” How was it baby? Want to meet again sometime?” I stared back at him blankly. This angered him. He called me a whore and left in a hurry. I looked at my watch. As it was dark, I could not make out the exact time. But it was somewhere around 7:30 p.m. I got up and adjusted my panty. It was thoroughly wet with my and his juices. Then I tucked my breasts back into the bra. I looked around to make sure that no one was around. Then I got into my petticoat and draped my sari. But all except one hook of the blouse were broken. So I carefully adjusted the sari covering up carefully.

I walked the distance to my house in 15 minutes. As expected the building was busting with activity as every evening. I walked up the stairs to the third floor apartment, keeping a really straight face and even greeting anyone I met. As soon as I closed the house door I dropped on the couch and started crying, digging my face into the pillow. ` What am I going to do now. What if the person from the bus finds me? What if the TC blackmails me? Should I talk to my husband about this? He won’t trust me anymore. What if my daughter comes to know about it? She will think I’m a slut.’

These were the thoughts in my mind as I entered walked up to my bedroom and entered the bathroom. I removed my clothes and stood under the hot shower. I kept crying as I rubbed my body vigorously with soap, cleaning every part of my body touched by various men. And then I washed my panty vigorously even as the tears kept rolling down my cheeks. After I turned off the shower, I looked at myself in the mirror and composed myself. Then I wiped myself with the towel and came out to the bedroom with the towel wrapped around my body. The good part about our bedroom is it has long sliding windows on two sides, one overlooking the garden behind our building and the other facing the bedroom of our neighbors. This gives a feeling of openness to the room. Also we have tinted glass put up on all the windows, ensuring our privacy. I walked up to my cupboard and took out my clothes and threw them on the bed. As I was about to remove my towel, I saw a figure sitting at the opposite window. I recognized it to be Mr. Patel, our 65-year-old neighbor. He could, may be see the outline of my body even through the tinted glass as the lights were on. So I reached out for the switchboard and switched off the light. This came as no surprise to me. I had seen him staring at our window many times before. In the darkness, I threw my towel on the bed and wore my clothes, thinking of how many times I had told my husband about the bastard. But my husband never believed how such a respected resident could do such a thing.

Mr. Patel was a retired police officer and now worked as a social worker, especially fighting for women’s rights. He lived in the house alone after his wife died and daughter got married. I too knew that nobody would believe me if I said that he was a voyeur and a peeping tom. I had no option but to ignore him. I wore a simple white cotton panty (I wore the bikini panties outside only on my husband’s insistence, though I felt really comfortable in these). Over it I wore a white loose slip with thin shoulder straps and came up to my upper thighs (I never wore bras at home). And finally wore a long white housecoat tying up the waistband. It was almost 8:00 p.m. so I decided to cook myself a small meal and watch some TV. But just then the doorbell rang. I was a bit surprised, as I was not expecting anyone. I was really surprised to find my husband standing at the door. He immediately hugged me and gave me a small kiss on the lips, and then explained how he arrived earlier than expected. As I was making tea for him, he hugged me from behind and squeezed my breasts. He ran his hands through my wet hair and turned around my face and smooched me passionately, with his hands running down to my waistband. I knew he was really horny. He did not have sex for 3 days now. When at home he fucked me every single night. He undid the waistband and opened the robe. His hand palmed my crotch as he continued to kiss my neck. Soon he had his hand inside my slip, pinching my nipples. He then made me sit on the kitchen platform and pulled out my panty. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he pulled out his erect tool and entered me. In less than a minute, he erupted in me and I too let out a loud grunt, faking an orgasm. Immediately he withdrew and said the lovely words, ” get me the tea quickly.” At this point let me describe to you my husband. He is as you can say, a typical Indian male.

He really cares for me and is very understanding in all matters but sex. He believes that a wife must so whatever a husband wants in bed. When my in-laws were alive, they too held the same belief. During the first year of our marriage, my husband used to fuck me at least twice daily. It would be really embarrassing for me when he would call me up to the bedroom in the middle of the day and have sex with me, even as his parents sat in the other room knowing what transpired in our room. Even after 20 years of marriage, he still is the same. When I confronted him with my inability to reach an orgasm regularly, he got angry and said that I was trying to blame on him for my inability to get excited and asked me to masturbate whenever I did not climax. Since that day I have been doing the same. He rolls over to sleep immediately after sex. It is then that I go to the bathroom and rub myself. Also he likes to consider me like a showpiece, which he takes along to parties. He has a personally selected collection of clothes for me to be worn at such parties. His attitude at such cocktail parties is: ” I have the thing you all want”.

I do not like this but have to bear it. Coming back, after he left the kitchen, I wore my panty and adjusted the slip, tucking in my tits and then served him tea. He sat on the couch watched the news when his cell phone rang. It was his boss on the line. After talking to him my husband said, ” come on honey, boss has invited us to the party he has at his house. We must go.” He took a quick bath and got dressed. As it was a ritual, I had to strip fully. Then he selected my undergarments and all my clothes. Today he made me wear a red bikini panty. Then he made me a black petticoat, under the navel. Then I wore a black short-sleeved blouse having just two strings at the back, which meant no bra. The neckline was really round and low. The tight blouse always made my breasts push sideways. Then I wore a black silk sari in with the pallu coming from behind to front. I left my long straight hair open and put on bright red lipstick. No make up for me. He personally sprayed perfume on my belly, armpits and even on my cleavage. I knew I looked like a sex object in the dress. I was happy that my daughter wasn’t around. I felt really embarrassed wearing such dresses to public parties. I have never been able to talk to her about it, but my husband always says the you will understand when you grow up line to her quizzical looks when she saw me dressed sexily, going to late night parties. But I think now she has grown up and understands her father. Then I wore his favorite 3-inch high-heeled silver sandals and soon we were in the car. His boss’s name was Mr. Rajan Saxena. He is 55 years old, bald, slightly overweight, but really tall (about 6.2″) and really strong. He is a foreign educated person and extremely intelligent. He is really polite and sweet spoken. He has a knocker as his wife. Alice is only 32 years old and a perfect 10 figure. She was the daughter of an army colonel. He has a 20-year-old son from his first marriage, which ended with a divorce over his affair with the present wife. He studied in the U.S. Their house was on the outskirts of the city. It was a big bungalow with lawns on the front and back and also a pool at the back. As we reached the house by about 9:00 p.m., we were instructed by the watchman to park the car in the lane, as the parking was full. So we parked the Esteem and entered the house, to be greeted by Alice. She was wearing a golden colored party gown, with two thin straps on the shoulder and a cut up to her right thigh. The dress was of some kind of a satin material, accentuating her figure. I could notice that she did not wear any bra, as her pointed nipples were visible too. Her shoulder length hairs were left open. Her flawless face was covered with light make-up. She wore a diamond pendant with some diamond earrings.

She smiled at us and welcomed us saying, ” Hello Mr. Sharma, hi Aditi. We’ve been waiting for you guys. We thought you would come with your daughter”, leading us to the back of the bungalow. It was when she turned around that we got a view of her plunging back, which exposed her back fully. The back lawn was filled with about 50-60 people. Some were from my husband’s office, but many were strangers to me. They were all couples. The pool was empty due to the chilly weather. But there were plenty of people on the lawn and the wooden platform on the right side corner used as the dancing floor.
There were a few bonfires lit on the lawn. As we greeted Merry Christmas to the guests, I saw my husband stealing a few glances at Alice. I knew he always lusted for her. He himself had once told me the rumor that did rounds in their office, that Alice was an insatiable bitch, and that she slept with both her husband and her step son. He also mentioned about the time when she entered her stepson’s pool party dressed in a bikini. They believed that the only reason she married Rajan was that he is very rich and was really good in bed, and could satisfy her urges, even at this age. As we talked to many people, Alice called us in to the house. Inside Rajan sat with his personal friends and their respective wives on a large circular couch. The room had the full view of the party outside through a floor to ceiling and wall-to-wall glass. Rajan greeted us and introduced us to all his friends.

As we settled down on the couch, I noticed Alice responding to my husband’s stares by smiling at him. Soon the men were drinking champagne and the women had gin. We drank for almost an hour. We all soon shifted out to the lawns. I noticed Ved, Rajan’s son with some of his friends dancing on the dance floor. By about 11:00 p.m. many people had left. Now maybe the number was around 20. As I stood alone in a corner, Rajan approached me and asked me for a dance. I looked around for my husband. He was nowhere to be seen. ” Don’t think about your hubby. He is doing some serious business.” Saying so he led me to the dance floor, which had three other couples dancing to a soft romantic track. Immediately he pulled me in his arms and put his right arm on my waist. As we danced to the soft music, I was feeling really tired with the day’s occurrences and I also was a little tipsy. So I rested my head on Rajan’s chest and closed my eyes. As soon as I did this, Rajan pulled my body close to his. I felt his erection on my stomach as his hand went down to squeeze my ass. ” No please Mr. Saxena, I am really very tired….people must be watching.” But he continued his caressing of my ass cheeks. I started to feel a little giddy. This was surprising, as I only had taken a gin and couple of champagnes. I felt a strong suspicion that something was mixed in my drinks as I felt a pulse hitting me in the head. I felt really weak in the legs. I felt like I would fall. ” Hold me around my neck Aditi”, said Rajan, taking my hands from around his waist and placing on his shoulders. I tightened my grip around his neck to stop from falling. Seeing me in this state, he made his move. He caught hold of my sari pallu from behind and slowly pulled it off my shoulders. I could hear whistles and claps as my backless and low-neck sleeveless blouse was exposed. I opened my eyes with some difficulty and looked around. To my shock, we were the only ones on the dance floor. Everybody else was standing in a circle around the floor. I could still not find my husband. As I was looking around, Rajan grabbed my long open hair and smooched me roughly.

His tongue probed my mouth and his hand squeezed my boobs. I heard more whistles and catcalls. But what followed was really outrageous. Rajan put his hand into my waist, undid the knot of my petticoat and loosened it fully. Within a second, my sari and petticoat were around my silver high heels. I was standing in the arms of a stranger and between about 15 men and women in only my black short-sleeved and backless blouse without any bra underneath and a skimpy red bikini panty with the silver shoes. ” Hey Rajan, we cant see the bitch’s ass. Could you move her hair or should I help?”, said a voice. This was followed by laughter all around. As Rajan moved aside my hair, I heard catcalls and comments like, ” look at that ass”, ” I’ll lose all my money for that butt”, ” take off that panty and show us the globes”. Rajan laughed and replied, ” have some patience guys, the bitch is totally stoned and under our control. It’s only 11:20, the night is young.” Saying so he patted my ass and wiggled my ass cheeks. I heard a man say ” look at the flesh in her butt, my wife doesn’t have that much on her chest.” Then Rajan caught hold of my open hair and placed them on his shoulders exposing my backside fully to the ogling crowd. Imagine the sight they must have got with my body in only a two- string blouse and a bikini panty. Then he grabbed my face and smooched me again. Then came a voice, ” enough of this nonsense Rajan, lets get down to business.” So Rajan grabbed me by my waist and moved me to near the pool, to be followed by the eager crowd. As I looked around, I found Rajan behind me, making me lean over a poolside armchair. As I balanced myself holding the armrests Rajan pushed my hair over my head, and spread it around blocking almost my entire view. Just then I felt his hand pulling my panty downwards to my ankle. His fingers ran over my pussy lips as “Oooooooohs” and “Aaaaahs” could be heard. I felt a finger enter my cunt and run in and out for some moments. I started to get wet. This was followed by a
brief halt. But then I felt an electrifying feeling as his dick entered my wet slit. He seemed really fat, making me gasp. After he had entered me fully he remained that way for some time. Then started the jerking. I grabbed the armrest firmly as he thrust into me violently. Within a couple of minutes I felt his hot semen spurt into my cunt. I tried to get up as Rajan withdrew. But I felt a hand putting pressure on my shoulders. “Not so fast bitch. You know how many dicks you have made hard tonight?” this was followed by my vagina being ravaged by 7 more dicks of all sizes and thickness, one after the other, without any break.

At the end of it all I felt a mixture of my as well as their juices running down my thighs. As I lost the grip of the armrest, I fell on the back cushion of the chair. ” She is tired and needs refreshment”, said a familiar voice. I turned around and was shocked to see Jayesh Patel, my husband’s immediate subordinate. He picked me up in his arms and walked up to the pool and threw me in the water. The water was very very cold, almost freezing. In the semi-conscious state I swam to the shallow end of the pool, which had steps to get out. The cold water seemed to counteract the effect of the drug mixed in my drink. I got out of the pool and fell to the floor. I looked towards the group. They were looking towards me and laughing. I looked around to find my husband. He was still not to be found anywhere. Jayesh Patel shouted, ” hey bitch, don’t you want your clothes?”, holding my sari and petticoat in his right hand with his left hand on his semi erect dick. This made me realize about the situation I was in. The drunken men could easily fuck me again. I could not understand how other women could stand and watch the men force themselves on me, and also why the men selected only me. Just then I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around to see Ved, Rajan’s son. He looked at my shivering body and said, ” Aditi aunty, you must be dying of cold. Let’s go inside and get some
heat.” Saying so he grabbed me by my stomach and put me on his shoulder. He was really strong. As he did this, there were cheers from the other end of the pool. ” Dad can I take her in?” shouted Ved to Rajan. ” Go ahead son, she is one hell of a bitch”, shouted Rajan. As I struggled to get away, he tighten his grip on me. Simultaneously his other hand patted my ass. As we entered the living room, he said, ” Mom what the hell are you doing. This is the living room. Take that man to the bedroom.” Saying so he turned around and started to walk away upstairs. As he turned around, I was shocked to see Alice in only her black thong and high heels, running her hand through my husband’s hair. He was totally naked and his dick was hanging proudly at full length. He stood on all fours licking Alice’s feet, as she had her other hand caressing her own boobs. Before I could recover from the sight, I entered a bedroom. Ved dropped me on to a bed and immediately turned me around, making me sleep on my stomach. He sat on my back and tied my hands with two scarves to the bed rest. Then I heard him closing the door and putting on some music. ” Please don’t do it Ved. I am of your mother’s age. And you saw what the men did to me downstairs. I am really tired”, I said. I heard him smile and say, ” Shut the fuck up bitch. I have always lusted for your body. I have talked to my dad about it many times, but he has refused to use his control over your husband to set this up.

Tonight I took advantage of him being drunk. Anyway your husband is fucking my step-mom downstairs, so I must do the same to you as to make the business deal equal.” Saying so he put a velvet blindfold on my eyes. Almost immediately, I felt his fingers getting inside the waistband of the wet panty. In a single swift motion, he peeled off the wet undergarment from my body. I instinctively closed together my legs, covering my already exploited cunt. But for some time I lay on the bed alone, with him not around. I almost got a shock when his hand pulled apart my legs with a jerk and positioned himself between them. He lifted my lower body holding my knees and repositioned my legs. Now I could distinctly feel his hardness on my ass. My abdomen was resting on his knees. He moved back slightly and then with a thrust, pushed his erection into my pussy, which was filled with the sticky sperm of the 8 men. He let his tool slide in fully and stayed that way. His manhood was really long, but thin. It was longer than any I had felt inside my body before. He stretched forward and squeezed my breasts over the wet blouse. Muffled “No”s came out of my mouth. He kept mauling my breasts. Maybe this was after a long time that he was with a woman. His dick was throbbing inside my pussy. He then stopped the mauling and moved back. Then I felt his hand undoing the knots of the strings on the back of my blouse. As the two strings were opened up, he put his hands inside my blouse and caressed my hanging boobs. Keeping his hands cupping my breasts, he started stroking his dick. After some time, he removed his hands over my breasts and caught my waist. Within a couple of minutes he was spurting inside my pussy.

He then withdrew and I heard him opening some door. Soon I could hear the shower. I lay in that state for some 10 minutes. He came out of the bathroom and removed my blindfold. I turned around my head to see him standing wet and naked. His 20-year-old body was perfectly chiseled and hairless. He even had a shaven crotch. His limp tool was more then 6 inches long. He got into a T-shirt and shorts and coming to me he said, ” You are wonderful Aditi aunty. You can come to me anytime you want. You know you can get any man you want anytime. Thanks for this wonderful time.” Saying so he smooched me. As he was about to open my hands, there was a knock on the door. So Ved opened the door slightly. It was his friend Aziz. Ved tried to turn him away, but he managed to get into the room. Looking at my nude body, he pleaded Ved to let him have me. He said he didn’t want Alice’s dirty panties anymore. So as it had to happen, Ved left the room and I was fucked by another 20-year-old boy, in the missionary position. He was definitely a virgin. He left me in the room soon after sex. I dozed off sometime. I woke up in the morning due to the sun falling on my body. I looked around and found myself alone in the room. My naked body was partially covered with a sheet. I was hurried to cover up my nudity as the maid enters the room. She stole glances at me as she started cleaning up. ” Where is Ved?” I asked her. ” There is nobody in the house.

Everyone has left for a Christmas vacation to Australia. Don’t you know?” I kept quite, looking for my clothes and at the same time covering up my breasts with the sheet. She may be understood my problem and said, ” madam, you wait here. I’ll get some of my madam’s old clothes for you before the house keeping men come to clean up the house.” She came back with a skirt and a sleeveless vest and a shirt. She also had some old panties, which I declined to wear. I got into the clothes and wearing a spare sandal from the shoe rack walked to the ground floor. I looked at the spot where I had seen my husband with Alice. It reminded me of how cruel my husband was. I looked around and then over to the pool. It was in a total mess. I could see my sari lying near the very spot I was fucked. It was almost 10:30. As I was about to walk out of the gate, a driver stopped me and said that he was instructed to leave me by Ved. So I got into the Cielo. As the driver drove me to my house, I controlled myself from crying and maintained a straight face. As I got down at the gate of my building, the driver called me and said, ” That was a good show madam. Call me when you feel lonely.” As he drove off, I rushed up the stairs to my house. My husband was not in the house. That day I cried a lot, cursing myself for being a beautiful woman and being born in India. Maybe this was the fate I had to face, as I was a Bharatiya naari.

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