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Bhabhi In Dulhan

  • desipapa
  • September 9, 2015

Hi guys this is Dev from Mumbai. i find it exciting to read about people fucking their chachis bhabhis moms and aunts. So here is my story relating to my sexual exploits with my bhabi(rita). I am 17 year old gut staying in Mumbai with my bhaiyaa and parents live in pune. my bhabi rita is 32 and you know she is my darling. my brother runs his business and has to travel all over the country.

He invariably remains on tour for 8 months in a year. so all u guys can imagine the amount of fun i have with my sexy and vulptous bhabhi. so here begins the story….. my bhabhi got married to my brother a couple of years ago and belive me at that time i had not thought in my wildest dreams that i would be fucking her some day.

I had immense respect for and liked her like all devars like their bhabis. my bhabhi was perfect in all respects. she had a prefect body without a single pound of extra fat.she was quite intelligent as well. since i and my bhabhi used to spend a lot of time together, we were quite compatible with each other.

But let me tell u even in every day life she used to dress like a complete “suhaagan”. lips red like cherry, with lots of sindoor on the forehead, hands completely filled with red bangles, a big mangalsutra and to round it off she always wore a good saree sometimes pink, red, orange, blue and so on.

She looked immensely beautiful even in her daily clothes. I never hesitated in admiring her beauty . everyday when i used to wake up my bhabhi would me a glass of juice and it was customer for me to say “thanks bhabhi, today u are looking beautiful”. she always took my compliments well and with a smile. i loved her smile a lot . she always had a soft,

Charming and a warm smile on her face. i used to chat with her a lot and sometimes mybhabhi would sportingly ask me “would kind of wife do u want vivek?” and my answer as usual used to be “just find me your duplicate bhabhi and i will marry her “. hearing my answer she used to laugh loudly. days passed by and i got closer and closer to her. now , i dont know why , i started to have strange feelings about her.

Whenever i would be resting or sitting alone the thoughts of my bhabhi used to preoccupy my thoughts of her beautiful smile, lovely body used to completely fill my brain. initially i felt guilty for harboring such thoughts about my own bhabhi but later my feelings for her intensified. i realized that i was in love with her and now i just thought about her lovely body,

Great boobs and wide round ass. i had made up my mind to fuck her and was waiting for the right day.after fighting with myself for 3 days i decide to make a bold move. it was a Friday morning and as usual my bhbahi ha dresses herself in a pink saree. she was looking sexy. all morning i did not talk to her and after bathing as i was about leave my house for some work this happened..

I went near my bhabhi with my head low, seeing me he smiled and asked”kya baat hai vishal, aajtum itne chup kyun ho?” hearing this i said “bhabi mein aapse kuch kehna chata hun. mein janta nahin kii is baat ko kaise kahon par mera ye baat kehna bahut jarurihai. ye sunker shayad aap mujhse nafrat karne lagen”

She replied”kya baat hai? jaldi bolo” and then holding my breath i said” bhabi mujhe lagta hai kii main aapse pyar karne laga hun”. saying this i just rushed out of the house. whole day i remained out, thinking about what could be her reaction when i reach home.any way at about 5 in the evening i returned home. i rang the dood bell and my bhabhi opened the door.

She looked at me and smiled.i shook my head and rushed into my room, i didnt have the courage to talk to her.i locked myself in the room for 2 hours pondering about what i had done. at about 7 i came out of my room and for the first time in the day looked at her. as i looked at her, i noticed that her face was expressionless but a noticeable change had taken place.

She was now wearing a red saree and looked completely like a dulhan. i did not read much into that change. that whole evening i did not talk to her. she served me dinner and we sat to watch a bit of television but not a word came out of our about 9 p.m. my bhabhi went inside and i thought she had gone to the kitchen to fetch me a bit of milk but she didnt return for the next 15 minutes.

I got confused and went inside to see what was the matter. i entered my bhabhis room and found her standing near the mirror. looking at me she said”ander aao vishal aur darwaza band kar dena” what?? i thought in my mind. was it a dream or a reality.? anyway i locked the room and looking at my bhahi i gave her a wicked smile. by now i understood that she also approved of my bhabi came near my and throwing her bangle filled hands around my neck, she gave me a gentle kiss in my lips.

Let me tell u it was the best kiss i ever had. this made me horny and i grabbed her by her waist and gave her a tight kiss on her lips. then i removed her sarees paloo and started to press her huge breasts. in the mean time she tore off my shirt and loosen the strings of her petticoat. it fell down and now she stood only in her blouse and panty. her legs were quite beautiful. i tore of her blouse only to find her not wearing a bra!!.

Her breasts looked amazing and i took them in my mouth, sucking milk out of it. after couple of minutes she threw me forcefully on the bed. i watched my bhahi and what a sight it was. my lovely sexy bhabhi only wearing a panty. her soft boobs completely bare and hands full of red bangles. what a terrific combination.!! she came near me pulled out my pajama and underwear. my lund was saluting her. she jumped on the bed and took it in her mouth and licked it. i felt relieved, horny,calm all at the same time.

Then i threw her on the bed and laid myself on her body, kissing every part of bhabi was loving every moment of it. i kissed her every body part and then thrust my lund into her cunt. she screamed with pain and pleasure. i pushed it harder until i blasted my cum into it and all this while she groaned “jorse vishal, aur jor lagao” i kept my lund inside her cunt until i cum thrice in it. after that i took in out and licked her ass juice. by that time we were burning with heat and sweat.

The smell of her armpit and body was like scent to me. well, we continued to fuck each other for the next 6 hours kissing each other on every body part and from all possible angles. after 6 and a half hours of intensive fucking, i slept on bhabhis body. next morning i woke up still in the bed,completely naked.

My bhabhi came in the room wearing a sexy nighty which hung on to her body only by two small strongs. she had not taken a bath and she was smelling great. she came in with a cup of tea and gave it to me like all wives give to their husbands,she laughed looking at me and the stood up, loosen the two strings of her nighty and let it slip out of her body.

She was standing bare, without even a panty and jumped into the bed.well u all know what happen for the next couple of hours. now, i and my bhabhi r two great lovers and when ever my bhaiyaa is out with work we make sure that we bath together and fuck each other atleast 5 hours in the day alone. sleeping together at night is a different thing.

At about 6 in the evening she puts in her sexy nighty not wearing any under garments and when we are about to sleep, she removes it and sleeps completely naked with me.i too sleep without an under wear. it facilitates quick fucking.

On Sundays we make it a point of not coming out of bed till 4 in the afternoon. my bhabhi weras whtever saree i ask her to. when i wish to look at her as a dulhan and want to have suhaagraats i ask her to wear a red saree with all her make up. sometimes at my command she remains completely naked all day!!.

She does not feel ashamed as she considers me her husband when bhaiyaa is out and standing bare in front of your husband is not shameful at all. we love each other immensely and whenever bhaitaa is back we r back to old relationship of devar-bhabhi.althugh my bhabhi sleeps 4 months in a year with my bhaiyaa she insists that she has never had physical relationship with her.

She says that i am the only one to make use of her body and she even says that she will never allow my bhaiyaa to fuck her. she wishes to have 3 or 4 kids from me and now after two years of immense fun, we r planning to have first of our four babies. after all husband-wife relationship only gets better when kids are born!!! any unsatisfied bhabhi, chachi mom or even aunts in Mumbai can contact me at . i will be grateful to satisfy your all u aunts bhabhis chachis in Mumbai contact me quickly and without any hesitation.

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