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Best Diwali

  • desipapa
  • September 28, 2015

Hello friends, I am Anjali Singh living in hyderabad I am 20 years old. I have good figure 34-24-34. I Have light brown color pointed nipples. I am sharing a incident with you. I stay in an hostal. That was my final year in collage. The workload was heavy. The girls’ hostel was almost empty, as it was near Diwali, and most had left early for the holidays. I lived far, and was behind in my studies, so I decided to stay and try to catch up.

Some catching up, with the firecrackers, and the general mayhem. Around midnight, as I was attempting to study in bed, I heard a spark, and all the lights went out. We had a blackout, and all I could see and hear were the fireworks out in the distance. Not much else I could do inside, so I decided to go out. I was in a long tee-shirt, over which I put a shawl to keep warm, felt for my slippers under my bed, and was soon out of the gate in the crisp autumn air. That’s when I noticed Zakir. I had seen him before, he was a brother or something of one of the girls. He surprised me by calling out my name, “Anjali?” I turned to him, and he grinned and said, “No, lights, huh?” Before I knew it, I walked up to him. I said, “No, and it’s so empty inside.” “Looks like you need to get warm, c’mon, my place is just on the next block.” I hesitated for just a fraction, before I nodded OK. He lived with his parents, so I figured it was fine. As we walked, he held my hand, and I couldn’t help feeling a warmth, and just a bit of anticipated excitement.

He had a room over the garage, and we chatted idly for a bit in the dark with a small candle throwing shadows all over. After a while it flickered and was out. I said it was late, and I better get going. Zakir said wait, what’s the rush, and as he was moving he bumped into me! Both of us giggled, and the ice was broken. Somehow, he found my shoulders, and turned me to him, grazing my face till he found my lips. My heart was racing, and I slowly opened my lips to his tongue as he French-kissed me. His hands were on my back, pulling me closer to his body, as he caressed my back, gingerly going down to my ass. I wanted to object, but the feelings were overwhelming. Soon he was pulling my long tee up, as he continued to kiss me passionately. As if in a trance, I felt him reach under the waist on my panties, and reach into my bare ass. His warm hands felt so good on my bare skin. I pushed myself closer to him. I am normally a shy person, but the darkness, combined with just the moment, made me lose some of my inhibition.

He unwrapped my shawl, and reached to pull my tee completely off, and I just let him, standing before him in just my panties. I felt my large brown nipples get all perky in the cold air. But he had more planned for me. He pulled me to him, and kissed my neck, slowly moving down, as he softly sucked on one, then my other nipple. I was now totally his! He unassembled his belt, and kicked his jeans off.

When he hugged me again, I felt his hard cock against my belly. He was firmly pushing my shoulders down. I resisted a bit, but wanted to please him. His cock touched my breasts, feeling strangely weird. He pushed my head down a little more, till I was face to face with his erection. I was scared a little, never having gone this far before. He pushed my face into it, saying, “Choos, Anjali, c’mon!” I opened my lips and tasted his salty sex! As he moved his hips back and forth into my face, I suppressed my urge to choke, and sucked on it. After a bit, using my tongue all over, feeling it get harder. In the meanwhile he had ripped his shirt off, and he lifted me up and hugged me again, kissing me and tasting his own juices in my mouth. He tugged at my panties, and let them drop. Oh my God! I had never been fully nude in front of a guy before, just some silly making out. Well, he guided me in the dark to his bed, and lay me down, and gently spread my legs. I felt his electric hands feel every curve of my body, and then his tongue explore me from my lips, neck, nipples, tummy…as he went down between my legs. I had a reflex reaction to close my legs, it was too much.

He firmly pulled my legs apart, as he nuzzled the top of my pussy hair. One finger traced along my slit, feeling how wet I had become, followed by his tongue. I was dying with sensations. His tongue explored my pussy lips as I grinded my hips into his face. He delved his tongue deeper into my pussy, as he found my clit, twirling around it. I was feeling a huge orgasm build up, and soon I was vibrating like a sitar string! He let my orgasm subside, and he came up to me, laying on top of my naked body, and guided his hard cock into my very wet pussy. I was so ready.

We fucked for what seemed all night. I woke entwined into his arms like spaghetti. It was the best Diwali I ever had! If anyone living inhyderabad want to have sex with zakir pls mail him at

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