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Aunty In Hotel

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  • September 9, 2015

Hi this is Naresh back with another adventure in my life thanks for your feed backs I am 24 yrs old once during my vacation I and my friend stayed at the resort. We got a room in a small house. Our only neighbours lived the next door. A married couple in their mid forty?s. Sometimes we would meet each other for a drink at the bar. Just saying hi and talking about the slopes and stuff, you know.

My friend left in a week. He had to go back to the campus and prepare for exams. I stayed alone. The first evening I went to the bar for a drink and met some cool chicks. We hung out together, played pool, and that was going all right. I also met that woman from the next door. It turned out she was left alone as well. Her husband had to go back to town for the weekend.

I got drunk with those girls and went to my bungalow with one of them. We got wild and had nice dirty shag with that girl. I was drunk and forgot that I had neighbors so I did not let that woman sleep for the whole night. We were loud, especially my girl moans!

The next morning, to be exact the next afternoon I woke up hung-over and ran into my neighbor on the way out to the pool. I stopped for a second, thought of how loud and crazy I acted last night, and wanted to apologize but she said:You had fun last night! Didn?t you? She gave me a smile with a wink.
I did not pay much attention and went my way.

In the evening, I was sitting in my room playing the guitar. My neighbor came up to my door and started listening to my music. I told her she could come in and take a seat. She came in sat next to me and said:?You can call me keerthi; you don?t need to call me Mrs. Sexna.?

I smelled the alcohol. She looked tipsy. She started a conversation about her husband that he does not give her any attention anymore. That the best thing she gets is a kiss before going to bed and that she needed more, because she is young and pretty. I told her she was right and she should talk to him about it, perhaps he will change his cold attitude.

I agreed again that she is attractive. Well she is! She is a pretty woman, very elegant, got a classical face, a natural blonde-haired person with delicious body. A candy! It was strange she complained about the lack of attention from her man.It turned out she was a homemaker and spends most of her time at home and that her husband is extremely jealous of her. She started crying and I hugged her.

I kissed her on a cheek and said that everything will be fine when he gets back, that she needs to cheer up and get herself busy with something else.
I was wiping off her tears from the cheeks and by accident, I touched her lips. She pulled me and her wet lips kissed mine. I drowned in that kiss. She gave out all of her sensuality in it. She leaned back and I went down on her neck. She seemed like she got lost the sense of time and reality.

The only thing she needed was I?my lips, my hot breath on her neck?than her breasts. Her nipples felt so good in my mouth.My hand was all over her tights as she opened them up for me?I continued sucking and licking her nipples as I put her down on my bed. Her body was shivering, she was moaning a bit. She was going crazy from the shame and the desire she had kept for so long.

My hand was inside her tights and I got to her panties. I felt they were completely wet and I moved them away a bit. She took a breath and said:
No, no, don?t?Then relaxed again with the same shiver and let me finger her again.Inside it was much wetter than her panties. It was hot in there. I stuck two fingers inside her vagina and with one of them; I started playing with her clitoris. In a minute, she moaned for good. I took my fingers out from her crotch and gave all my attention to her clitoris. She got strained. Her body was curving. In addition, she screamed.

I want you.?I said. In addition, started taking my clothes off. She watched me taking my clothes off with that crazy look. When she saw my dick, she whispered:Don?t?you should?t?However, it was late. I would not be able to stop even if I really wanted to.This beautiful woman was lying in front of me with her hard nipples sticking up on her magnificent breasts?the swelling lips of her pussy were welcoming me in more than any other pussy I had before. It was hard to believe this woman was almost as twice older than I was and could easily be my mother!

I got inside her. She closed her eyes and there was nothing else in this world except me inside her. She did not care anymore. I moved her around the bed as I wanted. She did not give a fuck. She cum during the doggy style, with her legs up on my neck, on top of me, in the missionary position?She would do anything I wanted for the pleasure she had been lacking for so many years.She had multiple orgasms. She was cumming repeatedly and again?

For the first time in my life, I watched a woman in multiple orgasms. She was beating in the constant ecstasy.I enjoyed it! It turned out this well-mannered madam could give outstanding blowjobs. She would suck out all of my sperm until the last drop.

She was the best I have ever had on top. She also liked a bit of violence. She enjoyed me the most when I was behind her squeezing her from the back, pressing hardly, pulling her hair. I would call her my petite lecherous slot with a big wet lusty pussy and she would moan louder.

Oh, how I loved her body: gorgeous soft tits with huge hard nipples on them, long slim legs, magnificent wide chunky hips, delicious round ass, a blonde beaver on her pussy and her hungry lips inside it that would take my dick inside whenever I wanted and as much as I wanted.

I recovered closer to 10 pm and that girl from last night came over and knocked the door. At that moment Mrs. Sexna, I mean Kamini was tea bagging me. She licked my balls and was playing with my cock. I could not open the door so I had to tell her to go away without giving her a reason. I did not even open the door.

Another hour and a half we had been shagging and my neighbor sobered up completely. I made up a rhyme in my head ?it?s never late to fuck Kamini?. After another breathtaking orgasm, she started crying and put her face on my dick.Oh, my Good! What have I done? I?m such a slut!?

I started convincing the opposite. I told her how beautiful, feminine, and sexy she is and that she needed to realize herself outside her house and change her life style. I told her that having sex is an amazing experience and it is natural. I said sex is a very important part of a healthy life style and to consider a sexy woman a whore is the stupidest thing I have ever heard! It took me a while but I finally convinced her.

My persuasion continued in tender petting of her breasts and smoothly took me to licking her pussy. When she started moaning again my dick plunged inside the wet flesh of her vagina.The next day I woke up late afternoon?again! I skipped skiing for two days now! However, the way I woke up was worth it! It felt so pleasing?I woke up from her tongue playing on my dick. She saw me waking up, took her head away just to say ?Good morning!?, and went back to sucking me. I came fast.

It seemed she sucked out a liter of sperm out of my body since last night. She said she was taking birth controls but did not want me to cum inside her pussy. She told me from the beginning to cum inside her mouth instead. I think she loved it!After we had lunch, I asked keerthi if she ever tried to shave her pussy completely. She got embarrassed and turned red as if we did not have anything in between us at all. I had to explain her that there was nothing shameful or embarrassing in shaving it. That it actually makes women much sexier and nicer for men to lick them. In the end, I said I would shave her pussy myself.

I did a good job. Her lips got naked like young girls?. I left a tiny line on top and made it look like a narrow which points to the delight.She looked at my piece of art and got embarrassed again. In addition, would not let me slide her legs a part for a while. However, I got her turned on and that desire made her do what I said. She lifted her legs high up and split them for me. She demonstrated her shaved pussy?it was a ?sumptuous impropriety?. Therefore, her big pussy got wet again?her swelling shaved lips moved apart and opened up an entrance to the flowing juicy amorous vagina? and a bit further, I could see a tiny star of her anus.

Im a bit younger than her youngest son!? ? I thought to myself. The thought turned me on for good. In addition, I took her by a double force.I had a feeling that I got into a porn movie and woman who is my mother?s age was acting in bed better than any of my teen girlfriends. She was longing to give herself to me, all of her completely, to enjoy sex in advance for some vague time.

Suddenly in the middle of the doggy style shag, my dick jumped out from her vagina and pierced her anus so hard. keerthi was so relaxed from the sex-marathon we have been having my dick easily went inside her butt.
Oh, no! It hurts! keerthi screamed. However, I was not going to stop. My dick was going deeper and deeper inside her magnificent virgin butt. ?I am taking her virginity!? ? I thought to myself and got so horny. Her butt hole was so tiny it gave me a huge pleasure and in a few seconds, I came and took my dick out. I watched a flow of my sperm coming out from her slowly closing anus.

You shoved my ass!? She complained.
Well, I liked that! So you have to get used to it!?
I replied with a dirty smile on my face.I went to the bathroom to wash my dick and we started making out again. In like fifteen minutes, my dick was back inside that tight ass of my amazing lover. It made her moan from pain but soon her masochistic tendency worked on it. Around midnight she cum for the first time from anal sex although I actively tickled her clitoris.

The next morning was not much different from the last one. I woke up from an experienced lusty mouth of that slot. It was much earlier though like 9 am. I wanted to go back to sleep as soon as kreethi would get me to cum and sweetly would swallow my sperm and lick my dick clean. But that dirty whore said:Surprise!?

She got on top of me. I felt she was very wet and her clean shaved lips were shining from her juice. So there she took my dick and slowly started sticking it inside her ass. ?She?s keen on it!? I thought to myself with pleasure.In a few minutes, we switched. I put her down and started hardly pushing my dick inside her ass. In ten minutes, we came at the same time.While I collapsed on the bed in absolute pleasure, she crept up to my dick, licked it, and sucked it. She was all shaking from the lewd excitation.

For the whole day except when we had lunch we were having sex. I cannot let myself call this sex ?love making?. No, we had sex, pure sex, we shagged, we fucked as nasty as it gets. I could never tell that this well-mannered, quite, mature woman had so much lust and carnality. She wanted me to fuck her any way and anywhere: on the bed, on the table, on the floor, in the shower, when I was brushing my teeth. In addition, as I fucked her in the ass she gave her preference to anal sex. I surely did not mind at all.

The next day I had to leave. My vacation was over. Mrs. Sexna thoroughly worked her bum and mouth by taking turns in advance. When we were saying good-bye, we exchanged phone numbers and she frankly told me that I have brought her back to life. If before she dreamed about making love now she started dreaming wider?to give herself to two or three guys at the same time then she told to have sex with her sis-in law n her friend we had many group sex too.If u like my story u can contact me

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