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  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

Hi fans of desipapa, I am John fernandes age 29 and a bachelor staying with my mother in a rented house with around 8 families in a compound. I love watching married woman ageing around 30yrs. Our house and our neighbours portion was separated only by a door which was quite old with two thin grooves and also some holes made by termites. That door was leading to the bedroom of our neighbours. There were 3 members in that house , Rosy aunty, her husband narayan and their 10year old son. Rosy aunty was around 30yrs old and was a teacher by proffession. She looked very beautiful and had a lovely shape of 36-26-36. She was a keralite with lovely boobs and a big butt. Her husband on the other hand was dull, slim man ageing around 40 years and was owner of a general store which was not doing good business. He was all the time busy with that store. He was a tamil.

Rosy aunty used to pay regular visits to our house and chat with my mother and sometimes with me. I used to watch her shape, I mean her lovely tight breast tangled in a tight bra.Her buttocks were a treat to watch and would tempt anyone to touch it. I used dream of her in a naked form and wondered how she would look when she was naked.I never knew that my dreams will be fullfilled so soon, at that time I was 21yrs old and doing my third year in college, I was having my studying holidays. At that time I heard a sound,which was like somebody opening a steel cupboard,and it was coming from Rosy aunty’s house.I was sitting close to the door and doing my studies. My mother had gone to the market. I decided to have a peep to see what was going there that was the time I saw the entire view of their bedroom. The cupboard was close to the door and Rosy aunty was taking a saree,petticoat, and a black bra from the cupboard. She was at the time wearing a blue nighty. I prayed that she should undress there itself. My eyes were eager. Rosy aunty started to remove her nighty by pulling the zip from her throat to her breast and pulled over the nighty over the head. What a sight it was for a man who has never seen such live stripping. My rod was hard seeing Rosy aunty’s lovely tight breast, she was not wearing a bra inside. Her breast had lovely nipples which were brown in colour and standing erect.She was almost nude except for her white petticoat which revealed that she was not wearing a pantie inside from the cut of the petticoat where women tie their nada (string). Then she wore the black Bra and hooked it . Then she removed her petticoat and wore a light blue petticoat, at that time I had a view of her lovely cunt which had some pubic hairs around it and her ass looked very clean and tight. I got so excited that I came in my underwear. She then wore a blue saree. I then realised that She was getting ready to go to the school. I noted the time and I kept watching her daily.

As my days went seeing her dressing, I got decided I will fuck her If I get a chance. Once as I was seeing through the groove, I saw her husband catching her and requesting her for a quick fuck.He threw her on the bed and pulled her petticoat on top ,removed her blouse and white nylon bra.He kept sucking her nipples and I could hear Rosy aunty’s moaning. She was all excited. He then started to lick her cuntlips and Rosy aunty was going mad. She told to him insert his rod into her cunt,which he did. Luckily my mother was out of station, I took my penis in my hand and started to masturbate. Rosy aunty guided his penis into her cunt and with only few pumps he fell on her. Rosy aunty was telling to him to pump more, but he was over and he removed his limp cock. Aunty face was filled sadness as she looked at him and left the room.

After this incident, a student’s father used to come to leave his 5yrs old daughter for tuition.Aunty used to take tuitions in her bedroom only. As the days went by, One day I saw that student’s father joseph was pressing her boobs and the kid was not there.I watched carefully, He then started kissing her and she showed no signs of rejection. He kissed her lips and with one hand he removed the hooks of her blouse and Rosy aunty was wearing a red bra inside.He then unhooked her bra and started sucking her nipples very hard. Rosy aunty’s was enjoying every moment of it. He then pulled her petticoat on top and removed her red panties. He had a big cock and he put a condom to his penis and then inserted into her cunt and fucked her very hard.After some time he pumped hot semen into her cunt. She looked very satisfied, for my surprise she got up and walked straight to close the door and was seeing if anybody was watching from otherside of the door. I moved my way out and settled the curtain which I had on our side of the door.

Now, I decided that I will try some tricks with Rosy aunty and have sex with her.From then onwards I started to go to Aunty’s quite regularly. Once I went to ask Aunty if she wanted to pay her water and electricity bill at that time she was wearing only blouse and petticoat and was cleaning the floor. She was sweating like hell and her butt was sticking to her petticoat, I could see her dark green PANTIES cleanly. She suddenly saw me gazing at her butt and gave a wicked smile. Then I collected the bill and money and left. I started to masturbate thinking of Rosy Aunty.

Oneday, Rosy aunty came to my house,my mother had gone to bangalore to my uncle’s house for six months,so I was preparing lunch for me, Aunty came and requested me to take tuition for her son. She was wearing only nighty,but the bra was visible through her nighty and a petticoat. I told her okay.Then she left shaking her big ass. That same afternoon she tapped the door and asked me to come over to her place.I went to see what for she had called me.I rang the door bell,within a few seconds she opened the door in a transparent pink nighty with red BRA and matching PANTIES which had white flowers on it and was cleanly visible. I was amazed at this sight and my rod was erect. She told what John you looking at me as though you are seeing a beautiful woman on earth.Come inside first John and she caught my hand and pulled me inside. I told her, Aunty you are really beautiful. She told me not call her aunty and call her by her name.I asked her why she had called me, she told me that there is a kitten below the bed and she was scared of cats. She was smelling wonderful since she had just come from a bath. I went along with her to the bedroom and bend down and took the small cat.I had a idea in my mind, so I took the kitten close to her and scared her. Please John don’t scare me she told. Then I left the cat outside the house and came inside. She was breathing heavily due to fear. I caught her shoulder and told her to relax.

She suddenly sat on the bed and caught my hand. I said its okay,don’t get afraid.She slowly kept her head on my chest and relaxed for a while. I was aroused by this and was waiting for the next step. I decided to proceed further, so I slowly put my right hand around her and brought her close to me . She then raised her head and saw my face. She hold my face and placed her rosy lips on mine.We kept kissing for a long time, I slowly moved my hand to her boobs.I gently pressed them through the nighty. She was hot by now and starting my small noises.I proceeded further pulling the zip of her nighty and brough her nighty down. Now I was seeing Rosy Aunty with only BRA and PANTIES. She asked me, What John you love me to see in this BRA and PANTIES. I said yes, and hugged her. I kissed her ears, face and came down to her breast. I then unhooked her red nylon BRA and kissed her BRA.I caressed her breast and rolled my fingers round her brown nipples which hard and erect. I slowly put them in my mouth and started sucking like a hungry baby. She was moaning. One hand I put in her PANTIES through the elastic of the PANTIES. There were bush of pubic hair around her wet CUNT. OHH JOHN I AM HOT JOHN FUCKME FUCKME she was shouting.

She got up and removed my pant and shirt. She pressed my cock along with the underwear.She removed my underwear and was shocked to see my big cock. She kissed it gently and slowly put it in her mouth and started sucking it to and fro.We were in a 69 position. I removed her PANTIES down her legs and started licking her wet lips of cunt. The smell was wonderful.She left my cock and was moaning AHH JOHN YOU ARE JUST DOING VERY NICELY LETS FUCK NOW SSSH COMEON INSIDE ME JOHN.I then removed my faced from her CUNT and slowly inserted my penis inside her CUNT.AHH she said MAKE LOVE TO ME FUCKME HARDER HARDER JOHN.YOU ARE TOO GOOD. I started pumping very hard and after several pumping we both had orgasms together.I could feel hot semen flowing inside her hot pussy. Aunty showered several kisses and bend down and licked my penis. She said she was happy with how I made love to her.She told me to always fuck her like this. We slept together hugging eachother. In my next story, I will tell you how I fucked her arsehole and sex with another neighbour Aunty. Married ladies around 30 to 35yrs and also unmarried between this age write to at . Bye for now.Happy fucking.

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