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Bhai Behan Ka Pyaar

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

I’m 19 years of age originally from Kerala live in Maharashtra pure, color fair 5’6″ feet tall and fit. This happened when I was studying 12th and my family consist of four members mom, dad, elder sister and me. My sister’s name is Priya (changed) I live in hostel and return home once I a while for vacations. This time I had a study break for my first term exams, so I got a chance to come home to visit my family and take a break at home.My sister had just finished her B.E and was waiting for the call letter from the company that she got selected. Now she is working in a MNC company in Pune.

So my sister was also at home when I came. It was a Sunday my parents had to go to a function in a nearby town so I was left out with my sister at home as I wanted to study for my exams. So my parents left early morning. I woke up at 7 and my sister was in deep sleep.I was turned on seeing her sleep and she was wearing a sexy nighty and it revealed her thighs almost near the pussy for the first time i thought my sister in a different way. I wanted to touch it.

I went close to her, put my fingers slowly on her and wow, what a feeling was it, I touched a girl’s thigh for the first time, I was over-excited suddenly I shook the bed unknowingly then woke up. Oohhh shit! I was almost caught luckily I pretended as if I’m wake her up after then time passed by normally.I was into my study and she was browsing something on internet. I wanted to masturbate so badly but controlled myself. I wanted my sister somehow and I thought I would never get a chance other than today. I wanted her so badly later in the noon while she was preparing food I thought I could watch some porn videos on net. I sat before the pc, pretending to browse for some content that I was not familiar with when I was searching for good porn.

I came to know that my sister was already watching some kind of adult movie what a day it was. I knew that now I had a chance Thank god – she forgot to clear the history. I always suspected my sister to see adult websites and stuffs but never got a chance to catch her red hand as she deletes the history. I was in seventh heaven. I wanted to make it my day. I watched the movie for a while then I went back to study (pretending) I was looking at my sisters assets forgot to mention my sister is so beautiful that my other girl friends too used to sight her.She is 5’5″ feet fair colour and has a body like Amalia Paul.

I made a plan I wanted arouse her indirectly. I wanted to know whether she had the same feeling on me and so I planned to download a video and go off to study and so that when my sister comes back to the pc, she might check out the download and there my plan start to work. I downloaded a video which I felt so hot and I took my books and went into the bed room and started to rub my 6 inch cock with the panty of hers as I could not control.My sister finished her work and came back to browse after few minutes he notification for the completed download popped up as I thought she opened it and watched at first she was shocked, but as she watched she was turned on (as said by my sister later) so she came to my room and there was another surprise for her and she saw me holding her panty in my hand and doing it! She was really turned on but she pretended as if she did not like it.She came near me and snatched the panty from me, exposing my fully erect cock. I acted as if I was sorry and she was shouting at me but her eyes were fixed on my erect cock and I knew she is going to fall in my trap instead of being ashamed and I shouted back at her saying that don’t you have manners to knock the door while coming in? Saying that I went closer to her and now sister you saw your brother nude now it’s my turn to see you like that.

She was abusing me so much it was time for me to pounce back on her and I told her that I knew that you were also watching the same thing on the internet. She was shocked. She asked to me not to bluff then I took my sister by hand to the pc and showed the history that she browsed and now the rat has run into the trap. She was now silent and went to bed. I dressed myself and pretended to study again after few minutes I went close to her.Me: sister, I can understand a girl’s feeling you are now 22 and I know how you feel. It’s every human’s desire to have sex and now, don’t feel sorry for what has just happened you’re the most lovable sister one can have. I’m lucky to have you are still at the same place in my heart hearing this and she hugged me tightly. I responded her well. I was caressing her back that she started to breathe heavy. I understood that I was in right track. I slowly kissed her shoulders, ears exhaling hot air into her ears.She was turned on and she shut her eyes in pleasure.

I slowly moved to her cheeks, eyes, kissed all over her face, finally reached the juicy lips wow, what a taste this happened for more than 5 minutes, then I slowly put my hands on her boobs over her top and started to massage it she was letting out soft moans. I was in heaven, having my first sex with my lovely sister slowly I put my hands into her top feeling her stomach my hands slowly reaching her bra. I could see the lust in her eyes suddenly she went mad.She pushed me into the bed and removed her top and removed my short and t-shirt. I was again nude in front of her and I was seeing my sister’s boobs for the first time aahhhh. I wanted to eat those at that time itself she laid beside me. I started to suck her boobs my hand was on her lips. She was sucking it her hand was busy rubbing my cock and then slowly I put my hand over her pajama and rubbed her wet pussy and I could feel the wetness I removed the pajama and she was standing only with her panty.

I removed her panty and we took the 69 position as was guided by my sister and we were sucking each other for 15 minutes she had an orgasm I drank the whole juice of her. it was so tasty and we again had a French kiss for another 3 min. then she wanted my penis in her and I told her that we don’t have any precautions, to my surprise she told that her friends has same controversy pills which she will take later. I was so happy. I came on top her and kissed her vagina and it smelled like heaven!I started fingering her vagina, it was tight and wet. She was moaning so loudly that maybe our neighbours could hear her and then I moved up, so that my cock was ready to enter her. I massaged the clit with my penis she was so aroused and went mad and said please put your huge cock in me. I then pushed and half my cock went in to her without any problem. She was really wet down there in her pussy and then I pushed more and my whole cock went into her hungry pussy.

She said in her mumbling words keep it there for some time and I want to your cock in my pussy and I did the same and parked my cock deep in her pussy after 2 to 3 minutes she then started to move her torso to feel my cock rub against her pussy wall and I also then started to move and my cock started to go in and out. She was moaning very loudly now. She was saying yes dear fast come on fuck me fast you are great I like it oohh dear fuck me fast ooohhh fuck me faster aaaahhhh.Dear I am having so fun, fuck even faster aahhhhh. She went on encouraging fucking her fast with her words in sexy voice with moans and titillating. She was urging me to increase my speed. She requested me to push more and more with full thrust into her hot and wet pussy. I further increased my speed. I made hard strokes. She received each of my hard strokes skilfully throwing her hips up and up every time. I was romping fast and she was then in full excitement and was uttering words like ooohhh dear ooohh uuuufff.

I asked her sister how is it and how do you feel? Tell me dear how you are feeling she sighed and whispered dear it is very fine. I like it. You are quite expert in fucking. I am having so much fun fucking with you ooohhhhh dear you are great in fucking women and I was fucking sister with full vigour and speed. She was encouraging me with her words and I was fucking her fast. I stood on my knees and started giving vigorous thrusts of my cock into her lovely vagina caressing her hips. I fucked her in doggy style missionary.We reached our orgasm at the same time then she played with my cock I was hard again and she took it in her mouth and wanted me to cum in her mouth and I want to fuck her mouth for 5 minutes and I shot a huge load of cum in her mouth and she drank it fully then we took bath together enjoying each other’s body and we were roaming nude in the house the whole day.

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