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Bhabie And Her Sister

  • desipapa
  • September 29, 2015

It is my pleasure to share my story with you all friends. I am 30 years old working in Hyderabad. Just one year back moved to Hyderabad after working 5 yrs in Pune and Mumbai. It was time when I reached Hyderabad and contacted my friend who has rented me his bungalow portion for shorter period as My family was supposed to move after six month as I have only one kid and his academic course was yet to complete.

He is married and is staying with his parent and wife. So life was usual as I was alywas on tour or in office . I used to come very late and used to go early in the morning for office. It was less occassion when I used to join freind family for dinner or tea. My friend wife is too sexy and very attractive. They married last year only. I was calling her Bhabhi. It was one sunday , when bhabhi came to my room at upper portion and requested me to take her to grocery shopping center as they are expecting guest in evening . I took her on my bike and we went to shopping center. This was first time ,we were intercating openely.She told me that her parent and younger sister are coming and they will stay for two days. On bike journey , I was feeling her warm touch , her smile and her soft boobs which was pressed on my back . That day I could not sleep and was started having wet dreams. That evening , I went out for night show and dinner and came at midnight. Bhabhi and her sister were standing on terrace adjacent to my room .

They were chatting and laughing . Her sister is very young with inncocent face. I swa her in moonlight ad found she is much fair and very nice budy figure . I said hello and bhabhi complained me why I was out and did not joined for dinner. I apologized . Soon , My friend called Bhabhiji and she wend leaving her sister and me alone . her sister Nisha asked me about the movie , my family and my work. We wrere discussing till bhabhiji and my freind came upstaire. Since it was midenight, we all parted away for sleep. But Nisha decided to sleep on open terrace only as weather was good and it was very airy. So everyone left except Nisha. folded cot was arranged for her. I also went in my room and was trying to sleep but could not. So I came out in open area for walk. Nisha was also awake. She invited me for discussion and told me that she was sleeping in entire train journey so she would like to chat for a while. We started chatting while walking on terrace. Suddenly Nisha hit the water pipe on terrace and fell down . As natrual response , I tried to hold her and it was her boobs which came in my hand. What small but soft boobs she has ? her leg was paining . She just laid on her cot. I asked her should I call someone. She said no and asked me whether I have pain Killer or ointment. I brought the ointment which she was rubbing on her leg. I was watching her still feeling her boobs in my hand. She was looking very beautiful in moonlight. She was also looking to me while massaging her leg. She requested me to support her while she wants to go tiolet.

I took her on hand my shoulder and helped her to walk till tiolet and brought her again on Bed . It was exotic experience and we were both feeling the warm touch of our body.While laying her on Bed , I did not know when I took her in my arms . She also did not resist . It was an urge both the side as she was also breathing heavily. Slowly I started pressing her boobs. I kissed her lips.She whispered ” kya Kar rahe ho .Please leave me ” But it was feable voice and I put her on bed under my body weight.I was kissing her neck and cheeks and she was holding my hair and respsonding. I started unbuttoning her kammez and removed the bra. her milky skin and curved waist made me so mad that I nearly thrown her shalwar and panty without loss of moment. It was marvellous body. I kissed her from head to toe. She had sliky pubic hair. I undressed myself . I took her boobs in my mouth and with another hand was caressing her cunt. She started moaning. ” Bahut Maza aa raha hai. Tum bahut accchhe ho. ” ” Please karate raho ..muzhe aaj zee bhar kar chodo , jitana chahate ho karo. raat Bhar muzhe chodate raho,Please” In open terrace , our body was wrapped with each other. After sucking her boobs , I started kissing her cunt. She became very wild. While kissing her cunt , I was squeezing her both boobs. Slowly , slowly I was becoming violent. I parted her leg and put that on my shoulder.

I put my hard rod on her cunt and pressed inside. In two-three thurst , it went inside tearing her apart. She was yet to scream but I managed to put my hand on her mouth. Slowly I started pumping her. She was enjoying lot and she was moaning . First time , I broke my silence and said Her “ aap bahut jawan hain and aaur aapke paas bahut anmol khazan hai. Aapki body bahut gazab kee hai . isane muzhe pagal sa kar diya hai.” “Aap bhi to solid Mard ho. Aapka to muzhe cheer kar rakh diya. Yesa lagata hai ki aap mein se tapaya hua lohe ka rod muzme ghusa diya ho” she told me. I made my stoke faster and hard on her. She was trembling . I sat on her cunt. Holding her both boobs in my hand , I was pumping her like wild animal. “ Muzhe kuchch ho raha…Itna achcha lag raha hai” she was moaning and I was continuing my stroke faster and faster like I will make her torn or I will myself enter her. “ She had taken my stoke bravely as she was responding well with vigour. Suddenly there was heavy flow of liquid from her cunt. “ main aab girane wala hun . “ I said and took my lund outside. But there was heavy urge to do more. I made her in doggy style and entered my lund from rear . her buttock was lovely and made me more mad. I was standing and she bent down taking support of bed. I was pumping her and massaging her back. After few hard strokes , I released my juice son her buttock outside. “ Kitna garam hai.”

She screamed. We laid on bed holding each other. We kept chatting till dawn. “lagata hai aab subah Ho jayegi “ hearing her , I pulled her again . Throwing her on bed , I pushed my Lund in her cunt and begun pumped her so wildly ,so fast as juch I can do. She was just screaming. “ Please . dheere se,. main Mar jaoongi…Meri Phat jayegi. ..Please…. jara Dheere…..” But I was like mad wild animal. Our stroking sound was so louder , I fear , no one else should hear it. Her leg was badly getting shaken . Her boobs where dancing and I was stroking with full speed literally banging her thighs. Then she started scratching my body….there was spurt of liquid from her cunt. She was moaning like hell. I also released my juice on her belly. We kissed each other like we were hungry for years. We wore our cloth and got freshen up. I went inside my room and slept like nothing has happened. Bhabhi’s sister and her parents went next day evening. It was sweet unforgettable memory of my life. Though she promised to meet me again , I was eager to fuck her. Next week , my friend went out of town. It was Wednesday next week , I came as usual 1100 night and slept in my room. Around 1oclock , I found some one is in my room near to me . Since I sleep on upper portion , usually I do not lock my room. I switched on the light and I was shocked to see bhabhi . She was wearing nighty exposing her boobs and thighs. She was damn beautiful . “ Muzhe pata hai us din kya hua that kyonki maine desk liya tha. Tum sachmuch bahut achch fuck karate ho. Aaj main bhi tumhe sex ke naye anadaz dikhayoongi” and she opened her nighty. I was becoming unconscious seeing the beautiful body naked in front of my eye. What happened that night and what was the new experiences I had with bhabhi , I will let you know in my next story. I will respond to friends who can contact me on . Looking forward to friendship with lady/girls who would be interested in honest , decent and mature relationship and looking for freindship based on trust.

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