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Bathroom Sex With My Aunt

  • desipapa
  • October 12, 2015

Hi friends, hope you all enjoyed my story fucking my widowed aunt, this is the continuation of that incident. Everything was going perfect for me with no fear of pregnancy I could enjoy my aunt’s cunt whenever I wanted and not even once I used condoms. All of sudden my all pleasures were stopped as my cousin sister’s summer vacation had started now I didn’t get to spend time with my aunt’s pussy. Nights were not safe because I didn’t want my sister to find about my relationship with her mother same was with my aunt.

So we restrained from any kind of sexual intercourse but sometimes my aunt did sucked my penis but that was not enough for both of us we both needed sex badly it had been 20 days with no sex then my aunt came up with a beautiful idea. She decided to send sakshi ,her daughter, to her grandmother’s house and she would stay here and then we both can enjoy.

So two-three days later my sister was sent packing to her grandmother’s house for approx. 10 days. I went to office that day and applied for leave for two days. So we had full weekend along with Monday and Tuesday to make love with each other.In order to avoid any kind of interruption from outside we decided to lock our door from outside so that everybody in neighborhood thinks we have gone out somewhere and I entered into the house from backdoor. My aunt was preparing dinner in the kitchen. I hugged her from her back and started biting her earlobes and with my both hands I pressed her melons. She said to stop and asked me to move to bedroom but I had other intentions

Me: bedroom me toh roz karte h

She: toh aaj yahi par karna hai kya?

Me: naa aj bathroom me chalte hai sath me shower lenge.

She looked quite surprised and said waha toh maine kabhi nahi kiya chalo karte hai

Me: par aap apni yellow wali saree pehen ke aao

That wet yellow saree had changed my feelings for her so I wanted to enjoy her body in that saree. Firstly she wasn’t pleased with the idea of changing the saree but when I told her about the incident she agreed. I went to the bathroom with just my jockey and waited for her she took somewhat 10 minutes to come but when I saw her ahh she was looking hot she had worn that saree and applied some makeup to spice things up.

I quickly tuned on the shower and grabbed my aunt under it and started kissing her on lips soon we both were wet. I started sucking water from her neck, back, earlobes, lips her face. She was excited and moaned hmmmm …….. Oohhh soon she also started kissing me on face and licked me. I could feel the desperation inside her by this time I had removed her saree completely and started to lick around her naval that was probably her achilles heel she started to moan erotically and knees had weekend she now took support of the wall to stand. I stood up to adjust the shower

She took my dick out and started stroking it. I removed my jockey completely. Water had made her blouse transparent and her erected nipples were easily visible. I removed her blouse an bra and took her one boob in my mouth as if I would eat it with my other hand I pinched her other nipple. She cried and begged me not to tease her so much and fill her cunt with my cock soon I removed her petticoat and panty too and asked her to spread her legs. She obediently followed what I said.

I sat down and started licking her pussy and drank a bit of her salty love juice mixed with shower water. I bit her clitoris and inserted my tongue inside her pussy. She cried ooh…Ahhh ahh… Ouii… Ab raha nahi jaata please karo itne dino baad mauka mila h with this she pulled out my head from her pussy. I stood up she took my penis and brought it near her fuckhole. I wrapped my arms around her wet body she also did same so that I could easily fuck her. I inserted my cock into her fully in one stroke she did give a small cry.

Friends I just cannot describe that awesome feeling. We both were wet standing under a shower our hot body mingled with each other’s. We could feel each other’s hot breath. I started kissing her and also fucking her. Firstly I fucked her with slow pace but gradually increased the pace. She was moaning and I was grunting. Soon I realized I will not be able to fuck her for long I decided to change the position. I asked her to turn over and bend forward. She did the same.

I entered her pussy from behind. I caught her from her waist and stated banging her. Her ass was striking with my lower abdomen bathroom was filled with noise puck.. Puck.. Puck… Puck .. And her cries ahh …. Aaaahhh …. Aur tezz …. Chodte raho…. Aahhhh.

After sometime I took my cock out she said “ruk kyon gaye” “gaand marni hai teri”..”naa dard bahut hota hai” “marne de was ek wahi chhed bacha hai arram se maroonga promise” with this she gave me the permission to fuck her ass. I inserted my finger into her ass she gave a cry .Slowly I started to fuck her ass with my finger then I inserted two fingers and then three. Once she became used to my fingers I removed them from her ass and she knew now I was ready to feel her tightness.

I quickly applied oil on my cock and positioned myself behind her ass and pushed the head of my dick against her tight ass hole. She groaned as I began to push in, she tried to pull away but could not because of my powerful grip over her waist. My cock was stretching her ass hole more than my fingers had earlier.

I could feel her ass tightening around my cock trying to expel it. Her asshole contracted and released massaging my cock as I pushed it further into her ass.

Though it hurt me as well I started to increase the pace, it felt good. She gasped as my hips pressed against her ass, her hole stretched over the widest part of my cock.

I had finally buried my entire length into her cute and then he began to pull out. She moaned and writhed as her ass adjusted to my brutish force. The pain and discomfort she was feeling earlier was now slowly melting into arousal. Slowly she began pushing back against me.

One of my hands slipped under her body and reached between her legs to rub her pussy. Her body tightened as I was forcing my cock in and out of her ass and she started to scream with pleasure. “ohhh! Ahhh! Chodo mujhe…Aur tezz.

I shot my hot cum into her ass filling her tightest hole.

Then I took out my cock it had shrunk. Both of us were breathing very hard. And that night I fucked her ass two more times making it sore for next couple of days. I really enjoyed those four days. Those four days were like honeymoon for us. We never wore a single piece of cloth and enjoyed sex as many times possible.

That’s all folks hope you enjoyed

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Bathroom Sex With My Aunt

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