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Aunty Got Fucked By Nephew While Uncle Out On Job Search

  • desipapa
  • October 25, 2015

I had been fucking around with the maid almost every day for 2 yrs now, till she had to go to her native for 2 months. She had requested another maid to do the job till then, it’s not about fucking the second maid as she had nothing, no face and no body, she was a walking skeleton. Obviously I and Lata had a number of sessions on the day before she left where I even fucked her in the bathroom while she was washing clothes.

Anyways it had been just 2 days since her departure and I was feeling horny as hell, no matter how many times I masturbated, it didn’t help. A distant relative had come to visit us with his family (only wife). She was a real bomb, juicy lips, tight big boobs, nice spankable ass and all the attributes of a sexy hot aunty. They were given my room and as my father snored like a pig and I and my brother did not get along well so sleeping with them was never an option for me. Hence I slept on the couch in the drawing room. My aunt’s name was Shruti, I use to call her Shruti aunty and ever since I met her the first time I was lusting for her as Lata was out of town and Shruti aunty had a sexy body.

I came to know that her husband had lost his job and was here to look for work. Every day he use to go out early morning for interviews and finally within a week he got a job. He said it will take six months for him before he could buy or rent an apartment and move out. Dad said that he and his wife are welcome anytime.

So now that uncle had gotten busy, Shruti aunty use to stay at home and help out in house work, when I use to come from school I made sure I spend some time with her. She and I over time had become good friends and I use to share everything with her including my first kiss with my gf, of course I did not share my relation details with Lata but apart from that everything. She on the other hand, was considering me a child use to share only limited info.

One day I came back from school and was changing in my room, Shruti aunty had been in the bath and suddenly she entered in the room while me being stark naked, she did not notice me and since that day both my grandmother and brother where at my bua’s(dad’s sister) place, apart from me and Shruti aunty there was only that skinny new replacement maid. As she came inside, she locked the door behind her and unwrapped the towel; I was frozen with fright and the sudden display of flesh.

It was almost 2 weeks now that I had a good fuck and I was horny. The sight of a mature naked ass and backside made me hornier. I could see her nipples and pinkish red aereola as she was drying her hair standing butt naked facing the mirror giving me her back. I shifted slightly to see her pussy that was a sight, clean shaved pinkish red with water dripping and going inside. I being butt naked myself slowly went behind her as I was over taken by lust and was thinking through my cock instead of brains. I hugged her from behind with one hand grabbing her waist pulling her close and pinning her down and with the other hand holding her from screaming on her mouth.

I had gained some experience in the world of sex and knew the pressure points of a women to turn her on and using the same I put my foot on her and with the other pushing her legs apart from each other thus spreading them, in the process she must have tried to hit my face n number of times with her free hands. As I ate her body with my eyes through the mirror I could feel the entrance of her love hole on my cock head, I started rubbing my cock on her pussy lips, while I fingered her clit, pintched it, squeezed it.

After a little while she was aroused and started moaning and her the expression changed. She was completely turned on, her eyes had lust in them as she looked at my cock head via mirror. I let go of her mouth and turned her face towards me and we kissed while I squeezed her nipples.

As soon as she gained access to my mouth she was fucking my mouth with her tongue. I became hornier, gave one hard stroke and the head of my lund went in her pussy, she gasped and looked at me in the eye and said, “fuck me u bastard”. I took her to the bed and made her to lie on her back and started sucking her pussy, biting the clit and fingering her at the same time. After a while her body stiffend and she had an orgasm with a loud moan which I am sure the temporary maid might have heard.

Before she cooled off from her orgasm I went on top of her and pushed my dick in her pussy her jucies from the orgasm still flowing getting mixed with my precum. I was fucking her at a steady pace while was sucking her boobs one at a time, she was moaning furiously, now I got a bit worried that the maid might hear us so I put my lips on hers and smooched her, after a while I loaded my cum in her. We dressed and had lunch.

After the maid left I fucked her two more times till the evening, once in the kitchen slab and second in the bathroom while taking a shower together during which she had loads of orgasm. Since that day we fucked twice a day once in the afternoon and then at night in the drawing room after everyone went to sleep. We also use to have a quick smooch and fondle each other while roaming around the house when no one was around.

We did it twice till Lata resumed her duty so it was impossible for us to fuck at day time then during the day I fucked Lata and at night I fucked Shruti. Funny thing was both never found out that I fucked both of them in the same roof or maybe they did and kept it a secret. Whatever, they never told me.

Horny Age – Aunty Got Fucked By Nephew While Uncle Out On Job Search

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