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Aunty Three In One

  • desipapa
  • August 16, 2015

This was the time when my uncle was posted out and we lived in the family quarters in Chennai ( Madras) India. My uncle had made arrangements for an orderly servant Sivan to stay with us to get things for us and help in the house. I was in school so I would be only home the whole day during the weekends. My aunty did most of the cooking as we also had an old maid come over to sweep and help my aunty to cook.

From the dining room one could clearly see the kitchen and I would sit at the table and see my aunty cooking breakfast for me every morning. As usual she would come in her nightie make something fast fast so that I don’t get late to school. There was nothing unusual about the routine till I saw Sivan sitting one day cutting vegetables on the floor of the kitchen. He was continuously looking at my auntie’s ass and with one hand was adjusting his cock through his lungi that he wears. Sivan was well built as he was in the army. I felt really angry that he was staring at her big behind so hard and I knew he was n ‘t having good thoughts. I just let it pass for that day. But from the next day onwards I would see that Sivan would take the same place to sit and do his work when my aunty was cooking.

My auntie’s nightie was the transparent ones that one could see the outline of the panty and her ass cheeks bulging out from the sides. I also started getting a hard one seeing this, I had never noticed it before. This routine would go on every morning. It had already been 8 months since my uncle left. Now a days my aunty would sometimes forget to wear her bra and her panty and that would be a real treat. I could see her ass cheeks separated jiggling every time she moved. When she came up to me to serve me food I got a good shot of her fair tits. It was doing bad things to Sivan as I could see that he had a better and nearer view of the sexy scene. Sometimes Sivan would get up on pertex of getting something and brush past my aunty lightly touching her ass. Any one could make out the bulge in his shorts from a mile away. He would do this a lot and just while passing brush his hand lightly and her ass. My aunty never seemed to mind it, but to me it was so erotic. The only time Sivan was allowed in our room was when my aunty would get her legs pressed by him. This was usually in the afternoon. Like regular times he came into the room and put oil on her feet. I was sleeping on the other bed in the corner of the room. He came near to check on me and I pretended to be asleep.

My aunty was sitting on her bed with her feet dangling down. Sivan started massaging her legs from feet upwards. He had reached her calves, when my aunty lifted up her sari little bit more up to her knees. I could see the start of her thighs from her knees. Sivan had it right in front of him. It was apparent that she was getting aroused as his big hands came up to her knees. He slipped them inside her saree and was massaging her thighs. I wished I could see what was going on inside. Just then my aunty made Sivan stand up and pull up his lungi. She was in a hurry, she just wanted his cock out. She had his cock in her hand, she just kept looking at it as if it was something new and precious. With one big gulp she put his cock into her mouth and started blowing him. Sivan must be in seventh heaven to have his mistress suck his cock. He caught her head and pumped his cock in her mouth. He was so excited that he shot his load in no time, umming all into her face and mouth. My aunty suddenly got up and went to the bathroom while sivan shoved his limp cock in his lungi and went out. My aunty came back all cleaned up and slept on her bed. I would shag off everyday thinking of that scene of my aunty sucking that big black cock and Sivan spurting his seed in her mouth. I didn’t have to wait long for the real After I had seen my aunty giving a blowjob to Sivan that was etched in my mind forever. I would get so horny thinking of it that my cock would have to bear the brunt of getting shagged 4-5 times a day. My cock would get so sore.

I was waiting for things to proceed but I had to change my routine a bit so I could catch the action again. Sure enough after a few days on a Sunday, I was supposed to sleep in late but the incident made me sleepless. So I was up early. Got up slowly, didn’t make a noise and tried to look for my aunty. She would be in the kitchen as usual making something. I was greeted with the most erotic scene ever; Sivan had picked up my auntie’s nightie and was rubbing his shorts clad cock right in her ass crack. My auntie’s big ass was split wide as he furiously rubbed up and down. My aunty had spread her legs and was leaning on the kitchen counter as he continued his rubbing. aunty wasn’t wearing a panty and her ass cheek seems to get lifted every time Sivan rubbed up exposing her hairy cunt. They were at it not realizing someone would be watching them. Suddenly Sivan looked my way, some instinct that tells a man that he is being watched I guess. He immediately left her nightie down and shifted to the side. My aunty looked at me and in a very composed manner, as if nothing had happened, asked me what I wanted for breakfast. Now I had a new thing, whatever I did I couldn’t shake off the image of my auntie’s big buttocks being roughed up? I would start staying up late sleep less just to catch them again but no luck. So many days passed, I think they got careful after the last time. But these things can never hide for a long time.

One day I bunked school to come home early, maybe I would get lucky. And yes that was the day. I had become very careful when I came to the house, never made a sound, crept slowly and had all the viewing points marked out so that I could hide and see if the occasion arose. Sure enough as soon as I reached the house I went from behind and first thing I checked was the kitchen, no one was there. Then the bedroom, there she was sitting on the bed. I quickly went to the other window from where I could see both of them at side angle. I was just in time; Sivan was opening her blouse lifting her big boob, cupping it. He unbuttoned the blouse and my aunty helped him remove it completely. Sivan was from the village; he must have been feeling real good to have big fair delicate boobs of the mistress. He pulled up the bra without even opening it and started pinching her nipples. My aunty was moaning by now. She slipped her hand in his shorts and was fondling his cock as he stood in front of her playing with her oversized tits. He was pinching her nipples as she fingered his cock. He sat down besides her still squeezing her boobs. Now they were facing me but at on angle. My aunty got up from the bed and stood in front of him, he started un wrapping her sari, now she stood only in her petticoat, which came down next. She then pulled down her black panties to get herself fully naked. Sivan immediate had his hand around her and was fondling her ass; he had stuck his mouth to her mound and was licking her pussy. My aunty put held on to his shoulders as he pulled her big ass apart pushing it into his mouth in front. My aunty pulled herself free and lay down on the bed spreading her legs wide. She had a light bush of pubic hair and even from far I could see her dark cunt lips swollen up as Sivan sat in between her parted legs and was caressing her heavy thighs, roaming his hands all over her stomach and boobs.

My aunty just lay back enjoying. Sivan started massaging her tits, squeezing them, pulling them upwards then letting them fall. In a while he came down and went straight for her pussy, parting her cunt lips with his fingers he put his mouth right on her cunt. For a village guy he sure knew to eat pussy as he had my aunty squirming in no time. He had put his hands under her big fleshy ass and lifted her so that he could lick her asshole too. By now she was completely wet and dripping. He laid her back, now he was ready to fuck her that is when I saw my aunty stretch and get a condom from under the pillow. She told Sivan to come ahead. He moved up, she held his big cock and put on the rubber on him. He went back again; this time holding his cock in his right hand he banged her pussy. Slapping her spread out cunt lips. The plopping sound was so loud of his cock hitting her fat pussy; I thought the whole neighborhood might hear it. Sivan then positioned his cock on her pussy entrance and with one thrust shoved the whole thing in her cunt. My aunty let out a scream as her cunt took the whole black cock in. Once inside he stayed still for a moment then started slow thrusts into her cunt. My aunty was so excited she grabbed his ass and urged him on, wrapping her legs around his waist. She was moaning loud and suddenly started Cumming as I saw her dig her nails in his ass. She had her eyes closed. Sivan continued to bang her pussy. My aunty then told him to halt, she had more plans. She got off from the bed and kneeled down facing the bed.

Now both Sivan and me could see her wet cunt and her ass high up in the air. She wanted to get fucked like a bitch. He got the idea and got behind her. Holding his cock in one hand he navigated it between her pussy lips. Once inside he caught hold of her buttocks with both hands and started fucking her. He had spread her so much that her ass could be seen around him. He would pull at her boobs, slap her ass, sometimes hold her hair and bang her ass. She was moaning again, taking the fucking he was giving her ass. Soon he started Cumming and so joined him. He was shaking and shivering while shooting his load. They just stayed there for a while then he pulled out. My aunty took off the condom from his cock and went into the bathroom to wash up. He wore his lungi and his shirt and went to his servant’s quarters. I had to wait those agonizing 5 minutes till everything was clear so I could go and shag off. Two. Let me start by describing my aunty. She is an attractive woman of 35 years old, although she looks like in her late 30s. She has a wheatish complexion and is 34C-29-36. She is got a round and firm ass and her melons are also luscious. She wears a low cut blouse without a bra most of the times at home and is also very careless with her pallu and quite often would bend here and there exposing her breasts. As a result I’m quite used to seeing her breasts from my childhood. And my neighbours, friends, my acquaintances also had the pleasure of watching my auntie’s melons. I remembered an incident very early in my life, when I was seven years old, an acquaintance of ours grabbed my aunty in the absence of my dad and tried to fuck her. But my aunty repulsed his advances and as result he could only manage to get his hands on her boobs and ass.

However as I grew up I became aware of the sexual chemistry between my uncle and my aunty. They would do it after we had slept and also sometimes take a joint bath, where they would fuck. My awareness about sex resulted in my lusting after women, my teachers, my neighbours, my relatives until I finally realised that my aunty was my true fantasy woman. Hence I would often stare at her breasts and imagine how her ass might be etc. I finally schemed to see her naked which was one day accidentally fulfilled when I saw her opening the bathroom door to get the towel. She was completely naked and I could see her thick bush down her valley, which seemed to disappear into the gorge. I made some holes in the bathroom door one day when no one was in my house and waited patiently the next day for her to go for bath. As soon as she went in, I peeked through the door and I could see her removing her saree. Then she did away with her blouse after which her bra. Now I could see those breasts, which was the object of ogling by so many people. Her nipples were thick and large. She did away with her petticoat and I could see her round and her firm ass. I could also see her thick bush. However try as much as I could but I could not see her pussy as her thick bush covered it. This continued for several years during which I was once caught and admonished by her. My father is 8 years older than my aunty. So a few years later my uncle’s sex drive diminished, but my aunty continued to remain horny. One day I came from the college early and I saw the door locked from inside. I was about to knock when I heard some strange sound coming from inside.

I peeked in through the window and I was surprised to find my aunty in bed with our family friend. This guy used to work near by and often used to drop for lunch. Little did I know that along with lunch, he was also having my mother! I remain hooked on to the scene inside- My aunty was in her bra and petticoat along with this guy and he was pressing her breasts with one hand while though other was roaming over my auntie’s ass. Then he got up and removed her bra and was sucking on one of her breasts while the other hand ventured into her petticoat. Her thighs were now exposed to me. He started alternating between her breasts and started fingering my auntie’s cunt. My aunty was moaning like crazy and was asking him to fuck her. She was telling him ‘ aahhh..chetttaaa.njan chetantaya.ennae kadichu thinuuuu..’. He then climbed on her and proceeded to give her a wild fuck. He fucked her in several positions – missionary, doggy style, he even got her on the top of him. Then after what seemed a quite a long time he pumped in his full load into my auntie’s womb. I saw his white semen dripping down my auntie’s thighs. She got up wiped it clean wiped his also and then started taking his cock in her mouth. Slowly his cock was erect again and this time my aunty sat on top of him and started humping him. Her boobs were jumping up and down and this guy also started giving it to her by raising his groin to meet her thrusts. They continued for what seemed eternity and finally she had a blast of orgasm during which she clasped him strongly and was mouthing obscenities which I never imagined I could hear from her mouth. He pumped in a second load of semen in her. With this they got up and started dressing. Even during dressing this guy couldn’t seem to lay off his hands on her.

I was amazed and aroused by the whole development. I saw my own aunty getting fucked before my eyes! I knocked the door after which this family friend opened the door and my aunty was there in the bathroom. I went to my room took out my cock and started jacking off. I then rationalised that if my uncle was not giving cock to my aunty as much as she needed it then she will get it from somewhere else. And if she is fucking our family friend discreetly without any one knowing about it then there is no reason to get angry. Three. Let me describe my small aunty namitha . Mid thirties, about 5′ 8″, a gorgeous smile, great legs, and tit’s to die for. She didn’t realize the effect she had on me. She would walk around with her bra and panties on. I would go down to the basement and beat off thinking about her. I think the first time I jerked off was when I saw Jilu naked, her big hairy bush and large tits with gorgeous nipples sticking out. All of this leads to the time I finally fulfilled my fantasy. As usual I had beaten off and this time instead of an old tee shirt of mine to wipe up my cum, I grabbed a pair of my athai old panties and as I was jerking off, I wrapped the panties around my cock and as I shot all over my belly I used the panties to wipe up the cum, then threw them under the bed. All went well until the next day. I was home alone with aunt and she was cleaning up my room. All of a sudden I panicked and went into my room. What I came into was my cousin sister holding up a pair of her panties full of my juice.

She looked at me kind of funny and said, “I hope there is an explanation for this!” I didn’t know what to say. She said, “I know you are full of hormones and need to relieve yourself but I wish you would find another way to do it.” I had just came from the bathroom and a session with the Wards catalogue, I had been stroking off, but didn’t come, so I was still horny. I figured, what can she do, if I try to kiss her and cop a feel, the most she can do is yell at me, which she has done many times. I didn’t say anything, and walked to her-I think she knew-and gave her a hug, then turned her face to mine and kissed her, she moaned softly and returned my kiss, I started tentatively stroking her big tits through her bra. She moaned louder and leaned against me and opened her mouth as I slipped my tongue into her soft mouth. I almost came right then. She reached down and started rubbing my cock through my Lungi. I don’t know how I kept from coming. I backed her up to the bed, and she fell backward on my bed. I tried to keep from falling on top of her and failed. She kind of giggled as I landed on top of her. She said, “I’m not laughing at you honey. You know this is wrong don’t you?” I said, “namikutty, I don’t care, I want to fuck you.” She laughed again and reached between my legs and pull up my lungi and pulled my cock out and started stroking it as we made out on the bed. I couldn’t wait to get my cock in her! I pulled her churidar top over her head, and she pushed me away and stood up and pulled her churidar bottom pants off. Then she reached behind her and unhooked her white bra, and let it drop to the ground. She then snaked her light yellow panties off over her hips and down over her legs then threw them over her shoulder and lay back down. I pulled my lungi off and then my jockey short off, freeing my hard cock. She took my prick in her hand and started stroking it as she kissed me.

I said, “Please, namikutty, I don’t want to cum yet!” She let go and I kissed my way down to her big tits, sucking on first one then the other, she moaned as I sucked on her nipple. “Oh yes baby….suck your authis tit..oh yes suck it baby!” I worked my way down to her hairy pussy, “Ohhhh yeah…lick it baby…suck your aunts’s pussy!!” I flicked my tongue across her clit, and she shivered as I licked up and down her crack. “Oh honey….eat me…eat my cunt…yes…yes…yes!” She came again and again as I licked her twat. “I can’t believe I am doing this…but I want your cock in me ….fuck me…fuck your aunt now!” I settled in between her thighs and slid my cock into her hot pussy. she wrapped her legs around me and grabbed the cheeks of my ass and forced me further into her pussy. we started fucking like mad, she was moaning and yelling “Goddd yes fuckkkk me fucckkk me harder harder yessss!” I didn’t think I would last but somehow I kept it up. I tried every trick I had read about in my horn books, slowing down then speeding up, moving my dick from side to side, varying the rhythm. I was in heaven and she kept her running commentary up, “That’s it fuck me lover. Fuck..aahhhh……give me all of your dick, make me come baby fuckkk meeee!” After a very short time, I yelled out “I’m coming namiiiiii.., I’m going to shoot my cum in your hot pussy nowwwwwww!” with that I started shooting as she came at the same time. I kept stroking as my cock kept spurting I fucked until my cock was so soft it slid out of her. We lay there a while and she said, “You know, we can’t ever go back. I like to get fucked and if you want it just let me know, cause you are one great fuck!” Every thing seemed to calm down for a while until one night about two weeks later. My kid brother and sister were staying at my grandmothers, and my dad and mom was working a double shift at the plant where they worked. He had had to go in at 10 PM and wouldn’t be home until the next afternoon. I was sitting up watching TV.

I could hear the shower running, and I pictured my cousin sister’s naked body, as she stood in the shower with the water running over her body, down between her legs and dripping over her hairy pussy! That got me horny, and I started rubbing my prick through my lungi. Soon, the sound of water stopped and a few minutes later namitha came into the living room from her room wearing one of her sexy nightgowns, a red one, silk, low cut, one that showed off her many charms. She had no panties on and I could see her bush, I could also see her big brown nipples poking through the lace. She said, “Well, good night Vinu kutta, I’m going to turn in now.” She leaned over, giving me another great view of those tits, and gave me a kiss, a soft kiss on the lips and turned away, and I watched her ass as she walked back to her bedroom. Soon I heard moaning coming from her room. I tiptoed back and peeked around the corner. She had the covers off, her hand was between her legs and she was fingering herself and her other hand was stroking her nipple, and she was moaning and moving around. That was all I could take, I quickly stripped and crawled into bed with my namikutty. She turned to me, pulled me too her and stuck her tongue in my mouth. She was really horny, her hands were all over me and she pulled me on top of her, opened her legs and guided my hard prick into her hot wet cunt. She wrapped her legs around my ass and urged me on. I strarted stroking in and out, the feeling was incredible, she used her muscles in her twat to massage my cock as I fucked her. “OH Goddd….Yes honey fuck me…fuck me…your cock feels so good in my pussy!” We were fucking like crazy and she was yelling all the while. “Harder vinukuttaaaaa., harder” We were in a good rhythm and the way I felt I could fuck all night! She said to me, “Talk dirty to me while you fuck me.” “athai,naa unga pundailla okkarathukku kuduthu vechuerrukkanum unga pundaikuua ollukarara sugamae thani!” Her nails raked my back as she yelled louder and louder,”fuckme fuckme fuckme fuckk me!” We fucked for quite a while as she came again and again. Finally, she yelled out, “unn sudu kanjiya enn pundaikulla udu nirrappu!” That’s all I needed to hear and with a final plunge I shot my load deep in her cunt.

She squeezed me dry with her educated cunt. Finally I collapsed on my cousin sister, and she kissed me and said, “I was wondering when you would come in here. I thought I was going to have to finger fuck myself all night!” “namikutty, you know I wanted to jump you when you came out in your negligee. I wanted to throw you on the ground and fuck the shit out of you right then!” We lay there for a while and she said, “I can see I’m not going to get any sleep tonight.” We lay there facing each other and we started french kissing, our tongues dueling in each other’s mouth. I stroked her titties as we kissed. I started kissing my way down, stopping to suck on her tits, nibbling on her hard nipples. Then working my way down, tonguing her belly button, then on down until I reached her mound. She shivered and opened her legs as I started kissing around her pussy, flicking my tongue across her engorged clit. “Oh yesssss, eat me, lick my clit…oh yeahhh!” I could taste both of our cums, and just tasting it was heavenly. I started really working her cunt over, “Suck on my clit honey, suck on your aunts’s pussy!” I was fucking her cunt with my tongue, and she was pushing my face deeper into her cunt. She said, “Scootch around, I want to suck you cock!” Taking my mouth off her pussy just long enough to turn around, we were soon engaged in 69 as she started sucking my hard 6″ cock as I licked her pussy. I lost count of her orgasms as she was deep throating my cock and I had my nose buried in her ass and my tongue up her twat. I pulled my tongue out and started licking down between her legs, from her cunt hole, down to her ass hole, finally rimming her ass hole with my tongue.

I tongue fucked her asshole and she went nuts. She took my dick out long enough to say, “I want you to fuck my ass, I want your hard dick in your cousin sister’s ass hole!” I turned back around, and said to her, “Turn over, you asked for it and you’re going to get it!” She got on her knees and I knelt behind her, spit on my cock and eased it between her cheeks. I first slid it down into her wet cunt, fucking her doggie style for a while, “FUCK ME GODDAMN IT GIVE ME ALL YOUR HARD COCK!” My balls were slapping against my ister’s ass cheeks as I fucked her doggie style. I pulled out before I came, and pushed my slippery cock against her brown eye, slowly pushing it into her ass, “It hurts baby, but it hurts good, fuck my ass! Fuck it hard and rough!” I finally got it all the way in, then pulled almost all the way out, the started fucking my sister’s asshole! Slowly at first, then picking up speed, until all you could hear was both of us grunting and my balls slapping up against her ass “Godddd yesss, your cock feels so fuck ing good, fuck me hard, lover, fuck me hard” I was stroking in and out faster and faster, I was close as she screamed out “Shoot it baby…shoot your spunk in sister’s asshole! I want your hot cum to fill my asshole!” As if she needed to tell me. I was ready to shoot and as I started to cum, I yelled out, “Ohnamikuttt yyyyyyyyyy. aaaaahhhh. uuuuummmmmm… aaayiooooo! I’m cumming…I’m cumming in your ass namikutttyyy!” I shot stream after stream into her cunt. We both collapsed and I fell asleep with my soft dick between my cousin sister’s ass cheeks. I don’t know how long I slept, but I woke up with my dick in my sister’s mouth, as she sucked and stroked my cock, and caressed my balls. What a great cocksucker my cousin sister was! She used her tongue like a pro, licking the tip, then practically swallowing it whole, Soon she had me ready to cum again. Just then she stopped and said, “Lay there, let me do all the work.” She sat on top of me and slid her cunt lips over my hard cock! She started bouncing up and down, moaning and grunting. I loved looking at her face as she fucked me. Her head was thrown back in pure passion.

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