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  • desipapa
  • September 25, 2015

Hi friends of desi papa. I am going to narrate my sexy story of fucking of my cousin wife. Although I am not regular writer but I will try my best.

I am 19 years old and this nice incident accord just before 2 month. I went to met my cousin to his home. I rang the call bell my cousin’s wife named nnn opened the door. She received me and asked me to come in. I went behind her into the home. Where she was all alone in home. She asked to sit and I sat in the lounge, I noted the nnn bhabi was not pleased to see me and she was looking me little upset. Her face too red and her hair was not properly combed, her cloth was also un iron. I asked her bhabi what is the problem, you are looking me upset. She said smilingly no there is no any problem I am all right. No bhabi there is some thing wrong you are hidden from me. But she refused once again, and said me that she is going to kitchen to bring tea for .she went to kitchen whereon I was alone in the lounge. I noted that the video is on. I became curious and went to the TV and on the TV and video. Uff there was a blue film in video. The scene was too sexy a mature woman was sucking a young boy huge cock. I became too excited and forgot about the bhabi. Suddenly she came with tray of tea and as she saw the TV she shouted and said you basted how you dare to on the video. I replied her very boldly I didn’t know that you were busy to watch these, and I came to know that why you became too nervous when you saw me as you were watching this and I disturbed you. Now she became frighten when she saw me so bold. I said her I have never thought about you that you will be watch film like this in this age. She is near 36/37, but its true that she has still very beautiful even at this age. She has very attractive figures and very faire complexion. She has tight big tit with a wide ass. She has little fleshy but she is tall so it doesn’t matter. She was looking too sexy in that pose. Then she became little cold and said I request you please stop it. But I didn’t. I told her I like very much x films. She said ok if you want to watch it then you should watch it alone and I going to my room. She put the tray on the table and turned to go back but I followed her and I caught her from her hand and dragged her to near by coach. I told her no you should not go home please sit here bhabi, we will watch it together. She said me no this is nit right way because I am your elder bhabi. I sad her then what happened if you are my bhabi. Now this is not that old age now peoples don’t mind it. Anyhow she sat with this condition that I would not touch her. The movie was runningand this was totally a xxx movie. So there was not other thing except the fucking. I asked her bhabi from where you brought you this, because I know your hobby snd that he cannot bring this. She was looking now very shy. She told me that one of her friend had gave it to her and that she was thinking that this the best chance to watch it because she had no any house hold work and that no one was I home. Now a boy was fucking very fast and the in film was moaning very loudly. I noted that bhabi had become too horny this time, I moved my hand towards her and put it on her shoulder and started to rub it very gently. She didn’t act any. So I got courage and moved my hand to her tit. She looked me helplessly but didn’t say any words. By this I got more courage and I entered my hand in her neck and bra. I caught her one tit and rubbed and squeezed it. There was a firm and hard tiny nipple. She said me please don’t do like this. I said her please bhabi be a realistic, how can we keep it more. Let play me with your tit. She said but only this promise me you will not go a head. I said ok if you want to take from me the promise which I can not fallow then I am ready. I was now playing with her breast, she was too restless. I knew that she is now double minded she needs a full fuck by now and she was also thinking about our relation that I was her brother in law. Any how she was not moving neither she was asking me to stop it. The scene was now too excited on the screen, the boy was fucking the woman pussy so hardly and she was moaning very loudly. Nnn bhabi had become very excited and was breathing lowly. I put my mouth on her lips and wrapped my hand around her waist pushing her close to my chest. She didn’t response me passionately but also didn’t discourage me. I was sucking her lip, I entered my tongue in her mouth and this time I noted the she gave response to my tongue, and sucked it little. My hand was now on her waist and her tummy and was fingering her navel. I stared in her eyes and she was staring at me. There was a mix _expression of shyness, pleading, love, and seduction in her eyes. Now there was another horny scene on the screen. The woman had bent down on her knell and the boy was trying to insert his cock I her ass hole while the was trying to open her ass hole by her hands caching her buttock checks on her both hands for her lover. I said her look it bhabi how she has wide big ass just like you and how she is trying to open her ass hole or her lover. She asked me, weather I am staring her ass? Yes bhabi, you don’t know from how many longs I am dying for you. Oh I didn’t know that you are looking me like this, she added that she has not ass like this. Now I understood that bhabi has became hot and this time to excite her more. So I said her bhabi your tit and ass are very beautiful. Every man when see your these assets, his mouth will become fell of water. Now she was became little free and I took her hand and put it on my hard cock that was now like just hard dock. Nnn bhabi didn’t spoke any word nor she massaged my prick but she kept only her hand on it. I think she became happy to fell its size. I asked her please nnn bhabi take it in your soft hot hand, and she slowly rubbed it. Her hand was moving up and down on cock, I moved my hand towards knot of her shilwar she resisted little by saying no, no please. But I opened her shilwar and take her pussy in hand and rubbed it very gentle. I squeezed her cunt and her clitoris. She was moaning little highly. I also opened my shilwar and took out my cock in front of her. She said me I am not ready to let you do this with me. What? I asked her. I have never done this except my husband. I made laugh and said her please bhabi I know you have never done this before but please do it for me. It’s not right. We should not do these things. I knew she was a simple housewife and she is between her physical desires and social values. My cock was still in her hand and she was rubbing it uncontemplated. I was trying to open her thighs but she didn’t allow me but when I exceed forced and told her that I want to see your only your pussy then she herself spread her thighs little wide and said me you have promised me to only see it. And when she opened her thighs I put my hand on her pussy and caressed it. I not only caressed it but also rubbed her clitoris. She was now moaning and I thought that this is the time, and inserted my finger in her cunt hole. It was too hot, I started my finger in and out in her hole. She also increased her jerking to cock. We both were became in our extreme excitement. I asked her to leave my cock and she gave up my cock. I took my cock in my hand and spread her thighs wide little more and placed it on her pussy hole. She was still saying to me don’t do it with me, I am your elder bhabi if your cousin come to know then what he will have be say? Let me fuck you bhabi and don’t tell him that you have been watching the blue film and I have helped you to cool down your hot burning pussy. She was still resisting but very lightly and I pushed my cock in her hole but as I was in hurry so it slipped towards her ass hole and by this time she herself palace it on her pussy door still saying don’t do this. This time when I pushed my cock in her hole my entire cock went in her hole very easily due to her wetness. I started fuck her first little slowly and she was moaning but not responding me passionately. My stroke became now fast and after some hard stroke she didn’t continue her excitement as before and started her hip moving up towards my cock to accommodate it in her pussy wall. She now wrapped her hands around me and pulled me toward her breast she kissed me and said you won, and asked to take her nipple in mouth. I put my mouth on her tit and started to lick, kiss and sucked them one by one. She garbed my hips and squeezed them very hardly which made me more excited, and I gave her more deep and hard stroke while she was saying give it more deep and hard in your bhabi. She raised her legs more up and griped my hips. She was moaning very loudly and saying fuck me you rack you fucked your bhabi. Your bahbi had never fucked like this, you are cooling down your bhabi after a long time. She was in her peek and suddenly she said you fucked your bahbi now let the bhabi fuck you. How you will fuck me bhabi? She said me to pull out my cock from her pussy and asked me to lay on my back straight. She and I done as she said climbed on me. She took my cock and pointed it on her pussy hole and sat. My entire cock went in her pussy and she started jumping up and down, she was much excited she now jumping wildly and moaning very loudly ohhhh ufffff ahhh you bhabi fucker, bhabi are fucking you now. She asked me, tell me, have you liked my pussy? I told her very much my dear bhabi, I thought that why I didn’t fuck you before you are too sweet. I will fuck you every day from today. She said ohhh you rack your plane is dangerous. Let come your cousin I will tell him that you fucked his lovely wife. Sweet bhabi also tell him that I fucked his wife ass and I caught her hips checks by they were too soft. Ohh my pussy, I will not let you to touch my ass. Ok! Bhabi if you have this program then please let we finish it. I will not fuck your cunt. I tried to pull out my dick from her pussy. She started to implore me not to pull out and said it was just a joke I will do as you wish and with this she increased her speed of my fucking as she said that she was fucking me. She was now shouting highly and was taking my cock very deep in her cunt. Her buttocks were in my hands and I was rubbing them. And suddenly she shouted with her full force and said take your bhabi, your bhabi is dying and she fall on me and grabbed me I also discharged with her. She was breathing heavily as she became too exhausted. I wrapped my arms around her waist pushing her to my chest, her breast were touching my chest which was giving me soft hot feeling. She put her lips on my mouth saying shy that she felt very nice you really satisfied me. Let me tell you the truth, your cousin didn’t give me full attention and that she has doubt that he goes to meet some other woman. She said that she was very thirsty for fuck like this. Don’t worry bhabi I am here for you and moved my hands to her ass, which was really very soft. I asked her bhabi do you remember your promise you made me just before. She became shy and said, which promise? I rubbed her ass by one hand and by other I touched her asshole and said about this. Yes , but not now and she hide her face in my chest. Then she said me that she wants go to bathroom, I also wanted go to bathroom. She raised and w e both went to bathroom where she cleaned her self and I cleaned my self. She was totally nude her tits were so beautiful and I caught them in my palm and rubbed them. I hugged her tightly and my hands were on her buttocks. I asked her to be turn and that I want to see her buttock. She turned and I saw her nice ass, she has really very fair and soft ass. I bent on my knees and put my lips on her soft buttock checks, I kissed her ass checks and bite it. Then I inserted my tongue in her hips cleavage and licked it even I licked her ass hole and then from then I moved to her front at that position and put my mouth on her pussy lips, I kissed and licked her cunt. She forbade me not to do. But I didn’t care and inserted my tongue in her hole my tongue went little in her hot hole and I started her fucking by my tongue she was saying not to do but other side she held my head and was pushing it to her thighs. I was busy to sucking her cunt, meanwhile I was held her from behind of her hips. She was moaning and pulling my head towards her pussy. Ohh yaaaa ohhhh uffff do it like that, it’s too nice. You are introducing me to new way of pleasure, your cousin had never done this with me. It is more pleasurable than cock fucking. Ohhh you fucked me by your tongue. You are more know than me. And suddenly she trembled and she came in my mouth. When her cum I stood up and showed her my cock, which was all the time when I was licking her pussy, it was erected like a pool. I asked her bhabi this is my term. Now do some thing for it. She asked me what do you mean? I said her now you suck me. She laughed and said me yes why not I am owed to you. This time she sat on her knee and held my cock with hot soft hand and kissed it softly. She kissed it licked it head and then slowly she took it in her mouth. She started suck my cock and she took it entire my cock in her mouth. It reached to her throat. She was sucking it and was biting it. After some time I poured my cum in her mouth, her mouth fell of my mouth and she spite it immediately it from her mouth. Oh you dirty, what you done? She was smiling and saying when you were coming why didn’t tell me? When you were coming you also didn’t tell me. We cleaned once again ourselves.

We came out from the bathroom and wore our cloths. She said me now you should leave because my children are any time expected. I asked her that may I come here? She asked me have you ever took permission from me when you came here? No, but this will be not only to meet you or your family. Ok ! I know what do you mean. You can come any time for it but only before the noon. I said her oh bhabi you are so nice, and hugged her we kissed for long time and then I came back. From that we made our routine that we meet twice in a week and we fucked. She fulfilled her promise of ass fucking but only once in all our relation.

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