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Aunty Ke Saath Sex Kiya

  • desipapa
  • August 27, 2015

Hi Guys this is Ram from Chennai ladies aunties in and this is my pen id

We were staying in a joint family consist of 13 members. I have a uncle who has a wife of age around 33yrs with daughter (Pinku). My dad and uncle is in cloth whole sale business. So they travel very frequently outside the town.

This is story is about me and my aunt’s unexplained relation between us. The first part of the story is as follows.

Now let me explain my aunt. She is not a kind of typical house wife, she is well educated and has a beautiful figure. She has a very pretty face along with nice size breast and a great butt. She has daughter but still looks very young. I was like a friend to her.

It was summer time in Chennai and I was having exams on my head. So for study purpose I stayed in the terrace house so that nobody will disturb me while studying. There was some marriage ceremony o one of our close relative so most of the family members were gone to attend that.

I stayed back because of study and my aunt also stayed back as her daughter was not feeling well also someone has to be at home to take care of me.

I went to the station and after dropping them I came back to house. Pinku was not feeling well so aunt said we should go to the family doc. I have a bike so we got ready to go to the doc clinic.

She was wearing a salwar suit with a duppata and really looking very young. I didn’t have any bad intention so far for her. She was really like a good aunt and a good friend of me. The doc clinic was about 30 minutes drive from our place. We stared at 7 and reached doc clinic about 7:30 pm.

It was a crowded and a lot of patient was waiting. We managed to see the doc by 9 and docs said that Pinku is having a bit of fever and asked aunt to take care what she eat. The doc also said that it will be better if she has breast milk for few days.

It was around 9;30 when we started from the doc clinic on our way to home the road was not very good and it started raining also. I was driving a bit faster so that we don’t get wet, but suddenly from nowhere a car came and just cut me.

I lost balance and almost fell. My aunt was sitting side leg and she almost fell on top of me. This is the first time I felt her soft breast on my back. But I was worried for her and Guriya. I stood and ask her did she pr Pinku got hurt she said Guidiya is ok but she had injury on her right leg.

I asked her to sit cross leg and I took Pinku in front of me in the bike so that she can be comfortable.

Now after stared I was again feeling her breast on by back whenever I was braking. I did brake sometimes intentionally also. It was rally soft as she was holding my shoulder so there was no gap between her breast and my back.

I really enjoyed that ride but unfortunately we arrived at home. I asked her to show me her injury, but she said its ok. I insisted then she said let me change first. She went to her bedroom and after some time she came back wearing a black night suite.

The night suite was like a gown kind of thing on top there was a long thin jacket kind of a thing. I asked her to show me the injury but she was a bit hesitated to show me as it was on the top part of the knee. But after my insisting she allowed me to see that.

She lifted her gown material to the thigh level. I can see the whole length of her leg up to thigh. It was like heaven. I never saw her like that, it was smooth and white color. It was looking very sexy. All my relationship values has gone for a toss.

Then I touched her at the thigh and it was like current passed by me. It was a bad cut so I said that I will go to the medical shop and bring some medication.

I went from there straight to my room and jerked off thinking about her. The feeling of her soft breast and the smooth silky thigh was un forgettable.

I did my thing and went to the medical shop and brought some first aid kits. While returning I was just thinking that I will get one more chance to see her thigh and touch it also while putting giving her the first aid.

I came back and she was doing some house hold work. I asked her were Pinku she said she slept as she was not feeling well. I told her and I got some bandages and medicine for her. She said lets have dinner first then she will use those.

I said, no let me do it as you cannot put bandages by yourself on that part of that leg. She agreed and sat on the sofa. I was sitting on the carpet below the sofa. She hesitated again lifted her gown to the thigh. I brought some hot water to clean the wound.

As I was cleaning her wound accidently I spilled some of the hot water on her thigh. She reacted as the water was hot and in a flash of the moment I was seeing her panty. It was a red color panty and her private part as looking very clean and shaved.

I just saw it for few seconds. I was thanking god for my accident. She again sat after adjusting but water was all over her gown. She lifted her gown to the thigh of both the leg and adjusted while I was cleaning and putting bandages.

She was feeling the pain so I asked her to concentrate on the TV while I apply the medicine. It was my plan so that she does not catch me seeing her inside thigh and I can enjoy her beauty.

After applying some cream I asked her to lift her leg a bit so that I can put bandages. She did so and while doing her gown again got lifted and I can see her panty clearly. As she was busy in watching TV and had a clear view of her private parts.

As I said the panty was red and kind of transparent. It was of good brand with net like fabrics. I can see inside the panty. She was really clean shaved and her cunt was awesome. It was tight and pink color. I was really enjoying the scene. She asked me how much time it will take

I said I am almost done. I put the bandage and said I am done. She saw the bandage and thanked me for my effort. She said I am not like my uncle, you really take a care of people. I don’t know why she said that but who cares. I was in seventh heaven after seeing her like that.

Now my mind stared playing games. Now I was planning to see her up close again. But I don’t know how? Suddenly I got an idea. I will ask my aunt to stay at my room so if she needs something I can get for her also Pinku is not well so she may require me for that also.

I asked her the same then she said no your study will get hamper. I said no no I have my study desk in my room I can study there and you and Pinku can sleep there.

Also I have a huge bed so everyone can fit in properly. Again hesitantly she agreed, I was very happy as everything I was planning was getting successful. We had dinner and around 11 pm and she asked me to take pinku to my room as she was injured.

I picked Pinku and put her on my bed and after some time she also came. She changed her gown as it was wet and now she is wearing a simple gown that covers her from top to bottom.

The gown was having buttons in front as she might give breast feeding to Pinku is she wakes up. All in all I was very happy to see her in that dress as there might be a chance to see her breast also while breast feeding. She put Pinku in middle of the bed and she slept in the corner.

My study table was on her side of the room and I was having a table light. I switched off all light except my table lamp so that they can sleep well. As it was very hot there was a big cooler in my room.

I adjusted it so that they can feel comfortable and I stared my study. But I was not able to concentrate on my studies, the scene of her panty was flashing in front of my eyes.

And now she is sleeping in front of me and I was only seeing her beautiful body. Her curves can be visible very clearly. This is the first time I was seeing her like that.

She is really having a sexy figure. She was sleeping on her back and one hand was on her eyes. Her breast was erected like some mountains and then she has a really flat tummy and curved waist.

As I was watching the sleeping beauty she suddenly called me and asked me to get one more pillow so that she can place her leg on top of that. I got her the big pillow on which I used to put my feet and give one pain killer also so that pain subsides.

I asked her to lift her gown to the thigh so that it won’t trouble her and to my surprise she agreed to that. She lifted her gown to the knee so that the bandages are in open, in doing so her second leg was also exposed. I again went back to my study table and again was watching her.

I wanted to touch her but didn’t have the courage to do that. I was seeing her exposed leg and some portions of thigh. I really was feeling to jerk so I went to the washroom and jerked. I also took a bath as it was very hot when I came back

I saw my aunt was in deep sleep and due to the air blowing from the cooler her night gown was exposing her entire thigh. I could see some part of her panty too if I was getting down. I quickly switched off the table lamp and put the night bulb on and just sat at the end of the bed from where I can see her panty.

She was still wearing the same panty but this time as she was sleeping side ways I can see her butt also. It was a solid round shape butt and the panty was not covering it all. It was a kind if G-String kind of panty that does not cover the whole ass.

A good portion of ass was been shown to me, I wanted to touch her ass but kind of scared. After seeing that view for some time I went to my corner of the bed and I slept there. Now she was sleeping her back facing to me. I can see her naked thigh but panty was not visible from that angle.

After some time I put up some courage and I put one of my hand into her tummy as pretended as I was sleeping. Pinku was sleeping in between us so I have to put my hand a long way so that I don’t disturb Pinku after placing my hand on her tummy.

I waited some time then staring to slip my hands towards her exposed thigh. After 15 minutes of struggle I managed to place my hand on her butt. It was very soft, I can feel the line of panty on her butt.

I started doing some small circle like movement on her butt. I got the whole feeling of her butt on my palm. I was really in the seventh heaven. My cock was at its peak. It was trying to come out of my pant like anything. Then after some time.

I put my hand on her bare thigh. Ohh god its was so good, it was so soft so smooth. Then I slowly started to pull the gown up so that I can touch her butt under the gown. After 5 mins I pulled the gown so much up that I can see her panty now.

Her panty was not covering her ass so I directly have a touch of her butt skin to my hand. It was amazingly feeling. Then I lifted her panty so that I can reach her crack. in between I was also concerned I didn’t woke her up, but due to the pain killer she was in deep sleep.

Then I lifted her panty and put my hand inside her butt. I started exploring her ass hole, it was very hot as I got near to her butt hole. But I was not able to proceed further as Pinku was in between us. I played with her ass some time then I wanted to touch her breast.

So I removed my hand from panty and again placed my hand on her waist. Then I again regain some courage and stared my mission breast. I slowly put my hand around her waist, now I was touching her lower part of the breast and can feel that see was wearing a bra.

I slowly put my hand on top of the breast very lightly and stared feeling her breast curve. It was so round and due to the bra it was in upright position. I tried to touch her nipple with my finger from over the gown but didn’t succeed as she was a bit far from me.

I was feeling bad as I was unable to touch her breast. Then maybe I unhook her front button then may me I can get access to her breast. So I slowly started searching for the buttons I unhooked tow buttons from the top but there are few more which I was unable to open.

I tried to put my hand inside whatever I opened. I put one finger inside her top and stared exploring. My finger was inside her cleavage and I can feel her breast touching my finger. It was so soft , I tried to put my finger inside the bra to feel the nipples but the bra was tight and she was a bit far from me.

Suddenly I sense Guriya is moving a bit. I quickly took my hand back and the in the next moment Guriya started crying. She was hungry, my aunt also woke up but I pretended to be sleep but I was able to see her from corner of my eyes.

She woke up and sat on the bed and got a bit shocked to see how her night gown has uncovered her ass, but she didn’t try to cover it up as Pinku was feeling hungry I thought she might take her on her lap for breast feeding but I wanted to see her breast and if she take Pinku on her lap then I might missed the chance to see her breast.

But what she did shocked me. She opened all the hooks of her gown unhooked the bra from behind and took her left breast out and slept. Pinku was having mill from her left breast and everything was happening in front of me. I can see her breast lying down and Pinku was sucking her nipple.

I can see her whole fruit, it was lovely. I wanted to suck it. All the time I pretended to sleep while my aunt was feeding her daughter. After some time pinku went into sleep and I see that aunt has slept with her breast hanging from the night suite. I can see the whole naked breast in front of me.

I waited some more time to conform that she slept. After 10 min or so I put my hand on her bare fruit. Ohh it was so soft. I touched her nipple I found that some reaction from her nipple. Suddenly the nipple became harder and the breast was wet due to the milk the Pinku just had.

I wanted to taste the milk so I took some wet things from her breast and put the finger in my mouth it was kind of sweet but liked the taste again I put my hand on her left breast and started pinching the nipple, some kind of fluid started to come out.

I was getting very excited, and wanted the right breast also. As she already opened all the hook of her gown I lifted the gown and her right breast also came out. I was holding the two breasts in my two hands and stated pinching the nipple.

The milk started to flow from here breast. In the meantime I sense some movement from my aunt but I didn’t stopped and also she was not resisting anything. After getting the enough courage I sat and put my mouth on her nipple and started sucking her breast. The milk was coming out and I really enjoyed the taste.

Suddenly again Guriaya wake up and I again went to my position and pretended to sleep. This time aunt did not show any shock after seeing that her top was totally naked. She fixed her top a bit a took Gurika on her lap. She caressed her for 5 minutes until she slept.

Then she got up from the bed and went to the wash room. I was seeing everything from corner of my eyes after some time she came back and to my surprise put Guriya on a side and she slept in just next to me. I was like thinking now that she also enjoying this.

After some time I again but my hand on her breast but this time I found there is no bra inside the gown also the gown hooks are also opened. She was sleeping facing the opposite side so I was not able to see her breast properly but I again started to explore her breast.

Suddenly she turned towards me while in sleeping mode, I thought it was a indication that do whatever you want but she still was in her sleep. I slowly started to pull of her gown down so that I can see her totally nude. I found that something was obstructing the gown, as she was sleeping facing me her gown was stuck on one side.

I picked her left hand and put the gown from her left hand. Now she was almost naked from the top as the gown was only on her left hand. I can see both her breast and the smooth belly from there. The nipple was getting harder and harder.

But still I wanted to make her total naked but that was not possible as she was sleeping. I played with her breast for some time then I thought to move down so that I can see her pussy. I kept her naked from the top and started pulling her gown from the leg. It again got struck on her right thigh but I pulled that with force.

But it was still not coming, suddenly she made a movement in her sleep and turned on her back and put her hand on her forehead. that made the gown loose and I was able to pull the gown upside to the tummy. No she was in a 80% naked state.

Her breast was in open and all her leg to her pussy was only covered with her red panty only. The scene was mesmerizing and I can see my aunt in naked state in the night with no one there. I was really getting very excited.

Now I wanted to see her pussy put her panty was on my way. Then I started pulling the panty down. I put my two fingers on the side of the panty and started pulling it down. As she was sleeping on her back it was kind of difficult to get the panty out.

But suddenly she lifted her back a bit and her panty was out from her butt. Now I pulled the panty out of her leg totally and she was totally naked. As I saw earlier she was clean shaved, and her pussy lips her tightly closed.

I wanted to lick that pussy so first I tried to spread her leg a bit apart. Surely now she was not in her sleep as her she started to breath heavily but still she pretends to be in sleep.

When I was spreading her leg she did not resisted a bit. Now then I have spread her leg I can see her pussy lips also. I started with my finger to find the love whole and got in within seconds. I pushed my finger deep at it was very hot and wet there. I stared exploring her pussy with my finger tips.

It was really soft and wet inside, then I put my two finger inside her. I sensed some movement in her upper part of the body but she still pretending as sleep. May be she likes that way I don’t want to disclose that she was enjoying.

Now I put two finger inside her and stared playing with her inside pussy. I got something rough inside and stared rubbing that part. Later I understood that was her G point.

I put my two finger as deep as it can go, there were now fluid coming out from her pussy. I took my finger out I put them in my mouth. The taste was really strange as I never tasted any pussy. The scent was amazing. I wanted to lick her pussy so I spread her leg a bit more and I slept in between her leg and my face was on her pussy.

Now I pulled her pussy lips apart with my finger and I saw a pink pussy just in front of my eyes. I never saw a pussy like that until before. I only saw some porn movies but never up-close and personal. I put my finger on that pink pussy and stated rubbing it. Fluid started pouring down and it put my tongue inside her pussy.

Ohhh it was so incredible feeling, I was sucking her pussy like I was hungry for 100 years and I got food for the first time. Using my finger I put my tongue deep inside her, I was like tongue fucking her. After some time the fluid stopped coming and she got a bit relaxed and I also cum inside my pant up to that.

I thought enough for this night as I have 7 more nights and also it was almost day when the whole thing stopped. But she still is in her sleep may she was just dreaming so I also didn’t woke her up. I went to my corner of my bed put a hand on her waist and slept.

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