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Behen Ke Saath Sex Kiya

  • desipapa
  • August 27, 2015

Hello to all readers… This is my first story in DesiPapa so please forgive me for my mistakes. I am rahul , 19 year old man studying in an engineering college in Delhi. My sister’s name is Sheena. She is about 24 year old lady working as a software engineer in Gurgaon. She is beautiful and white, has a nice big round ass. She always gave me a seducing smile. I fantasized about her daily n masturbated many times thinking about her, smelling her panty, licking it. I love the taste of her pussy.

I was dreaming about her for about 2 years now. I was fucking her in my dreams. All those days she had been treating me as my brother. Sheena is medium height, fair. Her boobs will be around 36″ size. She has got big size bums.

One day my parents had to go for a marriage. So we two were alone in the house. I thought of taking advantage of this situation. I went to my sister’s room. Her milky legs were visible as she was wearing shorts that day. Since it was summer, she was wearing red sleeveless top. Her pink bra was visible. She had got clean shaven armpits. O God! She was looking so sexy. I was continuously staring at her sexy armpits. I was getting mild erection also. I think she noticed it n smiled a little but i was feeling horny so i went to my room and started ejaculating thinking about her armpit, legs and boobs. Later when she was serving lunch to me, I inhaled her sweaty armpit smell. Believe me guys the smell of a woman’s armpit and her cunt are just amazing.

Although I was trying to lure her, I could not get the link how to do the first move. Then night came. After dinner at 11pm, she went to her bedroom for sleep. I slept in the drawing room. Her bedroom door was half closed. I could not get sleep for one hour thinking how to fuck her. I was wearing Bermudas without anything on top. So i decided to try my luck so I slowly got up.

I went to her room and pushed the door. Only the mosquito lamp was glowing. I locked the door from inside. She was wearing a night gown and sleeping. Her thighs were visible. Her boobs were partially visible. I lifted her gown slowly. Her cunt was visible with little pubic hair. I inhaled the smell of her cunt. Jasmine smell was coming.

I started to put my tongue in her cunt when she woke up. “Rahul, what are you doing”, she screamed. “I was not getting sleep, so I came to sleep with you”, I said. “Rahul, are you mad? You are my brother!” Sheena shouted. “I know I am your brother and because of this, I have wasted tons of semen for you for about 2 years. Please sis, give me a chance to fuck you so that both will be satisfied.” She wanted to cry but I did not listen to her. I switched on the tube light and tried to undress her. She wanted to run but since the door was locked, she could not go and leaned against the wall. I tore her thin maxi from backside and undressed her. My sister was stark naked in front of me.

I kissed her back and pressed her bums violently. I licked her back and buttocks. I bent down n inserted my tongue in her asshole. It tasted great. Then I kissed her putting my tongue into her for 10 minutes. Then I squeezed her tender coconut size boobs and chewed her nipples and armpits. After 10 minutes she cooled down. Then I laid her down in the bed. I spread her white thighs and licked her cunt lips for 15 minutes.

Sheena was making hhssss—-eesss—oh yes——ooeeemaaaaa—–oooohhhh———–sound. After sucking her pussy for around 15 mins. Suddenly she shivered n started squirting in my mouth. This was the first time i was tasting a woman’s juices n it was the best drink i ever had. Then I inserted my 7″ long cock in her mouth and ordered her to suck. She was sucking like a lollipop. Rubbing her tongue all over my dick, licking the tip with her tongue, taking her deep in her throat n sucking n squeezing my balls in between. After around 10 minutes of sucking i came in her mouth n ordered her to drink all. She didn’t even waste a single drop of cum n licked my dick dry.

After sometime my dick became hard again, this time I pushed my dick into her cunt. I didn’t tell you but she was a virgin so it was really hard for me to insert my dick in one go. But after 2 -3 strokes my dick was inside her pussy completely. I was so warm n fleshy n hot. Oh! it was like my honeymoon night. I started fucking at 100km speed. I was fucking her so fast that even the bed was shaking like hell. But we 2 didn’t care about it, we 2 were engrossed in our own world of fucking. Sounds like phat—fuch—-puch—- were spread all over the room.

Then I discharged in her mouth and again told her not to waste a single drop of semen. After 15 minutes I told her to suck my dick again. It was erect again. I told her to show her ass. She did understood what i wanted to do and was horrified. She started saying, “gaand mat maar meri, bohot dard hota hai, chahe toh choot mar le fir se, please meri gannd mein nahi”. I told her that i will do it slowly n apply Vaseline so that it would go inside easily. I even told her that this will give her maximum tight pleasure. She knelt down like a bitch and I started licking her ass hole.

It was my dream to fuck her ass. I first fucked her with my tongue totally entering it. Then I inserted my 4 fingers in her ass and then finally rammed my hard cock in her ass in one go. OOOooommaaa——-ooeeeemaaaaaa——oohhhh—mujhe chhodh do—- bohot dard ho tha hai hai—-eehhhhmmmm—- Sheena cried. “Don’t worry, you will enjoy in 3 minutes”, I said.

I drove my shaft in top speed. After some time she started responding n was enjoying it to the fullest.OOOOOOOOHHH—AAAAAAAHHHHHH–MERI GAND KO FAAAD DO—— KITNA MAZA AA RHA HAI—– OHHHHHHH– Sheena started pushing backwards. I fucked her asshole for 15 minutes and then ejaculated in her ass hole. Then I kissed her and we slept naked together.

In the morning when i woke up i felt as if someone was sucking my cock. I looked down n saw that it was Sheena who was eating my cock like a hungry bitch. She told me to get up n follow her to the bathroom. In the bathroom, she removed her clothes n removed mine too. She bent down n started stroking and sucking my cock. I was in heaven. I couldn’t believe that it was the same girl who last night was scared of having sex with me.

She was working on my dick like a pro. This continued for around 5 minutes before i ejaculated in her mouth. Then she made me lay down on the floor. She came on top of me n sat on my face with her pussy in my mouth. I started sucking her pussy n inserted my tongue inside her pussy. It was already very wet. She was pushing her pussy deeper into my mouth. Then suddenly i felt a lot hot water in my mouth. I pushed her back n saw that she was peeing in my mouth. The sight of golden shower fall from my sister’s pussy was amazing. I asked her to stand n pee in my mouth n she obeyed. It tasted salty but still was delicious. I drank all her piss n licked her pussy clean. Then she cleaned me up n herself too by the time my parents came.

In my next story i will tell u how my sister turned me into a gigolo for her friend’s birthday party n how i got the chance to fuck 5 girls at once. I would love to have your opinion/thoughts about my story. If any female girl/woman is interested in having any sort of relation with me can also contact me on my mail. I hope age is not considered a factor as i promise that you’ll have night you won’t forget. A sex slave is waiting for u.

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