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Bhabhi Ka Seal Toda Bahot Maza Aaya

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  • August 22, 2015

Hi all of you this is Manish here with a true incident in my life. I am taking this opportunity to tell the incident from the point of view of my lovely bhabhi Sheetal who is actually my child hood friend. 18 year old Sheetal had been too uncomfortable talking to either her mother in law or father in law about the business trip of her husband Arun. She had just been married for two days and her husband had left on a 20 days overseas business trip on the wedding night only. She had been waiting eagerly for the Suhaag Raat as any girl waits after marriage for offering her virginity to her husband. Her whole body was burning and filled with lust.

Her mind and body started wondering and thinking about the stories, which she had heard that incest was practiced in 10%-20% of homes between devar and bhabhi. Moreover, if that were really so, isn’t the act a terrible crime? A mortal sin? Since her birth she had been neighbours to her husband’s family and had literally grown up in their house. She decided that the only one that she could probably talk to about it would be her devar and friend Manish brother of Arun. Being a school and childhood friend of Sheetal he was same age as Sheetal and was looked up to by all of his friends, there was an air about him, giving the impression that he was worldly. Sheetal waited until Saturday to talk to him. While her father in law was outside of the house working on his car and their mother was away shopping for groceries the newly wed girl approached her devar. She shyly asked if she could talk to him, making him promise that the talk would be private between them. She then told him what had transpired in her mind, how one of her office colleague was found to be pregnant, and that the father of the unborn baby was either the girl’s husband or brother in law; apparently, it could have been either one.

Sheetal relayed the story as she knew it, explaining how most of the girls in office thought that this was a common practice in many houses. Sheetal was looking for some true answers. Manish listened in surprise. He had heard that these things happened but he was not convinced. Nonetheless, he felt that if they really did occur it was so rare that it was not even a blip on the radar screen. That did not mean that he himself hadn’t secretly fantasized since teen days. Indeed, whenever he was sure that no one was paying attention he allowed his eyes to look at his young bhabhi. He would look at her bare skin and become intrigued. Her legs were beautiful in shape, as were her tits which were filled out. Sheetal’s hips were blossoming also. He would look at his bhabhi’s beautiful ass in Salwar Kameez, Sari’s, shorts, jeans & skirts and would imagine what it actually looked like in the flesh. Now this story and questions from the his bhabhi presented him with a truly interesting opportunity. As Manish envisioned it, if he could phrase his answers just right, who knows what might happen? “But why do you think it’s so disgusting?” he asked her innocently. Sheetal looked at her devar in disbelief. How could she even answer this? Surely, he also thought it was disgusting. “Don’t you? I mean… she DID IT with him!” She indicated her repulsion with an exaggerated shiver. Manish was silent. He sensed that if he said the right thing that Sheetal might become aware that HE was a male. Yet, if he was not careful he would surely scare his little bhabhi away and a possible opportunity would be lost. As he envisioned it, if he handled this right he might be able to get her to touch him. Moreover, if he could get her to do that who knows where that might lead? Maybe she would pull it for him.

He could hope. “You wanted my opinion, right?” he asked and his bhabhi nodded. He continued, “You wanted me to keep this talk secret, how about you?” Sheetal was confused. “Whattaya mean?” “No matter what we talk about, it’s our secret, right? I mean… I don’t want you running to mom or dad and saying that I told you this or that, right?” She hesitated a moment before nodding and quietly saying, “Yeah, sure. I won’t tell – – And neither should you.” “Don’t worry about me.” “Me neither,” she assured him. Manish waited a long time before going on. Finally, he nervously advanced their conversation a level up into the unknown. “Okay then, just remember, this is only between us. Do I think it’s disgusting? I don’t know, I don’t know the girl. Is she a looker? Is she built? Did she want them to, er, you know?” “But it’s disg… What difference does it make? Don’t you think it’s wrong?” Manish was looking directly into his bhabhi’s eyes when he answered, “Not necessarily. I mean, your friends, you talked to told you that this kind of stuff happens a lot and it probably does. Is it bad? I don’t know. I mean maybe she… Well, suppose she walked around the house naked? I don’t say that she did, I’m only giving you an example.” “So what would that mean? That it wasn’t disgusting?” “Er, no but… listen, bhabhi. If she did then maybe her brother in law couldn’t help himself. Maybe he, er, got excited from looking at her. Or maybe she wanted to make him interested in her. I don’t know if it’s right… I guess it’s wrong but… I don’t know.” “But… But if, if I walked around like that you wouldn’t want, er, try, er, well you know what I mean,” she said with confidence.

He waited for at least thirty seconds before responding, after first deciding whether to take the talk to the forbidden area. In the past his bhabhi always told their mother everything. He looked hard into her eyes and said, “This is just between us, right?” She nodded and he finally continued, “Bhabhi, if you walked around the house naked maybe I wouldn’t want to, er touch you but I, er, I sure would. And as long as this is between you and me, let me tell you that I’ve not only thought of seeing you like that, I’ve also… never mind.” Sheetal looked at her devar in shock. At first she thought that he was putting her on but she immediately realized that he was serious. She was horrified, yet somehow she was quietly excited. Their eyes were still on each other. Her little heart began beating harder. She didn’t know what to say. At last, after at least a minute of total silence between them Manish decided to continue. He took a deep breath before plunging further. “Not only would I have wanted to see you but to be honest I… I’ve, er… You know when I’m alone in my room, I’ve thought about seeing you that way… And, er, having you see me.” “MANISH!!!” she almost shrieked. She then stood up. “I’m… going outside….” Manish stiffened. “I thought that you said you weren’t gonna tell?” “No, I’m… I’m just going out. I’m not – – No, that was our secret. I just don’t want to talk about it anymore. But I’m not gonna tell anyone. I promise.”

Manish watched his bhabhi leave. After she walked out the door he sat back in the chair. Until then he hadn’t noticed that his cock was standing tall and his pants were wet. That night, when she was alone in her own bed Sheetal began some soul-searching questions. By the time that she fell off to sleep the young girl had come to some solid conclusions about life. Apparently, incest was not as rare as she had originally thought. Yet even if it was not prevalent, it still was practiced in at least 10% of homes. Sheetal also realized that her 18-year-old devar not only thought about her but also, if he were given the chance he would go beyond the thinking stage. This confused and frightened her and she determined that she had to assure that she never would give him any opportunity. Part Two The conversation that she had had with Manish had been a watershed event. Because of their secret he felt that he was a little safer looking at his bhabhi when their parents were not paying attention. Without seeming to be an outright pervert he allowed her to see him looking at her body occasionally. A few times during week she actually felt herself flush from his eyes upon her. At night she began to slowly change her thinking. She was secretly excited that Manish was looking at her. Soon her fright began to lessen, and she began to think that maybe it was not so bad for a devar to look at his bhabhi’s body. Thinking of Manish with her, she rationalized that after all, they’d seen each other naked more than once in the younger days while playing doctor doctor.

Her liberal way of thinking evolved each night on an almost step-by-step course away from her original views. By the end of the week Sheetal was actually enjoying Manish’s eyes on her. A few times she sat across from him and when she caught his stare on her legs she allowed them to open somewhat for his view. The third time that she did that she saw him get up from his chair and rush out of the room, but not before the young girl was able to see the tent in the crotch of his pants. It was then that Sheetal realized the extent of what had been happening. Although she was a virgin she was still aware that boys became aroused and she now realized that she was getting her devar into that state. Saturday night her mom in law and dad in law were going to a movie. They had asked Manish to do them a favor and stay home for the night keeping his bhabhi company and he agreed. They were going to a 10 o’clock movie. Usually the boy would have complained but this time he didn’t. During the early evening Manish again looked at Sheetal whenever their parents weren’t paying attention. All week he had been looking forward to this night, hoping that maybe he just might convince his younger bhabhi to touch him. Maybe if he could get her to do that he could get a hand job from her. He knew that she was now aware that he was looking at her and he even had the feeling that she was now enjoying his ogling, despite what she had originally said.

He was even a little suspicious that he had been able to look up her dress to her panties during the week. Could she have allowed that, he wondered? She was wearing a skirt on this night too and a couple of times when he was looking at her legs he again saw up past them. As she watched TV, Manish’s eyes looked up her skirt to her panties. He felt his prick swell to its maximum in his pants. Nervously, he rose and left the room. Part Three At about 9:45, barely fifteen minutes after their parents had left the house, Sheetal got up the nerve to talk to her devar. “Can I ask you something… Our secret again?” Manish immediately took notice. Obviously, she had kept her word on the last conversation and he was more than eager to get into it again with his bhabhi. “Sure, Bhabhi. What’s up?” She looked over at him. She was sitting on the couch with her legs up and under her and he was sitting across in the rocking chair. “You, er, the other night I saw you… tonight too, I think, I’m not sure. You, er, were, er, you know, your pants, er, were… big!” He was now fully alert. He looked somewhat apprehensively at his bhabhi, almost embarrassed. He nodded imperceptibly, and she continued, “Was it because of me?” Again, he said nothing. He looked into her eyes and again nodded. Sheetal summoned all of her courage. She took a deep breath and said, “From looking at me?” “Uh huh, yeah.” “I… I’m sorry… I… I made you look Manish, I’m sorry. I, er, can’t explain. I, er, wanted you to look, you know?. I didn’t mean for you to get… You know.” ‘You know’ was back in vogue! Just the conversation was bringing his manhood back to its full hardened state. “I can’t help but get that way sometimes, Sheetal. I mean my body reacts when I see, er, certain parts of you.” “Is that bad?” she asked, innocently.

“No. It just gets that way. In fact, it… it’s that way now. Just from you talking about it.” Their eyes were on each other and he said to himself, ‘Fuck it’. Say it! She asked, didn’t she? “It’s just when it gets that way I have to, er, do something about it. That’s why I leave.” Sheetal nodded. Her heart was beating hard. She knew what he meant. She had been hoping that their talk would get to this point. She wasn’t sure how to proceed. The mental fight that she fought with herself all week, had led her to this. “Can… Can you tell me wh-what you do?” Manish gulped. Could this possibly be leading to…? Say it! Say it! “Our secret, right?” he asked. “Our secret,” she assured him. After a moment he continued, “Well – – I get so, er, hard, my cock gets so hard…” He swallowed and made his final determination not to hold anything back in his talk with his little bhabhi, “…that I have to masturbate…Jerk off.” Manish watched his bhabhi’s eyes widen in surprise as he began to speak more openly. A strange look of excitement spread across her face. He now wanted to see how far he could go. “I pull it bhabhi… My cock… I jerk it while I’m mentally picturing what I saw… You! I pull it and think of you… Your legs…” He could see how the excitement was building in her by the look on her face and the increase in her breathing. “…Your panties… Your beautiful thighs. I close my eyes and fantasize about you and I pull my cock until it’s finished… It… It cums. After that I’m okay again and my cock gets small again.” Manish’s temples were pounding. His cock was throbbing within his pants from the conversation. He looked at his bhabhi and he was sure that she was strangely turned-on. “What else do you think of, about me, Manish?” “I think about touching you… Your chest… tits… Your pussy… Your ass. I think about my hands all over you and… and even my mouth on you.” “R-Really…? But… isn’t that… That sounds so dirty…” she said, but no longer seemed to mean it. “Not with you it doesn’t Bhabhi. You’re… special…

Clean! Not like other girls. Who knows what they’ve done? But you’re perfect… I…” His voice trailed off as his cock suddenly shot off in his pants. He groaned, “Nnnnnnnggggg!” Sheetal watched her devar and she was sure what was happening. She felt that strange excitement within her, as she watched him and thought of what was going on inside his pants. She also felt sorry for him. His face had turned beet-red from embarrassment and he squirmed about and started to get up to rush away. “It’s not going to get hard anymore tonight?” she asked bravely. Manish didn’t know what his bhabhi was thinking. What did she expect… if anything? “It can…” Well, here we go, he thought, and then added, “If you want it to…” The fright that was going through the her was enough to make her tremble. Dare she go any further? Could her devar let her see him? Would she let him see her if he wanted to? Would she… they… fuck? She was shaking. Their eyes were locked firmly on each other’s. “I… Manish…” she whispered, “I don’t know what I want… I’m not sure…” He was in a state of confusion too, damn near in shock. His 18-year-old bhabhi now seemed reachable. Moreover, maybe the only thing that was stopping her was his lack of asking her. “Bhabhi… I’m not sure either,” he confessed, adding, “but I… I think I want to find out… I… I’ve been wanting… You know, you and me, for a long time…” She looked at him. Her mind was racing. She had enough sense to realize that if she went forward now that it wasn’t going to end with touching. She took a deep breath and then, in a super-quiet whisper she asked, “Can we go upstairs?” Manish nodded, sealing their fate. They both stood up and Sheetal led the way up the stairs. He followed her nervously to her bedroom.

Part Four They stood alongside of her bed just looking at each other. Their chests were pounding heavily. Their hands were trembling. Devar and bhabhi stared at each other, neither of them knowing how to advance to the next level or, even worse, if they should. Did they really want to? Manish watched her lips, which were quivering. He wanted to assure his bhabhi that everything was all right. Without moving in on her he slowly lowered his head. His eyes were watching her lips with excitement. Gently, he brought his lips into contact with hers. Sheetal squeezed her eyes shut from fear. She was sure that her devar was going to attack her. Instead, his lips just lightly brushed against hers. His hot breath was then pushing into her mouth and her lips parted further to accept and engulf her devar’s soulful kiss, as they then began a passionate pursuit of each other’s tongues. Lust was quickly overtaking the teenagers’ senses. Both devar and bhabhi began to moan into each other’s mouth. Manish moved into Sheetal’s waiting body. His arms went past her waist around to her back, while hers reached up and grabbed his head, pulling his mouth harder into hers. They were both in the throes of a passionate kiss as they ground their bodies and tongues together. Then Sheetal tore her mouth from his. She held his ears under her palms and looked hard into her big devar’s eyes. “W-What… What are we gonna… What’s gonna happen?” she whispered. “I’m… I… What can happen, baby? What’s, er, What’s okay with you? I…” he stumbled. “I… What do you want to happen Manish…?” she asked, nervously. He watched his bhabhi and saw her excited anxiety. Slowly he answered, “I want everything to happen with you, Bhabhi… Everything. I even want to cum inside you… I want that more than anything, but we can’t do that. I don’t have any protection, condom, and I’m sure you’re not on the pill yet, right?” Sheetal shook her head to confirm his thought. He continued, “So as much as I want to cum in you, I won’t. I’ll… pull out when I’m cumming. But I want to do everything else. Okay?” Sheetal didn’t know what ‘everything else’ meant, but it didn’t matter. Her devar would know everything. “How much will it hurt?” she asked. “A lot, Bhabhi, a lot.”

His cock was again hard and pushing into her. Suddenly Sheetal felt his fingers at the top of her blouse. She tensed but then relaxed as he unbuttoned her. First the top button, and their eyes searched into each other. As soon as he had opened the first button he moved down to the next unopened button. Once that he had that undone he moved to the next. Then to the next, until finally the her blouse was completely unbuttoned. He pulled it from inside of her skirt. Their eyes still held and their breathing was even more labored than it had been. He pushed the blouse away from her shoulders and she stayed unmoved. As the blouse fell off the child to the floor, Manish momentarily stopped breathing. He had been expecting a bra of some sort but instead the delicious white flesh of her mango-sized breasts stood before him. Slowly, he bent and moved his mouth onto one of the tits, pulling it into his eager mouth. Sheetal gasped. Her chest pushed forward. “Mmmmmmm.” A pleasured moan emanated from within her throat. Her hands flashed up and around his head as a thrill shot through her body. She held him tightly to her and his tongue licked around the nipple while his lips sucked on the flesh. “Ooooomm Manish… mmmmmm, that’s nice…” While his mouth worked over the young flesh, his fingers nervously fumbled with the zipper on her skirt. It was only a matter of seconds before Sheetal was then standing before him, with her panties being her last bit of clothing, while her devar’s oral manipulations continued causing thrilling sensations in her chest. Then she felt his hands back on her hips and his thumbs sliding under the elastic of her silk panties.

Her whole body stiffened from the fear of the unknown. Manish felt his bhabhi’s body tighten up. He kept his thumbs inside of her panties and pulled his mouth from her wonderful breast. He looked up into her face and quietly asked, “Okay? Can I take these off baby?” Sheetal gulped. Her mouth was totally dry. She nodded rapidly. Manish slowly and gently pushed the last remaining piece of clothing down over his bhabhi’s legs to the floor. Then with his head at her hip level he moved into her, placed a soft wonderfully exciting kiss on her bald mound, and then stood upright, alongside of her. His eyes ravaged his bhabhi’s young and hot looking body. She watched him appraise her and she was tremendously excited and extremely nervous. “Get into bed, Bhabhi,” he finally whispered. As Sheetal moved obediently onto the bed and over to the middle, Manish rapidly removed his shirt and pants. Then he was only in his shorts and he looked over at his bhabhi lying there before him. She was totally naked, in the center of the bed on her side, and her young eyes were boring a hole in his trunks. As he slid them down over his body, he watched her face contort to a wild energized look when his erect cock tumbled out into the open. She watched nervously as he stepped out of his last piece of clothing and then slowly moved onto the bed. He knelt by her side, looking with utter fascination at the flesh of his bhabhi’s body. Slowly he lowered his head and kissed the flesh of her tit. “Mmmmmmm,” she murmured as her hands instinctively moved to the back of his head. Manish’s mouth and tongue began tasting and stimulating the her flesh, all around the tit; around the nipple and underneath the little mound of flesh; over and around the aureole. Then he was moving onto her quivering stomach. He was also talking on her flesh, in between his kisses and his licks, “Baby you’re so good. Mmmmm, so delicious.

Manish’s gonna taste you baby. I’ve been wanting to taste you for so long.” Down lower his mouth went, to the top of the young girl’s pussy mound. Sheetal was on fire now. Her hands at the back of his head were guiding him hard into the depths of her pussy, which was waiting in eager anticipation for her devar’s mouth. He felt her body writhing under his mouth as his hand moved into her pussy. “Ohhhhh.” She was pushing harder at her devar’s head. She wanted his mouth on her, to bring her to the heights of pleasure. She felt completely impassioned. Manish moved his tongue into the slit and his nose absorbed the wonderful odor of hot pussy. He wanted to bury his mouth and tongue into this cunt. As he moved his finger gently into his bhabhi’s hole, his lips enclosed on her hardened clitoris and began sucking between his lips. Occasionally his tongue licked about. Sheetal thrust her hips violently upward to meet the object of her pleasure and her hands clutched fiercely at the back of his head, pushing him into her. Her young body had never experienced such waves of ecstasy and she could have never imagined such stimulation. Her body was on fire as his hands and mouth worked her young body to a fever pitch. She felt spasms shooting through her. “Manish oooohhhh my oooohh …..” Her body was involuntarily fucking up at his face and hands, and he had all he could do to keep his mouth glued up into her as he sucked up all of her goodness. She was still convulsing in pleasure when he rapidly pulled his mouth from her pussy and hurriedly climbed over and placed his legs between hers. Looking down at her, Manish was struck by the complete look of utter wanton lust on his bhabhi’s face. He could never have imagined such passion in a girl but here was his bhabhi in this seemingly uncontrollable frenzy. Her lips were quivering and she seemed almost incoherent. “Do me, Manish, do it… fuck me… hurry… fuck me do it fuck me… Hurry!” Her hands were clutching at his ears, hotly pulling his face down. Her mouth opened wide to his and his hands reached between their bodies and clutched at her young titties. Her lips were moving eagerly under his, awaiting his entry into her body.

She was completely hot. Their mouths worked in desperation upon each other. Their hands were clutching and suddenly his prick reached the entrance of her pussy’s hole. As the tip pushed past the soft moistened pussy lips Sheetal gasped. Her mouth opened wider still, engulfing his tongue as saliva passed freely and frantically between them. Manish was too far-gone to be nice. With all of his power he thrust fiercely, entering deep into his bhabhi’s womb. He then felt the resistence in her cunt and slowly and steadily pushed with all his force breaking her hymen and virginity to gain access to the inner grounds of her cunt. “OOOOMaaMMMM OOOOOMaaaaa nnnnnngggggghhh” she shreiked. Manish rested with his face on her breast and slowly sucking her nipples till she got over the pain and slowly started the in and out motion. “OOOOMMMMM OOOOO,” she murmured a tremendous sound and to his surprise this wasn’t a sound of pain, only pleasure as he penetrated deeply into his bhabhi’s tight cavern. He felt the tight moistness around his throbbing cock as he at first pushed all the way into her and then slowly began withdrawing within the exquisite feeling of suction from her wonderful cunt. Sheetals hand went down between them and touched her cunt and Manish’s prick, she could feel lots of moist feeling on her fingers, she brought her hand up to look and saw it filled with blood. Oh God the gift of virginity which she wanted to give her husband was given to her devar. “Ohhhhhh nnnnnngggggg.” His bhabhi’s cunt was causing him the most magnificent feeling of pleasure that he had ever experienced. Again he thrust deep into her and he felt her hot legs grab around his as she grunted and pushed herself up to meet him. “Fuck me devar, do me, it’s good gooood ohhhh you’re in me I fe… feel Oooooo…” Sheetal reached up and pulled his mouth down and swallowed everything that his mouth served into hers.

Manish’s hands had moved under her shoulders and his body began pounding into her. His bhabhi was hotly meeting thrust for thrust as her mind and body were imploding. She was babbling incoherently as her wild body fucked frantically and she clutched at his head and sucked on his delicious mouth. “Ohoh oh,” he grunted. “I have to stop pull out I’mgonna cummm baby ooohhh.” Suddenly Sheetal’s hands moved from his head and grabbed at his lower back with all of the force that she could muster, as she continued fucking and writhing beneath him. Her cunt muscles seemed to swallow him deep into her and clutch his cock in a grip. He was about to cum and he had to pull out. “Ohhhh BABY I HAVE TO STOP. I’m gonna cum.” Then every ounce of power that she had was holding him into her. Their mouths parted. Manish couldn’t believe the wild frenetic utterings coming from within his bhabhi. “It’s okay do it Manish do it do me yes yes cum cum make me your baby do it now Manish NOW NOW!” “Here it comes baby – – AHHHH! I can’t stop.” Manish was pounding deep within her and his cock began shooting in forceful spurts into his bhabhi’s wild cunt. Her legs and arms clutched tightly around him. “MEEEEE oooooooo OH Manish yeah!” “Cummmmm ooooooooo,” he faded. Finally her muscles relaxed as Manish’s last draining drops squeezed out into her. He then collapsed softly upon his bhabhi’s sweat-laden body as they both struggled to catch their breaths. After a couple of minutes he managed to whisper, “You were great bhabhi. Really great.” “You too… Wow.” she siad Although Manish’s temples were still throbbing, he finally began to breathe somewhat easier and begin to relax. His prick softened and as he shifted slightly it automatically slipped from within her saturated channel. He rolled off her body and lay on his side against her, facing her. “I don’t know. I thought the first time was always supposed to hurt and make you bleed,” he said softly as he glanced down, first at her and then at his own shrunken member.

There was signs of blood all around her cunt and on his prick also. The bed sheet was stained with blood. Sheetal closed her eyes and tried to relax herself back to normalcy. As she lay there somewhere in the back of her mind she dreamt about herself and Manish. Comments and criticism are invited by one and all, friends interested in swapping personal incidents are welcome to email me, Females from hyderabad area are welcome to contact me.

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