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Aunty Kat Sath Chudai

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  • August 31, 2015

Hello!all the desipapa fans. I’m Jibran from Lahore. I’m one of the greatest fans of desipapa and i have read almost 80% of its stories and now today I’m sharing my own experience with u people which happened to me last month.Aunty Saima is our neighbor’s believe that she is one of the most sexiest women in the world with huge boobs and perfect round ass.Me and my all friends were fond of her ass.

Her husband is a piolot in PIA therefore he stays mostly out of home.She has two daughters one of 9 and other was of 12.OK come to the real story.It was a fine day when i was coming back from college,I saw her standing on her door.When i was passing her door my sleepy luck awoke and she called me.I went to her and asked the reason to call me.She said,MUJHAY TUM SAY KUCH KAAM HAI PLEASE MAIRY HELP KAROO GAY.I replied,sure why not and went inside with her.There was nobody in the house.She take me to her bedroom and said me to wait for a while.Some bad feelings knocked the door of my mind.I thought that she also want’s which i want but when she came back i realise that she had nothing like that in her mind,because she was just holding a hammer and some knail in hand and than she asked me to help her to bring the big picture. I took the picture in the was covered with brown paper. I asked her that whose picture was this.She than showed it to me.It was 14years old picture of her aniversery.She was looking very preety in it.She told that today was the birthday of her anniversary. Than she brought a stool and said me to stand on it and i was there standing on the stool with hammer and knails in one hand and from the other hand i was trying to hold the picture from aunty Siama’s hand and I succeed after some time.

She brought another stool and stood on it next to me to help me in holding it.Now she was holding the picture and i was knailing the wall.When i completed we hanged the picture on the wall and jumped from the stool on the roof and from here the tradgity begins,my stool was disturbed and i fell upon her and she was thrown towards the bed.Her back striked with the corner of the bed and she started shouting with pain.I steadily stood up and took her to the bed.She said me to bring iodex from the draws of the next room.When i came back she was lying on the bed facing the floor.I went towards her watching her round ass.She requested me to massage it on her back and took her qamiz up. I started massaging her back.My eyes were on her back but my mind was little bit downwards to her ass.I don’t know when my hand slipped and i started to massage her ass.I got back from my thoughts hearing her moan.

I saw her moaning with pleasure.It gave me much confidence to carry on.I sat on her back and started to squeez her ass with both of my hands.She started moaning heavily and said me to stop.Then she stood up and started to took off my clothes and started to do the same with her.Soon we both were naked in front of each other.I hardly believed that i’m watching the beauty of my dreams naked in front of me.I just hugged her and started kissing hrt madly,on her cheeks,on her lips,on her whole body.She was also replying with passionate kisses.Slowly i went little down to her boobs and started to suck them.It made her nippels errect upto half inch.I was gone mad and started squesing her boobs madly.She started to shout and gave a slap on my face and said to now lick her cunt. I obeyed and went to the cunt hole.I stretched her pussy lips and entered my tongue in it.She again started moaning heavily and was pushing my head towards her cunt with both of her hands. soon she cummed and ordered me to taste it,I happily obeyed and taste it,it was a bit saltish.Now it was her turn to suck my penis.So,i lied on the bed and she took my whole tool in her mouth.

It gave me much pleasure.She was looking like a mad bitch.Soon I shot a heavy load of cum in her mouth and she ate it all.I was much surprised with it.Then she came close to my mouth and started kissing on my lips.I tasted my own cum from her mouth,it was better than her’s.We kept on kissing each other for some time and now my lund was rock hard again.She stretched her legs and i entered her pink pussy,it was very loose so i went inn without any problem and started giving her hard jerks.She was moaning madly OH YES,YES BE FAST,BE FASTFUCKME,MERE CHOOT PHAR DO AAJ SAY YEH TUMHARY HAI,PHAR DO IS KO.after some time i put my cock out of her pussy because i really want’s to fuck her ass.She first hesitated to do so,but i said TUMHARY CHOOT KAY SAATH TUMHARY GAAND BHI ABB MAIRY HAI. she smiled and aggreed.I applisd the iodex on my lund from which i was massaging her back.

I put the head of my cock on her ass hole and with a single but very hard jerk my whole lund was inside the valley of her beautiful and killing ass.She started shouting BOHAT DARD HO RAHA HAI NIKALO ISSAY BAHAR MAIN MAR JAOON GI UUFFFFFFFFFF.But now who was going to listen her.I carried on with hard jerks and after ten minutes i filled her ass with my cum and fell on her.After half hour hour she awoke me and said her hubby is expected to come soon.I planted a deep kiss on her lips ,wore my clothes and went to my home happily.after that I have fucked her seven times and obviously we will carry it on.Any girl or aunty from Lahore,Islamabad and Karachi who want’s to have some pleasure in life with me can mail me at(

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