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Banging My Maid

  • desipapa
  • August 31, 2015

We have a maidservant named Shobha. Though she is not good-looking, she has what it takes to make me want to fuck her… fuck her good!

I saw her everyday with her sari hitched up to her hips and bending forward swabbing the floor… an occasional glimpse of her cleavage… but never had the courage to ask her for a romp in the bed. So, I decided that I wouldn’t ask her and help myself to her.

For this I had to some planning to do. I had to setup my insurance. I hooked up a web cam to my computer and positioned it in such a way that it covered the room. This would record the events that were to take place in bedroom for posterity. Then I shut the windows, and switched the air-conditioner on, so that it would be cool and of course, the sound of a woman being fucked against her wishes would not go out. Now all I had to do was to wait for her to show up for work. Since there was still about an hour to go for her to come, I opened a bottle of beer and started to swig from it. An hour and two and a half bottles later I was had a good buzz and a terrific hard-on just by thinking of the fact that I would be screwing my servant; whether she wanted to get screwed or not.

Finally, the doorbell rang, and Shobha was at the door. I opened the door and let her in. I asked her to wash the clothes
before she swept the house. This way her clothes would be wet when I took her. 15 minutes later, she came out of the
bathroom with a bundle of wet washed clothes and hung them out to be dried. She picked up the broom and started to
sweep, bedroom first! I followed her into the bedroom and shut the door. Locking the door behind me, I tossed the key
on the top of the cupboard.

Seeing this she dropped the broom and stood up, straightening her sari.

“Aapne darwaza kyon bandh kar diya?”

I was in no mood for a conversation. Stepping forward, I grabbed her by her arm and pulled her towards me. I held her in a bear hug and tried to kiss her. She kept turning her face away, trying to avoid my lips. Getting tired of this hit-and-miss kissing, I grabbed her thick plait of hair, held her face steady, and then planted a kiss on her lips. She pulled apart and pushing me aside, ran towards the door, and tried the handle. No use! It was locked, with the key thrown out of her reach.

Again, I grabbed her by the hair and turned her around so that she was facing me. I said,

“Main aaj tujhe chodhne wala hoon! Main jaisa kehta hoon waisa karna, nahi to…”

She kept staring at me with her fear-filled eyes. I released her and gave her one slap on her cheek. She staggered
because of the force of the slap, and caught her balance before she fell.

“Bol, manzoor hai!!?”

She nodded her head. Great… now my mind was a confused mess. What do I do first? Yes…!

“Chal apne baal khol de!”

She hesitated, and I replied by another stinging slap on her cheek.

That did it! She started undoing her plait. After she finished it, I took a comb and ran it thru her long hair to smoothen it.
I turned her around to look at her.

Wow… the scene was sexy… horny…

That fearful face enveloped by the thick loose hair. There was only one way to start this fuck-fest.

I pushed her down to a kneeling position. My tented pole was directly opposite her face. I pushed my shorts and undies
down and my erect dick sprang out like a pole-vaulter. I grabbed the back of her head and gently pushed her face towards fuck pole. The purple head of my cock was now touching her lips. I gave a slight push and my dick was now in the warm confines of her mouth.

“Ooooh… suck my cock hard, baby, suck it you bitch!!”

Though the woman did not speak English, she understood what I was telling her. She started sucking my cock, making slurping noises. The feeling was driving me crazy, and holding her head steady by gripping her hair tightly, I started to fuck her mouth. This went on for a few minutes and then I could not control myself. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and with a few jerks came all over her face in huge spurts. My cum was dripping from her face. I asked her to wipe the cum off her face with her fingers and then swallow it. She obeyed! She ate it as if she were eating her favorite sweets.

My cock had gone limp… totally spent out with the effort of creaming her face. The only way I could get an immediate
hard-on was to force myself on her.

While I was savoring my experience, she grabbed the lamp from the side-table and tried to hit me with it. I managed to duck in time. I went wild with rage. I gave her a backhanded slap. The slap was so hard that it split open her lower lip and blood started to trickle down her chin. I grabbed a handful of the beautiful hair and yanked her towards me. With my free hand, I pulled off her pallu, exposing her cleavage. By now, my cock was hard and aching for a pussy. Releasing her hair, I grabbed the fabric of her blouse and pulled hard. The cheap fabric tore apart at the seams and her melons sprang free. She was struggling hard to get away. I grabbed the free end of her saree and started to pull it.

She was now standing in front of me, clad only in her dirty yellow petticoat, begging for mercy. I grabbed her breast
and squeezed them hard. She screamed with pain. I planted a kiss on her now swollen lips and tasted the blood. I then
pushed her on the bed, undid the knot of her petticoat, and pulled it off. WOW… she wasn’t wearing any panties!!!! I
couldn’t wait any longer. I draped my cock with a condom and slammed into her pussy. She screamed at the agony of
my thick cock penetrating her cunt. She attacked my face and tried to scratch it. This made me hornier. I held her
arms, and continued to ram her. She was crying out loudly by now, the tears running down her cheek. I mercilessly
fucked her for ten minutes and then finally came into her.

I pulled out of her pussy and pulled off the condom. I rolled to my side and asked her,

“Mazaa aya?”

She was still weeping when she replied,

“Aap to shaitan hai! Meri zindagi aapne barbad kar di.

I did not want to hear her sob story. I asked her to get dressed.

“Aap ne mera blouse phad diya… main ghar kaise jaa sakti hoon?

I asked her to wear the petticoat and the saree, and then drape the pallu around her shoulders, so that no one would
notice her missing blouse.

My cock started twitching watching her dress up. She looked towards me, saw my erect cock, and knew her fate. I
walked towards her and ran my fingers thru her hair. I pulled her hair together and tied it in a bun. I pushed her down on
her knees and she knew what to do. Taking my erect cock in her mouth, she started to suck it. It was great. I came in
her mouth this time and she forced herself to swallow the wad of cum.

I gave her 200 bucks for a new blouse and told her about that the activities had been recorded in case she had any
ideas about filing a complaint. I thought she would stop coming to work, but I was surprised to see her the next day.

Well, what do you thing happened? Of course, I fucked her! She learnt that I get pleasure when I force myself on
women and she would always act like she was being raped by me whenever we fucked

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