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Beautiful Student

  • desipapa
  • September 28, 2015

This is my true story with my student. she was the student of 2nd year class when her exame were near to start her mother request me to stay their home for preparation of her dorther’s exame. I have intimated at my house at came to her house. At the First day at stay her home i have seen first time that she was very buetyful her firures were 36 hight 5.2 feet. Her mother ordered to her brothers and sister dont distrub them because they are studying and she locked to door.

This was very good time with her company. Round about 12.00 o clock I said to her that i am going to sleep you must prepare the summary and then i will check the same. I cannot sleep because this was the first time I was alone with a beautiful girl in the mid night. Suddenly i felt that some one was kissing me on my Lun. My 6 inches long Lun was ready at very first time. I put her boobs in my hands I want to kiss her boobs AT this momement Now slowely and slowely I started to kiss from her beautiful sliky white skin She was moaning and I was enjoing I was kissing her with ful swing and she was crying oooooh haaaaaaa wooooooo please press my boobs I want to fuck you please come and kiss my momas (brest) I beared her boobs and starting to suck her tits white boobs and brown tits what a beautiful contrast.

I suck her boobs upto half an hour then I touched the surface of her pussy. i sucked it hard and after some time i got up and told her now pls un dress me and i undress u she sayed okey now we both are nude she came near to me and told me sir mujko apani bahhon mein bhar lo aur muj ko apana pyar do .i took her in my hand and presed her with my chest and then she set down and start sucking my 7; inches lund i monaed faahhhhhhhhhhh beti oahaohhh hhhhhhh and i moving my lund in her mouth in and out like i am fucking her mouth after five minute she got up and told me now it is your turn daddy i understand what she want is i too set down and kissed her pussy and start licking it she moned ahhhhhhhhhh sir pls chooso aur zor se isko chhoso is ko chhoswane me kitana maza atta hai ahhhhhhhhhh woh to isko kahbi nahi choosete and moned when i insert my tounge in her choot her each and every drop of her pussy iwas licking . she monaed ohhhhhhh Sir mer i jaan pls apani jawan beti ki jawani ko pyar do ohhhhhh mere piya ohhhhhhhh au now i cnanot waid dear fuck me pls my student told and i spread her leg and keep my lund on her choot and gave a hard shot she shout ahhh it is hurting slowly daddy i pressed her boob for a while she start shaking her buttok i gave another shot now it was full in her pussy i sleeped on her for some time and kissing her and sucking her boob she monaed and gave a jerk now she was readdy for fuccking she yeld u betichod chood na apani beti ko bhen chood harami mera doodh piya hai to us ka hisab to pura kar mujko chood ke .i start like a bullet train in and out in and out .she monaing ahhh hohjhhhhh daddy fuck me hard ohhhhh phad do meri chhot ko mujko apane banalo chodo mujhko jor se chodo pls ahhhhhhhh oddddddddhhhhhhhhhhhhhh piyo mear doodh bhi piyo pls tum mujh ko pahela kyoon chodo mujko chodo jor se chodo aur . With my free hand I ribbed her clit and rolled it with my fingers, “ feels so good”, she felt so good and so wet.

She took my dick and started sucking it. I was moaning as it was giving me pleasure. I took off her top and started massaging her boobs while she was giving me a blowjob. After a few minutes I started cumming. She took my load of cum in her mouth and sucked my cock dry. Then I started licking her choot. It was so damn wet. She was moaning. “ooohhhh ahhh. Aur zor se meri choot ko chato. Insert it in my chooot.” She then grabbed my hard cock and pulled it through her legs and placed it between her choot lips, then lifting her ass a little higher sunk back on my dick, arching her back and rocked on my lund. I didn’t have to do anything, she was so hot she did all the work. I started pumping her now, thrusting up her choot, squeezing her tits. She was moaning out “I’m cumming. I’m cumming.. fuck me harder.” I kept on thrusting, jamming my dick up her choot from behind, she started bucking wildly and her juices ran down my leg, two strokes later I was cumming..”you like it hard..hard up your twat”…”yes..fuck me “.

I came all over her ass and back, my cum splattering all over her. I turned her around, kissed her for the first time, and told her to shower and I would meet her. If any female from (Pakistan) is interested in having sex or sharing her experience then please do mail me. I am from Lahore (Pakistan)

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