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Behan Ko Pregnant Kiya

  • desipapa
  • August 27, 2015

My name is Robin. The following narrated story was a real one. Which was happened with my elder cousin sister. Hope you all will enjoy the story. My sister’s name is Annie. I have a well built body. I am 5’10”. With cock of dimensions 8’5″ long and 4″ wide. I love her so much from the childhood but in a normal way, how brothers love her sister in the same way.

I used to kiss her on her cheeks from my childhood. The relationship between us changed when I was completing my graduation. At that time I had a lot of sexual feelings on her.she was a married woman. But don’t have kids after intermediate I used stay in her home for the completion of my b.Tech as the college was very far away from our house. Sometimes to seduce her. When I was kissing her on her cheeks. I made my lips to touch the edges of her lips.

When she was working in kitchen. I used to hug her from behind. Keeping hands around her belly. And making my dick to touch her ass crack… Omg! That feeling was amazing. I used to say her that” I love her .If she wasn’t my sister. Definitely I would be behind her asking her to marry me. I had a lot of crush on her. I can do anything for her. And when I became a very close friend to her. I asked her about her family (sexual) life. How my brother in law is in first she reacted in a strange way.

With a bit of shy and seriousness in her face. At first she didn’t said anything. But later on she admitted that he is not good in bed. He was very tired by the office work and he just sleeps and he not healthy enough to produce a child. Because of her husband they didn’t had kids till now. Then I consoled her. Told her that there is no faults of yours, if he is not good in health then what can u do… Don’t feel bad. Why can’t u get a test tube babies. Or u can adopt a child. For which she strictly said no. she said, she doesn’t like to rise someone’s kid.. She wants her own kid. Then I said.”It’s not good for a brother to say all these words.”

But y don’t u satisfy your self with some other. I mean. U has a sexy attractive figure. U might had a lot of boyfriends in your college life. Then u just explains your problem to some of them and your problem will be satisfied.

She said. Lots of people had crush on her in her college life. But she never allowed a boy to become her boyfriend. She asked me another solution for the pregnancy. I said. There is a best solution. But I think u won’t like it. She asked me what it is. I said… if u wants I can help u. She was stunned for a moment. Then I broke the silence and said “I love u so much and I can do anything which keeps u happy.” A brother’s duty is not only to keep sister happy by cracking jokes or any other means. I have to share your feeling. And satisfy u.If v both are in a relation. Then no one will suspect us. As v r brothers and sisters. And I stay in your home to complete my graduation. She bent her face in shyness. And that was a +ve sign for me to start.

I just went close to her. Hugged her. Consoled her. And slowly started kissing her… for which she responded quietly. Her lips were so soft. I sucked them literally. I was about to remove her dress. And unfortunately bell rang at that beautiful moment. And it was none other than my brother-in-law. I was so angry with him at that time. But all anger went away in an hour. When I heard that he was going to attend a meeting in Bangalore and won’t come to home for 3 days. I was so much joy, but acted as if I don’t want him to go Bangalore. 😉
Early in the morning he left to Bangalore. I was sleeping at that time.

My sisters wake me up with a beautiful coffee. She was wearing a sexy saree low to her belly. And was wearing a low cut blouse. That was all to tempt me. By seeing her like that I was very much aroused and I pulled her pallu, she didn’t kept the safety pin to hold her pallu to her shoulder. By my act all her pallu fell down, giving me a view of her beautiful cleavage and navel show.

That was so romantic. She was fully blushed and came near to me. I pulled her towards me, hugged her and started smooching. She reacted very well. We were going on kissing for a long time. And then I started to undress her. At first I have removed the saree which was struck to her bottom and then lifted her petticoat up to her abdomen and started sucking her pussy. She was moaning in enjoyment. uhhh.. Ummm…then I removed her petticoat and blouse.

I was squeezing her right boob and sucking her left one. They were so good in my mouth… And she also enjoyed it. After some time we went to 6-9 position… and she was above me and I was licking her pussy like a hungry man. And she also gave me a wonderful blowjob… We got stick to this position for some time and later I put on a condom and kept my huge inside her cunt slowly. At first only 1/3rd of my penis was inside her and I asked her can I push my entire rod into her… For which she nodded her head in yes, then I pushed my entire rod in 3-4 moves. For which she made a loud sound. I was afraid whether she got hurt by my act but she loved it a lot… When I asked her about her pain. She said her husband’s penis was not at least the half of my length and not wider was mine…

Then I fucked her hard and we enjoyed it. After Cumming in my condom. I left my dick inside her, hugged her tightly sucking her boobs and slept with her for some time. I woke up at almost mid of the day… I was very hungry by that time. She was still sleeping.

I woke her up and asked her to prepare lunch. She went to kitchen and was preparing the lunch. Meanwhile I took my condom out had a bath. And we both had lunch together watching Kamasutra positions in the internet. By which we learned lots of new positions to have sex. We were laughing at each other thinking that soon we will experience all these positions. By all these. The afternoon was passed. Later in the evening she was cleaning the kitchen platform and went into the kitchen. Held her hard from the back. She was wearing a top and a long skirt at that time. I has lowered her skirt up to her knees and bent her on the platform. Her ass was looking damn sexy. I poured some amount of oil on her ass to lubricate her hole.

Gave a small massage and fucked her ass hard without a condom. After some time I cummed huge loads of sperms in her ass hole. And then we tried all the positions day by day whenever she was single and When my penis is again able to get erect after the sexual session. Like this at least we had sex for 2-3 times a day….And in few days. I came to know that she is pregnant. She told to her husband that when he left to Bangalore. She went to clinic for the test tube baby. And even after giving the birth to her baby. We have sex. And this time. I can even drink her warm milk…I love to fuck her… And that continues till day. Hope u enjoyed it.

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