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Bhabie Fucked In Construction House

  • desipapa
  • October 3, 2015

Dear all readers, I have been reading a lot of stories on this site for quite a long time now and thought of writing one of my own experience. My name is Raj (Raja) , a punjabi puttar in delhi aged 29 yrs. iwork in a private co. earning handsomely. This is the story about one year back when I was posted out in Rajasthan.

There i took a single roon on tenency, The landlord had a family with wife and two children and they had another family tenanted on first floor , A man with his wife and a chield. They (the other tenants) were constructing their own house in the same locality. His wife, Anju, i used to call her Bhabhie, was a stunning beauty , aged 34, Ordinary face but excellent figure with 36 D. I always used to fantasize about her. By the passage of time we all became family friends, But me as usual always liked to see her differently and tried to peep into her cloths whenever i got chances. Some how she also got the hint that i had an eye on her but she never showed it to me and we continued to be like friends only, rather open friends. One day, I came early from my office and our landlord was not there, so i went upto first floor for the keys. There i saw my dream lady alone (since husnband was out and chield was in school), so we started talking about various topics. As a part of coversation, I asked about the status of their construction house, to this she offered to show me their house. So we went there, luckily there was no labour on that day.

The house structure was built up but flooring was still not done, she started showing me rooms one by one. In one of the room , she got imbalanced due to kacchha floor and caught my arm to balance. I immediately got a hard on, but i controlled but somehow managed to offer her my hand to hold and walk properly, to my utter surprise she accepted and held my hand. Now we were walking in the house with our hands in hands and in between i got chances to get in touch with her on the pretext of balancing. While walking and talking by this time i was getting clear green signals from her side that she was also getting aroused but i had no courage to start anything. After finishing the whole house, I congratulated her for her new home and appriciated their scheme of construction etc. to which she smiled and thanked.But my mind was somewhere else, Suddenly with thousands of pounds on my heavy heart , i said while looking at her solid boobs , Bhabhie, Hamare Punjabi mein congratulate Japphi pa ker karte hain ( in punjabi, we congratulte others by Hugging) to which she replied which i can never forget : “Abhie tak sirf soch hi rahe ho” , My god! i was like in air, I hugged her tightly and in the process her boobs were completely crushing against my chest.

Now i placed my lips on hers and we were kissing and smouching each other continuously for 15 minutes. I placed one of my hand on her right breast and started squeezing it slowly. After kiising on her lips i showered my kisses on all over her face and started coming down to neck and more. I lifted her kameez and had a view , my god they were fair like a “Kesar in Milk” , hard and firm, i was like mad on them and started sucking them very badly. now she also started moaning heavily and her hands were caressing in my hairs and pushing me more towards her breasts. I placed my lips now on her belly and belly button. I always have a great crush on this part of women and have never missed out by looking out at any of the women’s in this world. and Here was my sex goddess in front of me, by this time my dick was at hardest and at full size of 7″. She placed her hand on my pant ZIP and opened in a shot .Now my dick was hanging in her hand and she like getting mad by feeling the hardness in her hands. She told me she always used to have me in her thoughts and about my dick. Since i was a regular sportsperson through out, she always had an eye over my fitness and structure. By this time i opened her string of salwar and it slipped down to her feet, i put my hand on her wet panty and started caressing her crouch. Suddenly i pushed her panty also till her knees and here was her wet cunt in front of me inviting me for the world’s most exciting event. I looked into her eyes which were half opened and were like demanding everything, I thought of not wasting any moment and placed my dick on her wet cunt and started rubbing on it.

Now it was impossible for her to hold any more and she held my dick with her hand and pushed it into her pussy. I too was now really excited and started giving her bumps , the more i did , the more she gave moaning sounds. My god i was totally out of world and while coming at the top after about 15 min. i told her that i was about to come, listening to this instead of controlling she raised her speed more and more and i was mad now and exploded with my full strength on her belly. We were breathing heavily for sometime , after we got settled , we again kissed each other passionately , befor departing she complemented me that I will be the greatest gift for any women on this earth. I too in response told her that “I thought a woman is beautiful by her good face and look and appearance but i was wrong. I hope you all liked my story and all your feedback and comments are welcomed at Any girl, Lady , Bhabhie, Aunt who want to have or share great experiences (not necessarily sex) , relations in or outside delhi, please mail me at above.

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