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  • September 11, 2015

Hy to all. I mHassan (Nick name). I am 5’9” tall boy from Lahore having dark brown eyes, fair color, dark black shining hair and good physique and my email is did my MBA from Punjab University Lahore. I start searching job. But it’s not an easy task to get a job without having experience. So I was very much tense after 3 months of search and I decide to start teaching in evening time to cut out my expenses.

So I get tuition of a girl in Defence, Lahore. Her name was Maliha. She was doing from Punjab College of Commerce, Muslim town, Lahore. She has two elder brothers both in Japan. Mostly I found her alone in home since first day except sometimes when her mother came and asked me about her studies. She studied in her study room with me. After few days when I felt that she has no mood in learning and she is not cooperating with me in studies I thought that might be there is some mistake in my way of teaching I should be friendly with her so that she take interest in studies. For this purpose I start hulki phulki chat and gup shup with her before start teaching. And I observed that she has no any mood for study today. I was doing gupshup with her she asked sir, who is your favorite film actress? I said Katrina Kaif. She said Wow sir both have too sexy. She reply and get little embarrassed by said word sexy. So I didn’t reply and said now open your books and ………..sir please itna maza araha hay batain kar rahain hain. Sir aaaj parhai ki chutti and only gup shup. I said ok and start talking. Why u like her? I said she is good actresses and beautiful.Then Maliha asked from me Sir what you like in a girl? I said she must be beautiful and charming. Sir sexy bolain na sharmaty kyun hain. And start laughing. I came in anger and said hay what you means by sexy. What is sexy in girls? Although I know everything but being a teacher I cannot say her openly. She said you don’t know even this? Oh my God. Sir aap ko to sab kutch batana paray ga. Sir gee sexy mean by watching a girl you feel sex in yourself. Aaya samajh main? Ooh ic. I replied. Sir batain na aaap ko larkyon ki kya chhez achi lagti hay? I said I like their eyes. And ………And their hair Aur sir… aur batain na please. I said their lips.

Hhhmmmm cool sir. Or kaha Sir eik baat batain sachi sachi. Did u ever kiss a girl? What? What u wanna asked? Sir I am asking in simple urdu. Kya aap nay kisi larki ko kiss kya hay? The answer was no but I told a lie just to make impression yes my girl friend.Wow sir you are so Man I thought that you are just a teacher but you can be some ones friend. Thats great. Acha sir kahan kiss kya tha? I said on her lips. Maza aya tha sir? She asked Hhmmmm yes. Sir aap dono kahan they? I replied in her home. Were u alone there? Yes Wow sir. So u just kiss her? Only a kiss Yes only a kiss. Sir its not possible. U must did some thing more. Sir gee kutch khatta metha nahi hua? Now the matter was going out side the limit so I said ok Maliha. I have to go. By saying this I stand up but she hold my hand and pull me towards her. Sir aap ko apnay time pay jana hoga. Why you are going please sit down. By saying this she again pull me slight powerly by this I loose my balance and fell on her. We both fell on the sofa I was on her and my body was pressing her.

Ooh oh sorry. I confused. By saying this I try to stand up but my hands touched her boobs. I confused so much in this embarrassing situation and was trying to stand when she again pull me over her. I fell on her again in a situation that my hand was on her right boob and my face was just above her face. She hold me tightly and said in a dreamy way. Sir aisay he letay rahain na. Kya acha nahi lag raha. By saying this she slightly kiss on my lips. Now I was little hot. I was lying on a young girl. My one hand was on her 36 sized boobs and she just kiss me. I also put my lips on her lips and insert my tongue in her mouth and start sucking her tongue. She replied positively. I press her boob and I found it so soft like a yogurt in a plastic shopping bag. I move my hand from all over her boob. Then she said sir aap nay apni girl friend kay boobs bhe pakray they? I said yes Maliha. Now a days its a part of kissing. Now my cock was going harder and harder and she felt it and smile sir aap ne jab say meray boobs pakray hain aap ka khara hona shoro ho gya hay….hay na sir?

I astonish by hearing so much open way of talking by Maliha. I didn’t reply and again try to stand up from her. This time she allowed me but didn’t release my hand from her hand. Sir aap nay apni girl friend kay saath just kiss kya tha kutch khatta metha nahi kya tha, kya aap meray saath kutch khatta metha karna chah tay hain? Kiss to aap kar chukay hain. I was not able to answer but don’t want to loose this opportunity also. Actually I was afraid that her parents or anyone may not come in her room and see her doing this all. But she was very brave at that time. (Because she was alone in her home). I again close her and start kissing her. This time I insert my tongue in her mouth and sucking her tounge. She warmly responded me and put her hand on my neck and press my head slowly towards her mouth. My both hands were free I put my both hands on her back and start rubbing her and move upwards, when I touch the back strap of her bra over her qameez I try to play with that, she think that I want to open the bra clip from back side. Now this time she called me from my name she said Hussan bahir say brazier nahi khulay gee. Double clip laga hay. Qameez kay under haath daal kar khool lain.

I was much thankful to her to give me courage to start play first game of sex of my life. I said ok. I move my hands towards her boobs and start squeezing her boobs gently and softly. Sometimes when I pull her boobs outside and at the same time press her nipples hard over the brazier she scream lightly cccccccccccc. Now my cock was so much tense in my under wear and trying to crush my underwear and jeans. I try to open the buttons of her shirt. She help me when I trying to remove bra from there she suggest Hassan shirt utar dain is tarah mushkil nei hogi aap ko. I think she understand that its my first ever sex experience that’s why I am so much nervous I reply ok Maliha. Please do that. She didn’t waste a minute in removing her shirt. Now she was in front of me nude. I can saw her big 36 sized sexy boobs and a slight look of her nipples under her red net bra. Which is my favorite color in ladies dressing? She has thin waist but big boobs. This made me horny. I was thinking what to do first, go to her brazier and remove it and start sucking her 2 melons or to move towards her shalwar…..but I decide to make her warm first.

She understand my thinking and she was enjoying this situation. I gently open the clips of her brazier and bring her 2 sexy boobs out. I start sucking her boobs. And try to warm her by sucking, pressing and pumping her both boobs with my hands. she show her warmness by making her nipples erect in few minutes, and specially when I take a little bite with my teeth on her brownish nipples, she scream in a sexy way ….uummm ..sshhccccccc. I put my both hands on her boobs and press them inside so that they press each other and go upward. In this way I put my mouth below her boobs and licking all soft places of that area. She was much enjoying this and want to do something more with me. She touch her hand on my chest and insert her fingers in the shirt and try to feel the hair of my chest and asked Hassan aap kay chest pay baal hain? I replied during kissing her nipples nei Maliha. She asked dikhain na. I said shirt utar doon? Utarain na Hassan..kya aap ko garmi nahi lag rahi? Dekhain mujhay garmi lag rahi thee main nay to utar dee hay.I replied, garmi to itni lag rahi hay kay dil chah raha hay sub kutch utar doon. By saying this I move my hand towards her ass over shalwar and start rubbing it specially insert my fingers in the separation line of her ass. She said, Hassan jaldi say utar dain yeh na ho kay garmi say aap ko bukhar ho jay. I smile and said , mujhay nude dekh kar kahin aap ko aur zyada garmi na lagy. She said Hassan gee, agar main aur garam ho gyee to mujhay thanda na karna pleaeeeese. Now I made courage and turn off my shirt and sweat shirt. I asked, pant bhe utar doon? She smiles, pata nahin, waisay yeh mujhay pata hay kay aap ka bahut pehlay say khara hay. Please dikhain na kaisa hay.aur kharay ho kar kaisa lagta hay? I start opening zipper of my pant and said, but you too also take off your sarwar. She said no no and smile sexily. Now I was completely nude and she was watching my 6 inch hard so hot and strong dick in standing position . she asked amazingly, oh my god, its too huge and fat , that’s why girls shout during fucking. Now I come close to her and insert my one hand in her shalwar. She resist a little. I move my hand on her pussy and found it wet. I love to feel her wet pussy. She said Hussan aap ko yahan baal pasand hain? I said ya little but no to long. Now I insert my one finger in her pussy and move it inside. She close her eyes and try to stop her screams. But her breaths speed automatically increases. Uumm hhmm aahoooo. Her such sounds make me more horny and I increased the speed of my finger, in/out, rub on all walls. Then I insert my second finger in her pussy and keep my play on. She like two fingers in her pussy because now the movements in the pussy were so tight.

Now precum was appearing on my cock and I found her watching my cock. But she didn’t attempt herself to hold it. I said to Maliha, yeh pakro na, She hesitate in pure feminine fashion, nahi please nahi, mujhay is say dar lagta hay. I said darnay ki kya baat hay, abhi to tumhain is pay kiss bhe karna paray ga. Kiss oh no, she smile. Kiss nahi karoongi bus khaali pakar leti hoon. By this she put her hand on my hard dick and start pressing and pumping it. I feel that some one has current in my body by her touch. My precum start flowing on her hand after her every pump. She start laughing and said. Hassan aap to itni say dair main leak hona shurooh ho gayee and she rube my precum on her boobs. I said oyee yeh sperms nahi hay pagal, yeh to sex ka juice hay. Tumhari pussy to pehlay kiss say he geeli ho gayee theee.

Now the situation was that she was playing with my dick and my hand was under her shalwar and fingering her pussy. I was so much hot . Now I decide to turn her shalwar off. I gently bring out my hand from her pussy and shalwar and try to open her izarband (rope) of shalwar. She asked Hussan, yeh aap kya kar rahay hain. I replied tumhari shalwar utar raha hoon. Now her izarband was open but she suddenly stop me by her hand and said nahi Hassan main apni shalwar nahi utaroon gi. I use my power to down her shalwar. But she ran away in the room by gripping her shalwar from top side, she was laughing and saying hussan pakrain. I ran behind her. Room was not too big so I catch her in few seconds. She was trying to run away so I try to grip her shalwars back side. In this way she loose her grip on shalwar and her her shalwar fell down.

She suddenly turns and hugs me tightly. Her shalwar was in her feets and she was completely nude and hugging with me. My dick was in a standing position so touching her pussy. I start wild kissing all over her face and neck and rube her sweet, firm, round ass. She also start playing with my dick. I asked her to come to bed. We sit on bed. I asked her to show me her pussy. She was shying a little and was not opening her legs to have a full view of her cute small pussy. So I gently open her legs and saw cutest pussy of the world. Her pussy was covered with little black hair. And her love hole was not seeing. So I asked her, hay…where is the hole? She smile and said, ghour say dekho, yaheen hay. I smile and insert my two fingers inside her pussy and again start finger fucking. She closed her lips tightly and also closed her eyes and lay down on the bed and open her legs wide to give me ease in finger fucking. I kiss on her pussy and start licking it. This time she failed to stop her screams. Each time when my tongue enters her pussy she screams oooyye when my tongue exits she screams ccccccccc.

I keep this game of oooyyee and ccccccccc for more than 5 minutes then I feels that its too much and I stop this. Suddenly she discharged. And her lubricant spread on all bedsheet. She smile and said, tum nay finger fucking he say mere nikal dee. I asked tumhain fuck karoon? She reply nahin….pata nahi… dekho mujhay fuck na karna, bahut takleef ho gee. I said. Zara see pain hogi phir maza bahut ayee ga. Fuck karoon? She said …ok.. but do not tell this to anyone. I said oh my love , I will never ever tell to anyone.

I was no experience of fucking a girl before just watched some movies. So I told her to guide me as I have no experience of fucking. She smiled and said aur yeh jo sub kya tha is ka experience tha? Us nay Kaha Hassan karo sub khud aajayee ga. So I lay on her. My hard dick hit her cute pussy and she said ooh Hassan aram say. It hurts me I try to pump my dick on her pussy by thinking that my dick will made his way by himself. But dick was not finding his way. Maliha start laughing and said. Hassan aap to bilkul buddhu hain. You don’t know even this how to fuck a girl. Pehlay mere legs apnay shoulders pay rakh lain. And try to insert your dick in my pussy slowly and press it inside and bring it back. And then repeat this. Ok? I said ok. I did the same and put her both legs on my shoulders and open her legs. Now it gives me a clear view of her pussy. Now I enter my hot dick in her pussy slowly. She shout ooohhh uuuff aammmmmi.

I urgently bring my cock out and said what happened? She said aaap itni zoor say kar rahay hain. Itni dard ho rahi hay. Araam say karain na. I said ok Now this time I insert my dick lightly and she stop her screams coz my dick was little bit fat according to her opinion. I insert deep and deep un till she she shout uuufff Hussan bus kareen mere phut gyeeee oyeee ammmi. Now again I come out my dick. She said Hussan bohat pain hoti hai. I said ooh don’t worry kutch nahi hoga.

This time I decided to show her my power full strokes. I open her legs again widely so that I can see her cunt and pussy. I put the head of my dick on her pussy and starts pushing it lightly. When my cock all entered into her pussy I immediately start some tight strokes. She said “Hussan bahar nikaloo main marr jawoon gee” But that cock was not enter to come out without cum. So that, I was increasing my speed but I was feeling that she is in pain. But after some time she also enjoying it. She hold me tightly and kissing to me.

After 10 mints I feel that I am near to cum. I told her that I am near to cum. She said doesn’t matter when you feel the peak then you tell me. Then I told her that it is peak. She pulled out my dick from her pussy and start lifting my dick with her hands then I dropped my huge load on her breasts. Then she start applying my whole cum on to her breasts. I asked that what are you doing. She said that “this is the most powerful cream of the world, the women who usually apply that cream on there breasts are not loose there breast or shapeless till old age”. That was another exposure for me. (The girls who are reading this story can take advantage of this act from me by doing sex).

She said Hussan I am want more because she a not cum. So we did again and after some time She was getting out of control because she is going to discharge Ohhhhhhhhhhh…. Mmmmmmmmmhhhhh…. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. Oh Allliiiiiii….. Aur Zorr Say Karrow…. I increased my speed after some strokes she said Hassan I am near to cum and at the mean time she cums.

After that day we enjoyed. And we also do sex whenever we get chance time and place. She and I enjoyed too much. After that I try best to study good to Maliha as she get good marks and honestly she also did work hard and got 1st division in

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