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Aunty & Call Boy

  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015

Hi everybody!!! This is rajesh here…25 years of age.. I am a call guy from Bangalore … I have a good physique and great guns… I satisfy all my customers.. Around 6 regular ones.. All to the heights of haven… They all come back asking for more n more… I have always kept their identities a secret…. I work in an MNC from morning till evening.

My other job begins at night… Lemme tell you how this all began… I was in the college when it all started… We had leased one of our house to Punjabis… it was a family of 4.. Husband, a Sardar… Wife and their twin children(2 years of age). The husband used to work in a good company as shift incharge… He used to have either of the 3 shifts in a day… When it was his night shift he used to leave his house by 9pm and used to come by 7am… Lemme describe his wife.. She was a sardarin… with gr8 physique… I had always fantasized her in my dreams… She was huge and I thought that for a boy like me it would me never ever be possible to satisfy her… The sardar is a good match for her to satisfy all her needs… But still fantasized a chance… One day I got the chance… Sardar off to the night duty.. At around 11 pm sardarin came to our house saying that the door lock has struck and she was unable to lock the door… I went and saw that it had got struck and repairable only by the lock repairer.. She said me to sleep that night in her house as the door cannot be locked… I asked my parents and they agreed… I slept on the sofa in the hall… she went into the bedroom and closed the door behind….

However the door was left slightly open… After some time I was fast asleep.. An hour had gone by… some thing fell on me… I showed it aside only to realize that it was a flying cockroach…. It woke me up… I was hearing some kind of moaning and reciprocating noise from the bedroom… I thought that I should take a look… I peeped in … luckily the bed lamp in the room was on… I was shocked at what I saw… Aunty was playing with herself… she had put one of her hands in her bra to squeeze her boobs and the other hand was moving to and fro in her pussy… I got dumstruck.. What the hell is going on… I was observing quietly… Her squeezing went on from one breast to another and her hand moved in and out of her pussy.. Hey I saw something.. Actually aunty had completely inserted a banana into her pussy and playing with it… Her stokes with banana increased.. I while seeing all these suddenly touched the door in front of me and it made a screeching sound while it moved..

Aunty suddenly came to her senses to see that I was there observing her… She stayed calm and came towards me… I said that I wanted to go to the toilet and hence I had woken up and unknowingly pushed the door…she smiled and said come here… don’t tell me the lies.. Did u see what I was doing… I said “yes”… she said “have you ever done that”.. I said “No” she said “In that case I will teach you”… I said that I am afraid… she smile and made me sleep on the sofa… she caressed my body from head to toe for about 5 minutes… it was feeling great…. She came to the croach area and all of a sudden slipped my Bermuda down… there I was naked for the first time… She was alaramed… She said yours is ‘huge”. I want to see how it will be fully exited state… He held my dick in her hand and started stroking it… Initially it pained but later I felt good… My dick was fully exited and she said that I have a huge dick which she had never seen before… she said that even her strong built husband does not have it… I donno what happened to her she liked my fair coloured shaft and started to suck it.. It was like electricity all over… she sucked it like a deamon… She said that she badly needed it in her pussy… I said I donno how to make love.. She told “I will teach you”… She took me to her bed and made me to lie on the bed… My dick was in the exited state… She held one hand on my dick stroking it… and with the other she remover her saree, blouse and her bra… she was naked above… what huge jugs they were… huge… she removed her undergarmets also and their I saw the “haven spot”… Neatly shaved pink lips…

She was mad to have my dick in her… She climbed the bed in no time… and sat on my dick directing it into her pussy… Once she did that I was out of control and shot the milky way… She also was so exited that she also cummed simultaneously… with a loud moan… I was still craving to press and play with her boobs… She slept on me with still the dick inside her pussy… I started to play with her huge melons… After some time she again started enjoying and the play… she said do u need one more hole to put your dick in… I said where..??? She made me to get down from the bed… She went on all her fours and asked me to go and see her bums.. What huge cusions they were.. She said to insert my finger in the creek.. I inserted and found out that I had reached the same hole where I had cummed… She moaned again and said u have a wrong hole … u search… I parted her Bums to see a pink ass hole… She said that is her other hole… pls fuck me up there… I climbed back on the bed and inserted my rod into it… she moaned and said you are going deep and deep where none has gone before.. Pls insert more into me.. I started to move in and out behind her….

She was enjoying and me too.. Suddenly a spulge of electricity passed by and I was banging her from behind like anything… She was begging for more and more… At last I cummed inside her for the second time.. She said that “u are my perfect sex partner and nobody else can satisfy me like this”… In the morning she gave me Rs.100 and said that u can have this as pocket money.. I said wow… Money come pleasure… There on she introduced me to her best friend… I played with her too.. And then on the ladies reference about me and my capabilities increased… They used to call me whenever their husbands were out for a day or two… sometimes they made their husband to forcibly go out and used to enjoy me… Girls for pleasure pls excuse… Only gals paying up may Email me… Identities will be kept secret…

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