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Bhabie Ki Chudai

  • desipapa
  • August 22, 2015

Dear Desipapa lovers, wish you all a vary happy and exciting New Year. I have been a regular visitor of Desipapa and have been reading all the exciting letters and also participated in Dirty chats. I will like to share my first sex experience that took place several years ago.

I was a 23 yrs old college student with vary good physic and height. Due to regular at Gym I had good muscular body. We had a business partner who has a married son of 32 yrs. His wife was vary beautiful and sexy (little plum) fair and good height 5’6” sardarnee. She had Big Tits (38D, her bra size which I had seen hanging in their bathroom) with round and firm Ass. She was married for last 5 years and was still childless. We use to call her husband as Bhai and her as Bhabhi. Once Bhai went out abroad on business trip and she was all alone in her flat as they use to live separate from their parents. One evening her father in law called me and requested me to deliver a packet of money along with some papers for her signature to her. So I took the money and went to her flat at around 9 PM. She opened the door with usual smile and asked me to come in. She was wearing a nightie with low cut neckline.

Although over the nightie she had gown but it was not tied up so her nightie was visible. I asked her to sign the papers and count the money. She started signing the paper bending down on the table. When she bent I noticed her cleavage bulging from her bra, which was clearly visible from her low cut neckline. I started staring at her big boobs forgetting everything else. I got so engrossed staring those two mounds that I didn’t notice her looking at me. After sometime when I saw her looking and smiling at me I felt too embarrassed and shifted my eyes. But it was too late; she caught me staring at her massive mountains. By this time I had started getting hard and was feeling uncomfortable. She asked me smiling it I want to drink something; I said yes a can of beer would be fine. So she left me alone in the room and went to fetch the can of beer. As she left I inserted my hand inside my trousers and took out my Hard cock from the underwear. Now the bulge from my pants was looking too obvious. I started rubbing it from the top of my trousers to make it real Rock Hard. After few minutes Bhabhi came to the room with the chilled can of beer and gave it to me.

I open the can with a jerk so that the some beer got spilled over my trouser. Seeing this Bhabhi immediately grabbed some tissue and started soaking the beer from my pants, in the process she felt the hardness of my now fully erect cock she gave a mild squeeze to my cock while trying to wipe the beer. This was too much for me and I was getting out of my mind and without thinking the outcome I just grabbed her massive Boobs. She immediately got up saying “hey kya kar rahe ho sharm nahee ati apni bhabhi ki chuchi dabate huye” to this I said bhabhi tumne mujhe paagal kar diya hai aab aur mat tadpao aur meri bahon main aa jao. Saying this I grabbed her and started kissing her on her lips, she resisted first then inserted her tounge inside my mouth and pulling me towards her. Without wasting any further time I tore her nightie and took out her massive chuchi from her bra. I could not believe at the sight.

She had real big Boobs with Pink nipples fully erect. She asked me to suck her nipples and press her boobs hard which I did willingly. I started sucking her erect nipples like a hungry baby and squeezing her other boobs real hard. She got too horney and holding my Lund from the trouser asked me to follow her to her bedroom. Once inside the bedroom we undressed totally and became absolutely nude. She started staring at my fully erect 8” cock in disbelief. She said your Bhai has too small and thin LUND compare to yours. She then asked me to lick and eat her choot while she wanted to suck my Red-Hot Rod. We made 69 positions and started sucking each other. She had real hot shaven choot, which was dripping by now. Herr juice was warm and tasty. I parted her Cunt lips and inserted my tongue in and then started tongue fucking her deeper n faster while inserted one finger in asshole.

She was enjoying every moment and move of mine which was relevant the way she was sucking my 8” Lund. She took almost entire length of my lund inside her mouth and was sucking it like a lollipop. After licking and sucking each other during which she came thrice we changed positions. We were ready for the real act… I opened her legs and she took my throbbing cock in her hands and guided it inside her dripping Cunt. My cock went inside her Choot inch by inch till the entire length vanished inside her cunt. She started moaning loudly saying AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH oooooooooooohhhhhhh yesssssssssssssss chod de mujhe phad de meri choot, meri aaj tak aysee chudayee nahi huyee hai bahut maza aa raha hai please zor se dhakke laga aur apne Mote Lund se meri Choot ki jam kar chudayee kar. I caught her buttocks in my both hands and lifted her from the bed while ramming her tight n wet cunt with my Red-hot Rod. My Cock was moving inside her cunt like a piston in n out in n out. We kept fucking for some time till both of us came to climax and I was ready to Shoot My hot sperm, I asked her where she wants me to offload, to this she said meri choot apne doodh se bhar de aur mujhe apne bacche ki maa bana de pleeeeeeeeese.

I was ready to shoot so I took her nipples in my mouth while squeezing her boobs hard I shot my cum inside her cunt. It came out like a fountain flooding her cunt completely. She also came in multiple orgasms and clinched me hard by her arms till both of us were exhausted. We got up and went to the bath room to wash were while cleaning each other my cock once again started becoming hard she took it inside her mouth and started sucking it. Once again we fucked like a wild animal under the shower. We fucked 4 times that evening and thereafter we use to fuck regularly till her hubby my Bhai returned back from abroad. After a month or so she gave me a call and congratulated me for making her pregnant and becoming the proud father of her child. She gave birth t a healthy boy and next year to a charming baby girl (Both were mine).

After this she introduced me to other childless horny women who also became mother of my child in due course, that’s other stories, which I can share with the readers later. Till then good-bye and best of fucking to all of you. Ladies who desires to have my services can contact me at Strongman

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