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  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

Hi readers i have read all the stories and i thought to share about my experience to all of you.Well i m shahzad from ISLAMABAD and i m in my 2nd year doing BS in computers.Well basically i do tutions in defence and the incident happened with me and my student.Her name is maliha she is in first year doing inter and have a perfect body but i dont know about her sizes b coz i dont have interest in these things.

Well is an modern area of ISLAMABAD and i used to go there to teach ma student maliha . As every body has his own privacy thats why maliha has her own room and there i used to teach her daily in the evening.well when ever i saw her i used to think about her and did masturbation for my satisfaction but the problem is how i tell her that i like her and i want to change this relation and i want to do friendship with her then i got an idea and i did her a phone call and told her every thing first she denied that how is it possible but then agreed the things got changed after that and we came near n near after some days i said to her that do u like me she said yes then i told her that i want to kiss her and i luv her etc.

She said nothing and it gave me courage and i kissed her lips for about 5 minutes and then she got hot and responded me heavily with a great kiss and then i left next day when i came she told me that zeb it was a nice experience and she want to do it again and it was my turn now to do watever i want to do i said ok wat abt ur family she said oh nobody will come here just do it now i m dieing i said ok then i came close to her and kissed her she was already hot she gave me the great response and started kissing me wildly i inserted my tongue in her mouth and she was sucking it and i was sucking her saliva too i was biting her lips and sucking them hard then i slowly moved my hands and lift her nice shaped boobs she moaned like ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh zeb wat r u doing i will die it is great do it do it then i move ma hand and put off her shirt wow wat a great sight it was her pinkish body was infront of me and i started kissing her wildly suddenly i lift her bra up and undid it and then i started kissing her pink nippels i was biting licking pinching like an animal and she was moaning heavily wow zeb do it i m urs all urs i was cupping her breast but they were too big i was pressing her nipples hard and hard her one nipple was in my hand and the other was in my mouth and her moans were made me crazy ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it sounds goodddddddddd ahhhhhhhhhhh i love it then i move down and made her completely nude except her panties it was totally wet with her juices i got wild and started kissing her all over her body and on her panties too the taste of her juices were nice she was in great pleasure she closed her eyes and was biting her lips then i undid her panties wow wat a sight it was she was nice the beatiful redish pussy infront of me i started to feel her pussy lips and in the same time.

I started kissing her lips she was in great pleasure with sounds ohhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww u r making me maddddddddddddddddddddddddddd then i lift her in ma hands and guide her to the bed and then i started to move ma lips on her wet pussy she was totally virgin and a small love hole was infront of me i was tounge fucking her i was biting her pussy lips cheewing them and she was really going mad she shouted oh zeb wat r u doing it is really cute i never think about that pleasure wow u r nice i love u zeb i love u do it do it i m in great pleasure all of a sudden she moaned heavily and then came a huge orgasmmmmmmmmmmmm with a sweet moan ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh then she opened her eyes.

She started undressing me and now i was completely nude too she was afraid to see my 8 inches shaft ohh zeb wat is this it is too big i told her that it is the one who can satisfy both of us she hold it in her hand and i got a great sensation with his warm and soft hand then i move my shaft to her mouth and told her to suck it first she got confused but i pushed it in her mouth and told her to suck it and then she started to suck my cock wow wat a great feelings i never think about it she was sucking it fast and i was in great pleasure after 5 minutes i lost my controls and i shot my cum in her mouth she got confused just b coz she dont know abt that but i made her to swallow all my cum then i started kissing her boobs and move to her belley and then on her pussy then her ass hole she was breathing heavily now then she hold my shaft in her hand and started it jerking off in few seconds i got erection again and then i stretched her legs and and put my index finger in her hole she moaned heavily no no zeb dont do it it hurts but i was not in a mood to listen her i started finger fucking her and she was moaning heavily ohhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no no dont do it ohhhhhhhhhh its nice ohhhhhhhhhhhhh and then she had an orgasm the juices made me mad and i started to lick her juices and it was tasty salty i was completely mad now i told her that i want to fuck u and it will be pain ful so pls try to bear it she said ok and then i came near to her and then i guided my cock to her hole ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh it was too tight i have no way to go in then i made a jerk and slowly pushed it in her hole and it was really painful and was impossible to go in such small hole she shouted oh zeb i cant bear it pls dont do this but who cares abt these shouts i pushed again a little and she shouted ohhhhhhhhhhh no no pls no then i waited for a minute b coz it was really painful for me too then i started kissing her lips to change her intentions and after that i pushed heavily and my whole cock went in she shouted but cant coz i was kissing her and the tears were coming out from her eyes and i felt some thing tored in her and the blood was coming out she was crying due to pain then i slowly started moving my cock in n out first it was painful but after some jerks she started enjoying it and responding me like yes now its feeling good wow yes i m enjoying do it fast ahhhhhhhh yes ohhhhh its sweet do it do it push it hard and i was doing the same i was increasing my speed in the mean time she got an orgasm with her heavy moan ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh.

After 10 minutes i got some sensations and i told her that i need to cum and it will make u pregnant she said no no its not a serious matter i want to feel every pleasure of this love so cum inside me and then she got an orgasm again n again the juices were interrupting my cock inside her and mean while i increased my pace it was really nice to fuck such a nice and virgin pussy the walls were hot and too tight i was enjoying the every jerk in her beautiful pussy. I was at my final round the sensations were giving me the signals and i came with a huge load of my life shots of cum were falling inside her and i was jerking it untill it came outside she suddenly hold ma dick and started sucking it and made it clean then i kissed her every where of her whole body and got erection again and then i fucked her again this time we both enjoyed alot and it took about to 15 minutes then she kissed my whole body and made me clean and then we dressed up and then i left with a good bye kiss. after that i fucked her ass too but it will make the story lengthly so leave it any one from RAWALPINDI ISLAMABAD girls and aunties of age under 35 or any married women want to enjoy some sex with me then they can mail me and i m also waiting for ur suggetions that how was my story so pls mail me at

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