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Bhabie Kay Sath Guzari Aik Raat

  • desipapa
  • August 16, 2015

Hello everybody, my name is Karan. This is a true story as This is me first experience having sex and that too with the family member. I am a 18 year young guy from Mumbai. I had my first encounter with my Bhabhi who also leaves with us in same house at Mumbai.she is a stunning beauty.

Let me first introduce my Bhabhi… my Bhabhi’s name is Swati she is near about 25 years old and has a inviting figure. Her boobs are really big which every man wants. Her lips are very juicy. Any one could see her will be egar to fuck her. My Brother ie swati’s husband is a contractor and is always away from home for work. She use to always treat me as her son because she is not having any child.

Our house was full every time by the guest’s. her beauty is undifineable. Once my grandfather were serious in nagpur so my mummy and daddy went to see them and they planned to stay there for a month. And my Brother was on tour for a fifteen to twenty days so me and swati were alone at home. I was in the kitchen to take some milk and I heared telephone ring I just went towards it but my Bhabhi picked it up, it was of my brother from manglore. My Bhabhi was talking with him and I was listening from anothere phone. My brother said hi sweet heart how r u ? my Bhabhi replied “I am much OK n how r u?” my brother said ”missing ur company a lot.” “it’s a lovely night here and missing ur boobs a lot. I wish u could be here” my Bhabhi said stop talking nonsense and listen me “ur grandfather is serious and so ur mom and dad has gone there. Can u come early so that we can also be there.” My brother replied “sorry darling it’s petty impossible”. Well we may visit nagpur later. But promise me that u will come tonight in my dreams. Bhabhi replied ”sure I will and we will enjoy a lot.” And she keeped the phone. She caughted me. She told me that this is bad manners.

U should not hear anybody’s phone like that. She scolded me a lot and I was embrased. I went to sleep in my dad’s bed room. After some time my Bhabhi knocked the door, I looked at the watch it was 11pm. I opened the door, she asked me that the AC in her bed room is not working so can u adjust me in this room ? I immediately said “yes”. she was in deep sleep. I could not sleep the whole night. I started thinking of having sex with her. But at the next moment I thought that “she is just like a mother to me, how should I think of her”. After some time I was feeling very cool of AC so I took one more blanket but it was not enough so I went little in my Bhabhi’s blanket. I was acting as I was deep in sleep, but my Bhabhi wake up she realized that I have came inside the blanket, she might thought that I was feeling cold so she hugged me and put her leg on mine. I was shocked and my cock was fully erect and was almost ready to tear my burmuda. We were in same position till morning 5am. Then she wake up and went in kitchen to fill water. I then was alone in bed room so started masturbating thinking of my Bhabhi. And when I came of bed at 8am for breakfast my Bhabhi said “You know what karan, you were feeling very cold yesterday night and for warm u entered in my blanket.” I said I did’nt knew it. My Bhabhi said 2 blankets were not enough so I hugged you and then u start feeling better.

I then thought to get in to the action, I said wao u hugged me ! then gave naughty smile and went in my bed room to change for college. I was suppose to go college and so to tell bhabhi I went in her room to say bye, but she was in bath room. I was getting late so I knocked the door and told her that I am going to college, she opened the bathroom door a bit and said “come soon”. I was gone mad, I just saw here hand and little shoulder and my dick was erect again. I some how managed it to keep cool and went to college. I was still little hot so I asked my friend to go for a BP (adult film) we saw at my friends house. And in the evening I return home, my bhabhi asked me how was ur day ? I replied it was fine. She was looking just georgeous as she was about to leave for her kitty party, she was in lemon yellow saree with slivless blouse, hairs were open and lips were of dark and shining red colour. I was now in hurry to kiss her…..her lips were very juicy. But she leave for her party. I immediately start thinking of her and masturbating in bedroom.

She came back at 9pm, she asked me to getr ready and will go in hotel for dinner. We went at a highway hotel and had a candle light dinner. I was just thinking that I am having diner with my girldfriend. We returned home late night at 11.30pm I was changing my dress in my bedroom , but suddenly my bhabhi entred my room to change bedsheet. I was only in underwear in front of her, she smiled and said u will look much better with out underwear and she went back to her room. I knew it was a green signal but was afraid to go and asked her. I wear my night dressand went in hall to asked my bhabhi that were she gonna sleep tonight. But I shocked to see that she was watching BP ! she saw me and immediately turned off the tv and said that I thought u went to sleep. I then smiled and asked her….. how was the movie ? she replied it was fine but to only watch I did’nt enjoyed. she asked me that have u ever seen any BP ? I said yes ! then she became more naughty…. She asked me have u ever kissed any one ?…… I said no but will love to do so.

She said then what r u waiting for…… u can kiss me. I shocked and went near her and put my lips lightly on her red pussy juicy dark red lips, her breathing were being faster and faster. I then start kissing her, she was enjoying it a lot. Then I put my tounge in her mouth and were kissing for near about 15 to 20 minutes then slowly slowly start coming back, I start kissing her back and she was moaning……Aaaaha Aaaaaha. And was pressing her boobs with my hands. We went in bedroom and again start kissing very fast. Then I took her saree off and she was looking more beautifull without saree but with slivless blouse and petticoat with long hairs and red lipstick on her lips. She said fuck me karan…..don’t waste time fuck me hard. I went near her and start opening her blouse, while that time she was playing with my dick putting her hands in my burmuda. Now I opened her blouse, now she is only in petticoat and bra.

Now she came in act. She took off my shirt and then start kissing my chest and went slowly down and took off my burmuda and start sucking my dick I was moaning……….Aaaaaaaaaaaaha Uuuuuuuuu……….plz do it hard. Then again she stood up and start kissing me… more than half of her lipstick was eaten by me……it tastes mindblowing. And then we both lied down on bed……..i start taking off her bra and petticoat, now for the first time I had a view of her big boobs……they were big and hot. I pressed it very roughly and hard, she was moaning Aaaaaaaaaaaaha Karan……… plz insert ur land (dick) plz do it…….uuuuuuuuuuuufffffffffffffffff ……..Aaaaaaaaaaa. I started kissing and sukking it. I was enjoying it a lot. Then I opened her petticoat and her underwear too…..she was looking a stunning beauty, we both were nude. She sleep on bed spreading her legs, first I put my mounth in her chut.

Something was coming out from it and i was eating it too, when I asked my bhabhi she said it is the sweet cum. I went on eating and eating it, it tastes mindblowing. Then she asked me to insert my lund in het chut. I obed her. I slowly slowly inserted my big 8 inch’s lund in her small vagina, she was shouting……Aaaaaaaah Aaaaah Uffffff Aaha. Some blood was also coming out but still I was picking up the speed I was giving big and hard strokes…….she was shouting in pain, and I was being rude. After some time I cummed inside……and I stops to give strokes. Then I sleep on her body, my & her whole body were full of sweat. Her boobs were touching my chest. It was now 4am in the morning. Then we sleeped hugging each other nude. We wake up at 9am in the morning, I said thanks to bhabhi and kissed her again. She went in kitchen to make breakfast. I went in toilet and mastubate in remembering last night’s play. We both sat in kitchen to do breakfast, my bahbhi said “karan can you bunk your college today, we will enjoy.” I said ok. She then start telling me her story. your brother has lose his manhood since marriage, so till now we are not having any child.

I have never experienced direct sex with any one. We only sleep nude all night and he only suck’s my boobs. So I was interested in you. I gave you hint many times but you did’nt understand it. Any way karan now you have understand every thing, I gonna take bath now will u like to join me ? I immediately said yes. We went in bathroom she started opening my pant and shirt. I became full nude in front of her. Then she start kissing me, and while kissing she put on the shower. We both were under shower, she was in saree but without blouse and bra. Her boobs were clearly seen. I then took off her saree and start sukking her boobs. Then we put soap on each other’s body and hugged each other and then gave massage to each other. We came out wet, and directly jumped on bed. I again fucked her, and we both remain nude for the whole day. We did sex for 3 times in a day. We then saw XXX movies every night and we act like that they do in the movies. We did sex for 20 day’s without using condom, I just forget that she is my bahbhi.

But after 20 days my brother came from his tour. He rang the bell, at that time we were kissing each other. We just shocked to see him. Then for weeks we use to have only kisses. Then one day my mom & dad returned home. Then we never get the chance even to kiss each other. But one day suddenly my bhabhi started vomiting, we consulted to doctor and the report said that she is pregnant. My brother was shocked was fingerings on my bhabhi’s nature. One day she told his husband the story of herself and of me. Some how my brother cooled down.

Then my brother gave me the permission to have intercourse here after. She was pregnant so we did’nt did sex but we use to kiss each other. After 9 month’s my bhabhi gave birth to a baby boy, he was much looking like as I was only his unofficial dad. After a year and half my brother use to send me and swati in hotel’s for having sex. And one day we said to mom and dad that swati’s grandma has expire so has to visit delhi. And my brother send us to Europe tour. We were husband and wife in front of every one and use to fulfill our desire every day. Any one wants to contact us can mail at

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