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Banged Mom Taking Advantage Of The Dark

  • desipapa
  • October 30, 2015

Hello readers this is ted, I am a milf lover from nd.Leave your reviews after reading the story

I lived in a 2 bhk apartment. With my mom & dad.I always had fantasies about matured women or milf but due to my shy nature, I never approached any women in my life.My fantasies increased over the time, porns were not enough to control it.I started using masseurs and artificial pussy that I bought from an underground market near g.K 2, but satisfaction wasn’t real.This led me to lust for my mom.She was a housewife, had a chubby figure, complexion was fair and height was sightly less than mine.

I tried to come close to her by all the things that people writes in sex stories but I wasn’t able to do that.I just wanted to fuck her at any cost.I once gave her a powder that I bought from a roadside hakeem, to make her unconscious.To certain extent my plan worked, she became unconscious and was as good as a breathing dead body.I moved towards her and did the most unusual thing that I never imagined about, I started licking her nose, I don’t know why I did that but she was looking cute with her sweating face and in a blue top and capri.

Then I became restless and started licking her lips, pressing her boobs, but it didn’t really helped.I was so despo that I just wanted her as a living women, who would also compromise with me.I started to touch my penis with her hand and tried to masturbate but still nothing happened.Finally I masturbated and felt a bit relaxed.She woke up after 3-4 hours and didn’t noticed anything unusual.I now made a plan to bang her, I went to same hakeem and told him to give me a powder which could arouse the women.I then planned to execute my plan on coming weekend, when mom and dad both would be at home.My dad was a dedicated employee and was used to work a lot even when he was home.

On Saturday night at around 10:00, when my dad was busy with his laptop, I gave mom a glass of milk with powder that would arouse her.It worked and at 10:40 she went to living room where I was watching tv and my dad was working, she sat on the chair next to dad on dining table and started whispering something.I knew what it was and I also knew my dad very well and as according to my plan dad postponed it and carried on with work and mom went in their bedroom.After about an hour when my dad turned his laptop and was about to go to bedroom, I interrupted

Me: dad going to sleep?

Dad: yes beta….Why you asking?

Me: mom asked me to give you milk when you finish your work

Dad: ok….Get it

I brought him a glass of milk which had powder that would make him unconscious and he finished it in a go.He again started to go to the bedroom.As I saw things going out of the plan, I again interrupted him

Me: dad can you please help me with an account sheet, I need to give the assignment tomorrow.

Dad: now?…..It’s 12 already

Me: you just have to point out the mistakes, I’ll do the rest.
Dad: ok

I took him to my room upstairs and there it took him 20 minute to fall asleep.Now it was my turn to take his place and have a bang-bang night with mom, but before that just like the management principle, I had to minimize the risk. So I went to the socket board and turned off the lights of the entire house. With half of the work done, now I proceeded to mom’s room.As I entered she came to me and said

Mom: what’s wrong with the light hon.

To prevent myself from speaking, I held her hand and hugged her tightly to which she said “close the door at least” I obeyed and jumped onto the bed, room was in complete dark.I first started touching her body from toes to cunt to breast and then her lips.She started breathing heavily and said “it’s too hot in here, let’s wait for some time”.I inserted my three fingers in her mouth and started moving it inside her mouth till they became completely wet in her saliva and then I took my fingers out and sucked them completely.I moved towards her lips after that and made first kiss of my life and I just kept sucking ad licking her tongue, our tongues started fighting, then I bit her juicy lips which she responded my pulling my hairs hard and fell on the bed.I removed my t shirt and climbed over her to open her nighty.

As I did so, her boobs popped out it was dark so I didn’t saw them but started to feel them with my hands.Her erect nipples and soft skin around them, I gave a bite on the right boobs with full force, she screamed “what the fuck is wrong with you? Hon” it must have left a mark on her boob.I was sucking her boobs for next 15-20 mins and she was holding my head to guide me.By this time, both of us were drenched in sweat heavily, and a street light also turned on outside and now it filled some soft light in the room.To prevent mom seeing me, I put her opposite to the light source and settled myself in opposite direction so she could only see my silhouette (body outline) and I could see her in dim soft light.

I got aroused seeing her sweaty chubby body and big boobs, I then pulled down my capri, she was removing her nighty by then which was stuck on her fat belly.We were both completely nude my then and I then took her down on the bed and started licking her pussy, it was hairy and stinking by the way but I was feeling even more arousal.She was having it for the first time I guess as she started shouting “what the hell you think you are doing?” “aaahhhh … Aahhhh …. Please honey don’t do this…. Aahhh” she was beating me and held my head tight with her legs, finally she cum and kept hands on her mouth and lied on bed silently. “what were you doing? Are you crazy?” she said,

I then instead of speaking anything, moved towards her pulled her hairs tightly, she screamed a bit, pushed myself over her nude wet body completely and inserted my soldier into her vagina, she shouted softly and held my hairs too.I was also licking her neck region and shoulders with hairs on other side, I move to her ears then and started licking them, she was moaning with every move of mine.I was still holding her hairs in my hands

Then I gave her a long smooch in between and got down to change position, now I made her stands on bed like a dog and inserted my penis from behind, lying on her back and resting my head on her shoulders and giving kisses on her cheeks from behind and sometimes even on her lips.I was fucking her like a dog. Moments before she was about to cum, she stood up on her knees and raised her arms to reveal her armpits and held her hairs.

I too held her belly and got the same position behind her and smelled her armpits the smelled awesome.Within next 1 minute, we cum together and fell on bed.I could see her boobs rising and falling as she was breathing heavily and then I cum over her boobs and face, to which she said “yuck what are you doing?”.I gave her a kiss and rubbed the cum over her nipples and we slept hugging each other totally naked.

Banged Mom Taking Advantage Of The Dark

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