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Banged In Taxi

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  • September 13, 2015

Hi! this is nikita mehta from mumbai. and i would like to share with you my personal xperience.. Please send me the feedback. It was with a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that i realised that my car was going to stall. After repeated attempts to gun it back to life, had failed, i gave up and stepped out into the night air. Tmye was no point in peering under the bonnet, as i didn't know anything about the engine anyway! It was balmy and seemed like a storm was brewing, 10: 30 at night, a single woman, stranded in the middle of a road, with a broken down car - not an enviable position - to say the least. I had had a tiring day at work and had tried my best to thwart my colleagues from dragging my to a movie with them. i should have tried harder; i cursed myself, as i locked up the car as securely as i could - removing the detachable front panel of the stereo. i hoped that by the time a mechanic got to it tomorrow, my car would still be intact. Now how do we get back home? It was an effort to take the first few steps away from the car. The first drop of rain hit my shoulder causing me to look athe droplet fast seeping into the fabric of my blouse, causing a dark patch to appear.

As the next few droplets pit patted my, i looked up to see the dark clouds and lightning streak across the sky. i tugged my flimsy chiffon saree tight around my and trudged along while cursing myself, "Wonderful, now I am going to get drenched!" It was going to be a long, wet, wade back home if some mode of transportation didn't show up soon. i heard the noise of an engine and turned to look back with hope. In the faint glimmer of the streetlights i saw a yellow cab approaching. As i tried to make out if it was empty, i instinctively raised my hand to flag it down. The driver saw my and swerved to a halt a few metres away from my - it was empty, but tmye were two of them in the front seat. All my instincts warned my not to acknowledge this cab, but i ignored them and walked up to the vehicle. As i approached the cab, i saw the assistant steering at my, as he scratched his day old stubble. His eyes traveled to my full breasts accentuated by the saree drawn tight across them and then lower down to my waist, which was exposed, as i had worn the saree low, below my navel. The saree was flimsy and my dark blouse was clearly visible through it, and this scruffy fellow was stripping my nude with his eyes as i drew level with the car. The insolent fellow didn't stop letching at my even as i spoke to him and asked "Can you take me to Cotton Street?" In silent agreement, the passenger door swung open, and as i entered the cab, the driver turned around and gave my a slow once over, his gaze coming to a rest directly on my tits. i felt a chill run down my spine as i realised that both of them were drunk. i averted his eyes and settled down, fidgeting with my purse to keep my from looking at him. As he engaged gears, he reached up to adjust the rear view mirror and focussed it on my breasts. i noticed this movement and looked up, as i did so, i came face to face with the helper who was now openly leering at my. As i gulped, i noticed the lecmyous smile on his face as he turned his face away and looked at the driver.

The driver met his gaze and also returned the same smile. It was almost as if an unspoken agreement had been signed. i realised all this and almost panicked into jumping out of the speeding cab, but i tried to blame it all on my imagination and tried to stay calm. Home was a long way off. The cab sped along deserted roads, and i felt the tiredness begin to overtake my. i fought it as long as i could; yet i was unaware of the attention that the driver was paying at the rear view mirror. If only i knew that he was gazing at my lush breasts as they jiggled with every little pothole that the cab encountered. The breeze through the open window drove away my fears, but it also drove away my saree from my blouse, causing my right breast and deep scooped neckline to come into view. The driver noticed this and rubbed his hardening cock through his trousers. i was lost in my own thoughts and reminisced about the movie, i also worried about my car and failed to notice the helper stealing sidelong glances at my exposed blouse and midriff now and again. The breeze and the motion of the car soon began to have their effect on my, and though i tried my best to fight it, an euphoric tiredness began to take hold of my. i dreamt of my bed and how i would soon crash into it, totally exhausted. As i dreamt, the breeze completely blew my saree off my shoulders and my heaving breasts clad in the low cut blouse, my fair stomach, accentuated by my deep dark navel, lay exposed for all to see. The cool breeze had caused my nipples to harden inside my flimsy bra and they were beginning to jut out through the fabric of my blouse.

The blouse was made of a semi - transparent material and my bra was clearly outlined through it. my cleavage, caused by my breasts ensconced in the tight bra, peeped out of my low neckline. The driver saw all this in the mirror and he massaged his rock hard dick vigorously causing his assistant to turn around and look at the half asleep i. He licked his lips at the sight of my and imagined what it would feel like to squeeze those tits and suck the hardening nipples. They looked at each otmy and nodded in silent agreement, it was now or never. The driver swung the car into a deserted lane off the main road and slowed to a halt behind a parked bus. i felt the vehicle slowing down and awoke with a start. i expected to see familiar areas, maybe my driveway, but all i could see was a dingy lane and the two men in the front seat looking at my with lusty eyes. As i regained my composure, i realised that i was exposing a lot of flesh and hastily tried to cover myself up. The assistant sprang into action as he turned around, reached out and clamped his fist over my mouth, and with his otmy hand he held the saree, preventing my from pulling it over myself. The driver opened his door and stepped out of the car, looked around, opened my door and roughly puid my in. As he slid in next to my, the assistant relinquiid his hold on my and opened his door and entered from the otmy door. It all happened so fast that before i knew it, i was sandwiched between the two. Before i could open my mouth to scream, the driver dealt my a slap across my cheeks, that made my actually see stars and sent my sprawling into the lap of the waiting helper.As the helper held my shoulders and pulled my down onto his lap, the driver gripped my blouse with both hands and ripped it open. He made short work of my bra, slipping the straps off my shoulders, and scooping my large breasts out, which he held in eitmy palm and began to squeeze. The helper once again clamped his hand over my mouth and prevented my from screaming. i was suffocating in his vice like grip, and the more i struggled, the tighter the hold became.

The driver hiked my saree up to my thighs and straddled my legs with his own. He looked down at my thighs appreciatively and ran his hands over them, feeling their softness. His palms scalded my as they traveled closer and closer to my snatch rubbing and fondling my thighs. As i closed my eyes and struggled to free myself, the driver slowly but deliberately began to stroke my pussy through my flimsy black panties. i was terrified and stared back at him as he began to unzip his trousers. He wore no underwear and his cock sprang out from within. It was thick and black and rapidly hardening as he stroked it up and down. He hooked his fingers into the crotch of i's panties and pulled hard. It came apart like tissue paper.

As my pussy was bared, the helper reached down and stroked my curly pubes, stopping for a moment as he found my lips and pried them apart. i struggled violently and tried to get up, and this elicited anotmy stinging slap, this time from the helper, " Fucking bitch, stop struggling or you are in for a painful time!" Tears sprang from my eyes, as i realised my predicament. The driver, now confident of my compliance, knelt down and squatted on the floor, bent my legs and spread them wide apart. He moistened a finger in his mouth and drove it into my pussy without much finesse. As he did so, he bent down and started to suck my nipples. i felt his coarse tongue and also his thick digit, which was beginning to shaft my soft pussy. As the finger puid in and out my pussy began to respond and the juices began to trickle. The helper used his free hand to freely explore my soft breast and thighs, occasionally stroking his hard on through his trousers. i could feel the heat, and the hardness of his cock through the material of his trouser as he held my cheek tight against it.The driver pulled his digit out of my pussy and bent down over my stomach. He kissed my navel and his tongue dove into it, he gripped the gatmying of my saree and tried to pull it down as far as possible as his tongue followed his hand and came to a stop just above my pube line. He shoved his hands underneath my ass cheeks and lifted my up giving him a free access to my pussy. As his tongue skimmed the surface of my lips, he looked up and proclaimed to his assistant, "What a pussy, Baby, you and I are going to have a good time togetmy!" The assistant looked at his boss appreciatively and replied, "You keep the pussy boss, leave my ass to me, seen the size - i must be a wild fuck!" These vulgar and obscene comments scalded i, but i knew that what they were about to do to my was going to be even worse. The driver shoved his tongue into my pussy lips as he pried them apart, and began lapping away at my juices.However revolting the thought may have been, i felt my body begin to respond as i experienced the hot tongue skimming my pussy and occasionally diving deep inside my. The driver speeded up the strokes of his tongue holding my soft thighs apart with his hands.

The helper was trying to kiss my mouth, but as i twisted and turned my face, he unzipped his trouser and pressed his cock against my cheeks. i felt the heat of his cock as it grew bigger against the side of my face, and tried my best to draw away from it but he held my head tightly to it. He then gripped my hair in a bunch and tugged hard, "Open your mouth slut, open it and suck my dick!" The grip on my hair was violent and for fear of being slapped again,i turned my face towards the hard cock springing up on his lap. The helper held his dick and rubbed it on my lips, he leered back at my, as i begged for mercy, "Please let me go, don't do this to me, I beg you." my appeals fell to deaf ears, as the helper pinched my cheeks open and inserted the head of his cock into my mouth. It was enormous! i felt that i was going to choke on the head itself, leave alone the rest of the monstrosity! The helper forced his way into i's mouth, till i felt that he had probably reached my stomach. i had never imagined that a human penis could ever be of such gargantuan proportions. As i gagged and tried to breathe normally, the helper began to undulate his hips and cause the monster to move in and out of my mouth. The rancid taste and pissy smell of the phallus revolted my, but i sucked on it to save my life. In the meanwhile, the driver found my erect clitoris and began massaging it with his thumb while he continued sucking the lips of my pussy. i squirmed in shame as i felt my juices begin to flow freely from all the attention. As he gyrated my clit round and round, i felt tremors begin deep inside my and involuntarily i began to buck my hips.

The driver realised this and his tongue probed deeper into my quim, while he kneaded my ass fiercely. The helper was groaning as he savoured the feel of his cock inside i's warm mouth and low guttural sounds emanated from his clenched lips as he held my hard nipples in his fingers and rubbed them like marbles.i was beginning to enjoy the attentions that my body was receiving from both of them, and even though my brain screamed out for it to stop responding, my body proved to be a traitor. The driver looked up at my and inserted two thick fingers into my wet pussy; he shafted my and rammed them up to his knuckles. i was taken by surprise as the fingers filled my quim and i felt them stretch my lips and walls wide. It felt good, very good, as the fingers increased their tempo and began working in and out of my cunt. A squishy sound came out of my pussy as the fingers churned it into a dribbling mess and the juices flowed out of my lips and spread on to my snatch. The driver was, by now, shafting my like a piston and as i looked at his face, i was terrified at the lust that flowed from his eyes. He in turn looked at my helpless face contorted with fear, pain and lust and this fired him up even more my nostrils were flared open; my pretty pink lips were spread apart as i sucked in my breath, my hair diiveled and my eyes wide open, begging for mercy. my body was awash in sweat which glistened in the pale light of the night, my chest heaved with excited terror, my nipples taut and my breasts swollen from all the attention. i's head was still on the helper's lap, who had lifted my arms above my head and was holding them down. With his free hand, he extricated his gigantic glans, wet from my mouth and began to shaft it. As i looked up at it, i couldn't help feeling overawed at the size of it. i had always fantasised about a truly big cock, but this one was unbelievable! It reminded my of the nozzle attached to the end of a garden hose, almost as big as my forearm and equally thick. He held it by its base and wagged it in front of my mouth and then began to beat my face with it. Though he didn't hurt my, i felt like i was being chastised with a warm iron rod. What the driver's fingers were doing to my pussy was now beginning to have an effect on my, i felt my innards begin to twitch, my thighs begin to tremble, and my hips rose up from the seat of the car to meet his fingers. i realised, as did my tormentors that i was going to come. "Shove it into my quick, before i starts cumming, i's wet and ready!" said the helper as he tried to make my take his cock back inside my mouth. i opened my lips and my soft tongue snaked out to lick the underside of his glans, a moan escaped from my lips, as the driver's lips clamped down on my clit and he began to suck.

All of a sudden, a wave of heat waid over my, as my come flowed like hot lava, deep inside my. i thraid and bucked and moaned with the pleasure of my release and my body convulsed as wave after wave of ecstasy coursed through my. As i shamelessly realised what had happened, and lay spent from my exertions, all activity came to an end.The helper released my hands and opened his door and stepped out, i saw him looking down at my with his monster dick swinging above my face. He reached down and again pinned my arms down. The driver stood up also, and leered down at my near naked body. my saree was bunched around my waist, my panties ripped apart, my blouse had been torn open, and my bra straps slipped off my shoulders. i's fair skin shone like alabaster in the diffused light with my lush pubes and deep navel a stark contrast. He dropped to one knee on the seat, spread my legs wide and slowly; deliberately undid his trousers. He then bent down, gripped my shoulders, propped his body up and levered his otmy leg up on the seat between my spread thighs. i knew what was about to happen and tensed involuntarily.He lowered his whole body on top of my and his weight cruid i's soft flesh, as he took my pretty face in his hands and forced his mouth on my. i tried to avoid it but he was much too strong. He drove his tongue into my mouth and played with my tongue, he withdrew and kissed my with loud smooching sounds. He held my hair and held it in a tight bunch as with his free hand he squeezed my soft swollen breasts.i felt the heat of his blood engorged penis between my thighs and with every slight movement, felt it inch closer and closer to my pussy. As he sucked my taut nipples haltingly and slatmyed my breasts with his hot tongue, i felt the knob of his dick begin to spread my quim open and begin it's journey into my. It hardly met any resistance with all the juices that flowed freely inside my and i felt my walls stretching as he filled my up slowly.He continued kissing my and playing with my lush tits while he drove his cock deep into my and filled my aching pussy with his meat. The helper kept looking down at my being raviid as his now flaccid monster wagged in front of my face. Pre cum oozed from it's slit in a tacky flow and dripped onto my hair.

He raised my palms to his organ and made my hold it. With my fingers wrapped around his shaft, began to hump his hips. This caused his dick to begin to harden again and soon i's fingers couldn't travel all the way around. The driver had begun to step up his strokes and i could feel my body hungering for release once again. With every stroke, my body shook and my breasts bounced around like mounds of jelly.By now, the tempo had reached a crescendo as the driver rained a barrage of thrusts into my helpless pussy and i shamelessly responded with a steady stream of low moans and groans. "Oh God, Oh God, aaanh, aaoow, Oh my God, Oh please" i whimpered. "The bitch is crying for it", opined the helper, as the driver groaned and grunted with every stroke. His cock was travelling all the way deep inside my and the friction was maddening for him. i felt the storm building up inside my; i also felt the thick cock twitching in my palms as its heat scalded my. The driver felt my respond as i involuntarily lifted my hips and rose to meet his strokes midway and his tempo increased to a frenzy. He palmed my breasts and sucked hard on my erect nipples as his cock slammed into my mercilessly. Suddenly i erupted and began to come; i wrapped my thighs around his hips and pulled him in to get the maximum penetration. His cock touched something deep inside my and i flowed like a fountain. my screams of release echoed in the darkness as i bucked my hips rhythmically. The driver realised that i had come and reached his own climax, as he plunged deep into my, his cock erupted and his jism shot into my washing my already juicy hole with more liquid."Oh God, fuck you, you bitch, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you", he repeated as his juices stopped flowing. He kissed my mouth, bit my lips, sucked my nipples, squeezed my breasts - did everything all at once and collapsed on top of i, totally spent. As i began to comprehend what had happened, my first instinct was to give in to my spent tiredness and close my eyes. As i did so, i realised that the monster cock of the helper was not in my hands anymore and that my arms were free. i looked up and saw the night sky; the helper was nowmye around. For a brief moment, i irrationally contemplated running for freedom even in this diiveled state. That was soon nipped in the bud, as a split second later, i saw the door near my foot open and the silhouette of the helper loomed in the darkness. The driver was still on top of my, i wondered if he had gone off to sleep! The helper bent down and tapped his boss on his thighs and said, "My turn boss, get up!" i stared in wordless terror as the driver eased himself up and his sweat glistened body exited out of the door.

For a moment i was totally free and felt a chill wash over my as a soft breeze wafted into the car.i saw the helper advance, and involuntarily shut my thighs close.He smiled a crooked smile at my as he stood tmye by the door, half bent, with his gargantuan cock swinging like a pendulum, "Not interested in your pussy baby, show me your asshole sweetheart." i was paralysed with terror, this guy wanted to fuck my ass with that giant dick, i knew i would die! i had to stop him at any cost,i folded my palms at him "Oh God no please, not that way, I've never done it before, please spare me", i pleaded. At this sign of dissent, he reached in held my by the waist and flipped my over on my stomach effortlessly, as if i was a rag doll. He then gripped my ankles and pulled my towards him. As i slid across the seat on my stomach, i prepared for the worst. Soon he relinquiid his hold on my ankles and gripped my thighs and lifted my ass up in the air, "What an ass baby, I'm gonna fuck you till you bleed, you slut!" i heard his vicious threat, and almost blacked out as his hard palm cracked across the ample flesh of my buttocks. He hit my again and enjoyed the 'thwack' of his open palm on my fleshy cheeks. i's ass was soft, milky white and large by any standards and these slaps left red welts on my sensitive skin. Tears sprang to my eyes. i had always been conscious of my ample proportions and took great care not to exhibit it under any circumstances, as a result i refrained from wearing trousers or jeans. For my to suffer this ignominy, getting fucked in the backseat of a taxi by two scruffy strangers was unthinkable. The violent fucking that i had endured and the stinging slaps had left my devoid of any strength to resist. i cradled my head in my arms and lay down like an Egyptian cat, with my ass high up in the air, as he knelt down between my legs and spread my thighs apart. As i resigned myself to my fate and prepared to lose my anal virginity, i couldn't help the tears that kept flowing. He probed between my legs and found my wet snatch into which he inserted his two fingers, and spread my lips apart. i had expected him to pay all attention to my asshole and was pleasantly surprised. He withdrew his fingers, and soon i felt the large head of his cock nudge my pussy lips apart.

Lubricated, though, my pussy was, i couldn't help but gasp as the monstrosity began its journey into my. It felt as if i was being torn apart As more of the shaft entered my soft innards, i felt my walls being stretched wide and it felt like i was about to lose my virginity all over again. All the stories that i had read and heard about huge cocks, could not prepare my for the pain and pleasure that i felt at this moment. It was as if an oak trunk was spearing my, but i was also being filled - completely. The pain was excruciating, as it traveled into my inch by inch, yet i began to savour the feeling of being completely filled up. i wondered if an average dick would ever satisfy my in future. In a few moments, he reached down and grabbed my breasts and began to squeeze them hard. His thumbs and forefingers found my nipples and rubbed and pinched them to hard points. The tip of his cock touched my somewmye deep inside and puid into that sensitive organ. All at once i's orgasm broke loose again and i began to convulse and come. my pussy flooded once again, he extricated his cock to the tip of my lips and then, without warning, rammed it back up to the hilt.

As i felt it travel back up my pussy, i continued to come. "Oh my God, that feels so good, Oh God that feels great, Oh God fuck me, fuck me......harder, fuck me.", i guid. He had felt my coming and now he heard my moaning, that was enough for the helper.He tore into my pussy like a sledgehammer, every stroke shaking i's body. my ass cheeks shivered under the impact of this onslaught and he gripped them in both hands and kneaded them like dough. With every stroke, i felt his abdomen crash into my ass, his thighs slapped against mys. i had capitulated completely, and was lost in my own pleasurable sensations, when i felt hands on my face and looked up to see the driver standing in front of my. His cock was hard again and he was rubbing it on my lips. i opened my mouth wordlessly and accepted his stiffening member and began to suck it like a lollypop. It grew in my mouth, as did the monstrosity deep inside my. i felt it begin to thicken and twitch and knew that he was about to come. i myself had a tickle starting somewmye inside my and as he increased the tempo of his strokes to a violent tempo, i felt his open palms cracking across my fleshy ass. The pain that these slaps caused, inter mingled with the pleasure that they created, caused i's pussy to begin to twitch - again!The driver was holding my head with both his hands and fucking my mouth in rapid strokes.

He suddenly gave a guttural groan, " Oh fuck you baby, fuck your pussy, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you!", and discharged his spunk into my mouth. i tried to disengage and spit it out, but he held my head hard and after a while, i felt the hot spunk travel down my throat. The helper with his massive cock was ploughing deep into my pussy, his body on top of my, my ass still smarting from the hard slaps,and his palms were kneading my soft titties when i discharged yet again. "Oh,Oh,Oh, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me harder, harder, harder!",i moaned amidst my tears as i bucked my hips to meet his strokes mid way. Whetmy he heard or not, his tempo increased till a continuous vulgar, squishy sound from my pussy joined the chorus of my moans and his steady grunts. One final lunge and he released his load of come deep into my quim, " Fucking bitch, your pussy is so juicy, you bitch, you slut, slut, slut!", he kept repeating as he collapsed on top of my. His monster cock spat the seed that waid my pussy with the hot fluid. i had passed out a moment earlier under the onslaught of his cock and my own final release and did not hear all this.When i came to, i was lying in the back seat of a moving car which was speeding through the night. i smelt the rain soaked streets and as i sat up and gatmyed my saree to cover myself,the assistant of the cab turned around and asked, "Right Ma'am wmye do you want to go?" so any sexyone want to give me lift mail me at  

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