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  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015
This is a story about my sister. She narrated this story to me and requested not to tell anyone, but I think I should share this story with desipapa. Let me describe my sister to you guys. She is 21, 5’4”, fair complexion and has a gorgeous body. Her measurements are 34-24-34. Her boobs are really perky and pink. All her friends say that she has a desi face, white persons boobs and black persons ass. All her life she has been used to getting compliments for her figure and her looks from guys of different age and race. This event took place two years ago when we moved to Harlem from Colorado. My sister and I had to move into a black neighborhood due to shortage of money. My sister didn’t like the place as she was getting harassed by black hunky boys everyday. They would all appreciate her for her figure and looks in a nasty way. One day she was coming back from school and while entering our apartment, she was complimented for her voluptuous ass by one of our black neighbors named Cedric. He told her how he would like to butt fuck her and suck on her perky tits. By this time my sister was tired of these compliments or insults or whatever you want to call it. She started screaming and cussing at the guy and said a lot of nasty names. The next few days she noticed that the guy didn’t say anything to her anymore, but observed her from the window of his apartment. My sister was now very relieved. After a week, my sister got kind of late from college as she stayed behind to study for her exams in the library. It was about eleven thirty and the streetlamps of the neighborhood where we stayed in, didn’t work. While walking through the alley behind our apartment complex, she heard footsteps following her.

She looked back several times, but didn’t see anyone. After a while when she was about 100 meters away from the apartment, she started feeling relaxed and stopped looking behind. Suddenly somebody rushed and jumped on her from behind. Before she could do anything Cedric ripped apart her top with her perky round tits exposed. He immediately started to kiss her on her breasts and with one hand, tried to take off her Victoria’s Secret black lacy bra. With the other hand, he kept on pulling her jeans off. By now my sister came out of her initial shock and gathered enough strength to push Cedric off. Now Cedric was a big guy. He was 6’2” and really well built. Under normal circumstances, my sister wouldn’t even be able to move him a little bit. She managed to push him off because he didn’t expect a 5’4” tall desi girl to even resist. My sister then ran to the apartment and to her relief, she found that she had left the door unlocked. She quickly ran inside and just when she was about slam the door close, Cedric rammed onto the door and my sister fell on her back on the floor. According to my sister, she knew then that the door wasn’t the only thing Cedric was gonna ram that night. Cedric by this time was desperate for pussy and was furious. My sister begged him and told him that she would be ruined if a black guy fucked her. Cedric didn’t listen to anything she had to say and picked her up and threw her on the couch. He then ripped apart her bra and panty exposing her hot body.

My sister tried to cover her private part but to no avail. This actually made Cedric hornier and he grabbed her with one hand and with the other he took his clothes off in no time. Now my sister had heard that black people had big penis, but she had no idea that a penis could be this big. Cedric had a full 14” long and 2” wide penis. Up until now all that entered my sister’s vagina was a tampon, which were merely an inch long and half an inch wide. The very thought of Cedric penetrating her ran shivers down her spine. She made one last ditch effort and requested Cedric to only fuck her on her vagina and not her ass. She said if Cedric promised that then she might be willing to co-operate. Cedric realized that this was a good proposal and agreed to do so. Without much to do, he then asked my sister to spread her legs wide so that he could insert his massive cock. When my sister spread her legs, Cedric was shocked to see that she had a bald cunt and had a clit ring to compliment it. He told her that she wasn’t as innocent as he thought she was and then slammed quarter of his penis in her vagina. My sister screamed out in pain and started to push Cedric off. She said that his penis was almost in her stomach and refused to take it in anymore. Cedric got really furious and threatened to turn her over and butt fuck her instead. My sister pacified and held her breath for another push. Cedric made a loud groan and push almost his entire gigantic penis in my sister’s small vagina.

My sister had tears in her eyes in pain but only bit her lips and didn’t say anything because she knew it would be more painful to get plugged in the ass. Within no time Cedric started to ram her vigorously and slowly she started to enjoy it too. Once her vagina got used to Cedric’s penis, she could feel that she was kind of feeling a little horny too. Pretty soon their bodies were moving up and down in a rhythmic motion. Cedric in the meantime was kissing my sister on her pink nipples and her biting on her belly button ring like a baby deprived of milk for centuries. All this made my sister cum several times and she was moaning like a cow getting slaughtered. After about twenty minutes of vigorous fucking and sucking, Cedric slowed down a little bit. By this time my sister could feel the pain in her vagina come back too. Just when she thought it was over, Cedric pulled her off the couch and pushed her against the wall and slammed her for another fifteen minutes straight and cummed a bucket load deep inside her vagina. My sister said that his cum shot made her feel like somebody punched her deep inside her stomach. After a while he slowly pulled out his penis and they both fell on the couch again. He told my sister that she was gorgeous and was shocked to see that she was clean shaven from head till her toes. He told her that he always appreciated her looks, but was a bit hesitant about fucking her as he thought she would be hairy down their. He then caressed her smooth ass and turned her around a little bit to kiss her neck. He then suddenly saw the tattoo on her back pointing to her ass hole. This made Cedric really horny and he became totally erect.

He sat up on the couch and pulled my sister on his penis. My sister quickly realized what was going to happen and begged him not to do that. She reminded him of his promise, but to no avail. He said he just had to fuck a nice ass like that or else he would regret it for the rest of his life. At first, he couldn’t push it in. He then quickly got some warm water from the kitchen close by and started rubbing her ass and fingering her asshole.

Cedric had thick sausage like fingers and my sister thought that he was pushing in his penis. She relaxed a little bit as it didn’t hurt her much. Before she knew it, she felt a sharp pain in her asshole, Cedric had inserted all his penis up her ass. He kept on moving up in a rhythmic motion and squeezed her tits really hard. He then started to kiss her all over her back and after a long fifteen minutes of pleasure and pain, cummed inside her ass with a loud groan. By this time, my sister was exhausted. Cedric just got up, wore his clothes and thanked my sister for fulfilling his dream of fucking a gorgeous Indian girl. He then left her lying on the floor and slammed the door shut!

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