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Bhabie Ho To Aisi

  • desipapa
  • August 19, 2015

Dear fans! This is my first story to desipapa. Hope you will like it. My name is Rob. I am from Delhi. I am 5′ 11” and have a gorgeous masculine body. I have done MBA and presently working in a Multi National Company.

Let us get into the story now. I stay in Delhi with my elder brother and bhabi. My bhabi, though not very good looking, is extremely sexy. She has dark complexion and a beautiful figure. She has beautiful long hair and very beautiful sexy eyes. I have thought many times of fucking her and giving her the ultimate satisfaction, more so, because my elder brother is a very shy type of a person and since we had grown up together, I knew that he does not have much interest in sex. He is more concerned about making money and thus remains busy with his business matters always. He mostly remains out of station. They have a one year old son. I fantasized about her many times, but did not have courage to do it actually for fear of her reactions. Anyway, that was so much for the family history and background. This is the backdrop against which the incident occurred.

We stay in two separate appartments located opposite to each other in the same building, Bhabi, Bhaiya and their son in one flat and I stay alone in another flat. On that day, Bhaiya was out of station and it was Saturday so I was there at home. It was morning and I got up from sleep around 8 am. After having tea, I browsed some sexy sites in my personal computer. After some time I felt really horny and thought of checking out on Bhabi.

When I approached the door of the flat, I found it ajar. So I tiptoed inside curiously. The flat was quite big. On entering I saw bhabi. She was wearing a red sari and a red bra. The sari was draped very loosely around her and she was looking extremely sexy. I could not make out whether she was wearing any petticoat or panty. She was moving around in the hall. After some time all of a sudden she started pacing up and down in front of the main toilet biting her lower lips time to time. The flat’s construction was such that Bhabi could not see me but I could see bhabi clearly from where I was standing. It seemed that Bhabi was very restless. Before I could utter a word, bhabi started rubbing her cunt over the sari and knocked on the door of the toilet and called out the name of the maid, “Ranu, please come out quickly. I want to go to the toilet.”. But there was no response. It became very clear to me that bhabi wanted to go to the toilet to piss and the door was locked from inside by the maid who had gone there for washing clothes etc. As the time passed, bhabi’s condition worsened. She was trying her best to control her piss. She crossed her both legs, inserted her hand inside the sari and the best I could make out was that she was rubbing her cunt and putting her finger inside to stop the piss from coming out. It was an extremely sexy sight and I remained transfixed where I was. After doing it for about one minute, bhabi removed her sari and my god, she was wearing a very thin low cut red panty. The front of the panty was already wet-there was a damp spot, because I thought she could not control her urge and some piss must have spilled out. After being sure that the door is not going to open soon, bhabi gathered the sari in a bundle and facing me, sat down on the floor spreading her legs. Then she lowered her panty, placed the sari in between her legs and started pissing. I was totally dumb struck. I could see piss coming out of her cunt – first slowly, then in a force, making hissing sound. Bhabi, getting the relief, arched her head back biting her lower lips while running her fingers through her black long hair. Then she opened the front of the bra while pissing and started cuddling the erect nipples. After what seemed to me endless time, bhabi finished pissing and then pulled the panty back and stood up.

I could not control myself anymore. I had a huge erection. I came out of the hiding, went straight to bhabi and said, “Bhabi, i want to fuck you. Please let me fuck you. After that you do whatever you feel like with me, you can throw me out of my house or blacklist me in the community. But if I don’t fuck you now, I will die.” To my utter surprise, Bhabi instead of getting surprised by seeing me, was very cool and composed and had a smile in her face. She was standing in front of me with a front open red bra and a red panty the front of which had a big damp spot. She without saying anything, removed her panty and bra and became completely naked. She then put the wet sari aside. Then she bent down on the ground in all four, like a cow, and told me, “you can fuck me every which way you can. But first drink my milk. Your nephew does not drink enough milk and I don’t want it to go waste. But first open your shorts and T-shirt and become nanga”. I, like a zombie, followed her instructions. First I became naked, then I bent down and started milking her breasts like one milks a cow. She started moaning heavily closing her eyes. I touched her cunt and it was dripping wet. I fingered her cunt from behind and she started moaning “mmmmmmmm…aaaaahhhhh”. After doing it for some time, I placed myself below her breasts and started drinking her milk lying on the floor, with my back on the ground. She then changed her position. She sat down on the floor, took my head gently and placed it on one of the nipples. While I continued drinking, she started playing with my penis very gently. My penis had already grown huge and it was sticky with pre-cum juices flowing freely out of it. After some time, she said, “now it is my turn to milk you and drink.” Then I bent down in all fours and she started milking my penis, which had already grown huge. I was trembling in excitement; I did not know sex could be so satisfying. She said, “just before you cum, please let me know so that I can drink all of it”. Her gentle manners was adding to my excitement. After sometime, I indicated her and she positioned her mouth in between me legs and I sparted my semen with a earth shattering orgasm. She drank all of it with divine pleasure written all over her face.

After the initial encounter, moments of which passed without both of us knowing, I with a startle asked her, “bhabi, what are you doing? What will happen if Ranu comes out now?” Bhabi, with a mischievous smile said, “there is no Ranu inside the toilet. I was just acting. I knew that you get excited by looking at women pissing. So I wanted to try it on you.” I asked her, “but how did you know it?” She said, “I secretly browsed through your pornography collections, while you were out and I found out your preference. I saw you coming in secretly in the flat this morning and immediately planned this. I wanter you to fuck me for a long time but could not express my feelings to you. Hope you are satisfied now.” I said, “if it is a question of satisfaction, then we have a long long way to go.” Saying so I pulled her up near me and said, “now I will fuck you.” She said, “first let me go to the toilet once”. I said, “I’ll also go with you”. She said, “you naughty boy” and smilingly agreed and we both went to the toilet. First, she peed. She sat down on the floor on her toes, naked, and I in one hand started pressing her boob and in with the other hand I caressed around her vagina. She continuously moaned with pleasure and peed. Then while I peed, she held my penis in her hand.

After we finished, I took some vaseline gel in my hand. She asked me,” why do you need this?”. I said,” you wait and watch”. Then I started massaging the vaseline in her beautiful ass hole. She understood my intentions immediately and started enjoying the massage. While massaging I was putting my middle finger time to time deep inside her ass, but she did not wince a bit. Instead whenever I was doing it she was moaning “uummmmm.” After some time, when I looked at her cunt, it was brimming with her pearly cum juice. I started putting my penis slowly in her asshole. Initially it was hurting her and she was begging me to be slow. But slowly her protests turned into moaning of satisfaction. I fucked her ass to my heart’s content for a long time. After sometime, I came inside her ass. After I removed my penis, I could see while semen flowing out of her cute naked ass. She said, “let me go to the loo and clean myself. You also go to your appartment and clean up. Then you come in the afternoon, so that we can have a great fuck. Meanwhile, I will attend to the baby and do some household chores.”

In the afternoon, I again went to her appartment. She was waiting for me in a red see-through nighty and wearing nothing else. Seeing me, she immediately removed her nighty and became completely necked. I looked at her questioningly. She replied, ” I knew from your collections that you like the colour red and go mad by looking at women who wear red . And I became completely nangi because that’s what you are going to make me anyway pretty soon. So why wait.” I could see her erect neeples with a drop of milk on the tip of the neeples. She said,”they are full and waiting for your thirsty mouth. If you had not come now, milk would have start flowing out of my boobs.” I had a tremendous hard on. I removed my clothes in a hurry. After that I started sucking her nipples and drinking her milk. After finishing one, I took the other breast. She naughtily said, “please leave some milk for your nephew, or else I’ll have to bottle feed her.” After finishing drinking, I put her legs apart and started lapping up the cum juices from her cunt, which was wet like anything. After sucking her cunt for long, she pulled my hand and gestured me to fuck her. She lied back on the bed with her legs resting on the ground. This propped up her cunt well. I without wasting anytime, put my erect cock inside her cunt and started fucking her. I was varying my pace-sometimes I was doing it gently and some time very fast. After a long fuck she had a fantastic orgasm and I emptied my leftover stock in her cunt. Then we embraced each other and fell asleep in each others’ arm.

Dear readers, this was the end of the session for the day as we both were very tired. But we did not end our activities there. It is still continuing and we are enjoying every moment of it. She later revealed as to how hungry was she to have sex with me as she was never satisfied with my brother. How she spied on me, knew my sexual preferences and readied herself to grab any opportunity that came her way. She is very satisfied now and if you rare interested, I will continue to narrate the stories to you. So long till then. Do let me know your feedbacks at

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