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Awais Akhtar Sex Story

  • desipapa
  • October 2, 2015

HI, I AM 21 YEARS OLD. i am also big fan of these stories i am also joining this club. my dream girl she is was non other than my ANTY.her name is farhat.she had a sexybody. Perfect dips and curves in the right places. Fresh medium size breasts,slim waist and most beautiful in her was her rounded ass when she walked it bounce i loved that in her very much.i visited my anty house to see her only. in meantime she became my dreamgirl.

I became a very good friend of her.she was so free that she used to change her clothes in my presence and i obviously stare her body.she had seen me to watching her body but told nothing.i used to mastribute twice or thrice on her name but not able to say her my feelings as i was afraid that if she will be not ready she will tell my parents and results will b bad for me. Things were not going easy for me wishing to fuck her had became my dream and i thought i will never get chance with her.till that night of august at late night phone bell rang in my house my mom picked the phone on hearing the phone she was crying i came to know that my mothers uncle in pune had died so she and my dad had to go mom also called my mama about that he said he will also join them but her wife farhat is not feeling well so she will not go with them and let i stay with her and take care of her.i was very happy to hear that as they will return in 3days.till that i may get chance or may b not.but till then i can enjoy by seeing her sexy parents left on next morning while my mama also joined them.i took some of my clothes and went to mamas house at 10oclock.i rang the bell my aunt opened the door and gave me a smile.i went inside she asked u came so early .i said yes i was feeling alone and bore so i came early.

She said its ok i will make tea for u .after drinking tea i changed clothes and weared shorts and tshirt will she was doing her household works in nighty .In which she was looking amaging in blue nithty in which her bra and peticoat was clearly seen i was enjoying her boobs and buttocks bounsing. In afternoon after lunch i went in her room she was applying oil on her hair i asked what happen she said i am having headache.i asked whether i can help her by massaging on her head she smiled and said ok. I took oil and applied on her hair while she was sitting on floor and i was on bed she satted between my legs and i was massaging her suddenly she kept her hands on my theighs unknowingly.i dont know what happen to me my dick became rock hard like was almost touching her back.she turned and saw my erection and with her hand she touched my dick.i moaned little she asked”what happen”.i was very afraid what will happen.i stood and i was about to leave from her room she holded my hand and said tell me.she insisted alot and told she will not tell anyone about that.i said u touched my theighs so it happened.she then told me to be relax and asked whether i had girlfriend i said no.then she asked do i mastribute i said “yes”.by this time my head was down and fear had gone little by her questions.then last question that she asked i was not able to reply that she asked whether i mastributed on her name. I did not replied her.she again asked and said if i will not tell truth she will tell it to my parents.i didnot said her anyword and replied yes by shaking head.on hearing this she left the room. I was little afraid she returned in a few minutes and said “arey yaar main door band karne gayi thi agar koi a gaya to”.she had closed all windows also she told and closed the door of her room and windows by this time my fear had gone all.she said “bol kya karega”.i asked can i see her naked once she laughed loudly and said “pagal sirf nanga hi karega kuch karega nahin kya”.on hearing this i was not in control was kissing her all over her neck,boobs,her face.then i removed her nighty under which she was wearing a pink coloured bra.her pinkish red and swoolen nipples could be seen easily. I removed her bra rashly.

I holded her from waist and lifted her up now she said me to relax she came over me and removed my shorts which was already wet and tshirt and after having a look of my cock she exitedly said “yaar tera lund to bara hai”.then she started sucking my cock and balls she was doing in a rhythematic and musical way.i could not believe that my cock was in the mouth of my aunt.she was circling the top of my dick with her toungue then took almost 5inches of my seven incy dick in her mouth. I was breathing heavily after some time i stoped her and said ” its my turn now”she smiled.i tried to remove her peticoat which was tight i was in so hurry that i tore her peticoat and removed her panty.she said slow down dont go so fast.but i was not listening her.then i very sharply lifted her legs up but she hesited and said suck my pussy first i started licking her pussy i entered my full toungue in its.i was enjoying that she became out of control and moaning heavily her body was shivering her pussy was wet and hot when i felt that i should try to enter.i rubbed my lund over her pussy.she shouted “daal na jaldi yaar”.and i slowly put it inside her pussy.her pussy was little tight i had to work hard to enter my enourmous dick in her.when i started moving she began to maon ahahahahah………uuuuuuuuuyes fuck me i was also moaning it was my first time i continued for about four more minutes.i cummed in her pussy also her juices were out with mine juices on bedsheet.i came down in depths we both were breathing heavily.and i felt on her body we lied there for some time naked. She went in bathroom and came she said i want to fuck me in my ass as it has been not done by mama from many days i said definately but i was not ready she gave me a blow job and i was again ready to enter the ass.

She turned her over and placed two pellows under her belly and opened her legs apart then i lubricated my dick with her pussy water. i was about to mount over her kingsize pinkish white ass she said “have u gone mad u dont know or what how to fuck in ass”.i said no.then she explained me that u should massage by finger first and then enter.i did that and entered slowly it was tight and my dick was all in her asshole.she was screaming loudly i was also having hard time but was enjoying much then her.this time i discharged after 10 min she was happy to find a partner like me. after this we took bath together and i fucked her one more time in her pussy she was so tired we slept still evening in each other arms.and in night also we slept with out clothes in each other arms on my request to morning when we got up she gave me a deep kiss and said “tera lund bhoot mast hai yaar mujhe bhoot maja aya”on hearing this i also said ” yaar kal to sirf ek baar hi dala tha tumhari gand me par aaj nahin chodunga tujhe aur teri gand ko”.she smiled and went to do household works. On that day i had more fun almost every position i did sex with her but when my parents came back i had to leave.i did sex with her many a times with her in absence of mine mama. so friends send me message or mail me how u like my incident or any comment mail me.girls who want to loose there virginity or unstatisfied womans or aunties want to chat or want to have relation with me are invited u can send me ur message or mail at my email add ””waiting for ur replies and comments.

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