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Best Friend 4 Ever

  • desipapa
  • September 28, 2015

Sarah and he had been best friends ever since they both could remember. Whenever one of them had a problem, the other was always there to help. Over the years, they had become very close, and had developed a trust that few can claim to know. They were a team, and their friendship was a given, never doubted or questioned. Lately, Sarah had been having problems with her boyfriend, and was coming to him more and more often for help and advice. On more than one occasion, she would be crying uncontrollably.

She found solace in his arms, and quite often remained there for hours on end, while he caressed her and made her feel better. Soon, she began to become more and more confused. She felt a great deal for her boyfriend, and yet she looked forward to being with Joel whenever things went wrong, and that confused her. Once, she even went over to Joel’s house, crying about something that never even happened, simply to be held by him. His arms wrapped around her, and she felt extremely warm and safe. Almost like a big teddy bear in reverse. Her arms wrapped around his torso, and she buried her face within his chest. Her blonde hair fell around her face, so that he could not tell exactly what she was thinking. She felt a warmth elsewhere, a feeling that surprised her, especially since it was related to Joel, her best friend. She grew worried. What should she do? Should she tell him how she felt and risk losing his friendship? What would change between them? She soon found out. Her boyfriend broke up with her one day, and the ensuing argument they had totally wrecked Sarah. She sped to Joel’s house, where he was studying in his room.

Her eyes, streaked red with tears, told Joel everything he needed to know. Sarah took one step into the room, and her legs gave out. She fell, arms pitched forward as she approached the floor. Joel leaped out of his chair and managed to save her from hurting herself. He lowered Sarah’s limp body to the floor, and then picked her up and brought her to the bed. She lay in the fetal postition, crying hysterically. Her hair was once again covering her face, and Joel tried to stroke it away with his fingers. His large hands paradoxically stroked her fine hair, and she felt better immediately, although the pain of what happened still held her in shock. Sarah lifted herself off the bed, and embraced Joel. He ran his hands up and down her back, saying sootihthing words to her, hoping that she would feel better soon. She was, but in a way that surprised even her. Sarah was calming down quickly, and, without realizing it, she began to hold Joel tighter to her. She wanted to feel his chest as close to hers as possible, and she wanted to feel him touching her breasts all over. She realized what she was doing, but could not make herself stop. Joel mistook her strong hold on him for grief. Her hands began to wander around Joel’s back, feeling each muscle beneath his T-shirt. She grew more and more excited. Her face was buried in his chest, and as she lifted her head just the slightest bit, she could smell the scent of his skin, and she touched his neck with her nose. She inhaled, and his smell filled her. Her legs began to become uncomfortable, and she had to shift them.

Her fingers found the back of his neck, and she began to strok the hair that fell there. He loved it when her long nails traversed through his hair, as they used to do that to each other when they were younger. She felt the hair on the back of his neck stiffen, and she knew that he was enjoying it. Now, it was his turn to become confused. He had no idea what she was doing. Could she be testing him? Could she just be out of her mind from being too upset? His mind shut off, and his instincts took over. She raised her head, as he lowered his. Her eyes shut automatically, as did his. He had often wondered what it would be like to kiss her, but such thoughts were fleeting, and he didn’t dwell too long on them. Now, it was really happening, and he couldn’t think, even if he really wanted to. He began to feel the warm breath upon his lips. She was coming closer, closer, and panic started to set in. Wait! Wait! something inside of his mind said. But he shut that part of his brain off, and he felt the smooth texture of her lips begin to graze his. Her lips were so smooth, so supple, that he was almost lost in them, but he could feel her chest against his, and her hands running through his hair. The combination overwhelmed his senses, and he tried to concentrate. His tongue meshed with hers, and began to lightly explore the contours of her mouth. Gently, their tongues played roly – poly games with one another. Sarah couldn’t believe what was happening. This is what she wanted, she thought. For all this time, this is what she wanted, and now she knew… so did he! Her mind began a confusing, wondrous dream state in which she floated. His arms began to pull her closer and closer to him, and she felt as though they were becoming one. Her mind rushed in a mixture of fast forward and slow motion, as e if every emotion was being felt for the very first time. Her hand came from around Joel’s back, and she brought it down to the base of his T-shirt. With her long fingernails, she lifted his shirt and placed her hand on his tight abdomen. Her cool hand on his warm skin made him inhale, but whether it was truly that, or the delight of having her touch him so, he couldn’t tell.

She brought her hand up to his chest, and their kissing grew more and more persistant. She began to roll one of his nipples between her fingers, hoping that he would get the hint that that was how she liked it. The T-shirt fell down her hand like an upside down ‘V’, and she decided to remove it alltogether. Her hands came down to underneath both of Joel’s arms, and she gently pushed them upward. His arms went up, and she removed his shirt. She threw the shirt to the floor, and brought her hands down on Joel’s chest. She ran her fingernails up and down his chest, and drove him absolutely wild. Joel soon got the hint, and he began to reach for Sarah’s clothes. He unbuttoned the first button of her blouse, and more of Sarah’s creamy skin showed through. He undid the second button, and he saw a glimpse of the round breasts still mostly hidden by the fabric. A third undone, and he saw the front clasp of her bra, as well as some of her stomach. He reached into the fabric, and touched the clasp. His fingers stroked the skin above it, then he ran his finger underneath the clasp, and felt the skin between her breasts. It was smooth. Very smooth. As he touched her, her skin grew tighter, and it sent shivers down her back. Without realizing it, her back began to arch, and urge him further. He deftly unsnapped the clasp, but since her blouse was still on, the bra straps remained where they were. He unbuttoned the fourth and fifth buttons, pulling the blouse out of her pants, and now revealing a vertical line of skin from her waist, showing her navel, up between her breasts, to her neck. The sight before him was picture perfect, the embodiment of sexy.

He could hardly believe that the person before him was Sarah, the one person he probably never expected to be with. His fingers took hold of on bra strap, and he peeled it back like opening a delicate package. He looked at Sarah’s face, and saw that she was staring back into his eyes, granting him her acquiescence to continue. She felt the cooler air swirl around her exposed breast, and her skin rippled with delight. She could feel her nipple harden in expectation, but she felt lopsided. She wanted him to fully declothe her, and take her as his. He held the other strap in his hand, and slowly began to remove it in the same fashion. He pulled very slowly, partially because he wanted to keep his best friend a secret, partially because he felt that he was betraying her in some way. One look at her face, however, cancelled that thought. He exposed the other breast, and pulled the blouse and bra off her shoulders in one motion. There she sat, her breasts pointing out at him, inviting him to hold her. His hands returned to her neck, and he began to gently, lightly caress her skin, touching her jaw, her face, then back down to her neck, and finally, he begaan to caress her breasts. Her eyes closed, and she felt his dexterous hands on her body. Her back arched even more, as if to attempt to push herself into him more. His large hands covered her breasts, and she could feel the warmth caused my the friction of his movement. Her hands, which went back to his chest after he took off her blouse, began to do the same to his chest. Then, slowly, she began to trace her fingers lower and lower down his torso, until they reached his waistline. She wanted to be fulfilled now, and with him. His hands never left her breasts, but his eyes followed her hands down to the waistline of his jeans. She deftly popped open the button, and unzipped his jeans. He could feel his prick straining the cotton briefs, and now their was a little more room. Her long fingernails fit easily under the elastic, and she pulled it away from his body. As his member sprang free from it’s confinement, she opened her mouth in surprise. In all the time she knew him, she had never know known that he was THAT big.

She didn’t know for sure, but it was longer than heif she used both hands, it would still show. She smile wide, both because she loved long pricks, and because it was HIS. His hands were already down at here waistband, and soon, her fly was open and he was running his fingers up and down her slit from inside her pants. Her eyes rolled back into her head, and she had to swallow several times. She leaned back on the bed, and he leaned on top of her, and took one nipple in his mouth. Her hand was still stroking his dick, and her slit was getting very wet, especially with one hand sliding in and out of her hole. With one hand, she started to pull her pants down, and he helped with his free hand. Soon, both of them were entirely naked, their clothes in a heap next to the bed. Her body was squirming on the bed, as his expert tongue encircled first one nipple, and then the other. Her hand gently rubbed his pole, and she could feel the desire building within her. Suddenly, she got an idea. She began to pull on him, to give him the idea. It didn’t take him long. She placed the head inside of her, and then began to stroke the shaft up and down. It was something that she had never been able to do before, and she could feel the head as it moved with her actions inside of her. Then, slowly, he began to push himself into her. Slowly, he entered her. When she thought that she couldn’t take anymore, she looked down, and saw that he wasn’t even all the way in! He finally made it all the way in, and she nearly bent over double when the entire length hit her. She couldn’t distinguish if it was pleasure or pain that she was feeling, but soon she discovered that it was all pain. She couldn’t even move. As he began to pump in and out of her, she felt herself rising toward a climax after only a few strokes. Soon, she came, and it was a thunderous, exhausting experience. Her fingernails raked his back, and her legs wrapped around his ass.

She wanted more, though, and her hands grabbed his ass, and she pushed him onward towards his own ecstacy. He could feel himself building and building pressure, until he thought he was going to burst. Finally, he came inside of her, and she felt his liquid inside, warm and wet. He continued to pump hard and fast until he wore out, but he remained inside her. She could stll feel his enormous length, even as he started to turn flacid. He collapsed on top of her, and rested. Suddenly, she felt something she had never experienced before. He was growing hard again, inside of her. The experience of this alone caused her hips to buck against his. And once more, they climaxed, but this time, they came together ANY BHABHI, AUNTI, YOUNG GALS( only who stay in delhi or its neighbours like gurgaon, faridabad, noida etc) WANNA HAVE FRIENDSHIP WITH ME MAY MAIL ME AT, also ur identity will be kept confidential.

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