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  • desipapa
  • October 6, 2015

My cousin was living just a kilometer from our house. We have good family relation. He was son of my aunt (father’s sister) and was 20 years elder than me. Due to the good relation I usually go to meet him and his family. His wife Summan was usually asked me to buy some medicine or grocery from market. She was very nice woman. She fond much to me. She was 34 years. She was so beautiful with long black hair, her complexions was white with fair skin. She was not educated and does not care off her fitness therefor she was fleshy not fat, about 5’2 and had a nice figures. Her figures must have been around 36d, 34 38. Her boobs look very tight, firm and well shaped beside this she has a very huge and wide ass. She always uses shilwar qzmiz to wear. I liked her tits and ass very much and was always seeking chances to get a glimpse of her tits whenever she bent forward and her Shawl slid off or when she bent towards the ground before me ups her ass.

Once I went to see them. Summan was alone at home she asked me to sit in living room and went to bring cold drink for me. She came back with a tray of tea in one hand and on the other her baby son in her lap and sat on sofa in my front. We were talking about her family. Suddenly her son started weeping and crying. She slid up slowly her qamiz along with her bra to breast feed the baby while talking with me. She put on her duppata on her breast to hide it. It gave me a chance to glance of her breast. But within a minutes her dupata slid down as baby was moving his hand. I Was talking with her and staring her breast. She noted that after some time, she smiled and put her dupatta once again on her breast to hide. I was too embarrassed, My palms starting sweating and my hands started shaking. I asked her permission to leave and left her house. I did not go to home but went to meet a friend and spend all the day with him. I couldn’t sleep all over the night thinking about her. I was feeling guilty, and thanking how I will face her. But meanwhile I was thinking not only her nude tit that I glanced, but even her ass.

I did not go there a few days. In at this time they’re raised some family problems between my father. My parents asked me not to visit them. Later a month my cousin came to our home and requested my father to forgive him. He wore a very nice cloth; I asked him that from where he bought it because I want to buy. He told me that I should asked from Summan that she has bought it. Next day I asked permission from my parents that granted. And I went to their home. I received by Summan warmly, she kissed me on my cheeks. At this time every sexual feeling about her shot back into my head, she caught my hand and dragged me to living room. Where she asked me to have a seat on sofa and her self went to kitchen. She came back with a tray in which there were tea and cake for me. She sat there on a sofa making tea for me and we were looking towards each other. She asked me, why did not you come to there. We were talking and I was staring at her perky tits. She noted and asked me what am I staring? Once again I became nervous, and replied no I am not staring anything. She replaced her seat and came near to me and sat on sofa where I was seated. She sat very close to me and said woman knows better man’s eyes. I will never mind, tell me truth what was you staring? I did not say any word but keep quiete. She laughed enjoying my nervousness. She put her hand on my shoulder I wondered to listen this as she said. I know what was you staring but you can not see it because you missed the chance to stop visit there more than a month, baby now eat solid food. I looked down making sorry face. She had very close to me that her thigh was touching mine, which was making me crazy. She was laughing, she slide her hand slowly from my shoulder down to my waist and pulled me toward herself. She took my chain and moved my head toward her. She looked in my eyes for a while and then said, don’t be sad. You can touch it if you want. Are you want? I nodded my head and she caught my hand and put it on her breast pressing it. I was not believing that and was thinking, its a dream. Now I was pressing her breast and my other hand went around her waist. I was massaging her tits one by one caressed them gently. I moved my hand in her lose neck searching her nipples. My other hand moving on her belly and then went further down and I could feel the elastic of her shilwar. I could not believe myself. I finally feel her bushes cunt, through in her shilwar. She unfolded her legs from under her and spread it a little wide to let my hand move freely. I looked up and she was looking straight at my face. My hand now moved on to feel her buttocks.” What are you trying to do” she asked me in a low tone in my ear with a naughty smile; be patience. Don’t hurry, I want to kiss. She put her arms over my shoulder and asked, ” let me give you a kiss.” I was dumb struck to see a sexy, beautiful lady, whom I had kissed and made love to in my dreams, asking my permission to kiss me. she put her arms around my neck drawing my face closer to her and by now she put her lips on mine and kissed me tight on my parted lips and then moved her tongue in my mouth. After that she parted her mouth and asked me, my tongue into her. Our mouths closed on each other and our tongues were wriggling inside each other mouth. she licked and sucked my tongue. We did it for a long time then She smiled and we ended up. At this time her hand moving over me and atleast rested on my prick. She rubbed it gentel and whispered in my ear wow my baby darling you have a perfect tool. Why you had kept it hidden from your bhabi.She was lying above me with her thigh pinning me down. The feel of her soft hand made it more strong. She was massaging it which was giving me a lot of pleasureg against mine was heavenly. My arms wraped over her back pressing her closer against me and were trying to see her tit. She stood up and slides up her qamiz and unhook her bra. As she removed her bra, her booth breast pulled down like tight springs. Her breasts were full sized and white with medium size and brown areola. She caught one of Hers and asked me to kiss it giving in my mouth. I kissed both of them. I licked it first slowly and mod my tongue on it nipple and took it my mouth sucking it hard. She said now it is empty if you have not stopped visit there I have intended to feed you my breast. You my little kiddy. We were sat on sofa; my head was between her breast taking her tit in mouth while she has wrapped her arms around me pressing my head towards her breast. I was very exited and started grasped her tit by my teeth. She scream with pain and said please don’t do like this. My one hand was now moving around her pussy side, she has still wore shilwar. I tried UN tide her shallower knot but couldn’t. She herself untied her elastic and slide downs her shilwar. She opened her legs wide. I saw first in my life a nude pussy of a woman. It was now totally visible because of her hair like small bushes. She has not shaved for a long time. I rubbed her cunt, and starting massaging on it. Meanwhile I was sucking her tits and she untied my shilwar and pulled it down started playing with my dick, which now became just like a pool. She was moaning with pleasure, oh off ahh. I was also near to burning. My prick was blasting from erection. I asked her, what I do next Summan? I don’t know. She became surprised to listen this. She asked me that have I did not sex before this? I told her no I have not sex before this. Then she said me not worry my sexy kid your bhabi will make you an n expert with in hour. Then she laid on coach and asked me to sit between in her legs. I did as she said. She spread her legs in a v shape little up, took my cock in her hand and put it on her pussy opening. She instructed me to push it towards her. I did but slipped towards her ass hole. She laughed and said that oh you are really kid; this is very easy. She again took it and put in her cunt and grabed me from my buttock. And said me, push. When I grabbed her shoulders and pushed myself towards her. She also up her buttock and with in one jump took my dick in her pussy. When my dick went in her pussy I felt it in oven because it was too hot. She told me to keep my dick in and out, but now there was no need of it. I started my dick in and out slowly and then faster, faster and faster, she was crying with pain and then pleasure. All the time her head flew from side to side. Her eyes were shut She was saying ohh, ahh, uffffff ohh my little kid why you understood so late. I had known you would fuck me once. I waited so long for your dick. You are so young. I needed you from long. My cock gradually became more hard and more thick and hard to listening these words. She was moaning sexily aahhh. ohhh” She was gyrating her hips. I increased the speed. Summan arched her thighs upwards. She was throwing her hips up in order to receive my cock inside her every time. She was accommodating my cock very expertly inside her. She said please do slowly as I am not young like you, I am an old more half then you. Her eyes were shut and her hands were catching my hips and was trying pushed me to her. I had pressing my mouth deeply into her boobs. Suddenly she increases her gyration of her hips under me. I felt her cunt more wets. I asked her what happened your cunt fell me lose. She laughed and said. I told you just before that I am old, I can not afford it like you, you continue yours. I was doing this slowly by now and we kissing each other. She took her breast I n her hand, asking me, why I don’t forgot this. I am its lover I have been died for it from years. I have sucked them much in my dreams and put my mouth on one of her boob. With this after few minutes, She started making sounds a bit louder in her excitement oohh ,aahh ,ufff. She was urging me to increase my speed. She requested me to push more and more with full thrust into her hot and wet pussy. I asked her that when I increase then you say slowly and when I go slowly you say increase. She wrapped her legs around me and grab my waist saying you will be understand soon my little kid. I further increased my speed. I made hard strokes. She received each of my hard strokes skillfully throwing her hips up and up. She entwined her legs. with some and mine times threw upward. That gave me all sorts of pleasures. Suddenly I felt that I am coming, I told her that I am coming she replied come on I am also with you and She caught me very tight and we both increased our speed. Then I poured my semen in her pussy. She also took along breath. I laid over her naked breast for along time and her arms were around me. After some time she asked me let he go t wash room and I was also need it. We went to bathroom where she cleaned my cock and her pussy. We came back from wash room. She sat on sofa and asked me to sit in her lap. I sat in her lap she was moving her fingers in my hair and I was plying with her boobs. We were talked for along time she kissed me on my cheeks like a kid and asked me am I happy now. I replied, very much, because this was my fantasy and told her that I have fucked you 100 times even in my daylight dreams. She told me that she knew that I stared her boobs and ass. She was rubbing my dick and soon she found it ready. She said me your tool began ready, but you have done yours now this is my tream. She bent over my cock and kiss it light, then lick its head, slowly she tool it in her mouth and started it sucking. She was playing with my balls. While my finger was in her pussy. This made my prick hard and hard. She stood and bent on her knees made a doggy style. She said me to fuck her from behind. I asked her weather I insert my dick in ass hole. She said no, not yet, we have a life for it this is just beginning, take my pussy but from behind. She said me you just climb me I will take myself. I put my dick near her pussy and she herself put my cock in her cunt hole asking me push in. and with one stroke my cock went in her pussy. I started my dick in and out in her pussy with catching her tight breast. I fucked her some time this style and then she asked me to change the style. She told me to lay down on my back. I laid on my back and she climbed on m. she took my cock and guided it in her cunt hole. When she did made this she sat on my dick and it went in. she now making jumps allover me up and down. While I was catching her breasts which were bouncing over face. It gave more pleasure then that we did before. And after a few minutes we both were flowed. My and hers cum were now coming down from her pussy while she was laid on me and now my arms were around her back and her breasts were tightly pressing my chest, and her lips were on my lips.

After a long time we took over our cloths and she went to kitchen to bring some food which we needed really. We ate some food chatting with each other. Then she told me that now I should go home before that any one come here to search me. She strictly instructed not to mention this before anyone.

After that day it made our routine to nearly every day in the noon, as her husband was busy in his business and the children were in their bedroom to sleep after coming the school. We tried all the possible positions she knew, as I was new. Even I fucked her so many times in her ass. And we still do this with out any problem.

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