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  • September 18, 2015

Hi this is BOBBY from Lucknow . I am 27 yrs old and working in Private Sector .in Sale & Marketing Division, still a bachelor , 5’10” height, good smart looking and attractive physique. Lets come to point now,I was alone at the home as my parents were gone to attend some close relatives marriage & expected to come after a week. As I had lot of work at office so I did not joined them. One day after my parents had gone, bell rang in the morning at the door I was surprise to see my Uncle and Aunty at the door . Let me tell something about them. Uncle works in MNC as Sales Manager & have touring job. Aunty is housewife ,about 35yrs old having good attractive healthy body with large size boobs and very fair colour. They ask me about parents , I told them details , and said they don’t have to worry becoz I am here to look after. Then Uncle told me that he has come to attend a meeting in the city, and since Alka ( Aunty name) have not seen the Lucknow so she accompanied me. I said its okay I will help them out as much as possible.

I put the luggage in their Guest Room & asked them to get fresh and come down to have brkfst. I prepared the brkfst and waited for them they both came down Uncle was in formal but Aunty was wearing maxy in which she was looking very very sexy .I got horny looking at her but I didn’t react any more. After finishing the brkfst uncle asked me about my today programme, I told them I have to go to office & will be back in the evening hours. He said I actually want that if you don’t mind & if you can accompany Alka & help her out for shopping becoz, he don’t have time & will be very busy in meeting. Actually I also wanted same but was not daring to do so at first. I then said okay I will have to inform at the office and try . Uncle left for meeting now , me & Aunty were alone in the house. Luckilly I got the leave for three days . I asked Aunty to get ready. I also got ready & took out the bike wiped it , then Aunty came ,she was wearing Blue saree with a litte transparent low cut blouse looking very sexy and mind blowing.

We then started for Hazratganj first , in the way she was sitting behind and holding me very tightly due to which her Boobs were giving me a very warm, fleshy & horny feeling, but I ddint react & she too. That whole day we took around of city & came back in evening. Afterwards Uncle also came and ask how was the day today we told it was very nice. Uncle then told that he have got 2 days some work in near subarb area in which it is not possible to take Alka with her & he asked Aunty to remain here He will be back within 2/3 days, she said okay. Next day early morning Uncle left for the job. Now it was really very intersting that Aunty & I was alone in the house and no one was there. At about 9am Aunty came down in nightie which was transparent & low cut, she sat down in front of me and took the tea. I was looking at her she also looked me and smiled in a very sexy manner & as she bent down to pickup Newspaper ,I looked at her Boobs which were very clearily seen and this scene happened for continue 2 minutes.

She than went upstairs saying that she has to wash some cloths. I said okay you proceed & I also went to get ready. I got ready & sitting in the drawing room watching TV. Then after 5 minutes Aunty called me & asked for some hot water as gyser was not working , I took the hot water & went upstairs in the bathroom , as I entered bathroom I kept sunn seeing Aunty , as she was only in Blouse & Peticot ,Blouse very low cut & totally wet through which Heavy Tight Boobs were trying to come out , & so was Peticot which was stretched up & giving full view of little upper portion of knee. She also looked at me & smiled in very different way .Then that whole day also we were in the market but I was not able to forget the morning seen , I was getting more horny as Aunty was sitting behind holding me very tight due to which fleshy ,big boobs were getting deep in my Back. We returned home back , in the night I asked Aunty for Dinner ,whether she will come down or I get it upstairs , she said I will be comfortable at upstairs , so I picked the Dinner & went there . Aunty was wearing nighties which was very low cut in which her bra and boobs were coming out Partially, as she whenever bent down to pickup any roti or vegetable. After finishing dinner I said Good night to her & went down , watching TV.

After 10 minutes Aunty came down screaming & frightened & said that some one is watching from the window, I went upstairs and took a round I Said Aunty there is nothing ,she said no it is not possible for her to sleep lonely & asked me that She will sleep in my room I said okay . After wards I switched off the TV & went to my bed room and saw Aunty was sleeping on the bed looking very sexy & beautiful ,I lay down another side of the bed . After half an hour something going in head I was surprise to see that it was Aunty’s finger she was watching me & smiling , she said how I much I like her, I said well ,very much she said actually she was impressed with me as she seen me at very first time . she tne told me that she is not satisfied with Uncle becoz many of the time he used to be out of station.

Phir Aunty ne kaha kya tume kabhi sex kiya hai mai ne kaha nahin kyonki kabhi mauka nahi mila Aunty ne kaha aaj kya iirada hai main ne kaha ki Aunty chatha to mai bhi hoon lekin himmat nahin hoti. Unhone kaha mujhe Aunty na Kaho sirf Alka Kaho , mai ne kaha theek hai Aunty I mean Alka Tab Aunty ne kaha aaj mai tumhe puri tarha sex sikhoungee . Phir usne kaha ki mere blouse ko khol kar mere mummay ko bahar nikalo aur aam ki taraha chooso maine waisa hi kiya aur, usne sexy andazz mein kaha dheere…. Dheere…. chosso na… please .Tab unhone kahaki ab niche hoke mere Peticot ko kholo aur mero choot ko chato. Maine waisa hi kiya We continue this & enjoyed sex a lot whole night . Next day also we didn’t went any where and enjoyed sex whole day . Next day her hubby came & she went to banglore in the eveniing. Still we chat on net and satisfy each other . Any female, Aunty, Girl,Widows etc. are welcome to contact me mail me at

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