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Baat Ek Raat Ki

  • desipapa
  • October 2, 2015

Hi, readers this is Raju from Canada. I’ve read so many stories at this site. Today I am going to narrate my story. This happened about 10 years ago when I got transferred to Srinagar.Upon joining there I had to arrange for accommodation. Luckily I had a colleague named Ramseh whose landlords had a vacant room. I went to his place talked to his landlord. People are very reluctant to lend their place to a single man but Ramesh vouched for me and they agreed. So I shifted to that house. We lived on the second floor

Ramesh had a drawing room, a bedroom and a kitchen. I had a bedroom our bathroom was common. On the weekends we used to go out together. Six months passed that way.

Winter came early that year and winters r pretty bad in Kashmir. One day Ramesh got a telegram from his father that his Mom was in critical condition in hospital due to a stroke.

As luck would have it the Jammu Srinagar highway was shut down due to heavy snowfall and mudslides. The only way out was by air. We were able to arrange for one ticket only despite all our efforts.So Ramesh left for his parents place leaving me to take care of his family. I went home after work talked to Mukta for a while & then went to sleep. Around 11 p.m. I heard a knock on my door. It was Mukta she informed me that her baby was not well, was crying, breathing heavily and she also had fever. Fearing the worst I left to call a doctor who lived about 15 minutes from our house. It was snowing heavily luckily

Doctor was home & he came home with me, did his checkup and gave an injection & medicine to baby. I thanked the doctor and saw him off. The baby went to sleep. Mukta thanked me & I also went to sleep. She brought me tea and bread in the morning and told me that I should eat at her place till Ramesh comes back. During the day I started having pain in my ribs, back and chest area. When I came home Mukta brought me tea upon inquiring I told her that I was not feeling well. She told me that I had caught a cold when I went out to get the doctor. She asked me to come to her place so that she could use a house remedy that she knew about. We had dinner together she was an excellent cook. After dinner she asked me to lie on the bed & she went to the kitchen. The baby was fast asleep. She came back with a cup of warm butter in her hand & asked me to take my shirt off & lie face down. She put some warm butter on her hands and started to massage my back. She had such soft hands that I immediately got an erection.

After 10 minutes she made me roll over on my back & starting applying butter on my chest & ribs. I was in heaven she could clearly see my erection. She was wearing I nightdress & her boobs were clearly visible. Making it look accidental I brushed my hand against her breasts she did not move at all. Then I put my hand on her breast I could feel her tits getting hard. I squeezed her breast & she left out a moan AHHHHHHH. I got the green light & grabbed both her tits she did not resist at all. I got up removed her nightdress there was a zero watt bulb in the room. She was looking so sexy. I immediately started circling around her nipples with my tongue. She was breathing heavily and was moaning AHHHHHHH RAJU IT FEEEEEEELS SSSSSOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD.I started sucking her breasts. I immediately got naked. I starting moving my hand towards her cunt I put my hand inside her underwear I felt a shaven cunt I touched her clit (CHOOT KA DAANA) .She started moaning OOOOOOOUCH IT FEELS GOOOOD. I slid my finger inside her cunt, which was getting wet. I grabbed her head in my hands & wrapped my lips around her lips & kissed her BOY she was delicious. I slid my tongue inside her mouth & she started sucking .I was exploring her cunt with my finger during this whole time. Then I took her underwear off. I laid on top off her & started kissing my way down to her cunt. When I got down to her cunt I touched her clit with the tip of my tongue. She let out a sexy moan. OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHMY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.

She grabbed my head & pushed it to her cunt. I stuck my tongue inside her cunt & started licking it. She was moaning with excitement OHHH RAJU YESSSSSSS EAT MY CUNNNNNNNNT LICK IT PLEASEEEEEE.After some time I got up She grabbed my Lund and started licking it .I asked her to open her mouth & put my Lund inside her mouth. She slowly starting sucking my Lund. I grabbed her head BOY it felt so good. I was in seventh heaven. I did not want to come in her mouth so I pulled my dick out of her mouth. By this time she was dying with excitement & was saying COMEEEEE ONNNN RAJU PLEEEASE FUCK MEEEEE NOWWWW. She laid on the bed & spread her legs. I tried to enter her choot but was not successful since I was an amateur. She giggled & asked me JAAB BANDOOKH PAKARNI NAHEEN AATI TO NISHANA KAISE LAGAOGE. She asked me to put her legs on my shoulders & she grabbed my Lund & put it on her choot. I pushed really hard and half of my Lund went inside her choot. She

Encouraged me by saying YEEEEEES PUT IT IN ALL THE WAYYYYYYYYY. I gave another shot & I was all the way in her lovely cunt. She was moaning with excitement.

COME ON FUCK ME HARDER I WANTED U TO FUCK MY CHOOT FOR SUCH A LONG TIME COME ON RIP MY CUNT APART. I pulled my dick out and pushed it in all the way again. Then I started pumping her really hard .She was enjoying it also very much. When I pulled my Lund out she relaxed her choot muscles & when I pushed it in she made her choot muscles tight making me feel as if I was fucking a virgin. I was about to come so I started moaning & saying MUKTA I WANTED TO FUCK U FOR SO LONG U R SO SWEET OHHHHHHHHHH I AM READY TO COMEEEEE.She was also ready to come & was saying COME INSIDE MEEEEE NOWWWWW I AM ALSO COMMMMMING. With this we increased our speeed. Then I exploded in her cunt she was also coming OHHHHH RAJ IAMMMMMDONE. With this she also exploded. I pulled my dick out of her choot & we both cleaned up. I fucked her 3 times in that night. After that we fucked whenever we had a chance. She taught me all the different ways of fucking.

So this is my story if u people like more true stories of my life u can e-mail me for contact or comments my address is (

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