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Becoming Bhabi for Bhayya

  • desipapa
  • August 27, 2015

Hello friends and my name is Rajesh from Hyderabad and I am sharing you a fantasy of mine which I would love to fulfil the desire. I have this peculiar personality or behaviour that I wanted to feel myself as a girl.

I am a bi sexual and interested in men too if they treat me properly. I wanted to feel myself as a girl or woman at times. I like to wear panties sometimes but I could not get one.

I feel like being treated like how a wife is treated by husband when Katrina Kaif or Kareena kapoor or anybody for that matter is seducing in a movie, I feel like doing what they are doing to seduce.

To describe myself, I have a huge ass as that of a woman and athletic body. Let’s get into the fantasy. I have a cousin brother who is married for 2 years now.

He has got a beautiful wife and I would say any man would crave for her. I always used to feel that if I was her, I would have easily seduced 4 to 5 men and had good sex until now and but she is a very homely lady and with great character.

She is out of station now for a week now as she is pregnant and my cousin is all alone at home. It’s a regular thing that we both will have drink together whenever possible.

We had 2 pegs of whisky each and were enjoying the moment watching TV when suddenly there was a song which was so seductive that my cousin said oh I am missing my wife now. I asked him “why” innocently.

He said, you won’t understand, you are not married. Of course I did understand. We both were in shorts and I can see his erect penis. However I pretended that I’ve not seen anything.

He does not know that if given a chance I can be his wife. Her name is Swati. I call her bhabi. I am ready to take the penis inside me which entered my bhabi’s vagina.

The conversation went on without anything important and we had a quarter each and stopped drinking. I could still see that his penis is erect. I thought to myself if I can have any chance of becoming my bhabi when are you getting married he asked me.

Well, there is a lot of time and I said
Cousin: how are you managing?
Me: What?
Cousin: it creates a problem everyday isn’t it? How are you managing?

Me: What creates problem?
Cousin: don’t you masturbate?
We talk everything but this is the first time we were talking sex.
Me: Yes I do.

Cousin: How frequently?
Me: Once a week.
Cousin: come on and don’t lie to me, I am your closest right? Answer me.
Daily I said with full of shy.

Cousin: hey why are you feeling so shy, this is natural even I masturbate everyday when your bhabi is not around. I was still feeling shy to discuss all these things but somehow he was interested in this. Moreover he is trying to provocative me in telling certain things.

Cousin: whom do you fantasise the most?
I cannot answer this question as I fantasise myself as being a girl and some guy fucking me. What am I supposed to tell him now? Should I tell him how

I feel? But how will he respond? What if he doesn’t like my feelings? By the time I came to a conclusion what to say, he started speaking.
Cousin: Rajesh, you are behaving like a girl, come on.

I just wanted to discuss about your favourite girl for masturbation, only girls behave this way. You are feeling shy for everything. Are you a man or not? Come on tell me.

I did not want to tell him anything now, let him feel that I am feeling shy like a woman. That is what I thought. I was just seeing the floor and smiling. I wanted him to feel that I am not like other boys and would love to be treated like a girl.

We both are drunk and this is the time if I have any slightest chance, I thought. I was not speaking anything and he is angry with me. He came to me and asked what’s wrong with you? I looked at him with half my eyes closed.

Cousin: Rajesh, I have a real doubt on you now, are you a man? Show me that you are a man. I am totally confused now is he asking to confirm or is he asking for a very good enjoyable night with me.

How can I show that I am a man what is he asking me? I still did not speak a word and I wanted to see how far these things go. Either he is going to send me out or take off your short, let me see your manhood he told me.

I was shocked. I said no.
Cousin: why? Don’t you have a penis and I will show you mine. Come on now, don’t drag things. There is something wrong with you, are you show me your thing.

I was pleading him not to do that, just pretending. He asked me to stand up and I stood up. Suddenly he caught my shorts pulled them down. He was shocked to see that I was wearing a panty. The panty hardly covered my penis and turned my back to him. It was completely showing my ass.

Cousin: why are you wearing a panty? It means? Oh my Rajesh, you are a
He stood up and caught hold of my waist; I was hot, drunk, horny. I am now half naked in front of my cousin. Now he came to know all my feelings.

I was standing there like a girl. He caressed my waist and kissed on my shoulder, slowly took his hand onto my belly and squeezed it. I started moaning. He pinched my nipple and I am totally weak now.

I turned around and hugged him tightly. He slowly started removing my panty and its down completely. I did not leave him and still hugging.
Rajesh, you are too hot” he said.
Please call me Swati, Bhayya” I said.

Listening to these words, he just tightened the hug and squeezed me. That was killing. I am totally naked and he is fully clothed. He kissed on my neck and slowly bit my collar bone.

Oh what a feeling. I know he is doing to me what he does to Swati everyday. That feeling made me even hotter. He slowly started sucking my nipples as if he wanted to squeeze milk out of them.

He was shifting from one side to another rapidly. I was going mad and I was holding his head and moaning like animal. He liked my curves and started biting my abdomen.

I was pulling it back as and when his mouth touched it. Never did I felt this before. Totally nude in front of him, I was feeling very shy. He asked me to sit down and made a peg for both of us.

I sat down on the floor naked and feeling very cool. He gave me the glass and asked me to have it. I never imagined this, sitting naked in front of my cousin and having a drink.

He was looking at me continuously. I asked him what are you looking? You are too hot Swati, wow, you look beautiful, while saying this and he came to me and kissed me on my neck. I held his head and pushing me on to my body.

He caressed my whole body. Held my hand and made me stand up. I stood up with all the shyness looking down. He slowly started taking me towards the bedroom. I know what is going to happen next. I am being taken to be explored.

I walked like a bride behind him. Now I am feeling how a girl feels like.

I wanted to talk to him now like a girl and asked him where are we going?
Cousin: to the paradise. You are a great discovery for me.

You got the curves, even your bhabi do not posses them. I want you to wear her saree for me now so that today will be your first night. Saying this, he took a saree, petticoat and blouse from the cupboard and threw them on me.

Now I have to wear them. I went into the other room and wore them all. Wow what a feeling, a woman will have while wearing the saree. I saw myself in the mirror; my ass wants to come out of my saree.

I slowly walked into the bedroom and he is waiting for me. I was so hot the feeling in the saree is too good. He saw me standing at the door and slowly came towards me and pulled me onto the bed and started sucking my navel and other exposed regions of my saree.

Wow, I started moaning and breathing heavily. He grabbed me completely and pulled the petticoat to expose the butt crack. Oh, he kissed me on the back just above my ass and pushed my legs up in the saree to give him a curvier look.

The saree is making me go wild. The sensuousness has increased so much that I wanted to have him inside me at any cost. His kisses are making me wild. His words are making me hotter. Swati, I never knew you this way.

Oh you are awesome, better than your bhabi, come on now, suck your brother’s dick” saying this, he removed his pants to expose his huge monster which was entering into my bhabi’s vagina every day.

I never sucked any dick until now but today is special, this is the penis which entered into the vagina a woman whom I most desired. I wanted to taste it and taste it badly.

I kissed him on his testicles and slowly started sucking his dick. He pushed it inside and inside and started fucking my mouth. I was out of breath. After fucking me for a while, my saree was distorted.

He slowly pulled away my petticoat and blouse to make me completely nude in front of him. I was holding his head and pushing him to my naval region to suck me there.

He started biting my back and thighs and oh I was on the heights. He pushed me on to the bed with my face towards the bed and started kissing my shoulders and then my waist and my back down to my legs. Oh now and now comes the time are you a virgin, Swati?

He asked me and yes I replied how can you be a virgin with such a figure, Swati? While saying, he spread my butt. I can feel his penis on my ass aaaahhhhhh. I started moaning. I know in sometime and I wil be shouting.
He took his dick to the opening of my ass.

I can feel it there. I am trying to open the ass for it to get in. he slowly pushed it in. It is not getting in. I am still moaning. He further spread my ass and tried to push it in. I am losing my virginity wow it’s a thrilling experience.

I am now feeling how a girl feels like. He went out and brought some oil to apply. I am afraid how much it would pain. He kept his left hand on my ass and held his penis with his right hand and put it on the opening of my ass hole uttering the words Swati, now you are my girl and he pushed his penis into my love hole at once.

I shouted and jumped in pain ohhhh that was one kind of experience slowly Swagath please. I gasped call me Bhayya he said. I started squeezing and shouting in pleasure.

He stroked me for 15 minutes holding my nipples and I was in total pleasure. He fucked me from all angles and came inside me. He left me there and went to the bathroom to clean.

I took the saree to cover myself a bit and sat on the bed like a lady. He came back. I couldn’t see him in his eyes as I was feeling so shy. He made me a woman and I was just looking down. He came to me and asked me are you feeling shy?

I just smiled by looking down. He kissed my neck and said that’s how a woman feels after make out. He asked me to wear the saree for him for the night and sleep. I just did what he said. We both slept hugging together as I woke up in the morning.

He was not there on the bed and to my surprise, the maid was there cleaning the floor. I was terrified, I am in a saree and she knows that I am Swagath’s cousin. She has seen me in saree and started smiling. I do not know how to react.

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