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Aunty gets satisfaction at last

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  • September 21, 2015

Hi desipapa readers, my name is Rahul( from AHMEDABAD and i love to read stories on desipapa and . read it, see some nude pic and then a good sexy movie and then i feel like heaven. In this world of dissatisfaction i am narating a true story which actually was told to write by my aunty, because the experience which she had has changed her life to a certain extent. I insist you all to please read the whole story till end. The story (experience) goes like this, i have a very beautiful aunt in Ahmedabad, she lives near satalite road. She has a very nice figure and as my uncle is very young and married late she will be around 29 years old. As usually i dont go very much to my aunt’s place because we always used to talk on phone just to say hi hello. One day due to some work i have to go to my aunt’s place in the evening. i sat there and we have a very nice chat. I asked her ” how are u” she said ” fine” but after a very long conversation about all the world, life , job and evey thing suddenly i asked her ” are u happy ” she said “yes”. i dont know how i asked her that question. after a little pause she said “ya its going ok”.

I felt she is not happy with this life. then she changed the topic to my marriage, i told her i am not getting to marry untill i m mature enough to get marry. she told me that i am mature to get marriage and asked me what i dont know. Before i ask her that are u happy with your both your love and sex life. she asked me ” is it sex that you are bothered about”. I told her that in the matter of sex i am very mature. she said ” ok let me know how much you know about sex”. i told her that it is like a bubble gum and you have to chew uptill your whole life and i know the trick. she got the point and told me how is that possible. i told her let me ask u some questions and u answer very honestly and without hesitation. i asked her ” how much your husband knows your sex urge” she said (after a pause ) 20 % i asked her does he leaves u unsatisfied just after his ejaculation. she said yes that is very true and she cont. that this makes her frustated. i asked ” how much time you were taking just after your marriage and how do you feel when sex is going on” she said ” 30 min to 1 hour and great feeling” i asked ” how much time you both take to have sex and how do you feel when sex is going on” she said ” mmmm approx 15 min to 20 min not great enough” i asked ” why this difference ” she said ” its the same thing every time ” then i said ” do u know that you can get the same feeling of sex now even after 5 years of marriage and more than that if you get the knowledge” she said ” how ” i noticed a twinkle in her eyes wanting me to do something and say something.

I told her “just to follow my instructions” then she said that you can do it with practicals, then i said “yes”, but it was time for her husband to come. i told her that i need a good time to spent with her. she told me that on this sunday her husband is going on a tour and on that day i can teach her. we were talking, but our eyes were talking something differently. i asked her when is your husband generally returning. she said now its the time that her husband will be here. as the door was locked from inside i went to her and give a very gentle kiss on her lips and we stayed there for few second. she melted like ice. i told her that wear sari on sunday. suddenly the bell rang and it was her husband. we made each other comfortable and she opened the door. my uncle came and sat there and asked me how is life going i answered fine. he said that you dont come to our house and asked me to come home regually. in this conversation my aunt said that on sunday she has call me to do the safai of the house in reply my uncle said why, you dont want him to come here regually. we all laughed and i left by saying that i am coming on sunday in the afternoon. it was sunday and i knew that my aunt is desperatly waiting for me.

I went to her house at 1 o’clock, it was very hot. and my aunt was wearing a nice red colour sari and a sleaveless blouse with no bra. we sat on sofa and we didnt say anything but sat there for a while. after a deep breath my aunt said what are u waiting for. i said lets go to the bed rooom. i close all the windows and the curtain and the door, there was totall darkness (you all must have feel when in the afternoon) but we can see each other clearly. we lied facing face to face each other and smiled. i said for a good sex you need a good and sexy atmosphere and main thing both should be waiting(aroused) for sex. i took her head in my hands and went close to her and kissed on her lips. at first her lips were bounded and after a while she opened her mouth and my tongue went in her mouth and both of her and mine tongue were binded. i went backwards and then we were in that positions when my lower lip were touch her upper lips and her lower with my upper ( just imagined how is it) after kissing she said she has never experienced like this before. then i made stand on the bed and slowly i pulled her pallu and taking out her sari. then she came down, my cock was already hardened.

Then i took my mouth and opened her blouse buttons with very difficult i was able to unbottoned the buttons. she was half nude infront of me, i took her left breast and started sucking and pinching with my teeth. she moaned saying bit it bit it. her nails impression was on my back. it is the sign that a women is enjoying and fully aroused. then i pulled the nada of her petticoat and slowly removed it, she was wearing a black panty. i also took that out and now she was fully nude. all this has taken me and her about 1 hour i dont have words to descirbe. now it was her time to take off my clothes she started the same way as i have done. we both enjoyed it and also laughed during this time as we were not able to get success. now she unzipped my pant and took away by snatching the bottom part as we see in films. she than start pulling my underwear and she saw my erected cock. then i told her to suck it. she sucked and my whole cock was in her mouth.

I enjoyed it a lot. then she came up and then we againg started kissing with one hand i guided my cock in to her cunt and slowly started stroking her, now it was fully inside her cunt and we were heavily breathing. and then i started to pump hard and fasted. she was shouthing ohhhhhhh ouch ouch ouch and enjoying the fuck of her life. i ejaculate in the condom which i was wearing. then i showed her many positions how to put the cock in the cunt and she and her husband didnt know any of this positions. as all this need more times i just asked her next time we will do some thing different. this all took 1 and half hour. i finished and told her at this time the mans view gets changed suddenly and his mood gets off suddenly but it is the duty of the male partner to finish till end. after ejaculation we slept together with my cock inside for 20 minutes with kisses and caraseeing the breasts. she was admiring my knowledge and we were chating about the experience. then we took a good bath together washing each other and i left her saying that we would do it again in a different manner and told her that to do it with her husband also. after one month we have got chance to talk and sex. she was telling that her husband is learning slowing and understanding her needs. my aunty told this to her close friend and she was impress and i got chance to fuck her with my aunty sitting beside naked. but that story will be next one. please write your comments or questions and i m ready for practicals in Ahmedabad or Gandhinagar , just mail me on

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