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  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015

readers I am 27 yrs old boy.  I am  going to tell you my real story which happened some years ago.  I was doing my & was preparing for my final exams .  I used to go to my friends house to study.  This friend used to go to work and come late at night and he had allowed me to use his room for my study purpose. Just one and half km?s away was my mothers friend who used to stay with her daughter.  This woman name was Shylaja and her daughter?s name was Priya.  I used to call my mother?s friend as Shylaja aunty .This woman was aged close to 40 and her daughter was 18 yrs old. When ever I was bored of my studies, I used to go to their house and chat with them and come back to my friends room.  

This aunty was a working lady and her husband was working in Dubai. He used to come once in two years and used to stay for a week or two and used to return back. Their daughter Priya was doing her plus two. Since at the day time no one used to be at their house, they had asked me to study at their house. But I had my own reasons to refuse because I had no liberty to go anywhere as all my activities will be known to my mother, as Shalala aunty was a very close to my mother. Right from my teenage, I was very fascinated about sex particularly with older woman .  I wanted to have sex with them at least once in a life time.  When ever I used to see plump woman?s I used to fantasize having sex with them. Shylaja Aunty was fair , tall about 5.6 ft, bit plump , had a round ass , her boobs were big & when ever she used to walk , her buttocks used to shake. She had all qualities to satisfy my urge.   But I could not dare to think about her as she was my mother?s best friend. My mother had agreed to use my friend?s room as she thought that I will be able to concentrate on my studies. I used to spend 6 hours on my studies and other time I used to spend time for browsing, having bhel puri, meeting my other friends etc. One day I had some work outside and was waiting for my bus, just then Shalala aunty was going in her Kinetic she saw me and immediately stopped her vehicle. 

She asked me whether you are going back to the room and I said ?yes? . She offered to drop me and since I was fed up waiting for the bus, I obliged.  Auntys house was the first to come on the way & it was down the road.  And as aunty was riding she began to ask ?how is my studies going? ?  And I replied ?it?s going well?. And as she was riding I found myself sliding from my seat  ( as the road was steep and was not in a good condition ) During that conversation my dick was touching her big ass, as her ass was pointing backwards  towards me.  I wasn?t able to control, also when she would ask me something and I had to lean front to answer and I could not stop sliding from my seat. My dick was enlarging and I was afraid that she would come to know. Aunty?s house came nearer and I asked her to stop and opted to go by walk to my room .  But Shylaja aunty insisted that I come to her house and have a cup of coffee.  I agreed . There was no one at the house and I asked aunty ? where is Priya ? ? and aunty replied that she would come at 7.30 pm as she has to attend her tuitions . Aunty prepared coffee for me and as I was having coffee I saw aunty wiping the floor.. I asked ? aunty why are you wiping the floor when your maid servant does it in the morning ? She replied that what she doing is exercise and it gives her flexibility to her body. I was amazed to hear this as I never ever thought that people work in order to do exercise. As aunty was wiping the floor, I was watching her entire body, her fat ass, her boobs, her sweating body.  I could not control my dick as it immediately enlarged. And after I finished drinking coffee, I boldly told aunty that her body figure is very good.  On hearing this aunty asked me ?what must be my age?  ?And I replied ?may be 36 or 37?. 

Aunty laughed and said ?Iam 40 yrs old and I'm one month older than your mother ? and I told her aunty you don?t look that older.  And as I was getting late I told aunty that I had to leave and  I was leaving the house aunty told me ? that it seems that you observe a lot of women and I was stunned by this ? . And gave explanation ?that it is not like that I just felt like saying so and said it ? . But aunty smiled and replied ? I do not believe so?.  I immediately left and was embarrassed that aunty pointed out my weakness. I did not go their house for the next one and half month & since my exams was coming closer; I got busy with my studies. After my exams I stopped going to my friends room,  I started enjoying my holidays by going out to play, watching movies ( pornographic ), chatting with my friends & secretly fantasizing having sex with fat older women?s. Once I received a call from Shylaja aunty  asking  me to help Priya as she was doing her  computer course . She wanted my help in completing some assignments which was given by her computer Institute.  Since I had done that course, it was nothing new to me.  My mother sent me to Shalala aunty?s house to help Priya .  Priya was a sweet jolly kind of a girl. She was a cool girl . I was afraid to go to shylaja?s house as it reminded about what aunty had pointed out.  Inspite of that I boldly went to their house and helped Priya.  I found Priya flirting with me but I was not interested with her, also I was afraid that aunty might notice this. Aunty was very cordial with me and no where it appeared that aunty remembered what she pointed out.  I had many chances to watch aunty?s shapely body. When aunty used to bend while lifting anything I used to see the gap which would appear at the opening of her nighty.   And sometime accidentally I had opportunity to touch her shoulder, hand, her ass.   But aunty did not react for all that and I too not want to take any risk. One day when I went to aunty?s house, Priya wasn?t there and I asked aunty ?where is Priya ??. 

She replied that Priya had to go for her extra classes (computer) and will be late. I decided to leave but aunty asked me to wait for sometime as she wanted me to help her.  She asked me to replace the tap of her bathroom as there was some problem with the tap. I agreed & went to the bathroom . I was replacing the tap when my clothes got drenched because of the force from the water pressure.  Aunty said ? I'm so sorry your clothes are drenched because of  this ? . I replied that?s okay. And aunty asked me to remove my clothes so that she could put in the washing machine and dry them. I said its okay. Aunty asked in a high voice ?what okay, you do as I say ?. I was in a way embarrassed to remove my clothes that too in front of Shylaja aunty  but I gathered courage &  started removing.  I began with my T- shirt, then my pants and meanwhile aunty gave me uncles lungi to wear it. Afterwards I was with my bare chest and Shylaja aunty touched my arms and asked whether you have any strength? (As I was very thin).  I got in a way angry and immediately replied although I don?t have strength to lift you but I can do other work what a man can do.  Aunty asked what work. I answered any work. But aunty still insisted I want to know what work?  I preferred to tell her,     ?you ask me any work and I will do it for you ?. Aunty asked ?you have observed many women?s what is your opinion about me? I sensed a green signal and answered ?that your body is very shapely for the women of your age, you have a perfect weight for your height & uncle must be very lucky to have you as his wife ?.

Aunty then told me though you look very innocent & decent but your way of observing others, impressing others is good. ? . Aunty asked whether you have any girl friends. And I replied no, also I'm not interested with any girls. Then aunty herself told I observed that when you were maintaining a distance from Priya.  Aunty asked whether you had sex with anyone. I replied ?Iam not that lucky ?. Aunty smiled & asked whether you are interested to have sex with me.  I started stammering & answered  ?ya ? . Aunty then told me to promise that no one should know about this and I should not ask for it again. And I agreed. Shylaja Aunty came closer and put her hand inside my lungi and I gathered some courage and hugged her. I could feel her boobs touching my chest & giving me the spongy feeling.   Aunty immediately put her hand in my underwear and started pressing my dick.  And I inturn started pressing her buttocks and I could feel her panties outside her nighty.  I slowly started lifting her nighty upto her ass and started pulling down her panties. Meanwhile aunty was pressing my dick very hard & started playing with my testicles.  I could not control & I told aunty that I might leak anytime. Aunty told me never matter I shall keep pressing. As aunty was pressing my cock, she slowly started kissing on my lips and stared pulling my tongue through her mouth. Meanwhile I felt that my sperms are coming out and I wanted to tell aunty. But she did not let me to speak. And I leaked my sperms in her hands. It was my first experience with lips kissing & dick pressing at the same time.  I was really enjoying it.

Slowly I got access to her boobs and I started pressing them very hard. My God, her boobs were very big, my hand palms were not sufficient.  Slowly aunty made me lie on bed and she removed my underwear. I in turn removed the buckles of her bra from outside. Aunty removed her nighty and she started licking me on my face and started biting my bare breast very hard. I was getting the pain & aunty continued to go down kissing my thighs, I wanted aunty to suck my cock but she didn?t do that . Instead she started pulling my private hair with her teeth.   I wasn?t able to control my pain and I pushed aunty to bed and started kissing her forehead, nose, cheeks, lips. This was my chance to explore aunty's body. I started kissing her boobs and I pressed them very hard. Aunty immediately started moaning. I started sucking her left boobs and began licking her nipples by keeping her nipples between my teeth and pressing the right boob with the other hand. Aunty started moaning loudly and asked me to screw her. But I was not prepared as I was enjoying sucking her big boobs. This time I started with the right boobs.  Aunty started pestering me to fuck her hole. But I was in no urgent.  Slowly I started moving my hands over her stomach, to her thighs & aunty continued moaning. And she pleaded me to start fucking her. I did not want to start all of a sudden. I started down exploration by licking her stomach, her legs, her thighs and as I going upward towards her hole , she started pulling my head close to her hole. I saw her bushy hole & it was first time I am seeing a woman?s vagina that too live & so close. I wanted to feel the inside part of her vagina and  inserted my fingers & started doing finger fuck  . Aunty started moaning  loudly & was saying faster , faster, ooh , aahh , aahh, aaahh. . I could feel her clits and started tickling them. Aunty started to shout ? ah ah ah ah ahhahh, I wanted her to cum as I had seen in pornographic movie and soon she cummed.  Now I decided to feel my cock inside her hole. 

As I started pointing my cock to her hole , aunty immediately started inserting my cock inside her hole , as it was my first time I got a warmth feeling inside her . Aunty?s hole was a bit tight , it was not that easy as seen in a pornographic movie. I slowly started pushing and aunty ordered me come on you rascal fuck me faster , I slowly increased my pace, at the same time I started to feeling the pain on my cock, but because of aunty?s shouts I did not stop and kept increasing my speed .

Also Shylaja aunty was holding my waist so tightly with her legs that I had to increase my speed.  Aunty started shouting on me come on you rascal do it fast, don?t you have enough strength you bastard. I got aroused by these words and kept increasing my pace and I could hear aunty shouting uuhh aahh aahh aaah ????!!!!!!!. Atlast I cummed inside her vagina and believe me it was a superb experience with Shalala aunty. I became very tired and was lying on her and Shalala aunty asked for more and again I had another fuck. I wanted to fuck aunty from back ie in her ass. But aunty refused and she told me even uncle has not tried so far.  I wanted to do many things with aunty, I wanted her to suck my cock, I wanted that we do 69 but I did not have much energy left. Also I had to go home and was even worried that Priya would come at any time. Then later aunty clarified that she had lied, actually Priya had gone to her cousins house & was supposed to come back the next day. Shylaja aunty was very thankful to me & cried that uncle has not had sex with her for last 7 years. I asked aunty ?when shall we have sex again? and aunty replied ?I will tell you when no one is at home & please don?t ask till I call you?. Although Shalala aunty was thankful to me but I was very very happy because I had a wish fulfilled ( to have sex with a plumpy older women ).

There after I got one more chance to have sex with her but that was only for half an hour but not like the first time. Later on I was waiting for another chance to do with her but aunty did not call me.  Though she would come to my house along with Priya but she would behave as if we did not have any sexual relationship. And I too did not ask as I had promised her not to ask her about sex. Probably Shylaja aunty wanted to maintain good relation with my mother & was afraid that our physical relation would affect their friendship.   Later we shifted to our own house in Bangalore & I got busy with my studies. The memories of Shylaja aunty are still fresh in my mind & when ever I think about it, I am surprised how things happened suddenly.  I did not get any other opportunities to do with anyone & not of Shylaja Aunty?s caliber.  Any plump girls, aunties aged between 37 to 48 preferably staying in bangalore are invited to share your views or comments or wish to have a temperary relationship can mail me at

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