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  • desipapa
  • October 3, 2015

I am Arun from Bangalore currently in the US. I am married for couple of years now and my wife Vidya is getting gorgeous day by day. Vidya is surely a great babe who cooks, cleans and satisfies all my desires.

This happend a couple of months ago. A friend and college mate of Vidya was in New York. He seemed to be a nice guy and visited us a couple of times. Rajeev was his name and was about the same built as mine but little taller than me. Rajeev was unmarried and was in lookout for some outdooractivities to take advantage of the new culture and unlimited freedom he had away from home. I and him visited a couple of bars and strip clubs without my wife’s knowledge. Just for curiosity I used to ask him about Vidya’s past and always got a diplomatic answer suggesting how god like she was blah blah blah…

Some time in late last month I got this opportunity to see Vidya not so godly anymore. Since Rajeev’s office was was in the city and he volunteered a great view of high raises from his 20th floor office. Myself Vidya and Rajeev spent some time roaming around the city and then came back to his office and settled down on the comfy couch they had. We were kind of tired and Rajeev found a bottle of scotch from his office bar.I and him had a drink and started talking rubbish in presence of Vidya. The topic turned to slutty house wife’s and things like that. Vidya was slightly turned on with the dirty talk. Rajeev to prove a silly thing about girls showed some nude pictures of a girl he knew in his e-mail. At this Vidya was totally turned on. I could see her nipples projecting in her T-Shirt. We were back on the couch and I started hugging and kissing Vidya. I started to shower her praises and started to describe how good she was in sex. Surprisingly she did not mind a! nd looked wild & crazy with lust. Her hands started moving over my body. Rajeev was watching keenly in a state of confusion and sexual hunger.

I asked Rajeev to sit next to Vidya and help me undress her to which Vidya closed her eyes and giggled. He promptly seated himself on the other end of the couch and hesitantly ran his hands over Vidya’s face lips and chin. I started caressing her breasts which by now were longing to be touched. Rajeev now was much boldened & less nervous kissed Vidya on her face ,lips, neck and slowly moved downwards. Vidya was breathing heavy with excitement, her fingers were now rolling into Rajeev’s hair. I could already smell Vidya’s juices in the air which turned my dick so hard.
I made way for Rajeev’s hands that were intensely probing Vidya’s breasts. I eased her out of her T-shirt and let Rajeev have a full view of her breasts. He simply went berserk with his hands caressing her full coconut sized breasts, her navals and kissing her intensely. I pulled out my shirt and pant and asked Vidya to help Rajeev undress. She eagerly attended the job and removed his shirt and pants of! f also glleefully playing with his full throbbing big dick still hid in his underwear. She slowly eased him out of his underwear and started moaning just at the sight of his cock. They both kissed pasionately as though I was non-existant and were rubbing and fondling each other endlessly. I said to Vidya to take Rajeev’s dick in her mouth while I take care of her hungry cunt. She obliged and I started fingering her outer vagina and massage the cunt lips. She moaned OhhhhhhhhhhAhhhhhhh with Rajeev’s dick still in her mouth while Rajeev himself was grunting like a old dog. I kissed on her pussy and started tasting her sour juice. I licked her pussy for ten minutes while Rajeev sucked the erected black nipples of Vidya constantly running his hands and fingers all over the rest of her body. I decided to insert my hot shaft into Vidya’s cunt when she interrupted and said that she wanted Rajeev’s rod into her volcano. I decided the lucky bastard have his turn and went upto her! mouth to get myself a blowjob. Vidya kissed Rajeev’s dick and balls as though to encourage him for the big job and begged him to fuck her hard. Rajeev agreed and moved down with his big dick and positioned the head to enter Vidya deep in one stroke. As I watched he rammed his huge 7″ dick right into Vidya’s cunt and she burst into a loud cry filled with pain and ecstacy. I held her tight as she turned her neck and I kissed her to soothe her. Rajeev pulled out and started fucking Vidya rhythmically and Vidya started responding by arching and lifting her hips up & down. My Dick was throbbing unbearably and I thrust it right into Vidya’s mouth to get a passionate blow job. There was so much sexual aroma in the air due to mixing of body juices. All the three of us were moaning and grunting uncontrollably by now. Vidya’s boobs were dancing to the fucking rhythm even when my hands were trying to get hold of them. After about 10 minutes Rajeev and Vidya couldn’t hold any longer ! and they left out a cry of well meshed orgasm and Vidya bit my Dick in the kick she got of it. Now they both slumped on the couch as they were profusely sweating from the excercize they got.

My thirst was not quenched yet and my dick was still hard I started to play with Vidya’s body and took my dick right into her cunt, amazingly after just a few minutes Vidya started responding vigourosly she was biting her lips while she yelled and moaned. We changed positions and now Vidya was on top while I sat on the couch she pumped on my dick facing Rajeev with her back to me. Rajeev must have gone mad seeing us both and in just a few minutes he was ready and stood next to us stroking his dick.
Vidya suggested to have a sandwich course and we all happily started with Rajeev sleeping on the couch with his dick inside Vidya’s pussy, and me fucking Vidya hard into her ass. This was awesome and wild. There was so much energy from both of us driving right into Vidya she taking it all pretty. After another half an hour or so we both pulled out and shaked our jinx on Vidya’s boobs while she licked it with so much satisfaction. We lied on the couch for a long time making jok! es and invited Rajeev home to fuck Vidya anytime he wanted.

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