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Bhaiya Kay Dost Kay Sath Sex

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

Hi friends I am Sharmila age is 20 and I want to share my sexual experience with my brother’s friends. First, I tell about my family my family consists of 4 members dad, mom, me and my younger brother. I am pursuing my B tech 3rd year and my brother studying his 12th and my parents were working. I am sexy girl in my class boys stare my breasts when I enter into the class and my size is 34 28 32.

Ok friends I came to story and my brother have many friends and they will come to my home and they will chat with him and to me also. Particularly his 3 friends will come to my home often and they also call me as a sister. One Saturday afternoon my family planned to go cinema but I am not interested to go. I tell to my mom that i did not come mom agreed.

Then they left home at 1.00 pm after that I slept for 2 hours then wake up and planned to watch some porn movies. I took my laptop and see some porn movies by seeing that I was in mood so I removed my pant and panty then I fingering myself while I fingering I closed my eyes when I open my eyes after fingering I was shocked. Because my brother’s 3 friends were stood in front of me and but I ran into bathroom to wear my dress.

Then wore dress inside bathroom then I came from bathroom they were sit on the bed and they called me and told me to sit on bed. I went near to bed and sit on that. Then one of them asked me what you did my sexy sister while he asking this other two of they put their hand on my shoulder but I resisted to them and wake up from the bed but they black mailed that they will tell that to my parents and my brother then all of their friends.

Then I was cried one of them wiped my tears and told me don’t worry you have remedy for that and then I asked what is that remedy and they told you have to be nude in front of us, if you don’t do that we will tell that to all so that I agreed for that but I told them you should not touch me and they agreed and then I moved to bathroom but they stopped me and said remove your dress in front of us and then I removed my t-shirt and pant.

Now I was in my bra only because I did not wore my panty then they told me to remove my bra also after that I removed my bra. This is first time I was being nude in front of 3 members then they comment about me that what sexy you are sister suddenly they came near to me and both of them touched my both breasts and another one cares on my back.

I asked them that you told me that you will not touch me and but he replied me “how we can do that after seeing your sexy body and I told them you must not do it because I am your sister but they told we are only your brother’s friends that’s all. I am also enjoying their touching but I can’t continue because my parents may come at any time so I stopped them.

But they again black mailed me if you stop us we will tell that to your parents. I pleased them and told to them my parents will come now so please go now. Tomorrow all of them went to my relative’s marriage so you come tomorrow while I am saying this door bell was ringed. I sent them through the back door of our house and then I went to open the door at that day night I think that incident and did fingering. Next day 8.00 am my parents and my brother went for my relative’s marriage.

I did not go because I have exam on Monday after my parents left home I waiting for their arrival after half an hour they came and they gave me a CD and made me to play that CD in my laptop. I think that it may be porn CD. Yes my guess is correct that was a porn CD in which one 18 year girl was fucked by a man. I was sat in centre both of them sit beside and another one sit back to me.

While I am seeing that porn movie both of them placed their hands on my breasts over my t-shirt and one is on my left breast and another one is on my right breast and third man he was caressing my back side. I was slowly moaned and then they removed my t-shirt. My pink bra is fully visible to them and then they pressed my breast over my bra and after that they unhooked my bra from back then removed that from my body.

They sucked my 34 size breasts like a small baby and then they removed their dress and the 3 of them get nude in front of me and while both of them sucked my breasts another one removed my jean and my panty. Now I am also nude in front of them. Then he put his hand into my pussy and licked it and then he took his cock and placed it on my pussy and then he slowly inserts his cock into my pussy and other two of them gave their cock in my mouth.

I sucked their cock alternatively one after another and then I sucked hardly after sucking sometime both cum on my breasts and then they interchanged their positions at least the 3 of them fucked my pussy and asshole. At last 3 of them cum on my face and then I went to bathroom to clean up myself. We did this again whenever nobody was in home.

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