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Behen Ke Saath Sex Ka Maza

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

Hi girls and guys. I am Deep from Mumbai. I m regular reader of This is first time I m posting my real life incident which took place very recently. My English is not so good so ignore my mistakes.

Let me tell u about my self. I am 26 years old born and bought up in Mumbai. 5’11” height looking good… and doing business in Mumbai only. This is a story about me and my cousin sister. She is really hot and sexy girl. She is 5″5 nice figures. 32 26 32. Very fair n sexy eyes too…..

Incident happen when I went Gujarat for the business purpose. i suppose to live there around 5 months. I have 4 uncle n I m living with oldest one so the girl is a daughter of my youngest uncle. I m visiting them house very frequently… because of good relation. Truly speaking I m not interesting in her because she is my sister. When I m getting close to her n become very friendly with her. So we are talking about each and every thing which happens in our personal life. I come to know that she having affair with her college friend which ended in 2 months…. But the not did sex… And i also had break up very recently so this is also the reason why I am there in Gujarat. I tell her about my break up.. That is why we getting very close..

When I visiting her place we went to another room n chit chat…. this happen few months.. I only visit her place when she was there at evening time only… when she doing some work I looking her watching her very closely n staring at her figure n ass n all… when she war cleaning the floor and she band i clearly viewing her boobs hanging in her bra.. She never notices me about this.

I am telling her to take me out at Sunday and shopping.. But because of her study she couldn’t come with me..
I tell her that I like her. She also tell me that she also like me .this is the green signal for me. But I m not yet dare to tell her that I love you.

Days pass like this only and I have to come back home. The day I have to return home I having lots of leagues so I tell my uncle to drop me at bus station and he agree and my cousin also come to drop me. We have to take two bikes because I having extra leagues so me and my cousin on one bike and my uncle and aunty on another bike. While we r on my way to bus station I thought to tell her the feelings and I told her that I like you and love u too. She was happy and agrees too. But that was my last day. We couldn’t do anything. I just kiss her chick n neck on bike.

After that day I come back home and we had phone chat and phone sex too. Then I decided to go back and meet her. So I arrange meeting with my client and went there. But it was a one day trip so I have to return on same day. When I reach her place after finished my meeting it was 3 in the afternoon. No one is there in home except my love she told me that we don’t have much time because uncle can come any time with in half hour so I first started kiss her very passionately sucking each other lips for around 5 minutes. Mean while I m pressing her boobs and made her honey. As I don’t have much time I slide up her kurti which she wears. Sucking her boobs over her bra n and after some time remove her bra n see her beautiful pink nipple and started sucking one by one she started moaning.

After sucking her boobs I slide her jeans down and feeling her pussy over her black panty which was wet due to pre cum of her. And then slowly I slide her panty down but not completely remove because we don’t having much time as I told u. so after that I starting fingering her pussy n she started moaning loudly I stop her voice by kissing her. As she is virgin it was so hot inside. Then I started sucking her pussy for 10 to 15 minutes while she cum 2 times. She was pressing my head towards her pussy. I heard sound of bike which was my uncle and aunty they arrived at home so we have to dress up very fast after dressing her I kiss her again and my uncle come inside the room. And he welcomes me and we started cheating. And we didn’t get time because I have to go back to my home.

Hope u guys like my story I m planning to go again in this month n I already book hotel and this time I m telling my home that I having a weeding of my friend so I have to go for two days. And she coming as she was going to college. So guys and girls wait for my next post…

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