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  • desipapa
  • October 6, 2015

I am an 18-year-old boy from Dhaka, Bangladesh. we live in the upper middle class area of lalmatia in dhaka city. my father is 48 and a businessman. my mother is 40 and a housewife. in the beginning, i was too shy and inhibited by conscience to talk or even think sexually about mother—we call in bangladesh ammu. but, as i became a voracious reader of dirty incest books and, of late, of incest stories on the internet and a chatter on incest subject, i began to feel free to think my ammu in sexual terms. i found nothing wrong in getting pleasure whatever be the source as long as i don’t harm anybody. indeed, the forbidden fruit of ammu’s sexual treasures gives pleasure beyond any bound! i am sure, readers who think like me have already had a hard-on! well, my mother’s figure is 38d-30-38. like any other boy of my age, i have a great fascination for my mother’s breasts, which we call, in bengali doodh.

However, more than that, i also love her round and firm buttocks, which we call, in bengali, pachha. my love for her breasts and buttocks is so intense that i have developed a habit of examining and sniffing her used and stained bra and panties in he laundry box in the bathroom. i did not even spare her used pads after her periods. the intoxicating aroma drives me crazy and gives me an instant erection. i find no other way but to masturbate to release the libido! i began to feel jealous of my father who enjoys my mother’s all treasures. sometimes, i spy on their bedrooms at night. i feel so helpless and at the same time aroused to see the foreplay between my father and mother. my father takes a long time to undress my mother. he would take great pleasure in unbuttoning her blouse one after one. when he would watch her torso in bra alone. then he would squeeze her breasts with bra on! my mother would feel hurt. then he would unhook her cotton bra and the heavy, little sagging breasts would jump out of the bra!. father becomes crazy at the sight! rather would cruelly squeeze the breasts, then lick them and finally suck her large, round, brown areole and nipples. father would then untie her petticoat and cup her round ass and pinch them hard. he would then massage her hair on her pussy.

The sight and sight fill my heart for sexual love for my ammu. i begin to think that ammu loves me so much and she should do anything for my pleasure. i found nothing wrong in enjoying her sexually. thereby, i became a regular masturbator with ammu in mind. last month, father went out of dhaka for business and ammu asked me to sleep in her room. this had been normal and innocent whenever father goes out; of course, until the last time. the last time is memorable in my life. i was already excited having gone through an incest storybook. my penis was more sensitive than normal. a number of times, i took a few furtive but lustful glances at my ammu’s breasts under her red blouse. she normally wears only blouse and petticoat before going to sleep. as she was lying on support of one of her arms against her bust, almost half of her nice and big breasts were forced out her scanty blouse. i had a hard-on. as the light was turned off and dim light on, i could not help rubbing my penis on the bed. anyway, after some time, ammu became sleepy.

I could not help but put my palm on one of her golden globes! as there was not response, i began to increase the pressure and gradually i began to squeeze my own mother’s spongy breasts! i thought what a heavenly pleasure father had been enjoying and i had been missing all my life ever since i was weaned from her gorgeous breasts! with excitement, i felt nothing on earth now could keep me from enjoying ammu’s all treasures. i began to cup her buttocks. wow, they felt so strong and young! by this time, ,ammu woke up slowly. she had already been excited in sleep. she became surprised to see me enjoying he but could not resist herself actually. she just said, what are you doing? i just said, ammu, i love you so much, please don’t deprive me from your love. i will commit suicide if you let me down now. ammu said, you are so excited! son, i can do anything for you, if that is good for you. this is not good. i said, is it good if you find your son dead? she said, no, no, don’t you ever say so. take my breast, if you like but don’t say a word like this.

Please don’t tell this to anybody. i said, sure ammu, it’s all between you and me. i then unhooked her bra and untied her petticoat within seconds. i began sucking her breasts like a thirsty baby. i took off my pants and undies. i began rubbing my penis against her buttocks. at that, she said why beat about the bush? she took me on her body and asked me to make love to her just like her father. i asked, what if i ejaculate inside her? she said, don’t worry, i am on pills. you father is a great lover and i have to be on pills always. then tried and finally was successful in putting my hard penis inside her tight pussy. i began pumping and finally came! (mothers or young sons, please write to me giving your own real life experience or fantasy about mom-son incest:

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